Sam was tiered. One back-breaking load after another. He hated his new life as a donkey. It was nothing but work, and no fun. Lampwick and Pinocchio were still with him, just not having fun like they did on pleasure island. He wished he wound't have made that choice. He was a good boy at heart, he just made ne bad decicion, and boom. His life changed forever.

He had been working in one of the "Biggo" salt mines for one year now. In that time, he remembered the fateful day as if it were yesterday. When his friends and he change into donkeys, they were running around the pool room. His black slacks and polished shoes were his only clothes. Lampwick was just missing his hat, and Pinocchio was just wearing his shirt.

After that, is was getting more horrible by the minute.

Sam heard a deep voice yell, "Get those three!" Then these men (Or what seemed like men) that had pitch-black bodys started to move toward them,
sacks in their hands. His irst instinct was: RUN!

Pinocchio and Lampwick seemed to do the same. They rushed through the island, or what was left of it. At last Sam noticed how beat up old pleasure island was. He was surprised. But then again, he wasn't. He was one of the boys that did this.

The men eventually caught up with them, and the next thisng he new, Sam was in a wooden cell like area. There were lots of other donkeys, that had suffered the same fate. He noticed that there were some donkeys being pulled out of the area. He wondered blindly where they were going.

Soon, scince most of the donkeys in front of him were pushed out somewhere or other, he was close to where it was happening. He also saw that new donkeys were coming in. He felt bad for himself, and everyone else.

Just then, he felt a hard hand on his back fur. He was pulled out into a much bigger area. There were cages all around him, and some of them had donkeys in them, and some didn't, waiting for new donkeys to put in them.

standing before him was the, (Yes...HIM) coachman. Sam tried to headbutt him, for he brought him to the island, but he was pushed back by the coachman's hand.

"Well my boy... er... donkey, what's your name?"

"HEE HAW!" Replied sam. He gaped a look of horror. He bagan to look at the coachman with his mouth open.

" are healthy. My profit? About 20 dollars." The Coachman said with a smug look on his face.

He pulled off Sam's pants and shoes, and threw him into a cage that was marked TO BUYING AREA -

Sam watched that the same thing happened to Lampwick and Pinocchio. He was so greif strucken. Sam started to tremble, then finally cry.

But then... Sam saw a donkey that was much smaller than him, wearing a blue striped shirt. Could it be? The donkey was put in the cage next to him. Lampwick was behind him, and Pinocchio was on his other side.

"Johnny? Is that you?" Sam brayed.

" can I understand you? How do you know my name?"

"It's me! Sam!"

"Prove it!"

"Test me on anything! One of my deepest darkest secrets!"

"Well then, how do I like my ice cream?"

"With gummy worms and chocolate syrup!"

"Oh Sam, it is you!"

Lampwick and Pinocchio looked confused, so Sam filled them in, "Fellows, this is Johnny, my little brother."

"Nice to meet you Johnny. If we were out of a cage, and didn't have hooves, I would shake hands with you." Pinocchio replied.

Lampwick replied, "Nice to meet you, but HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE?"

"Shut up, you stupid ass!" Came the voice of the coachman.