Code Geass : The Dark Knight Reawakens

It was a cold Novembers afternoon in the newly reconstructed Pendragon. 6 months after the great tyrannical "demon" Lelouch Vi Britannia was defeated by the hero of the world, Zero, a new age was entered the likes of which has never been seen. Peace ruled over the Earth, with all three formerly separated great powers now forming a coalition, it seemed that all the hate had disappeared with Lelouch's death.

This however was simply a ploy, created by Lelouch to purge the Cycle of Hate and give the world the greatest gift of all, peace. But only core members of the Black Knights and Empress Nunnally Vi Brittania know of the true story, other than the instigators of the plot, Suzaku Kururugi. The other, the mysterious immortal C.C. vanished along with Lelouch's corpse after the event now known as 'Liberation day'.

As the new threat in the world, The Asgard, launch a surprise attack on the Tokyo Settlement, the Great Demons slumber may be disturbed as Lelouch's Geass, the once greatest threat to the world, may now be it's greatest hope against the Asgard and their revised strategy to obliterate Britannia as their idol Zero had once attempted.

Chapter 1 : Suzaku's burden

It was just as cold as the day of the Final Great War, and yet the silent breeze and freezing temperatures humbled Suzaku Kururugi, the new Zero. He had been given the mighty task of safeguarding the unity of the world as Nunnally's personal guardian under the guise of the Black Knights advisor.

Having sealed away most Knightmare Frames left over that were a constant threat, this was one of his more relaxing moments as he felt the cold breeze that reflected his feelings over the previous 6 months as he was excited to see his dear friend and princess, Euphemia Li Britannia's dream becoming a reality at the cost of many lives, a great war and a magnificent actor reach his final curtain in the planned assassination codenamed 'The Zero Requiem'.

Suzaku's momentary bliss was disturbed by the new Japanese president Kaname Ougi's intervention "The meeting is about to begin... Zero." Although he knew full well that this Zero was a chosen successor, he still felt a small sliver of rage towards him as the mask reminded him of lost friends and actions he performed for the what he believed was the good of Japan, using that as his driving force as president.

"Understood, Ougi" silently uttered by Suzaku, but warped into an emotionless tone by the masks voice manipulator. "Hm?" he muttered "Where is First Lady Villetta?" questioned the former Knight of the Round.

Ougi looked haplessly at him and formed a cheesy grin "She's at the hospital, our baby girl is almost here... but keep it a secret, okay?" Ougi had planned to make a quiet exit after the meeting between him and Nunnally, but just didn't have the iron will to not reply to his once old foe, having gained more trust in him as an enemy than in any friend. Especially Tomaki.

Under the mask, the stressed Suzaku managed a silent grin, thinking about how he felt when his cousin Kaguya Sumeragi was born and he grasped her so tightly in his arms.

"Well, shall we go then?" asked Zero, standing up from a chair in the Viceroy's palace waiting chambers.

"Do you know what's on the agenda?" Ougi asked curiously "The Empress suddenly made a call saying she had found concern in reports of a small scale terrorist group planning a revolution here in Japan."

"Ah" said the mechanised voice of Zero "It is just a small matter of concern to Lady Nunnally, as her advisor, I must see all the proceedings to the finish and form an opinion of my own to decide the best course of action." Suzaku radiated concern, but it was masked by the voice manipulator.

"... We won't have to use any Knightmares?" Ougi's previously cheesy smile fell into a deadly serious stare "using them risks flaring political unrest over the strength of our nation. If that happens, this alliance would crumble and a great power struggle will recommence, our work and sacrifices will be meaningless!" Ougi's concerned stare mixed with an outraged voice caused the masked warrior to simply fall silent, as Nunnally was ready to meet Ougi.

"Hello, Mr Ougi, it is pleasant to see you again, I am still readjusting to my sight, but I am truly happy to see you here." The wheelchair bound girl with her long, blond hair and silk dress had only recently accepted Lelouch's final act and his death. She had since become the 100th Leader of the Empire of Britannia as Empress. Her popularity was incredible compared to her Darwinist father and her brother, at one time considered the most wanted and dangerous man in the world. She felt that kindness was the approach to peace, but she is only just starting to show results for this outlook on peace, as her brother's actions were tailored to make her Empress and give her the opportunity to create this peace through kindness. This was as close as he could get to making her wish for a gentler world from a year and a half earlier a reality.

Ougi gives a respectful bow as he, Zero and Nunnally sit alone in the Viceroy's office. "It is a great honour to see you again, your highness. I thank you for allowing us to secede from your Empire." He was truly grateful to her for this, and held high respect for her and her brother, but not to quite the same extent.

"If anything I feel guilt toward your people, after your leave from the Empire, you had every right to kick every Britannian out and destroy this symbol of your oppression for those 8 long years, so if anything, I am in your debt" Nunnally's voice faded toward the end of her sentence, leaving a feeble whimper to emphasise the shame she felt at her people's suppression of the proud Japanese people, racistly labelling them as 'Elevens' after the Second Great Pacific War.

She was allowed as a favour to retain rights as a supporter of Japan, but legally could only remain within the Viceroy's Palace. Rather than a rank for a racist political leader of Area 11 , Viceroy was the name of the Britannian Empress' stand as a supporter, but no longer as a ruler. This was to pay Nunnally back for letting them regain their independence, but in the back of Ougi's mind, it was as a favour to Lelouch for his sacrifice.

"As I understand it, this terrorist cell calls themselves by two names, the Asgard, and a strange name pronounced Kuro no Kishidan." Nunnally's opening statement immediately raised the ire of both Suzaku and Ougi, much to her confusion.

"They would have the gall..." Ougi muttered with a sneer.

"Who would have thought that this mask would bring these problems now?" said a disturbed Suzaku "if they are legitimate, I may have to lead a small military force, we cannot let them grow."

Nunnally was in a state of confusion at their outbusts, asking what was wrong. After a moment of silence, Zero finally responds "Kuro no Kishidan... it's Japanese for The Black Knights." Nunnally let out a heavy gasp, covering her mouth and almost breaking down in tears at the very notion that Lelouch's own military force that ensured peace, could ever be against the peace their leader's death guaranteed.

Ougi had lost himself in fear and pandemonium and demanded to know how organised they were, after Nunnally nervously told them that they seemed to be moving in a highly organized fashion, with two reported sightings of Akatsuki Knightmares.

Ougi falls back at this news, landing in his chair, after his delirium passed, he went on to explain that "We silently disbanded the Black Knights 4 months ago, and sealed our Knightmares away in a heavily guarded compound in Kyoto, no Akatsuki's have been reported, is it possible that..."

Suzaku sat up and coldy said "Yes, their is a strong possibility that someone has begun making Knightmare's and is selling them to terrorists. This is a serious matter, and if Lady Nunnally is correct, their leader is mysterious and has unbelievable wit and tactical proficiency." As Suzaku paused for breath, Ougi was seen breathing heavily with his head in his right hand, trying to hide his nervous face, with Nunnally staring into space, her eyes lifeless as she tried to convince herself that it was not true.

"We may not only have false Black Knights, but a very skilful imitation of Zero on our hands." Under his mask, Suzaku's face trembled with anger as he realised a terrible truth.

"So you've finally shown yourself as a liar, why reappear?" Suzaku's muddled thoughts lead him to one prime suspect for everything that occurred.

"Why did you break your vow!