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Week 1, Challenge Prompt: Facebook

Title: When in Doubt... Use Facebook
Verse: G1
Rating: PG
Warnings: Prowl ranting, Jazz not being up to date on trends.
Characters/Pairings: Prowl, Jazz, mentions of others.


"I told you Prowl, I'm not lost!" Jazz protested, preventing his bondmate from overtaking him once more on the dusty tarmac road. "Okay, so my satellite tracker and our communication links might be scrambled but I have a very good sense of direction!"

"Jazz, you nearly managed to drive us off a cliff!" Prowl snapped his siren giving a loud whoop of disapproval, his lights flashing a frustrated ruby and neon blue as they casually travelled down the unknown road in the middle of a baking desert somewhere between states in America. "Now let me get in front!"

"No!" the black and white Porsche whined cutting Prowl off once more, his frustrated Bondmate opening his doors and slamming them closed in a sign of anger that was echoed through the bond. "I want to do it!"

"This is the last time I go on vacation with you," Prowl sniffed moodily to himself "I should have learned my lesson from the last time you suggested a vacation, but no, I had to let you use Bluestreak on me and now here I am lost in the fragging desert with a semi-quick witted saboteur."

"Ouch" Jazz winced, shifting lower on his tyres as Prowl continued to rant to himself his lights and sirens still giving random burst of sound and colour. "Now I know where our Blue gets his temper from. You haven't had a swearing fit like this since we were on Cybertron."

"I couldn't get lost on Cybertron." Prowl snapped, his engine snarling and revving, if the Datsun had been in root mode his glare could have probably melted plating. "We had every route ingrained into us as Enforcers since we enrolled in the Academy, why do you think Praxus had the lowest crime-rate?"

"Ancient history Prowler dearest," Jazz sing-songed, earning himself a shove to the bumper as they cruised at the leisurely pace of seventy miles an hour. "Anyway, we're on one of the nicest planets in the solar system! Someone is bound to show up sooner or later to give us directions!"

"This is the only planet in the solar system that can sustain life" the Praxian huffed as they kicked up a pile of dust swirling in the dry breeze over the heated tarmac road. "Of course it's going to be the friendliest."

"Picky, picky," Jazz muttered as Prowl suddenly went silent both slipping into the shade of an abandoned fuel station, parked side by side in the shade. "Okay mister I know everything. How do we get out of this?"

"Internet" Prowl said casually extending a transmitter from where his radio aerial would have been if he had been a normal Datsun.

"Wha?" Jazz asked in confusion, as Prowl popped open a small panel above his wheel arch in a subtle gesture to link up with him.

"For someone who claims to be hip and up to date with the trends, you are terribly far behind." Prowl said, his voice tinged with amusement as Jazz dutifully linked up with him as the tactician logged onto something called 'Facebook'.

"I'm putting my status as 'Lost. Need directions back to the ARK. Possibly send Skyfire. See photo attached." Prowl explained as Jazz snickered in amusement as a few of the Autobots Prowl was 'friends' with immediately responded.

Sideswipe instantaneously put back 'Haha! No luck Cop-bot!'.

Ratchet replied with a smiley face with a tongue hanging out.

Wheeljack commented that he liked the photo and 'Could Prowl pick up some of the desert dirt for him to study?'

Optimus put back a grinning smiley and stated Skyfire was on his way.

Prowl snorted at his acquired comments as Jazz giggled beside him bouncing on his suspension, careful not to disconnect from his mate, prompting the SIC to reply to his comments.

'Sideswipe. Brig. Now!'

'Ratchet, you are an aft.'

'No Wheeljack, I'm more concerned about not baking to deactivation than collecting you a sample of desert dust from wherever I am, when there is perfectly good desert dust outside the ARK for you to play with.'

'Optimus… frag you.'

The Porsche parked beside him laughed aloud as they heard the loud rumbling thunder of Skyfire's engines overhead not ten minutes later "Ah, mech! I gotta get me one of those!"