Sam was just an ordinary boy. He does well in school, is very obeidient, and never questions people. One day, on the way to school, he bumps into a fox and a cat wearing clothes. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." he says. "My my my, look who we have here! It looks like you need a vacation from school! Would you like that my dear boy?" The fox asks. Sam almost jumped right out of his shoes! A talking fox that wears clothes! You don't get one of those very often! But Sam just nodded his head and said, "Yessir I would, but summer vacaton is months away!" The fox just smiled and said, "There is no need to call me "sir", just call me honest Jhon! And you are just going to LOVE Pleasure Island my boy! No school, no rules, no cops, just do whatever you want!"
Sam's eyes widened and said, "Sure, I'll go! When do we leave?" "Right now, if you want!" Honest Jhon said.

Sam was on his way to Pleasure Island, the greatest place in the world, when sitting next to him, was an alive wooden pupet! The puppet turned to him with a kind smile and said, "Hi, my name is Pinocchio, and this is my friend Lampwick," He jestured to a buck-toothed redhed boy sitting next him. Lampwick was sling-shoting rocks at the donkeys who pulled the coach. "What's your name?" Pinocchio asked. "My name is Sam" Sam answered.

When the three friends got to Pleasure Island, they had a blast! They smoked cigars(Lessons from Lampwick), they drank beer, they played pool, they put grafitti on the walls of the "MODEL HOUSE: OPEN FOR DESTRUCTION" They had cake and ice cream for meals, then they purposely barfed on pretend teachers, then everyone on the island sang the Pleasure Island song: "HI DIDDLY DEE, IT'S PLEASURE ISLAND FOR ME!"

That night, when Sam, Pinocchio, and Lampwick were playing pool, everyone felt different. Sam drank down his last drops of beer, then started stretching. Pinocchio was silently puffing his cigar, and Lampwick was playing pool. Sam felt like they were the only ones left on the island. Pinocchio felt the same way, but Lampwick didn't care. "I miss my conceince." Pinocchio said out of the blue. "How come?" Sam asked out of curiosity. Pinocchio then told Sam his story, and ended at "And then I came here, leaving Jiminy behind, but before I left I heard him mumble to himself that I was making a jackass out of myself."
Lampwick then responded, "Ha! Hear that beetle talk, he thinks something is going to happen to us!" And just as he said that, he had the big, long, furry ears of a donkey. Both Sam and Pinocchio gasped. Lampwick gave them a stern look and said, "What is the matter with you two? It's not like I don't like him, it's just that..." "No it's not that, it's your ears! Look at your ears!" Sam shrieked. As Lampwick looked at his reflection in a water barrel, all three of them turned into donkeys! They grew furry ears like Lampwick's, they grew tails, their faces pushed out, their lips became rubbery and their hair turned into a mane and their heads were covered in brown fur. Then their hands and feet curled up and became hard hooves, and they fell on four legs, braying. Eventually, the coachman caught them, and shipped them of to the salt mines, disposing of their clothes.