iVisit the Caribbean:

Chapter One: iHug and kiss

Carly's pov:

I can't believe this; those two are at it again and once again proving that they were meant for each other and that they can annoy me no matter how much I love them.

I pinched the bridge of my nose hoping to ease my headache while combining stress relief techniques of counting to ten and back with slow breaths. It's true that they don't fight so often or as intense, but do they really have to do it now? DO THEY HAVE TO DO IT TODAY?

Today is officially the worst day of my life. I woke up late this morning, got detention, have girlie cramps, Spencer is being annoying, Sam and Freddie are on an argument marathon being extremely mean and violent to one another and to top it off, it's my birthday.

How can anyone be in a good mood when you're brother greets you with, "Hey kiddo how was detention?" and acts like it's a good thing.

"Guys, "I said trying to get their attention but of course they ignored me, "guys, please knock it off."


"Really, people," I laughed frustrated, "please stop fighting 'cause I'm really not in a very good mood today.'

They continued.

"REALLY, I SAID SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND BE NICE!" I snapped finally getting their attention. The surprisingly obeyed sitting on the small coach huddled together until Sam pushed Freddie away who, thank God, was too shocked to retaliate.

'Thank you." I smiled, "Now because you two can't choose a movie, Spencer will."

"YES!" Spencer shouted triumphantly from his room.

"NO!" Sam and Freddie retorted.

"Oh yes." I smiled victoriously, "That should teach you two to behave yourselves."

'Well sorry Mom for being a disappointment." Sam replied sarcastically, I rolled my eyes, "But the dork started it."

"I did not!'

"SHUT UP!" I interrupted before they could start another argument, "seriously you guys have been really obnoxious today of all days."

They stared at me confused.

"Hey Freddiffer, be a dictionary and tell me what obnoxious means."

"You know what it means!" I snapped.

"What if I forgot?" she questioned lifting a neatly plucked eyebrow. I admired my work for a nano-second before glaring at her. Note to self develop a glare that could phase Sam.

"You Know!'

I began pacing to calm myself.

"You guys are driving me crazy." Freddie

"Not when it's your Mom." Smirky Sam.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, if where talking about crazy moms yours would top the list."

And then they were at it again. This time Sam pushed Freddie to the ground and gave him a headlock…with her legs! She was pulling her arms towards her now.


"I'm teaching him a lesson." She grunted.

"Now o I'll be the one teaching you a lesson."

"Not that" she half whined half grunted still pulling Freddie's arms. He was screaming through the rug and had a red hue to his skin, which bothered me a lot

"Yes, that."I hissed giving her the evil eye.


Evil eye.

'fine." She grumbled pulling herself away from him and standing up. Freddie followed with a little difficulty almost making me feel sorry for him but he was also in the wrong. I eyed them through slits

"Why do you guys have to act like that?" I snapped, especially today."

"The nub insulted my Mom!" Sam snapped.

"And you insulted his!"

"Exactly!" Freddie rejoices

"Shut up! I'm not done"

Sam smirked.

"No smirking!"

She pulled a straight face instantly.

"Do you know what today is?"

"Yeah, it's…oh chizz!"Sam groaned pulling her hair.

'What?" Freddie questioned her and she mouthed it to him.

"Oh, uh…HAPPY BIRTHDAY"h e tried failing miserably.

"Carls, I'm so sorry. I'll get you a present right away," she said then turned to Freddie, "Gimme your wallet."



"Sam! I don't want a present all I want is my best friends to be friends."

"But he …"she hesitated then said, "Fine."

"Now you two make up with a hug and kiss." I joked rocking from side to side.

"sorry." They both said hugging each other then Sam pecked Freddie on the lip. I stared open eyed a bit shocked. Freddie just blushed.

"Not what I meant but okay."I walked backwards and bumped into the coffee table, "I'll go tell Spencer we're ready to go."

I took a quick turn and skidded up the stairs screaming for Spencer and hoping that he was close at hand, because I'm really freaking out right now.

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