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I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the blaring blue and red lights in my review mirror. Being a Hyuga, it's important that I uphold the honor and dignity of my family name – meaning, my dad is going to kill me if I get a ticket. I frowned at my speedometer. Was I speeding? I usually abide by the law… but I was running late because of Ino, so I might have been a kilometer or ten over the speed limit. I sighed and reached for my purse.

I've never really been into a man in uniform. The majority of policemen I've encountered look like they live off doughnuts and coffee. I glanced at my side mirror and caught my breath. Why! Why did it have to be that police officer? An Uchiha in uniform is probably any fan girl's fantasy – according to Ino and Sakura – apparently, it has something to do with the 'power/authority' that emanates from their uniform, or the belt that carries their gun and baton… or maybe what lies beneath the belt.

The quick tap on my window jolted me, and I quickly buzzed my window down an inch. My dad always told me to be careful – if you wind a window down too low, you never know who might pull you through it, and drag you into the bush…

"Wh-what can I do for you officer?" I asked, trying to smile.

He flashed his badge at me. "License."

I passed it through the gap in the window, hoping he would just give me a warning.

He raised an eyebrow as he read my license. "Hyuga Hinata."

"Yes, sir," I replied automatically.

He smirked and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Do you know how fast you were driving?"

"I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again." I ducked my head, feeling my ears heat up.

"You were swerving too." He continued.

My head shot up and I blinked in surprise, "Swerving?" I repeated.

He peered at me through the window. "You look flushed. Have you been drinking?"

"No!" I replied quickly, hoping Ino didn't spike my drink. Although considering the outfit I was wearing, she probably did.

"Step out of the vehicle. I need to check your balance."

"A-are you serious?" I whispered, mortified. "Don't you have a breathalyzer or something?"

He narrowed his eyes. "Are you questioning my authority?"

I was going to kill Ino! It was her fault I was in this awkward situation.

Ino had called me three hours ago saying she needed help with her assignment. She promised that it would only take an hour and she would thank me for it. Her assignment turned out be a fashion task where she needed her friends to model her designs. While changing, Ino and Sakura had somehow spilt coffee on my clothes. And miraculously the only clean outfit Ino had was something she wore in high school. I'd rather wear her a garbage bag, but they forced me into a too short lavender skirt and top revealing my naval. The top was tight, squeezing my lungs, so I had unbuttoned the first two buttons, which now revealed my cleavage. I must have looked like a slut, but no one was supposed to see this! Then the unthinkable happened – I was pulled over by Uchiha Sasuke and asked to reveal myself in this embarrassing outfit.

"Hurry up." He called.

Taking a deep breath and willing myself not to burst into tears, I stepped out of the car. His mouth dropped open, and I found the situation amusing for a second. That was until his black eyes flashed red. There was something predatory in his gaze as it raked over my body. I felt myself flush.


When she stepped out of her car, I nearly died. Was this the same Hyuga Hinata I knew back in high school? Back at school she had been a timid shadow that followed Naruto around. She was always dressed in pants and a jacket that did nothing for her appearance.

I wanted to push her up against her car and kiss her senseless and touch her and lose myself in her. Who knew she hid such a sexy body behind all her clothes? I licked my lips and ordered her to walk in a straight line. I watched her hips sway with each step. It wasn't on purpose but it was damn well arousing. She glanced back at me, uncertainty in her pale eyes. I raked a hand through my hair. What was I going to do with her? There was so much I wanted to do.


I bit my lip. Waiting.

He ran his fingers through his dark hair. It looked soft. "I'm going to give you two options. A fine or a warning?" his voice was low.

I opened my mouth to speak but stopped. Wouldn't it be obvious to choose a warning? Was it a trick? Would he want something from me in exchange for a warning?

"What would you be charging me with?" I asked instead.

A smile touched is lips. "The ticket would involve speeding…" he took a step towards me, caging me between my car and his body. He leaned in. "Alcohol consumption."

I mentally cursed Ino. Then his finger touched my naval and all thoughts vanished. "And off the record. Indecency…"

I swallowed hard. His hand wrapped around my hips. His touch was hot against my bare skin. The pad of his thumb rubbed lazy circles against my hipbone.

"As for the warning…" his lip brushed mine ever so gently and my breath escaped. "A kiss."

His mouth was soft and hot against my lips, and before I knew it, we were kissing. His body pinned me against the side of my car, with thigh between my legs. I gasped when I felt his thigh press against my core. His tongue slipped into mouth. It danced around my tongue, rubbing and twisting and sucking. The hand on my hip tightened. He pulled away with a last lingering kiss on my bottom lip. His other hand trailed down the side of my face in a gentle caress. It ran down my neck and along the V-line of my top.

He smiled and stepped away.

I was breathless. What on earth happened?

"I'll give you a warning this time, Miss Hyuga. If I catch you again…" he paused, "I won't let you off so easily."

As I threw Ino's clothes into a bag, I imagined strangling her with the cursed outfit she had lent me because of her clumsiness. Comfortably dressed in a pair of jeans and my favourite cream coloured hoodie, I jumped back into my car – carefully checking my speed as I made my way to the hospital.

I was a student of KU – Konoha University, majoring in English, while working part-time at the hospital as a nurse.

"Hinata, I was wondering where you were." Tsunade glanced up from her clipboard.

I dipped my head in an apology. "Sorry…"

She waved her hair airily. "You're here now, but as punishment you can take this patient. He's giving me a headache and we're busy today."

Tsunade handed me the clipboard. I scanned the form and my heart sunk at the name: Uchiha Sasuke.

"Room 205. Have fun, Hinata."

I watched in horror as Tsunade left me with my worst nightmare.

I pushed the door quietly, planning to assess the situation through a 2cm gap, when his head turned. I gasped. His eyes were drawn down in a fierce glare, annoyance etched in the lines between his eyebrows. When he saw me amusement filtered across his face and my blood froze.

He smirked, "You can come in, nurse."

I gritted my teeth, hating my nurse uniform for the first time. It wasn't skanky or anything, but it was a white knee length dress that was labeled as a 'nurse uniform'.

Taking a deep breath I decide to be quick and professional.

"Good afternoon, Mr Uchiha," I began in a curt tone. "I'm here to check your injuries and then you can sign out."

"No sir?" he asked with a glimmer in his eye.

I narrowed my eyes and ignored him. Moving to the cabinet I took out antiseptic and a cotton bud. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves I inspected the cut on his arm.

"It's nothing serious. I told them I didn't need treatment."

"I'm surprised an Uchiha managed to get injured," I muttered under my breath.

He laughed under his breath, low and husky. I felt myself tremble. He sounded annoyingly sexy. "I did it on purpose. I heard you were working here as a nurse. Wanted to get a look at you in your uniform, nurse."

My face exploded into a blush. I roughly dabbed his cut with the antiseptic and smiled with satisfaction when I heard him suck in a breath at the sting.

One minute later and he was signing the form to be released.

"See you around, Hinata." He smiled as he handed the clipboard to me, finger brushing mine.

"Hi-na-ta!" sang Ino as she burst into the girls changing room. "Our shift is over, lets get a drink!"

Sakura closed her locker. "I could defiantly use one."

I turned to glare at Ino.

"What?" she asked, tossing her platinum blonde hair over her shoulder.

"I want strangling you." I replied.

"I said I was sorry about your clothes. I'll return it tomorrow after they dry, and I'll buy you a drink to make up for it."

I sighed. I wondered what Ino and Sakura would think about me being pulled over by Sasuke dressed in Ino's old clothes – and him kissing me. It might be wise to keep that to myself. Even though Ino was now dating Kiba and Sakura was with Sai, I knew they wouldn't be happy about it.

"We can go dancing too," added Sakura.

I tapped my chin thoughtfully. "Girls only. I'm not in the mood to be a fourth wheel."

The heart was beating in time with the pounding bass. It was crowded, bodies pressed against each other, grinding and swaying to the music. I took a sip of my lychee martini and grimaced. Sakura and Sai were making out passionately at our table. So much for not being a fourth wheel. I squeezed my eyes shut – definitely scarred for life.

"Let's dance!" shouted Ino, grabbing my hand. I gulped down the rest of my drink, hoping it would make me less stiff. I never really liked to dance, feeling awkward and lanky. Ino on the other hand could move her body like liquid.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone watching us. The dim lights flashing ice blue and acid green, combined with the dry smoke clouded my visibility. I could make out pale skin and dark hair. Ino was now dancing around me, teasing Kiba. Th guy was wearing a black shirt with the top two buttons undone – his neck and collar bone visible. I tried to ignore the heat that his gaze was stirring in me. Kiba had given into Ino and sauntered up to her, his eyes hungry. Ino started to dance with Kiba, her back against his chest, his hands on her hips and hers in the air. Kiba bent his head and I saw him kiss Ino's neck. I turned my head away from their intimate display to look at my stranger and realized he had disappeared. Then I felt a hand on my hip.

"Don't turn around." He whispered huskily in my ear. "Just close your eyes and dance."

And then he held onto my hips with both his hands and we were swaying to the beat. His chest was firm against my back.

I touched his hand and felt something rough under my fingertips. Gauze.

I spun around and he pulled firm against his body. "I thought I told you not to turn around, Hinata."

"Sasuke…" I whispered. Mortified that I had been dancing with him.

The music changed, sultry and upbeat, and somehow he was grinding against me, his hands running up my thighs, side and back, skimming my ribs, just below my breasts. His mouth was hot against my ear. "I don't think I can let you off with a warning tonight."

I shivered and he kissed me on the neck, just below my ear.

Suddenly, my hand was in his and he was leading me out of the club.

Author's Note

So what do you think of my first story? I'm going to try and go for some citrus in the next chapter.. but it's my first time so hopefully it turns out.

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