My second GokuxChi-Chi one-shot (and a short one...) , and another dedicated to Meiyo Motou for been a great friend. Enjoy!


Music: Wait For You by Elliot Yamin

I knew in my heart that Goku was dead. I didn't need my son to tell me that, but some part of me was in denial. My Goku, the strongest man in the universe, couldn't have died…

Sometimes I would just hate him so much for been so selfless, so caring and protective of the Earth, and his saiyan nature. He could've come back, but he refused to. Fighting was always first to him, then family. Did he really care so little about them, about me? And now, he has a son that would never grow up without a father.

But I would always reconcile with myself that he stayed in the Otherworld to protect the Earth and his family. He said that evil always came to him. Then I would think to myself, was that really true?

Perhaps. Goku's evil brother Raditz came to Earth for him, which lead to Vegeta, then Frieza. I'm not sure why I didn't remarry when that's what Gohan and Goten needed. Our family needs a stable financial support, and they needed most a father.

Goku could not do that, not when he was dead. But I just couldn't bring myself to do such a thing, even though it didn't break laws or anything. Even when I just brought up the idea, the look in my eldest son's eyes would banish the thought from my mind. Something in them told me that it would hurt Goku even more than I could comprehend, and he would never accept another father.

I couldn't do that. Not to the ever naïve Goku.

So I'll stay faithful and wait for you, Goku, no matter what…


Music: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed in the Otherworld. Even though my family tried to hide it from all my friends, I can tell they were hurting very deeply inside by my decision. But I seriously meant it when I said I was going to stay dead so the Earth and everyone wouldn't be harmed.

I hate myself. I really do.

It seemed as if I'm this kind of magnet for evil. They would always come for me, due to rumors about my power, or to conquer the Earth (why my planet, out of all in the universe?), or for revenge. Why? This may sound selfish, but why couldn't anyone else take the responsibility?

Chi-Chi… I miss her more than words can describe. Her face, her scent, her laughter, all of it! I heard her many times when she cried, asking me why I'm not with her. It breaks my heart.

She doesn't deserve me. She's such a faithful woman, never leaving me for some other man, who would no doubt be a much better husband and father than I was. And to think of it, I always took her for granted because she would always be waiting for me. It made me feel terribly guilty.

Heh, I still remember the time when I first met her. I wouldn't say it in her face, but the outfit she had was absolutely ridiculous. I liked her helmet, though. And I think she knew that, since it's still sitting in the storage room.

Chi-Chi, I just want to say to you that even though when it seemed as if I didn't care about you, I actually love you… deeply…

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