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The Tale of the Leaf Hurricane – Prologue

Edited on July 30th

"Gah!". Naruto gasped, feeling the air leaving from his lungs as he crashed on the side of the mountain.

"Shit! One more time!" He said as he dropped into a fighting stance again.

"It's pointless." The masked man known as Tobi said in his taunting voice.

"Screw you!" The blond said as he made his signature hand signs.

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" He yelled as three clones appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The clones dropped into a fighting stance as well and dashed towards the masked man.

"I said it's pointless Uzumaki." Tobi said as he used his Jikūkan Idō technique to dodge the clones and proceeded to dispel them with his fists.

Tobi turned to see Naruto dashing towards him with great speed, a Rasengan already on his right hand.


The sphere collided, sending Tobi through the forest, causing a big explosion. Naruto barely stood as he was waiting for the dust to settle.

"Is it finally over?" He said to no one. The blonde's eyes suddenly widened.
'No way.'

Suddenly he fell on his knees, struggling to breathe.

"I have to admit, the Uzumaki Clan never ceases to amaze me. Your mother survived after having the Kyubi extracted from her and now you have managed to wound me, even after your encounter with Sasuke. But all of this doesn't matter, because once I extract the Kyubi from you and complete the Jubi, it'll be the end for the Elemental Countries."

Naruto cursed as he saw Tobi slowly approaching without any scratch.

'Shit! When did I fall in a Genjutsu?'

"Not even your pet fox can save you this time Naruto. I made sure of that. And to make sure that everything will go according to plan, KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!"

Naruto managed to raise his head as he came to the sight of the Gedo Mazou Statue, the eyes having healed after it absorbed the Hachibi's entire chakra. In a instant, the blond was tied by chakra chains.

'So it has come to this huh? Sorry Baachan, Kakashi-Sensei, Bee-Oji. Guess I'll have to use that.'

"Gedo Mazou, begin extraction of the Kyubi no Kitsune!"

Naruto closed his eyes as he felt Kurama's life force leaving his body.

'Naruto, don't tell me you are going to use that technique.' Kurama asked the blond shinobi who had started concentrating.

'I got no choice Kurama. This time the bastard got the best of me. I know I promised that I will only use this as a last resort but it looks like this is the time.' Naruto thought.

"Hahahaha! It's finally begun! The path to true immortality! No one can stop me now!"

"Guess again!"


Tobi looked for once with a horrified expression as the tied form of Naruto started channeling a red and purple aura around him, determination evident on his face.

"What's the meaning of this?"

"This is a technique that the Bijuu entrusted me with when I talked with them. Tentai Fūin! Kai!"

Suddenly the Gedo Mazou Statue started collapsing, the eight eyes that indicated the sealed biju bleeding while slowly closing.

"No! The statue! What are you doing foolish child?"

Naruto looked at his enemy with a smile on his face.

"It's quite simple", he said "I'm releasing the biju's chakra from your control, thus destroying the statue. With that technique, they will finally be able to go back to their place close to the Rikudo Sennin, together as one again. In addition, I can revive the last jinchuriki of each biju on the condition that their bodies are close enough to the sight of the seal when it's activated. And since you kindly brought your six paths of Pain here and Bee-Oji's body is nearby too, I will be able to give my fellow jinchuriki a chance to have a normal life without being scorned for their burden." The blond said as he smiled at the masked man.

"This is outrageous!" Tobi said as he was filled with rage "When did you create such a technique? Zetsu or Kisame should have records about that."
"Because this is the parting gift that Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei and Gyuki left for me as they were freed. All I need for this jutsu is knowledge of every biju's name and part of their chakra."
"Fool! If you continue this technique you'll die too!" Tobi yelled at the blond as fear got the better of him.

"Anything it takes. Anything to save everyone from the endless circle of hatred."
"You are naïve Naruto. Even if you beat me, another war will soon break up. As long as the shinobi system exists, peace will be unobtainable. You will just postpone the destruction of your beloved village."
"You are wrong. I have faith in the hidden villages. Tsuchikage-ojisan, Gaara, A-san, Mizukage-san and Tsunade-baachan, as well as every shinobi that took part in this war. I can see the good in them. A new world is coming. And I'm going to protect it. I haven't given up hope yet. Even if my body is turned to dust, I will defeat you Tobi!"

The Gedo Mazou exploded, destroying the entire valley in the process. As Naruto was thrown back from the force of the explosion he thought, 'Hehe, I did it. Sensei, Nagato, Otochan. The war is over. Now the world will finally have peace.' And as he lost consciousness, he had a peaceful expression on his face, his quest accomplished.

Naruto opened his eyes. He was surrounded by utter darkness.
'Is this the afterlife?' He thought. 'I can't see or hear anything. There is only darkness. It feels… empty. Like nothing's happening around. I can't…keep…my eyes…opened.'
"Wake up, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto opened his eyes again. This time he was engulfed in pure light. There was a blurry figure in front of him. He could distinguish that the figure had long, spiky hair, a dark cloak and a necklace with six, red magatama. The most notable thing, however, was the figure's eyes. They were light purple with four ripples around the pupil.
'A necklace with six, red magatama? And the Rinnegan? It can't be…'
"The Rikudo Sennin?"
"Rikudo Sennin? Yeah, I believe that's how people called me when I was alive. It's been so long though."
"Wait. If you are the Rikudo Sennin, then that means I'm dead too? It is obvious that I am not anywhere in the Elemental Countries anymore."

"When the Gedo Mazou summon exploded, it destroyed the entire Valley of the End. The only people caught in the explosion were the masked man known as Tobi and you, Uzumaki Naruto. You can imagine the result."
"I see. I'm glad that we were the only casualties of this technique. That means I really succeeded. But where are we now? And what happened to him?"
"Tobi has already been punished for the crimes that he committed against the world of the Shinobi by disappearing from the face of the universe. He disappeared and can never be brought back in any way. You, on the other hand, sacrificed yourself to save your world and, by fulfilling your role as the third child of prophecy, you ended the circle of hatred. And because of your selfless actions, you have been given a second chance to live. I can send you to a different world, where you will be able to live a normal and peaceful life. I must warn you, though; it is most likely that there will be some changes to your body so that it can adapt to this world's environment. But you won't lose your memories, that I can assure you."
"A different world where I will no longer be considered just a jinchuriki? You mean like a different dimension?"
"That's what I mean. Are you ready now? All you have to do is just close your eyes. When you open them again, it will be like you just woke up from a dream."
"Ok. Before I go, can you please give a message to my parents and Jiraiya-sensei?"
"I can do that. What do you want me to tell them?"
Tell them… that I thank them. For everything. Without them I couldn't have done anything. Also, tell them that I'm glad that I met them."
"I will give your message to them."
"Thank you. I definitely didn't expect that the last shinobi that I will ever see is the first one that existed. I'm ready now."
And so the tales of the Gutsy Shinobi are over. But the tale of Uzumaki Naruto has just started a new chapter.

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