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Have you ever woken up and just laid there, staring at the ceiling, thinking and wondering what you are doing with your life? I mean you have a job, that you don't completely hate, and every day you wake up, go to work, come home and then you do it all over again the next day.

Everyone has some kind of routine, a routine that they use to help navigate their lives, to make them run smoother. People want comfort. They want things to be the way they like them and they don't want to stray from the perfect little path they have set out for themselves because their afraid of what might happen.

Well life is not predictable. Sometimes what you spend your whole life preparing for turns out to be the exact opposite of what you find yourself wanting.

Or who you find yourself wanting.

It took me a long time to realize what I wanted and even longer to have the courage to take it. So I left the small cow town I had called home my entire life and moved to New York.

It was a big step but I had found a decent apartment complex that I could easily pay for with the money I had saved working, it wasn't anything too lavish but it fit.

I stood outside on the steps of my new home juggling a couple of boxes while I took a moment to take in the place. The building, quite a few stories high, was completely brick and fairly old looking.

The sky was covered with grey clouds and it had just stopped raining. Water had accumulated on the small roof sheltering the doorway which was now dripping off the sides and hitting the already wet pavement. It gave the whole place a certain homey feel and reminded me of the days when I would sit in my room on rainy days and read while drinking tea.

I took a deep breath, shaking myself out of my memories, and walked up the steps and through the doorway of what I would now call my home.

I noticed the elevator and quickly walked over to it eager to get to my new apartment. As I waited I took a look at my surroundings. The long hallway was completely deserted, there were a few benches lining the walls on both sides and a stairway at the end of the hall but that was it.

I heard the familiar ding of the elevator announcing its arrival and stepped inside. I pushed the number 7 and leaned myself against the wall. Carefully I removed one of my hands from the boxes and fished my apartment key out of my pocket. I looked down and the little tag attached to the silver key reminding myself of the number.

I got a firm grip on the boxes once more as I stepped out to the elevator. I scanned the other door numbers and followed them down, 308, 309, 310, until I reached my door 311.

Setting down the boxes I pushed the key into the lock and turned until I heard the click.

I slowly pushed open the door taking a peek inside.

My father had insisted on shipping all my big heavy furniture ahead of time and even paid a local moving service to move everything in, so my couch, bed, entertainment center, and dressers, things like that, were already inside.

The apartment was very rustic looking; the walls were brick, just like the outside of the building, and I saw a small kitchen off to the left around a small corner and the bedroom was on the far right hidden behind two French doors.

I loved it instantly and took a few minutes to look around the place some more before eventually going back downstairs to retrieve the rest of my things.

It took more trips than I'd hoped but I managed and was now walking in with my last, rather large load, of boxes.

I hadn't seen any people yet in all my trips to and from my room but as the elevator door opened I was confronted with a rather intimate scene. There was a guy, tall, dark hair and tanned, with his back to me. I could hear giggles coming from the girl who he had pressed up against the back of the elevator. I couldn't see anything but her arms which she had wrapped around his sides and I watched as they slowly moved up his back to rest around his shoulders.

I looked down not wanting to intrude on an obviously private moment and stepped inside.

They must have realized that they were no longer alone and, after a quick inaudible conversation between I watched out of the corner of my eye as she pushed him away and straightened herself up using her hands to smooth away the creases in her outfit.

"Sorry about that." I heard her say in a smooth strong voice.

I looked up to say that it was alright but was stunned into silence by the person I saw before me.

First of all, she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. They didn't make them like this in Ohio that was for sure. Her long dark hair fell past her shoulders and I watched as she pushed some of it back off her shoulder with a little flick of the wrist. She stared into me with those amazing brown eyes and I felt my body shiver.

I was so distracted by this new person that had just basically crashed into my life that I started to lose grip on the boxes in my arms. What had been a difficult load to hold onto before was now pretty much impossible. She must have noticed my struggle and before my possessions could crash to the floor she leap out steadying the wobbling boxes.

She took the box off the top and turned around handing it to the boy, who I had nearly forgotten was there, and turned back to me with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Santana, looks like you need a little help." She chuckled grabbing the next box in the pile lightening my load even more.

"Thanks yeah.. Uh hi I'm Brittany. I'm just moving in."

"Figured," she joked nodding to the boxes.

"Oh yeah well thanks for the help, you're actually the first people I've seen."

"Well we'll help you get this stuff up to your place, what room you in?"


She reached out pushing the right floor number, "What a coincidence neighbor, I'm in 310."

She smiled and leaned back away from the door, "Oh this is Trey my boyfriend."

"Hi" I said leaning forward as we shook hands. His grip was firm and his hands were rough and worn, a product of manual labor. My grandmother always said you could tell a lot about a person from their hands.

We reached our floor and they followed me to my door. "You can just set them right there next to the others." I said as I walked the short distance to set the box I was carrying in the kitchen.

"Thanks really that helped a lot."

"Yeah no problem" She said grabbing her boyfriends hand. "Well we better get going but see you around?" she asked sounding almost hopeful.

"Sure" I smiled and I led them out shutting the door behind them.

"Wow" I said to myself leaning against the door. "Who is that girl?"

As I unpacked my things I thought about this new person, Santana, I kept saying her name, in my head, out load, almost to reaffirm that she was in fact real.

It was clear that she was straight but that didn't mean we couldn't be friends right? I mean this isn't the first time I had fallen for a straight girl, it would just take time for me to get over it.

Yeah, we could be friends, definitely, why not?

What's the worst that could happen?

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