This idea has been one I've thought about over the years, but since I've recently been roped back into writing more for this story, I decided to play it out for all of you. I hope you enjoy this chapter as it continues a scene from Chuck Versus Agent X where Chuck is trying to find the correct outfit for his bachelor party in Vegas and Sarah is all wet and naked in the bubbly bathtub. Enjoy…

WARNING: Mature rating for sexual content, language, and overall awesomeness.


"Vegas, Vegas, what does a bachelor wear in Vegas?" Chuck mumbled to himself as he eyed his outfit in the angled full-body mirror inside the bathroom. He was wearing a faded blue button-up collared shirt with a tan sports coat over the shirt. Sarah was soaking in the bathtub, enjoying the warm bubbly spa that always helped her relax. Sarah was meticulously picking at her fingernails to prim herself for her bachelorette party that night.

"I can't believe you never been to Vegas," she stated before she looked over at her fiancé, eliciting a laugh at his ridiculous getup. "And by the way, a bachelor *does not* wear that," she assured with a subtle finger point toward his ludicrous outfit before going back to analyzing her cubicles.

"What?" Chuck acted appalled as he stood before his fiancé and the mirror in his business casual top and an orange gradient bathing suit below. "You're not digging the whole business up top, party below the waist thing? I figured it covered all the Vegas activities in one fell swoop."

Sarah scoffed to herself.

"Speaking of looks, you're doing an awful lot of maintenance over there," he noticed as she seductively ran the soapy loofa in her right hand up and down her long silky leg sticking up from the cloudy bubbles. He slipped off his jacket to put in the 'most likely not, but still possible' pile.

"I'm just reminding you of what you'll be missing out on in Vegas," she explained with a hint of sauciness and confidence.

"Oh trust me, I'll remember," he smiled at her and she happily smiled back at how honest yet playful his tone was.

"Where's Ellie taking you guys anyways?" He curiously asked, hoping to drive the conversation away from his failure to find the right outfit. He lifted a black sports coat as a possible helpful addition to his apparently atrocious outfit, holding it up to compare it to his shirt.

"I'm not sure," Sarah admitted with a tinge of frustration and a hint of aggravation. "Every time I do recon, she's on your dad's computer. She spends a lot of time on that thing," her right hand ran the length of her calf and shin with increased speed.

"Yea, well, Ellie's always been into puzzles, you know. Logic puzzles, Sudoku," he explained as Sarah just listened in regarded silence, "crosswords, and one of my earliest memories of my sister was when she solved the twelve-sided Rubik's cube before," he fought with his button-up shirt to straighten it, "I even got mine out of the box."

"Have you… spoken to Devon yet?" She asked, powering through the awkward feeling that rose inside her. "Tell him that you know Ellie's still using the computer?" She knew it was a sore subject for him because Ellie has never lied to him before, but now not only Ellie lied but Devon lied as well.

Chuck shook his head, "No," as he joined her on the edge of the bathtub, "not yet." He sighed. "I'm planning on having a good man-to-man talk as soon as we get to Vegas," he explained truthfully. "I mean it's the perfect place to have a sincere honest heartfelt conversation," he finished with an earnest furl of his brow.

"You really have never been to Vegas, have you?" She questioned as he is so ignorant of how sinful and devious Vegas really is.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Chuck wondered with an expectant answer as he is tired of feeling like an ignorant child.

"Chuck," Sarah gathered his full attention with the single word, "Vegas is the gambling capital of the world where drinking and sex rival each other as the largest activity."

"It can't be that bad," Chuck rolled his eyes at her explanation.

"Drinking in public and prostitution are legal," Sarah deadpanned.

"Oh really?" His eyebrows danced adorably.

Without hesitation, Sarah grabbed Chuck's right wrist and pulled him towards her. Chuck yelped as the momentum took his whole body. She spread her legs as Chuck's bathing suit glided effortlessly along the blue tiles and he splashed into the bubbly water and landing right on top of Sarah's very wet, very naked body.

Chuck took a moment to recover as he spat out some bubbles and soapy water. "Plegh!" He groaned with a scrunched face. "So not cool."

Sarah's only response was a passionate kiss on his soapy lips. "Are you absolutely sure you want to go to Vegas?" Sarah seductively questioned with a glob of bubbles slowly sliding down her right cheek from Chuck splashing in.

"Good thing I'm wearing a bathing suit," Chuck quipped with a grin at how adorable and sexy his fiancé looked.

"You mean *too bad* you're wearing a bathing suit," Sarah pouted with a cute puckered expression.

"You know I'm going to have to pay you back for this, right?" Chuck's lips bent upward deviously.

"You'll never make me talk, Mr. Sarah Walker!" Sarah bellowed as if ready to survive a gruesome torture.

"But I can make you scream," Chuck's right hand dove under the clouds and swam like an eel and directly between her legs.

"Ahh!" Sarah squealed as his fingers slipped inside her vagina. "Chuck!" She shouted as she was defenseless against his torture because she had pulled him into the tub between her legs. "Stop!" She begged happily as his fingers pumped like a piston inside her. After a few more seconds of her grueling torture, she finally gave in, "I'll talk! I'll talk!"

"Alright," Chuck's fingers retreated from deep inside her, but remained loitering around the lips of her cunt. "Now, Mrs. Chuck Bartowski, are you ready to talk?"

"Never," Sarah pursed her lips tightly.

"Maybe we should try two hands," Chuck let his thought be heard by his captor as both his hands gripped her inner thighs and started to slide toward her heated core.

"Okay, okay," Sarah jovially relented. "What do you want to know?"

"I want to know all the secrets of this so-called city of sin," Chuck answered with narrow eyes.

"Okay," Sarah smiled at him as his hands pulled her vagina flush against his erection through his bathing suit. "First, almost everything is located on the Strip," she explained as his hands surfed up her body. "All the hotels have casinos for gambling."

"I know that stuff," Chuck's lips lifted almost as high as his hands that groped her breasts through the warm water. "Tell me the dirty details or I'll have to start torturing you again."

"Mmm…" Sarah hummed in arousal at his hands turning her firm tits into putty. "Okay… they have the largest strip club in the world…"

"And how would you know that?" Chuck raised an expectant eyebrow.

"I had a mission where I went undercover as a stripper," she straightly explained without missing a beat, "to stop a Persian druglord."

"What? Wha—wha—wha—what? Really?" Chuck's hands stopped suddenly and his jaw dropped as his cool, calm interrogator façade slipped.

"No, not really," she rolled her eyes at how gullible he was. "Don't be ridiculous. It's common knowledge."

"You're walking a fine line, Agent Walker," Chuck's eyes narrowed once again as he fell back into his role as interrogator.

"And drinking in public is legal," Sarah lectured as his hands continued their massage on her soapy chest.

"Sounds fun," Chuck smirked.

"And they have every possible game you can think of to gamble on."

"Don't worry, I know gambling quite well," he cockily assured with a nod.

"Says the man who lost one hundred thousand on a single roll of roulette," Sarah turned the tables on him with her own expectantly raised eyebrow.

Chuck's brow furrowed before remembering the painful mission of imagining Sarah getting 'close' to Lon Kirk. "I wasn't at the top of my game at the moment," he defended, recalling her coldness after the kiss and Bryce leaving. "You still remember that?" He suddenly crooked his head.

"Yea, and there's no mulligans in Vegas," she smiled as she pulled him in for a heated kiss that wiped away any distraught memories from that emotionally tough mission so many years ago. After a minute consisting of kissing and groping, Sarah finally broke the kiss. "Now fuck me Chuck and find out what you will be missing out on while in Vegas."

"Mmm…" He smiled brightly at his gorgeous naked girlfriend before he dug into the bubbles and slid his bathing suit down to his knees. He grappled her hips and pulled her towards him, his erect penis pushing right into her. She let out a breathy moan when he filled her to the hilt. He started to push her away and pull her back, her ass effortlessly sliding along the smooth ceramic tub as he penetrated in and out of her. Her back arched, causing her breasts to surface over the clouds like heavenly gifts from the gods. Chuck leaned in and took her left nipple into his mouth and teased it with his teeth and tongue.

Chuck pumped in, then out. In, then out. In, then out until she started to hyperventilate from the pleasure; her chest rising and dropping like a thrill ride at an amusement park. Sarah's moans increased in tempo up to the point of sounding like a thirsty dog. And just when Chuck thought she was ready to cum, she pushed him off her and retracted her legs towards her chest. Chuck was about to protest when she rolled herself around and stood on her knees and hands. Chuck knew what she wanted and smiled at not only her beauty and sexiness, but her intelligence as well. They both know they can't risk an unexpected pregnancy at this particular juncture in their lives and a condom doesn't exactly work well underwater. She waited on all fours like a dog for him to go on the offensive.

Chuck lined himself up for her tight little asshole and struck deep and true. Sarah let out an almost pained growl as he dilated her asshole to extreme lengths, grinding in and out of it with her ass cheeks bouncing off his thighs with each thrust. She reached down between her legs with her right hand and rubbed her pussy vigorously, enjoying the pleasure from both orifices at the same time. Moving to such a tight hole caused increased friction along his hard cock, pushing him over the edge quicker than he was used to. His abdominal muscles tightened and then pushed all his heated passion down towards his pelvis and he shot his cannon, filling the jubilant blonde's ass with his hot white cum. He pushed out the rest of his energy in three heaving thrusts before relaxing back.

But Sarah wasn't done yet. She was still rubbing herself intimately, now letting her left hand join the party as she rested on her knees and ass. Chuck watched in fascination as she tried her best to scratch the itch between her legs, but then felt selfish. She let him cum into her ass and she has yet to have her own orgasm. Chuck sympathized with his lovely fiancé so he gently pulled her hands away from her vagina. "Here, let me," he pleaded softly, her trust in him abundantly clear by the way she relaxed in his embrace. He turned her around so he could see her hooded twinkling eyes. He lifted her by her hips so she sat on the edge of the tub. Bubbles were dripping down her whole body and she felt a slight shiver from the sudden loss of warmth, but she soon got more than just the warmth back.

Chuck couldn't tell what was the water and what was her. All he knew was that she wanted to cum and she was extremely wet. He wiped away some of the stray bubbles from her sopping cunt and dug in face first. He expertly licked up the length of her lips and suckled her clit. She moaned as she extended her mouth towards the ceiling. Chuck held her firmly to the tub with his hands on her thighs and his tongue inside her pussy. She was already close to cumming when she had two hands between her legs, but with Chuck's sexy enthusiasm and selfless urge to help her, she found herself already cumming without enough time to warn Chuck.

Chuck felt her walls clench around his tongue and he couldn't help but shut his eyes out of habit as he knew what was coming. Like a river rapid, Sarah's vagina unleashed a torrent of juice directly into Chuck's mouth. He couldn't gather all of it so it ran down the sides of his mouth and down his neck to mix in with his soaked collared shirt. He remained inside her, letting her ride the orgasm wave until it crashed down and dissipated on the shore. When she was finally done, he felt her thighs relax and he pulled away with a bright smile on his face. She somehow always tasted delicious. He gazed up at her, his smile only growing from the tranquil pleasant grin on her face that showed she was perfectly content with where she was in life at this specific moment. She had everything she could possibly want with a lovely caring boyfriend and will soon get more than she knew she wanted with a dream wedding that only the amazing man before her could've granted her.

"That was amazing," Sarah sighed down at the lovely man between her legs.

"I just wanted to remind you of what you'll be missing out on while I'm in Vegas," he slyly grinned at her.

She jumbled her lips up adorably before pushing him into the water. He grabbed her thighs and she came splashing in with him. He wrapped his arms around her naked body and brought her in for a devilishly tasteful kiss.

I hope this was enjoyable as I had always wondered if anything more happened in that bathroom before they went their separate ways for their parties. I mean, Sarah was actually shown naked for the first time on the show.

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