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Written for amorentiaaffair's seven deadly sins challenge on HPFC

Paining: Draco/asteria Sin:Lust Prompt: Hands

He loved watching her sew, her delicate hands making the needle dance a ballet of thread and silk, ending in roses and vines and entwined serpents. They would sit by the firelight in separate armchairs, her watching the flames flicker and leap while he watched her fingers, slide, grasp, pull, feeling the ache in his stomach strengthen and his willpower drain away until he finally gave in. She had always been the better Slytherin, breaking down his resolve one stitch at a time until he wrenched the needlework from her hands and pinned her to the chair with his body, his mouth working furiously against hers. Then it was her turn to resist, wresting her wrists free of his grasp, forcing her hips into his, trying to stand, before she too capitulated and joined the lovers' dance. Every night he said it was the last, and every time she agreed, a smile flitting over her lips as she gathered her threads together for tomorrow.