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Title: Friendly Hauntings
Week: 4
Prompt: Dark of Night
Verse: Bayverse
Rating: PG
Warnings: Established Character Death, Crackiness
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Hound, Mirage, Jazz and Prowl.

Sam was really regretting getting up at midnight for a drink.

It had been a simple enough need, get out of the bed set up in Bumblebee's quarters on the Diego Garcia Base, trot down the dark, giant, spooky hall in the dark and swipe a drink from the human sized kitchenette in the Transformer's Rec-Room.

However, he really hadn't expected to get caught in-between two unknown Transformers currently having a shouting match that apparently only he could hear, and they were being incredibly loud too. He was currently blaming the Allspark he had accidently absorbed.

"I'm telling you Hound!" the blue and white bot was snapping angrily, "It's bad enough we died in a shuttle crash and got zapped here by Primus but can you at least stop trying to lure ghost animals into the fragging base? I've had it with the ghost squirrels crawling all over my soul!"

""That's not fair to say that 'Raj." The boxier green mech pouted, his brilliant blue spark and optics shining bright in the dark of the corridor Sam was currently standing in, gawking like a guppy. "The squirrels are fun! It's the earth Tuna you have to watch out for. They just swim right through you."

And to Sam's horror, a pair of translucent legs without their top half jogged around the corner clearly running from the black and white mech that was chasing them, both ghost mech, and the legs, running between the two arguing mechs.

"Damn it Jazz!" the golden opticked mech was snarling, his graceful doorwings flared out into a sharp 'v' as the legs dodged his swiping grab and ran down the corridor. "Control your legs! And for Primus' sake, try to keep yourself in one piece!"

"Sorry Prowl!" a cheerful familiar voice cackled in the distance as the ghosts arguing over the ghost animals in the base shook their helms in exasperation. "It takes concentration!"

Sam chose at this moment to scream, the bulky green mech and lithe blue and white mech staring down at him in bewilderment as Jazz came around the corner towards them, his legs slotting back into alignment as the doorwinged mech herded them towards the giggling silver mech.

"What's that awful femme like noise?" the black and white mech sniffed, glaring down at the mortified Sam, his chevron a translucent ruby, the mech clearly also a ghost.

"I believe the human is conveying terror and imminent involuntary release of body fluids from the lower half of its organic frame." The bot called Mirage said disdainfully as Jazz shoved his way to the front of the three mechs gathered around the young man, whose scream had tapered off to an indignant squeak.

"Hey, Sam!" the silver, and dead, saboteur grinned down with a wave at the human, "What's crackin'?"

"I'm still dreaming aren't I?" the human asked almost pleadingly up at the four bemused ghosts of warrior Autobots, the young man desperately wondering if the soldiers and Autobots of the Diego Garcia base were deaf in their sleep. He had been screaming pretty loudly after all.

"I do believe you are awake human," Prowl said tilting his helm in curiosity at the question, "Your brain activity is too active for being in recharge."

"I'm officially scared of him." Sam commented to the grinning Jazz as the ghosts of Mirage and Hound wandered off, having picked up their argument on letting ghost animals into the base again.

"Prowler is my bondmate." The dead TIC chirred proudly patting the grumbling once SIC of the Autobots on the shoulder strut "He died when I did."

"Yes, death by Bondmate was exactly how I wanted to go." The tactical officer said sarcastically rolling his optics, before they gleamed with something akin to an idea, the golden gaze pinning Sam to the spot, "Human. Do you think you could tell Optimus not to sign outside of the boxes on his data-pads? He's getting sloppy again and I trained him to sign things better than that."

With that request uttered from the dead SIC of the Autobots, the human vessel of the Allspark's power turned on his heel and with an almost pained groan. "I'm never getting up at night to get a drink of water again…"