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The Uchiha boys were known around the world. Fukkou, as a hero who had freed the Leaf from the oppressive rule of his siblings. Koukai, as the cruel illusionist who killed anyone who was in his eldest brother's way. Finally, Shoukin, the strongest rogue the world ever had the displeasure of seeing, and the new Rice Country dictator.

Fukkou knew that his older brother was out of control, and for the sake of the world, Shoukin must be overthrown. Although, if Shoukin was captured the other nations would demand his death which would most likely include torture. If Fukkou killed Shoukin himself, he would plunge his blade into his own heart soon after. What about Koukai, what would he do if his brothers were taken from him? Running his fingers through his bangs, Fukkou lifted his head and tuned back into the meeting. Naruto stared at the map curiously as Shikamaru explained his strategies to eliminate Shoukin and his army from the Rice Country.

Fukkou could care less though, he respected Shikamaru completely, but this plan would not work against Shoukin, not without the Rice Country being flooded with blood. None of these people knew Shoukin like he did, and Fukkou knew how calculating and stubborn Shoukin could be.

"Fukkou!" Shikamaru called louder, sighing as the young man looked up quickly, obviously having dozed off in the middle of their discussion. "Do you think we could get a spy in your brother's ranks, a girl to get close to him then take him out?" Shikamaru knew that a full on attack against Shoukin was suicide, so they were looking toward more guerilla like assassination techniques.

"No," Fukkou leaned back in his chair, the green vest around his chest shifting slightly. "He's to focused to get distracted by a women."

"What about the other one, Koukai?" Fukkou turned his gaze towards the jonnin, frowning slightly.

He has heard rumors about Koukai and the things he had done under Shoukin's guidance. Using illusions of pain and fear to destroy the sanity of his enemies, extracting information, and beheading them was one of the most common stories he heard. It was hard to believe that Koukai had done any of this. He heard other stories as well. Stories where Koukai was the victim of Shoukin's anger, or attempting suicide only to be stopped by one of Shoukin's many officers. Fukkou heard many stories like that as well.

"No," Swallowing hard Fukkou looked out the window, "Koukai's to smart."

The meeting ended, the frustrated ninja filled out of the door as Fukkou groaned, standing up slowly. Waving goodbye to Nartuo, he leapt from the window, jogging over to the Akamichi household. He knew his old teammate would understand that he was late because of the meeting, but he was eager to see his little girl again.

That was the one thing he could never forgive Shoukin for, the rough line on his daughters eyes, covered by bandages so she would be spared from the teasing of other children. In a way, he hated his brother for it, and wanted him to be punished for bringing his new family into this.

"Hisuke! Time to go home!"

Koukai leaned against the window, knees pulled to his chest as the rain glided down the window. He was so tired. All he wanted was to stop all this insanity and go back home to the Leaf, but he couldn't betray Shoukin. Not only did he love his older brother unconditionally, but also he vaguely feared him. With his growing power, Koukai knew that he did not stand a chance against Shoukin in battle. Koukai also knew that if he betrayed Shoukin, there would be nothing holding his brother back from falling completely off the edge.

Shoukin had lost so much, and in a way suffered much more than his brothers. After their parents deaths, Shoukin struggled to take care of them and Himari, he had kept them all from falling, kept them safe. Plus he had to suffer the betrayal of his sensei, along with the pressure of leading the clan before he was even an adult. Then there was Fukkou's betrayal, that's what really broke Shoukin. When he came to free Koukai from the Mist, blood coated the walls and pooled on the floor, bodies tossed upon one another as they walked though the hallway. That was the first mass murder, and it made Koukai sick. He stayed by Shoukin's side, making sure he didn't crack any further.

When Shoukin heard of Fukkou's new family, not even Koukai could escape his wrath, and still had the physical scars as a reminder of the difference in power between them. Koukai knew that Shoukin regretted their battle, and had not forced him to take any more missions, even begging for Koukai's forgiveness. He forgave him for the fighting, Shoukin always did have a temper so it was nothing new, but Koukai could not forgive Shoukin for what he did to that little girl. In his mind, Koukai knew that it was only a matter of time before Fukkou and Shoukin would face off, before one of them would fall at the other's feet.

There was a knock against the door before a young women stepped in, smiling brightly.

"Hello, Koukai-sama, you're brother asked me to introduce myself to you." Her bright green eyes shone brightly as she didn't bother waiting for him to reply, " My name is Yusaki, formerly of the Mist. I'm going to be take," she fell to her knees as the walls and ceiling shattered like glass. The air was thinning, Yusaki looked towards Koukai, freezing as his Mangeko sharingan spun lazily, a large white leopard sat in front of him, the basic sharingan in it's eyes.

Yusaki scrambled backwards as a black cloud hovered around Koukai, snaking towards her slowly. Screaming, Yusaki panicked as she found herself tied down with Koukai standing over her, the sky above him red as the black moon shone brightly.

Shoukin leaned against the doorframe as Yusaki withered in pain on the ground, Koukai staring blankly at her as his genjustu broke. Standing up, Koukai wobbled at bit, muscles tightening painfully from the after effects.

"Well? Is she loyal or is she a spy?" Shoukin chuckled as Koukai rolled his eyes at him, walking past him and out into the hallway. Shoukin smirked at the silent confirmation, realizing that Koukai didn't want to be apart of this interrogation.

Turing towards the sniveling mess of a women on the floor, eyes wide in shock. Kneeling down next to her, he placed a blade to her neck. "So, how is my darling brother, Fukkou?"