World: Transformers Animated, after the episode "The Endgame part 2"
Characters: Jetfire, Jetstorm, Jetlight, Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee
I don't own Transformers Animated or the characters (exept for Jetlight). Rightfull owner is Hasbro.

Units of time:
Nano-cycle = 1 Second
Cycle = 1,5 minutes
Breem = 8,3 minutes
Megacycle = 2,6 hours
Solar Cycle = 1 day
Deca Cycle = 10 days
Orbital Cycle = 1 month
Stellar Cycle = 1 year

TFAArtFreak: Heh, it shouldn't be hard to guess ;)
DreamStoryWeaver: Of course Optimus was the one to get the hug, Ratchet was too far and who would hug Sentinel after all he's done? I know I wouldn't ^^'
Prowls-little-angel: Yep, he did. If he hadn't, the Jet-brothers might not obey him anymore ;) Nah just kidding, Sentinel might be a fool, but he knows when he needs to say he's sorry.
Heh, thanks ^^ Jetlight personality is little different from his twins, but not for that much in the end. It just needs little push, and he can become a prankster like them ^^


Earth, Autobot Base

"What be taking Jetlight so long?", Jetstorm asked, looking at the direction where Optimus had taken flyer couple breems ago. Jetfire was playing against Bumblebee, he had lost the last round. Mostly because he was worried for his brother, both of the jets were. Bumblebee was getting best of Jetfire also, and sighed.

"I think boss-bot is talking about what we should do to him for now, I mean, he is your brother, and he needs you, more than you think.", Bulkhead answered, now that he had finally a chance to be there and see this new mech that everyone kept talking about. He had seen a glimpse when he had been carried to the , but it really didn't give a real picture of him. And he had talked with Sentinel, but he really didn't answer much, just told his abilities and said that Jetlight was brother to the Jet-twins... Guess they couldn't call them twins anymore, since they were triplets in reality.

"He be coming now!", Jetfire noticed, feeling something trough the bond. It was weird feeling though, but not in a bad way. More like something long missing was there again. But anyway, Jetlight walked to the room, trying to keep his smile in control. Needless to say that he failed. Jetfire dropped the control when he took a small glance on his brother, and made a suprised voice. Jetlight had turned a little, showing something that was inprinted on him.

"I'm officially Autobot now.", Jetlight said, showing his autobot-insignia on his hipguard. Sure, it wasn't as great as being part of Elite-Guard, but atleast he was now acknowledged as one of the Autobot's as equal. Jetstorm take a better look, and slided his fingers over the insignia. Another thing that he noticed, was that Jetlights hipguard was totally out of dents and smaller scratches...

"Ratchet and Sentinel Prime got me a new hipguard with the insignias on, and we changed it just a cycle ago. That's why it took some time.", Jetlight grinned. Changing his hipguard wasn't so easy as they had thought it would be, it had been little stuck... But hey, what you wouldn't do for getting your own insignias?
"Apparently Sentinel wanted to apology from us, and did it this way."

"So you'll be staying? On here? With us?", Bumblebee asked, getting up and walking next to them.

"Yep. Ultra Magnus'es orders.", Jetlight confirmed, and tried to keep his smile in control.

"So... How about introducing me to the others?", he then asked, getting synchronized nod. Jetlight was now part of the team, surely he would have to know about the others by name and appearence. Jetlight didn't know it yet, but he hadn't just got his two brothers, but a whole lot bigger family, wich included littlebrother-like Bumblebee, and little sister Sari, Optimus who was like an father, Bulkhead who was the clumsy but lovable cousing, Ratchet who was like and grumpy and scary uncle, and Jazz, the musicloving mech that was like an big brother... Sentinels part was still in the mist, but he was part of this family too. And now was Jetlight also.


So, this is the last chapter in "Jetfire, Jetstorm... And Jetlight". Story will continue on, in the next scenario: "The First mission!", first chapter should be up tomorrow. Oh and sorry for a short ending, didn't know how to wrap this up.