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The Outcome Would End Bloody

He watched her as she gently inhaled and exhaled as she slept. He didn't understand what she had done to him; in some respect she had made him more human, but to him, she'd make him weak. That didn't however stop him from allowing himself to fall irrevocably in love with her. Truth be told, she made it easy. It wasn't just her petite but curvaceous figure that did it either, it was the way she stood up to him when she thought he was out of line, the way she'd push and shove him when he'd angered her, the way she swore like a sailor and how she fitted in like one of the boys. Some would call her the female version of him and in some ways she was; she though, was a lot less of a psycho. Of course, there were times, like these for instance, when it was just the two of them and she'd let her guard down. She'd turn shy and get embarrassed when he simply looked at her, she'd whisper she loved him in his ear and she'd kiss him sweetly, lovingly.

"Quit staring." She mumbled her eyes still clamped shut. He smirked as she rolled over and buried her head against his bare side.

"I'll do what I like, it's my bed." She inwardly rolled her eyes at him.


He glanced at his cell phone. "Just after seven." He mumbled attaching his lips to her neck. He smirked hearing her moan. Just as he was kissing along her jaw line she jolted up, pushing him away from her.

"Seven? Fuck!" she exclaimed jumping from the bed and rushing around the room flinging on the clothes that had quickly been discharged the night before. "Fuuuuck," she groaned trying to pull up her skinny jeans.

"Fuck you doing?" His eyes had narrowed on her. He didn't remember telling her to fucking get dressed. She ignored him. "Get your fucking ass back in bed." This time she turned to him, her eyes just as narrow as his own.

"I have shit to do." She hissed sliding her gun into the back of her jeans.

"Yeah, you have to do me." Her eyes rolled at him.

"You're telling when I have to fuck you now?" Her hands rested impatiently on her hips. "Fuck you Billy."

His eyes stared at her deadly. How dare she talk to him that way? "What the fuck's so important that you have to leave so fucking urgently?"

She sighed and threaded a hand through her unruly hair. "I'm s'posed to be on the corner!" His jaw tightened.

"Thought I fucking told you to stay away from that shit!" His voice was stern and she noticed the small amount of worry in his harsh blues.

"Billy," she sighed sitting on the edge of the bed. "I have to. If I don't show up, they kill me or find out about us and kill me. Either way, we don't win." Fuck that, Billy Darley always won. Although, he knew she was right. Her being a part of his rival gang meant that they weren't even supposed to be together. It was a 'Romeo and Juliet' situation between the two and the outcome would end bloody.

"Leave." He simply stated.

"And do what Billy? They'll realise where I've gone and what I've done and end up coming to look for us both." Billy's laugh filled the room.

"Like they could fucking hurt me." He saw her head facing down. He knew she hated it, pretending her alliance was with B Street when it reality it was with him. She'd never wanted to be in a gang. She'd just somehow fallen into it. The money was good she'd often mused and the safety net that they'd built around her kept her secure. At one time they'd even felt like a family. That is, until they wanted more. They wanted to be the most feared gang in the area. They wanted to be Bones and Billy Darley. They wanted to beat them all. When she'd realised, she wanted out. She never wanted to kill anyone; sure she'd beat the crap out of them if they deserved it but kill? No, she'd grown up around killing and she would never stoop so low and do that herself.

She'd met Billy one night when she was walking home. She knew she was being reckless as she walked his streets but at that moment, who the fuck cared? She'd argued with Tommy, B Street's leader, about his plans to get her into bed and to end the Darley's once and for all. He'd never taken the hint that she would never be interested in him and that night he'd slapped her around the face for humiliating him in front of the others and for claiming his plan was 'the biggest pile of shit she'd ever heard'. She'd stormed out and decided to walk around a bit. She soon found herself in the Darley's turf; the recklessness only urging her on.

"Fuck you doing here?" She turned at the sound of footsteps and the voice. Her eyes narrowed and she shrugged.

"Just taking a walk." She smirked noticing his eyes narrow.

"On my fucking turf?" she shrugged again, she was not afraid of Billy Darley and his gang of buffoons. "Here that lads," he turned towards his men behind him, all sniggering at the young girl. "B Streets little lap dog decided to simply, take a walk."

"Pretty lady like you shouldn't be out on your own." Bodie smirked, standing next Billy.

"Yeah, who knows who else could be on the streets?" Billy's younger brother Joe spoke this time. She remained fearless as they continued insinuating things towards her.

"I'd fucking leave before any harm comes to your pretty little ass." Baggy spoke this time, clenching his fists against his side. They looked menacing she realised, but she still would not let them get to her. She'd never heard of them hitting a girl before then again, they'd never come up against a girl from their opposing gang.

"Ooh, I'm shaking in my panties." She mocked. Billy's eyebrows rose. He liked her, he decided, she wasn't afraid, she didn't even look afraid and she intrigued him.

"Boys, why don't you get to fucking work?" he ordered, his voice echoing around the empty street. They looked at him confused. "Now." He hissed causing them to nod and scarper. Only Joe and Bodie stayed. "True you're fucking Tommy?" Billy asked lighting a cigarette.

"Fuck no."Billy smirked once again; it sounded like the idea repulsed her, and it did. "Can I have one?" she indicated to the packet in his hand. He shrugged holding the pack out to her.

"Joey, Bodie get your asses to the Office. We got business to take care of." Bodie nodded and left silently. Joe turned to Billy curiously. "I'm going to get rid of the B Street scum." His eyes darkened as he looked down at her, an evil glint shining in the darkness. "What's ya name?" he questioned as soon as Joe had left.

"Chris." She said eying him inquisitively. What was he up to?

"Billy," he held his hand out to her. "Billy Darley, but I'm sure you already knew that." She timidly shook his hand in hers.

"Hard not to." Billy's smirk grew. "Alright, let's not let that big head grow any larger." Her sarcasm caused a chuckle to escape his lips.

"Now that we've been introduced, I'm going to have to think of a way to dispose of ya." Her eyes widened slightly and she gulped. Billy inwardly grinned, finally he saw fear.

"You honestly think I'm not going to fuck you up too?" As soon as the fear appeared in her green eyes, it was gone. Billy sniffed and rubbed his nose.

"Now, now, now," Billy slowly circled her watching her like she was his prey. "I never said I was going to fuck ya." He smirked as he rubbed his chin, still circling her.

"I never said I was going to fuck you either," she twisted to watch the deadly predator that was circling her.

"What would Tommy say if he knew you were here?" he asked stopping just centimetres from her. He looked down at her, an expression that she couldn't read on his face. She shrugged watching as he placed his cigarette in his lips. The urge to kiss him entered her mind.

"He'd be pissed." She whispered. She licked her lips and she dropped her own cigarette to the ground. He took another step closer to her; she could feel his nicotine flavoured breath on her face.

"What would he say if I were to...handle you personally?" His eyes darkened even more.

"He'd be pissed," she replied, echoing her previous words. His chest was flat against hers now. What the fuck was his game plan? Her head screamed at her to run, or to pull her gun out at him; anything to get him to back the fuck off. Only, did she really want him to? She could feel her desire flooding through her. What would it be like to kiss the enemy? To touch him? Taste him? To fuck him?

Pretty damn good she guessed.

His arm suddenly reached around her back, she gasped as his hand made contact with the small of her back. His fingers played with the bottom of her shirt before raising it and gently placed it on her warm skin. She watched his eyes and face intently; never moving an inch. His fingers gently grazed her skin before pulling at the back of her jeans. She forced her eyes to remain open as the feeling of his fingers sent shivers throughout her. She looked at him curiously as pulled her even closer to him and shoved his hand down the back of her jeans. The sudden impact caused a low moan to escape her lips and he began moving his hand. What the hell was he doing? His hand suddenly pulled out of her jeans and he held it up at his side; he fingered the trigger of her gun.

"Nice piece of equipment," he murmured throwing the gun aside. She watched it as it landed with a clunk. Before she could even turn her head back, his hand had grabbed her chin and forced her lips to his. Immediately she began kissing him back. She was right, he tasted amazing. He pulled away suddenly and simply looked at her.

"What?" she asked, in a slight daze from his kiss.

"You're the enemy." He snarled. Although, he wasn't snarling at the fact she was in his rival gang but more for the fact that for the first time in a long time he was extremely attracted to someone he had just met, and then it turns out she's in his rival gang. No fucking chance.

"Yes." She simply whispered, her mind replaying the kiss over and over. What the fuck had he done to her?

"We...I can't." He sounded disappointed. Her small hand gently rested on his cheek.

"Who the fuck cares?" She suddenly regained her composure and forced his lips back to hers. She was right, who the fuck cared?

Chris left soon after; already missing him. She hated the fucking hold he had over her and yet, she loved it at the same time. She wished she was free from B Street and he from his life. Then maybe they could have the life she had craved since she was a little girl; normalcy.

"'Bout time, you're late."

She rolled her eyes at the blonde haired boy who had spoken to her; a cigarette loose on his lips. "Shit to do." She mumbled in response leaning against the fence behind her, she closed her eyes as the sun shone on her pale face.

"Always with the 'shit to do'." His tone annoyed her.

"Fuck off. I have a life y'know." She reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a cigarette.

"A life? This is your fucking life Chris." Again, she rolled her eyes. Yes, running and selling drugs was the only thing she could do; every day and every fucking night, well that, and 'fuck' Tommy. "So come on, what do you do with your 'life'?" She glared as he mocked her and finger quoted 'life'.

"I bang my head against walls trying to forget I have to spend every fucking day with your ass." He laughed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Now, now, we all know that that's the highlight of your day."

No, the highlight of my day is when I get to crawl into bed with Billy.

"Oh of course it is."


"Where the fuck you been you fucking prick?"

Billy's eyes narrowed at his fat bastard of a father; well, if you could call him a father. "Busy." He simply replied throwing the bag on the table.

"Mind the fucking shit!" Bones barked. Billy forced himself not to roll his eyes at his father. If you did that, you might as well be lining your coffin with the finest silk. "That it?" His eyes, magnified by his shitty glasses, lowered from the money on the table to his son.

"It's been a slow week," Billy murmured. Bones sighed and reached for a gun that was placed on his desk. Billy watched intently as his father slowly slid bullets into the gun. His father balanced in the palms of his fat hands.

"Know why that is Billy boy?" Bones asked his eyes stuck to the gun. Billy shrugged.

"Everyone's already fucked to shit?"

Bones sighed again. "Do I got to do your job fer ya, ya fucking Nazi?" His eyes glanced up at Billy. "Cause you should fucking know what's going on in yer own turf." He lifted the gun into his right hand and took the safety off. Billy's tongue clicked silently in his cheek. Bones tutted before raising his arm straight. Billy stared down the barrel of the gun, a sudden fear crossing his eyes. Bones was unpredictable and he sure as hell wouldn't think twice about killing one of his sons. "You've got some punks selling on my corners." Billy's nostrils flared. How could he not know about this?

"Who?" he hissed angered at the fact he had to ask.

"Fucking B Street punks." Bones snarled. Billy's mouth went dry and his breathing increased. Chris. "Ya know what you're gonna do Billy?" Billy nodded. "Good." Billy turned and began briskly walking out of the room. "Billy!" Bones' shout made him turn. "Make sure you put a bullet through the fucking punks hot piece'a'pussy."Billy froze. "Name's Chris. I want that bitch dead, that'll show the fucking pricks!"

Billy never looked around again as he walked from the room as fast as his legs would allow. Chris. Chris. Bones had sentenced her. Bones had sentenced his Chris. Did he know? Could Bones possibly know that he was fucking the enemy? If she wasn't dead by morning, Billy'd have to pay the price. Maybe the whole gang would suffer. Joe would suffer. Fuck. Billy slammed his fists against his steering wheel. What the fuck would he do now?


Chris rubbed her hands against her arms in an attempt to get warm. "Fuck, would you please fix the heating?" she begged the man next to her; Adam laughed.

"If you can afford for me to do that sure," he laughed again as she continued to switch the heating to high and then to low again. The truck turned a corner and she swore as her head banged into the window.

"Shit!" she swore as her small hand rubbed the now growing bump. She furrowed her forehead as looked around the not so strange streets. She knew these streets. These were Billy's streets. But what the fuck were they doing on them? "Why are we here?" she asked, her eyes flashing to Adam's.

"Tommy wants us to run a different corner this afternoon." He shrugged and pushed his foot on the gas pedal a little more.

"In fucking Darley's turf?" she asked her voice just above a whisper. Adam shrugged again.

"So what?"

"So, we get fucking caught and slaughtered!" her hands threaded through her tangled hair.

"We won't get caught." Adam was a cocky bastard and Chris hated that about him. He couldn't fight for shit and yet, he thought he was God's damn gift to B Street. Fucker.

She laughed sarcastically at him. "You honestly think that Bones Darley doesn't know what the fuck we're up to?"

"We're good, we're fine. Tommy wouldn't put you at risk." He winked at her. She froze. Would Tommy put her in danger? A week ago the answer was easy, fuck no. But now? After that argument? After he hit her and she hit him? Probably.

"We're fucked." She mumbled to herself, her mind flashing to losing Billy. Why did she have to anger him?

"Come over tonight." Tommy wasn't asking, he was ordering the petite girl who sat on the couch opposite him. The others in the gang whooped and started making demeaning comments about the two fucking all night long.

"No." She simply replied, downing the rest of her beer. She stood and walked into the kitchen area. She grabbed another bottle of beer and put her head in her hands, her elbows on the counter.

"You think I was asking?" She inwardly groaned. Why couldn't he get the fucking hint?

"You think I would let you order me around?" her eyes had narrowed to daggers on him. The men on the chairs in the other room quietened at her outburst. No one raised their voice to Tommy.

"You do as I say." His voice was low and she presumed he had tried to sound as deadly as possible; it hadn't worked; only Billy could sound deadly.

She laughed almost hysterically. "Like fuck I do! I don't take orders from fucking no one!" she screamed at him. He turned to the others and silently told them to leave the apartment. They did so immediately.

"Watch your fucking mouth." She laughed again and walked from the kitchen.

"Watch my fucking mouth? Watch yours!" The pain hit her harder than what she'd expected. Her small hand rested on the cheek he'd just slapped her, she could feel the burn already. "You hitting girls now huh?" her eyes never left his and she never ceased to be unafraid of him.

"No, I'm hitting whores that fuck people behind my back!" her eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock. Did he know? Did he know about Billy?

"I'm not your fucking property." Her voice was calm, shocking her.

He stepped forward and gripped her chin in his hand. "Yes you fucking are." His grip tightened and she struggled in his grasp. "You're only alive because I took your scrawny, slut ass in." Her stare hardened and she flicked her leg out and kicked him the shin. He immediately let go of her and she took the opportunity to run for the door. He grabbed her by the waist and slammed her into the door. Suddenly, she was afraid. Her face was slammed against the cold wood and he held her hands at her side. His entire body was pressed against her back, making her unable to move and struggle to breathe. "Tryin' to escape baby?" his voice spat against her ear. "You're not going anywhere, y'hear?" he pulled her back before slamming her into the door again. A small wail escaped her lips as a tear slid down her cheek. "Now listen good Chrissy, you do as I say okay?" she nodded as best she could. "You stop fucking whoever this guy is, you continue to run my corners and you fuck me when I say, do you understand?" she nodded again as more tears fell. What was he going to do to her? Her mind was screaming for Billy to rescue her or for herself to start fighting this prick back. Why was she suddenly afraid? Tommy's grip loosened and he shoved her aside as he opened the front door, she looked at him, the fear evident in her face, he smirked. "Now there's a good girl." And with that, he closed the door behind him leaving her alone. The tears suddenly took control of her and she collapsed.

She had to get out. Now more than ever.

Chris and Adam had been stood on the corner for a little over an hour. With every car or person that turned the corner she froze until she realised it was not Billy or one of his men. They'd be killed without a second thought if they found them. "We need to get out of here." Her eyes begged with Adam just as another car zoomed around the bend.

"Would you stop wailing like a fucking baby? We're fine." Adam rolled his eyes.

"Is that what you think?"

She knew that voice, that voice that was so low, so sexy and so full of hatred. Turning slowly she saw Billy, a cigarette hanging from his lips, his hand on his gun and hate in his eyes. Surrounding her and Adam were the rest of his gang.

They were indeed, fucked.

Thought I'd end there and make it a two shot.

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