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The Tale of the Leaf Hurricane Chapter 19

"Now what in the devil is happening?" Gajeel said as Naruto noticed cracks forming to the roof.

"The cave is about to collapse!" The blond yelled as the two mages started running outside. Naruto abruptly stopped when he noticed the downed form of Viper.

"What are you doing Uzumaki? We have to get out of here!" Gajeel yelled as Naruto ran towards the unconscious Viper and threw her over his shoulder.

"GO, GO!" The wind mage yelled as they ran away while boulders were falling on their heels.

"There! The exit!" Gajeel pointed as they picked up the pace and managed to get out of the cave just as it collapsed. The two teens fell on their faces, sweat dripping from their body.

"Phew! That was close." Naruto said as he put Viper to the ground.

"This happened because you went overboard again." Gajeel said as he got up and dusted himself.

"Oh shut up Redfox. It's not like you didn't go overboard in there." Naruto said as he got up too and looked in the distance. He immediately glowed, revealing new pants and a mask.

"Someone's coming." He added as he narrowed his eyes. The blond easily distinguished the big figure of his partner Laxus as well as three other familiar people.

"Gajeel-kun! Naruto-kun!" Juvia shouted as the four guild mages approached their partners.

"Are you guys ok?" Hibiki asked.

"Somehow. I can't say the same for their hideout." Naruto said. "What happened to you guys?"

"The council happened." Laxus said with a scowl. Before Naruto and Gajeel could ask what he means by that, the rune knights arrived at the scene.

"Naruto-kun, we meet again." Siegrain said as he approached the mages.

"Siegrain." Naruto said with a hostile tone as the two men stared at each other.

"Now now, what's with the cold look Naruto-kun? I thought we were friends." The blue haired mage said with a smile on his face.

"The council doesn't trust us so they send someone to check if we did the job?" Gajeel said in an angry tone, breaking the eye contact between the two mages.

"The council trusts your guilds Gajeel-kun, we wouldn't give you the mission if we didn't." Siegrain said as he turned to the dragon slayer. "We are here to capture the dark mages of Death's Hand."

"I don't see Master Erathor anywhere though. What happened?" He added as he looked around.

"He's probably… dead." Naruto said as he motioned to the rumbles of the cave.

"Too bad, we wanted to question him about his recent activities." Siegrain said as he looked at the unconscious form of Viper.

"You two." He said to a couple of rune knights. "Arrest the poison mage."

When the two knights approached Viper however, Naruto got in front of them as he was glaring at them.

"I object with that. That woman helped us in finding the hideout of Death's Hand. We would probably still search for it if not for her." He said as the rune knights took out their swords.

"Get out of the way Fairy Tail." One of them said as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Make me." The blond said.

"What are you doing Naruto-san?" Hibiki asked the wind mage through telepathy.

"It's a feeling I have Hibiki. Trust me." Naruto answered before he turned his attention back to Siegrain.

"You arrogant bastard!" A rune knight said as he attacked Naruto while he wasn't watching. The blond dodged the knight's sword and hit him on the neck, rendering the knight unconscious.

"You'll pay for this!" Another rune knight said as more of them attacked the blond.

"Naruto-kun!" Juvia said as Naruto looked at his team.

"Stay out of this!" The blond said as he effortlessly dodged the knights' attacks like they were nothing.

"Is that all?" He added before he went on the offensive, knocking out each knight with one move.

'I didn't know he was so adept in close combat. Not to mention that he is injured yet he still moves like that.' Laxus thought as he stared at his partner.

"Enough!" Siegrain said as Naruto took out another rune knight with a chop to the back of his head.

"Your men need to be retrained Siegrain." The blond said as he turned his attention back to the blue haired mage.

"You have obstructed the council's mission and assaulted rune knights. Naruto-kun, do you know how many violations did you cause?" The council member said with a serious look.

"Actually, the rune knights attacked Uzumaki first. You can't charge him for self-defense." Laxus said as he stepped up.

"Laxus." Naruto said in surprise as he looked at the taller blond.

Siegrain gritted his teeth before he turned to Naruto with a calmer expression.

"Very well then. But beware Naruto-kun; this only happens because I am here and not someone else. I'm willing not to arrest Viper on two conditions: the first one is that she will be under your supervision. She gets caught doing something illegal; you and most importantly Fairy Tail will be held responsible for that."

Naruto looked at Laxus who gave a "Whatever." Look before he nodded.

"And the second?" The blond asked.

"You will take her with you, right now. I don't care if you bring her to Fairy Tail or let her somewhere else. Is that clear?" The blue haired mage answered.

"Deal." Naruto said as Siegrain smiled.

"Good. Men, gather the injured and the criminals. We are returning to headquarters." The council member said as the rune knights moved.

"YES SIR!" They yelled as they formed the unit again and departed. Naruto looked at them before he fell to the ground due to a punch by Gajeel.

"What was that for Redfox?" The blond said as he instantly got up and glared at the dragon slayer.

"You almost jeopardized the mission you idiot." Gajeel yelled at the wind mage.

"Gajeel-san is right. That was pretty risky Naruto-san." Hibiki said as Karen approached Naruto.

"And you went through all this trouble to save that girl Naruto-kun? Your mysterious actions only make me want to solve your riddle more." The green haired woman said with a seductive tone.

"There she goes again." Gajeel said with a deadpan look.

"No kidding." Laxus added with the same expression.

"I just don't like the council, that's all. There is not anything complicated behind what I did." Naruto said, oblivious to Karen's flirting.

"Still, the council won't like what you did Naruto-san. I'm surprised Siegrain-san even let that woman under your supervision." Hibiki said.

'He is a strange guy, that's something I can say for sure.' The blond thought.

"Whatever, I'm leaving." Laxus said as he started walking towards the east.

"Don't be too late Uzumaki." He said as he stopped for a moment. "I got better things to do than tell jiji the reason you didn't come with me."

"Hm, you don't need to tell me that sparky. Don't forget that I have transportation." Naruto yelled at the taller blond who was already far.

"Well then, I will be going too. Got a big trip to do." The blond said as he picked up the still unconscious Viper.

"It's been fun teaming up with you Naruto-san. Let's meet again." Hibiki said with a smile as he nodded at the blond.

"Don't expect me to say goodbye or something Uzumaki. Next time we meet, we are going to continue our fight." Gajeel said with a grin.

"Gajeel-kun is too shy to admit that he considers you a friend." Juvia said with a smile.

"Shut up rain woman!" Gajeel said, although it was obvious to everyone that he didn't say it in a mean way. Naruto chuckled as he nodded at the Phantom Lord mages.

"There are good mages in Phantom Lord. I'm glad to know that now." He said as he was about to leave when he saw Karen in front of him.

"No goodbye for me?" She said with a pout.

"Take care Karen." Naruto said as he hugged the green haired woman with his free hand before he went towards his magic vehicle.

Naruto gently put the unconscious Viper on the back of his vehicle as he looked at her.

'She's been out for quite some time. You would expect that all the fuss would at least wake her up or something.' The blond thought as he then noticed something on her back.

'Wait. What's that?' He thought as he put his palms on the purple haired woman's back and closed his eyes. His hands glowed as the blond ran a medical scan.

'There are leftovers of Erathor's dark magic. As I thought, he was the one who knocked her out. That explains why is she still out, and she looks to be in pain.' Naruto thought as the glow in his hands intensified, signifying the act of a healing spell.

Viper slowly half opened her eyes as she noticed a blurry figure next to her.

'Who… is… that?' She thought before she lost consciousness again. Naruto stopped the spell as he observed the woman under his care.

'She looks better now, like she is sleeping.' The blond thought before he started looking around.

"I'm pretty sure I have a blanket here somewhere." He said as he started searching around the stuff that he stored in the car before he took out something.

"Bingo!" He exclaimed as he pulled out an orange blanket. The blond then proceeded in covering the sleeping woman before he went to the driver's seat.

"This will be a long trip." Naruto said as he strapped the SE-plug on his wrist and started the car.

No longer had Naruto started driving that Viper started to stir.

'So warm.' She thought as she hugged the blanket before her eyes opened. The purple haired woman shot up from her sleeping position as she looked around.

"Where am I and who are you?" She said as she lunged at Naruto.

"Wow there!" The blond exclaimed as he abruptly stopped the car. He then turned as Viper came right at him, causing both to get out of the car. The two mages rolled for some time before they stopped with Viper on top of Naruto.

"Where are you taking me?" The purple haired woman said.

"Are you crazy? We could have crashed there!" Naruto said as he span around and got on top.

"You didn't answer my question." Viper said before she noticed the features of the blond.

Naruto got up from her as he started dusting himself.

"Did you calm now? Geez, what was that for anyway?" The blond said.

"You are the one who healed me before." Viper said.

"Yeah, I did that." Naruto said.

"Why would you do that? I am from a dark guild?" The purple haired woman said, surprise on her face.

"Not anymore. Death's Hand has been disbanded." Naruto said as he got up and offered his hand.

"Let's start over, shall we? I'm Naruto Uzumaki." The blond said as Viper looked at his hand with a suspicious expression before she accepted it.

"Viper. What do you mean Death's Hand has been disbanded? And where is Gajeel?" The purple haired woman said as Naruto helped her get up.

"I'll explain everything to you." Naruto said. "But first, let's eat. I'm really hungry since I haven't eaten all day and I'm pretty sure you are hungry too."

Before Viper could talk, a growling sound was heard from her stomach as she blushed. Naruto chuckled as he went towards the magic vehicle.

"Let's start a fire. I'm going to answer any questions that you have over food."

"So now you are responsible for me?" Viper said as Naruto finished explaining the situation.

"Yup." Naruto said as he was munching food. "It was one of the conditions." The purple haired woman scoffed when she heard that.

"And you expect me to accept that?" She said as she narrowed her eyes at the blond. She was surprised, however, when the blond started laughing.

"What's so funny?" She said.

"I expect the opposite, but you are free to explain that to the council." He said once he stopped laughing.

Viper pouted as she lay on the ground.

"Why did you do this? Guild or not, I am still a dark mage. Why would you risk your guild's credibility though you know that the council doesn't trust you either way?" She said as she turned to the blond.

Naruto didn't answer right away but instead turned at the fire.

"It's… a perk of mine I guess. You helped us in our mission. You may have done it because you were in a tough position, but the council didn't appreciate it nonetheless, so I took action in my own hands. Besides-" The blond said as he turned to face Viper. "Everyone deserves a second chance."

Viper looked in utter shock when Naruto was done talking. His words, as well as the genuine smile that he gave her when he looked at her made the former dark mage blush. When she realized that, she quickly turned around and grabbed a bottle as an excuse.

"You are going to get in trouble with that attitude of yours one day." She said as she started drinking water, though it was obvious that there was no ill intent in her words.

"Who knows?" Naruto said as he looked at the sky while drinking from his flask.

"Let's call it a night. We have a long way to go tomorrow." The blond said as he stretched.

"You can sleep to the car if the ground is uncomfortable." He added as he slept the moment he lay down.

"Good night Naruto Uzumaki." Viper said as she looked at the blonde's sleeping form.

'Thank you for the hope you have given me.' The purple haired mage said as she too went to sleep.

Naruto opened his eyes as he once again found himself in a too familiar darkness.

"This place again." He said as he started walking around the pitch black darkness.

"I can't see anything. Is anyone here?" The blond yelled as his voice echoed in the emptiness. Suddenly, he heard someone screaming in the distance.

"Shit!" Naruto exclaimed as he started running towards the sound of the scream.

"Hold on! I'm coming!" The blond yelled as the scream was getting more intense. However, he started feeling like he was slowing down, his limbs becoming heavier with every step.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked as a blurry vision appeared in front of him. There was a giant beast and a white haired figure which was too familiar for Naruto, even though it was still blurry.

"No. No. No. STOP IT!" The blond yelled as the beast smashed the figure to the ground.

"STOP!" Naruto yelled as he shot up from the ground. The blond was panting heavily as he looked around.

"It's still night." He said as he got up.

'That dream wasn't like any other dream I've been having lately. It was clearer, more intense.' Naruto thought as he remembered the last time he saw Mira.

"I'll go with Elfman and Lisanna to take down the infamous Beast that's been terrorizing Northern Fiore."

'That's what I was dreaming all this time. I have to move fast.' The wind mage thought as he started gathering his stuff and putting them in the car. As he was clearing the fire place, he heard a voice behind him speaking.

"Isn't that a bit too early to wake up?" Viper said as he hopped off the magic vehicle.

"I'm in a hurry. I have to reach Northern Fiore as fast as I can." Naruto said as he kept packaging.

"I'm coming with you." The purple haired woman said as she helped him with the last stuff.

"It will be too dangerous." Naruto said. The blond turned to face Viper.

"And you expect me to just let you go alone?" The purple haired woman said with a determined expression.

Naruto sighed as he closed his eyes.

"Fine. Just promise that you won't put yourself at risk, ok? I didn't fight with the rune knights for nothing." Naruto said when he opened his eyes.

"What do you think I am? A helpless girl?" Viper said with a smirk.

"Whatever, let's go!" The blond said as he jumped on the driver's seat and started the car.

"So where exactly are we going?" Viper asked as Naruto was using the vehicle's maximum capabilities.

"Do you know the infamous Beast?" The blond said, not taking his eyes off the road.

"It's been terrorizing the north for quite some time." Viper said before her eyes widened as she stared at the blond.

"Wait a minute. Don't tell me…" She said in shock.

"That's exactly what I'm going to do! I can't let my nightmare come true. Hold on to something." Naruto said as he pressed forward. Viper looked ahead to see a big gap ahead of them.

"Naruto? You are not going to do what I think you will, right?" The purple haired mage said.

"I said hold on to something!" The blond said once again as he sped up. The magic vehicle jumped from the cliff, gaining height as Viper was holding her seat.

"HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" The poison mage shouted as the car landed on the other side.

A couple of hours after that, the two mages found themselves at the town of Elvedurn. Naruto got out of the magic vehicle to see the town in flames.

"Oh god!" The blond exclaimed. "The Beast passed from here. Let's hurry!" He said as he jumped down towards the town.

"Wait!" Viper said as she followed the blond. They ran around the burning city when Naruto turned to his right when he heard a voice.

"There are still people in there!" A woman shouted as Naruto looked at a big building which looked to be on the verge of destruction.

"What's going on here?" He said as he ran towards the building.

"The Leaf Hurricane is here! Thank goodness." An old lady said as the woman pointed at the building.

"Two children are still trapped on the top floor. Everyone is trying to save in whatever way they can but the children are at the top floor." She said.

Without uttering a word the blond leapt at a broken window and got inside the building.

"Is anyone here?" He shouted as he cautiously walked through the fire.

"HELP! HELP!" The wind mage heard as he started going towards the sound of the voices.

"Help is on the way! Hold on!" Naruto shouted as he found himself facing a door.

"Be careful! I'm about to break the door!" The blond yelled as he moved a few steps back.

"Hurry! My brother is starting to faint!" One of the kids said as Naruto broke the door with a kick. He then got in as he ran towards the children.

"Come on! I'll get both of you out!" He said as the children ran to him. When Naruto was sure that they were holding him tightly, he hugged them and jumped as the floor collapsed. The blond came out of a wave of fire as he landed on the ground and released the children.

"Mama!" They both yelled as they ran towards the woman who opened her arms and hugged them tightly.

"My babies! Thank you sir!" She said to Naruto.

"Ma'am! Everyone in the east part of the town is safe now. Fortunately there are no casualties." A young man said as he bowed to the old lady.

"And the mages from Fairy Tail?" She asked, gaining the blonde's attention.

"They are fighting the Beast ma'am." The young man said. Naruto's eyes widened as he turned to Viper.

"Help with the evacuations! I'm heading to the Beast!" The blond said.


"The people's safety comes first. You wanted to help, didn't you?" Naruto cut the purple haired girl's protest as he dashed towards the Beast's location with his comrades in mind.

'I hope I'm not late.'

Mira stared in shock, her eyes not being able to comprehend what just happened in front of her as the Beast pummeled Lisanna.

"LISANNA!" The white haired girl yelled as her sister was thrown inside the forest.

"No way. This can't be happening. It's only a dream, a very bad dream." She said to herself as the Beast was approaching her.

"It can't be happening. Lisanna." She kept saying, obviously panicked. The Beast was about to pummel her as well when someone went past her and blocked the Beast's heavy hand.

"TAICHO NO SHI-RUDO!" Naruto yelled as he blocked the strike with a round blue metal shield with a red star in the middle.

"HAAAAAAAAAA!" The blond yelled as he pushed back the Beast with the shield. He then kneeled in front of Mira.

"Oi Mira! Snap out of it!" He said as he grabbed the white haired girl from the shoulders.

"Naruto? How did you get here?" Mira said as she looked up at the blonde's face.

"That's not important right now." Naruto said before he abruptly hugged Mira and jumped back as the Beast attacked them one more time.

"Grrr, this is bad. Where are Elfman and Lisanna?" The blond said as he put Mira down. The take over mage didn't answer, but instead pointed at the Beast which was watching them with a feral look. Naruto narrowed his eyes to get a closer look at the Beast before his eyes widened.

"No. It can't be him!" He said as Mira nodded.

"I was careless. Elfman tried to save me by using take over on the Beast. However, he couldn't control it and Lisanna paid the price." The white haired girl said.

'My nightmare came true then.' Naruto thought as he lowered his head. 'And Mira is on the verge of breaking down. What do I do? I must stop Elfman somehow, but he now has the Beast's strength and I'm not 100%.'

'Still.' He added as he got up. 'I have to save my comrades no matter the cost.'

"I can still feel her." Naruto said as he looked towards the forest. "It's faint, but Lisanna is still alive!"

Mira perked up at what the blond as she groggily got up.

"Are you sure?" She said to the blond who nodded.

"She's somewhere in the beginning of the forest. Go to her, I'll try to bring Elfman to his senses." The wind mage said as he balled his fists. Mira nodded before she went towards the forest.

'She would never just do what I told her to. Mira.' Naruto thought as he looked at her retreating form.

"Now." He said as he backflipped in order to dodge a tree trunk that the Beast threw him. "I'm about to knock some sense to you, you hear me Elfman!?"

The Beast stopped for a moment before it ran once again towards the blond.

"GRRRRR!" It yelled as Naruto dashed at it as well.

"Snap out of it you idiot!" The blond yelled as he gathered wind magic in his hand.

"KAZERYU NO JINKEN!" The wind mage yelled as his fist met the Beast's, sending a sound wave around. Naruto then unleashed a barrage of fists at the Beast which barely managed to make it skid back.

"That bastard is tough." The blond said as he jumped back.

"TATSUMAKI!" He yelled as he span towards the Beast, creating a tornado that smacked straight in the Beast's chest. However, the Beast managed to stop the attack by grabbing Naruto from the shoulders. It then proceeded to jump high in the air and plant the blond to the ground with a piledriver.

"GAH!" The blond exclaimed as he got out of the hole that the piledriver created. The moment he raised his head however, he got a punch in his injured abdomen. The blond spat blood as he was sent back.

"Shit! I'm gonna have to use whatever magic is left within me in order to stop him." Naruto said as he skidded back.

"Elfman! It's me, Naruto! Your sisters are in danger! Control the Beast damn it!" The wind mage yelled. This time, his yelling seemed to have some effect on the Beast which stopped its charge.

"I'll apologize for that later Elfman, but I have no other choice!" Naruto yelled as he gathered wind in both of his hands, his eyes turning white.

"Fūjin is my guardian, his will is my strength!" The wind mage yelled as he slammed his hands while the magic seal appeared in front of them.

"GEKIDOU TAIFUU!" He yelled as he launched a typhoon straight at the Beast, consuming him completely as the ground was shaken from the attack. As the smoke cleared, the Beast was revealed on the ground, glowing as the take over was cancelled.

"Hah, hah, hah. Good. I did it." Naruto said as he slowly went towards the forest.

'This attack could kill Elfman if I was at full power. More importantly, what's happening with Mira and Lisanna.' The blond thought as he held his abdomen which was soaked in blood.

The blond just barely saw a broken Mira crying over a Lisanna which was fading away as if disappearing from the face of Earth before he fell to the ground, the excessive use of magic causing him to faint.

"I've brought you new bandages baachan."

"Thank you Elie. His bandages have already been wrecked by the blood. Bring me those herbs dear."

"What happened to him baachan?"

"This young lad fought the Beast my dear. He and his companions saved us two days ago."

"Look baachan, he is stirring."

Naruto opened his eyes as he looked at the roof.

'Where am I?' The blond thought.

'The others!' He thought as he abruptly shot up from his bed. He immediately felt the sharp pain of his injuries and realized that his entire upper body and head was covered in bandages.

"Easy there young man, you'll open your wounds again." An old woman said.

"Where am I?" The blond asked as he realized that he was in a tent where an old lady and a young girl with brown hair looked at him.

"We are in a camp outside Elvedurn." The old woman answered. Naruto ignored the pain that he felt and got up.

"What about my comrades?" He said as he took a cup of water that was near him.

"The girl with the purple hair is tending to the injured. As for the Fairy Tail mages…" The old woman said but cut her sentence in the middle and looked to the ground.

"Where are they? Tell me!" Naruto said.

"They are at the place where they fought the Beast." Was all the woman said.

"Thank you." Naruto said as he ran outside the tent.

"Poor kids." The old woman said with a somber expression.

Naruto walked through the camp as he looked left and right.

'This camp is as big as the town itself was.' The blond thought as he heard a familiar voice.

"Bon, be careful on how to apply these herbs. Too much portion will make the patient feel excessive pain." Viper said as she ran around, giving instructions to the people on how to tend the injured.

"Viper?" Naruto said in surprise as the purple haired woman noticed him.

"Naruto! You are up, thank goodness." She said as she approached him.

"What are you doing here?" The blond said.

"I'm using my knowledge of medicine for good. These people are in need of an expert." The poison mage said as she wept the sweat from her forehead.

"The entire town is in ruins. The people have lost all hope. So I'm trying to bring their hope back." She added.

"You found a way to help people huh?" Naruto said as a smile appeared under the bandages.

"And they are going to need me for some time Naruto. I'm afraid I won't be able to come with you to Magnolia." Viper said in an apologetic tone.

"It's ok. It's as you said, those people need you." The blond said as he put his hand on the purple haired woman's shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we will meet again. See ya." He added before he moved outside the camp.

"Yeah, we definitely will." Viper whispered to herself with a smile.

The blond was on his way to the hills when he saw Mira and Elfman walking past him.

"Oh, hey Naruto." Elfman said, his voice lacking the usual vigor.

"Hi guys." Naruto said as he looked at them. They both looked beat up and shaken and Mira's left arm was tied.

"We were about to check up on you and go back to the guild." Mira said.

'They shed a lot of tears already. What is there for me to do to comfort them when they just lost their little sister?' Naruto thought.

"I'll go get my car. It's going to be less tiring this way." He said as he moved to give them more time.

"Naruto." Elfman said, making the blond turn.

"Thank you, for stopping me back then." The white haired teen said.

"Don't mention it." Naruto said with a soft smile.

"Are they here yet?" Natsu asked as he entered the guild.

"Not yet Natsu. Laxus just returned and went to the second floor." Erza said as she was sitting at the bar.

"That Naruto, he sure is taking his time." Cana said as she was wiping a glass.

"Aye." Happy said.

"Come to think of it, why didn't he return with Laxus?" Gray said.

"No idea. Laxus didn't say a word." The brunette said. Suddenly Natsu looked at the still opened door.

"What is it Natsu?" Macao asked.

"There's no mistaking it. They are back!" The dragon slayer said as he rushed outside. The others looked in surprise before they followed him in a quieter pace.

Natsu narrowed his eyes as he noticed three figures approaching. Soon after, Mira, Elfman and Naruto were at the guild's doorstep with everyone waiting.

"Welcome back!" Natsu and Happy enthusiastically said. However, Erza noticed the state of the three mages.

"What happened?" She said, alerting the rest of the Fairy Tail mages.

"Where is Lisanna?" Natsu asked, his previous enthusiasm vanishing in moments. Mira broke in tears as she fell to the ground, confirming the dragon slayer's fears.

"No." He said as the rest realized what happened. Elfman, as well as the other mages, succumbed to their grief.

"Huh? Where is Naruto?" Cana said as she realized that the blond had vanished.

While everyone was grieving, the blond used this opportunity to run to the back of the guild. As he was standing alone, he finally let the tears that he was holding all this time fall as he removed the bandages from his face.

"If only I was faster." Naruto muttered as he punched the wall.

"Damn it! Damn it!" He exclaimed before his eyes widened.

'This is the same magic I felt at the trials!' He thought as he recognized the magic power. The blond rushed to the scene where he saw the same hooded person from before holding two stuffs.

As he cancelled his magic and sighed, the blond tackled him to the ground.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked as the man's hood fell, revealing spiky blue hair and a too familiar mark around the right eye.

"Siegrain?" The blond said in shock as he got off the man.

"I am not the man you know, though the similarities are obvious." The man said as he removed his half mask.

"Like you Naruto Uzumaki, I am from a different world. Unlike yours however, my world is linked to this world. My name is Mystogan." The blue haired man added.

Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at Mystogan.

"How do you know that?" The blond said as Mystogan put his mask back to his face.

"I can tell that you are not from this world as your magic fells different. In my world, the people have no magic so I can safely say that you are not from there either."

"Your world?"

"That's a story for another time." Mystogan said as he started moving.

"It's about to rain. I suggest you find shelter." He added before he vanished, leaving Naruto alone to his thoughts.

A couple of days passed. Ever since their return to the guild, no one went to any missions as they were grieving for Lisanna. On the fourth day, everyone went to the cathedral in the morning for the youngest of the take over siblings' funeral.

Naruto stood there, his usual outfit replaced by a black shirt, pants and sandals and hhe was wearing a simple half face mask.

'Even the sky is weeping.' The blond thought as it hadn't stopped raining ever since they returned.

After the funeral was over, the Fairy Tail mages returned to the guild. Naruto, however, silently left. Mira and Natsu noticed his retreating form as they both remembered his parting words.

"What? You are leaving?" Natsu said in surprise as the blond nodded.

"Yes. I need a break." The wind mage said as Mira looked at him in shock.

"I can't lose you now Naruto! Not you too." The white haired girl said as Naruto gave them a grin.

"I need some time to myself. There are some things that I need to think about. Don't worry guys; I'll be back before you even notice that I'm gone."

Natsu went to move but Mira stopped him.

"Naruto is hurting like us. Let him go." The white haired girl said with a sad smile.

The blond stood on top of a hill as he stared at Magnolia.

"Going somewhere?" He heard as he turned to see Cana leaning on a tree.

"Can't escape from you huh?" Naruto said as the brunette winked at him.

"So you really are going to leave." She said in a more serious tone.

"Yeah. You be good, ok?" Naruto said as he hugged the brunette.

"When am I not?" Cana teased as she returned the hug.

After they broke the hug, Naruto left the city.

'I'll be back to protect you. That's a promise.'

Author's Note: And that concludes the original part of my story. A true overkill, over five thousand and a half words chapter, I might say. That last part now, it was pretty tough to actually have to write this scene but I wanted to give Naruto another drive to get stronger, not to mention the 'Fairy Tail pain' that Mira mentioned to Lucy. And before you start flaming me, Naruto was tired and injured from his mission and the excessive use of the magic vehicle, that's why he struggled so hard. Then again, Elfman probably just fainted due to excessive magic use in canon so we don't know if Mira could actually beat him, just saying.

Kitsunedragon asked for the explanations of Naruto's techniques in the previous chapter, so here they are:

Tatsumaki: Tornado
Kaze Bure-do: Wind Blade
Kazeryu No Jinken: Wind Dragon's Swift Fist
Kaze Bakufuu: Wind Blast
Paamu Sutoraiki: Palm Strike
Senpuu: Hurricane
Kaze Dangan: Wind Bullets
Kaze Bure-do Entei: Wind Blades Barrage
Tekiatsu: Cyclone
Kazeryu No Gekidou Bakufuu: Wind Dragon's Raging Blast
Hitoshirezu Kenjutsu: Kazeryu No Rendan: Hidden Sword Technique: Wind Dragon's Barrage
Gekidou Taifuu: Raging Typhoon

Hope that helps my friend.

Now I have an announcement to make. In two months time I'll be taking a break from writing for half a year due to having to prepare for my entry exams. Yes, I'm going to need six months to prepare properly if I want to succeed this time. So I'll stop this story at this point for now since I reached a good part. Maybe I'm going to try my luck in different fandoms during October, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.

See ya later people.