The third and possible final part.


The Outcome Would End Bloody: Part 3

"You said once you were falling for me." Her eyes watched him from across the room as he looked up shocked by her statement. She folded her legs underneath her on the couch as he grunted and shrugged in response. "Then you kicked me out." Again he shrugged, his piercing blue eyes never leaving hers. "Then you begged for me back."

"I didn't fucking beg," he grumbled as the smirk twitched at her lips.

"You were begging for something..." His own smirk crossed his lips this time.

"Fuck's with the flashbacking?" He questioned.

"I just want to know what it is you're feeling now." His smirk grew as he stood from his seat and walked towards her. He bended to his knees and leaned on his hands that he placed either side of her head and against the back of the couch. His face moved towards hers and his lips delicately grazed her own. For the few seconds that his lips were attached to hers, everything disappeared. She despised the fairytale that was whirring around her head but there it was; fireworks going off in the distance, butterflies swarming in her stomach, tingles jumping around her body and she knew that if she were standing, her foot would be doing that girly 'pop'. Fucking fairytales.

"I fucking love you." She almost missed his words as her mind focused on the feeling of his lips dancing across her own, the feel of his breath on her skin. She smirked as she pulled away from his lips.

"Good." She whispered as once more their lips met with fire.

She sprinted from the building not once turning to look back. Her vision was blurry from the tears that built in her darkened green hues but refused to allow them to fall. She didn't understand how her feet were moving, she didn't understand anything anymore. He'd let her go. He'd killed Adam but let her go. She soon found herself coming to a stop outside Tommy's apartment building. She knew what she had to do.

The climb to his floor seemed endless and the cut on her forehead made everything appear a blur. At any moment she knew she'd collapse but she continued on. She was going to make him suffer. She banged twice on his front door, leaning against the door frame to regain strength.

"Fuck you been?" Tommy ordered as soon as the door opened. Chris ignored him and shoved him to enter the room. She looked around, noticing that he was alone. Good. "You going to fucking answer me?" She heard the door click and turned to face him.

"Adam's dead." She murmured, her voice sounded foreign to her, almost dead.

Tommy's face showed no surprise. "Jake can take his place." He mused as he grabbed a beer. Her chest heaved as the anger intensified.

"You knew didn't you?" she hissed, her eyes facing the ground as she struggled to catch her breath. Never had she felt so much hate.

"Knew what?"

"You sent us to Darley's corner so we would get caught." Tommy shrugged. "His death's on you." He laughed throatily.

"I think I can deal with that baby." He smirked at her.

That was it. That was all she could take, she quickly closed the gap between them so he was only an arm's length away from her. Before he even realised her gun was pointing directly to his head. He blinked shocked and she could see the fear cross his face.

"If you wanted me dead then you should have done it your fucking self!" She'd snapped and she knew it; there was no going back now. Everything that had been bubbling up in her since she was a child had suddenly erupted to the forefront of her mind and she was now nothing but a ticking time bomb.

"Put the gun down Chris." She could tell he was trying to act cool and calm but the sweat dripping from his hairline and his shaking hands told her otherwise. Pussy.

"How about I put the fucking gun down after I fucking put a bullet into your fucking skull?" Tommy jumped back, she was menacing; a psycho. "You fucking ruined killed him!"

"Just calm down Chris, let's talk about this."

"Talk about this? You want to talk about this? How about you have ruined my fucking life! You've taken everything from me! You deserve to fucking die!"

"Chrissy...we both know you're not going to pull the trigger." His hand reached forward slowly in an attempt to grab the gun from her quivering hands.

The loud bang rang around the small apartment. Tommy gulped and turned his head to the right to see the bullet sized hole in his kitchen wall. "Wanna test that theory again?" she hissed.

"Are you going to look for her?"

Billy looked up from the table to stare at Bodie. They were the only two in the Roses and Billy had only really gone there to get some space and to be alone for a while. He gulped down the shot in front of him. "No."

"Dawg, if Bones finds her..." His sentence hung in the air as Billy nodded, playing with the small glass.

"I fucked up." Bodie wasn't shocked at Billy's tone or words. He was the only one who had ever seen Billy's softer, human side and he knew the gang lord was hurting.

"Yep." Bodie nodded as he agreed. Billy's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Seriously?" he hissed.

"You did what you did. You can't change that but if you find her you may not have ruined the best fucking thing to have ever happened to you." Bodie lifted himself from his chair and left the bar and Billy alone with his thoughts.

He'd fucked up. There was no two ways about it. He'd lost her. He'd betrayed her. It was over. Anger filled him and he threw the glass across the room. He watched as it shattered into thousands of pieces over the bar. His heart, he mused, was just like that glass.

"Chris..." he was nervous that much was obvious but there was a slight tinge in his eye that showed he was growing angry; tired with her game.

"Why?" she croaked, her eyes stinging with even more unshed tears. When the fuck did she turn into such a fucking pussy?

His sarcastic bark of a laugh shocked her and her head tilted to the side in confusion. "Why?" his face twisted and Billy's face filled her mind. Tommy had never looked as menacing as Billy but now; something in him had changed. His eyes appeared to redden. "You can't be seriously asking me that?" his tone was harsh. "I would have given you, a life; normalcy." Her eyes widened as he looked at her...almost broken hearted. "You could have lived here," he swung his arms in a circle to indicate the apartment. "You'd never have to work on a corner again, you'd never be put in danger again and I would come home to you and only you every fucking night."

Her mouth opened but no words were formed. He was talking as if he actually cared...loved her. She'd have had a relatively normal life if she'd given him the chance and he'd go home to her every night...Billy could never be trusted for that, even if it were just the two of them in a normal life.

"But you wouldn't allow it." His voice turned hard again. "You wouldn't allow me! You had to find someone else to fuck! I had an idea it was Adam so I simply ordered you both to do something...risky."

"You spiteful bastard!" she screamed. "Adam was a brother to me! He fucking looked after me! You really wanna know who he was? You wanna know whose name I was screaming out every fucking night?" She knew she was playing an even more dangerous game and yet it thrilled her. She wanted him to feel what she was feeling. His twitched nod made her stomach flip in excitement. "Billy Darley."

The mood in the room changed once more; it was now verging on Hell. Before she even realised Tommy flew at her and she fell on her back harshly. He was on top of her, wrestling her to grab the gun from her fingers. She kneed him in the groin and took the opportunity to roll on top of him as he groaned and leant back from her strength. The gun still firmly gripped in her hand she punched him around the head before standing up and rushing to the door. Before she could reach the door handle she felt a hand grip her ankle and yank her. Her head fell into the door as she collapsed to the floor. The dizziness from earlier returned and the cut that rested on her forehead reopened and grew in size. The blood oozed and ran into her eyes. She felt Tommy continue to pull her ankle as he dragged her lethargic body towards him. He threw her onto her back and punched her square in the face and stomach. She could feel the bile and blood build in the back of her throat as the dizziness tried to overcome her. He easily peeled the gun from her hand and rested the barrel against her forehead. The metal was cold and soothed her slightly. Ironic.

He looked unsure she noticed as he shifted slightly. "Do it." She urged. He shook his head in a bid to shake any feelings of regret and unsure. "Just do it!" her voice had changed to plead him. She wanted it to be over. She wanted to forget it all. She wanted to die. And if it were by Tommy's hands so be it; she'd rather that than Billy fulfilling Bones' duties. "Kill me!"

He was beginning to worry about where she was and what could happen to her. He'd never forgive himself if she was hurt only, she was hurt, hurt by him. The bar was too quiet for him. There were no bustling of people, scraping of bar stools and the odd drunk holler from a local. It wasn't the regular kind of evening he was used to. He wasn't biding his time waiting until he could sneak off and meet Chris at his apartment. He was simply...alone.

He walked behind the bar and poured himself another double of Jack Daniels. Billy knew his father would be swearing and mouthing off about him not stopping by to drop off money and to tell him of how he killed 'Tommy's whore'. He didn't even know how his father would react to the news that he hadn't killed her in cold blood; the only thing he did know of course was that he would not take to the news well. He swallowed the liquid in the glass ignoring the burning it caused at the back of his throat. He set the glass down and immediately poured another.

It was times like these, where he was alone with his thoughts that he needed that one thing that could make him forget...cocaine. Both Chris and Bodie would have punched him for even thinking of using again but neither of them was there. And Chris no longer cared...he walked towards the back of the room where he knew Sammy kept his secret stash. He reached behind the picture that hung loosely on the wall of the bar and slid his hand in the hole that Sammy had dug. His fingers grazed the small bag of that delicious white powder. He didn't remember that simply holding the drug felt so euphoric before.

"Don't you fucking dare." Due to the excitement that was bubbling in the pit of his stomach at his first taste in a very long time he didn't even hear the door to his bar open; nor did he realise who the person was that entered until he heard that warning tone of hers.

His eyes flashed to hers and the bag fell limp in his hand. "I told you to fucking leave." She knew he was shocked to see her, in his mind he didn't think he'd ever see her beautiful face again. He stepped closer as she fidgeted slightly. The icy blue eyes widened seeing her lip bleed and her eye all bruised. "Fuck happened?" His tone showed he was worried about her.

"Tommy happened." His fists clenched in anger. "I just need a place to crash for the night." His eyebrow raised and she sighed. "I think you owe me that at least." He nodded as she began walking towards him. "And I'll take that," she pulled the bag from his fingers. "Don't even think about it." She warned again pointing her finger at him. "Or I'll fucking kick your arse." Before he could even stop it a chuckle escaped his lips. He knew she was being deadly serious and yet, he couldn't get the image of how this conversation went the last time she'd threatened him with those words.

"I'll fucking kick your arse."

"Like to see you try little girl." He smirked down at the shorter girl standing directly in front of him. Her eyes were narrowed dangerously on him. Couldn't he tell she was being serious? And yet here he was turning the whole thing into a humorous game for him.

"Fine." And without a second's hesitation she'd raised her hand and slapped him square in the face; his face turned to the side with the strength. Before she could raised her hand to do it again his hands had grabbed the top half of her arms and pushed her against the wall. Her breath hitched in her chest as his lips whispered against her ear.

"Nice try." She shivered against her will and hoped against hope that he would soon attach his soft lips against her skin. She felt that well known ache in the pit of her stomach at his touch. Damn his hold over her.

"And it's not a fucking joke." He put his hands up in a bid to show his surrender.

"Meant no harm."

"I'll bet," she whispered sarcastically. He ignored her knowing he deserved it.

"Stay for as long as you need." He mumbled and cleared his throat.

"Don't worry, it won't be for long. I'm leaving for good tomorrow." Their eyes met in a sorrowful understanding look. Both knew they loved each other. Both knew they'd never feel this way again or meet someone like the other again. Both knew this was it for them as a couple and people in general. Both knew that tomorrow would be a long awaited goodbye; and if truth be told, neither wanted to say it first.

"What do you want us to do?"

Tommy turned and snarled at his group of men. "Bring her back to me." He turned his back to them again and reached down the back of his jeans to gently pull out his gun. "Kill Billy Darley and anyone else who gets in the way."

"Yes boss."

Tommy finally turned back to them. "Then let's go get the prick."

"Can I uh...get you anything?" he cleared his throat.

She turned from her perch on his leather sofa and shook her head. "No." She refused to speak more than one word to him; she would not do it anymore, she couldn't do it anymore, it would make things harder.

"Okay." She wanted to slap him, punch him and kick him for trying to be kind to her. Her eyes followed him as he walked to the liqueur cabinet and poured himself yet another Jack Daniels. He wanted to talk to her, to explain himself but knew it was pointless. The door opened and slammed shut.

"Dawg!" Bodie's voice was urgent.

"Fuck is it?" Billy snarled, he wanted to be alone with her as this was his last chance to.

"Tommy." One word was all it took for Chris to jump from her seat and rush over the front door and lock all the locks on it. Billy's eyes widened, he'd never seen her so...afraid before.

She slowly turned back to face them. "He'll kill you. He won't stop until you're dead." Billy's usual response would have been to laugh at the thought but from the look on her face he knew what she said was true. And as much as he liked to think, Billy Darley was not invincible.

"Where are the boys?" he questioned to Bodie.

"Working jobs. We might have time to get a few of them over here..." the sentence hung in the air. All knew they didn't have time to get the boys over. Tommy was out for blood and who knew how quickly he'd arrive and slaughter them all.

Chris rushed to the windows and pulled the curtains roughly across. Tommy was coming for her, not Billy or Bodie but her. She knew what she had to do but how quickly could she get it done. How could she sneak out of Billy's apartment without them realising? She knew they'd stop her or come after her but by then Tommy might have put a bullet between her eyes.

"Maybe you should get as many guns as we have." She stated slowly making her way to the door. Chris knew that Billy hid them in his bedroom so if they both went that would give her just enough time to slide out without them realising. It was worth a shot. Billy nodded watching her carefully.

"Fuck you planning?" he questioned, his eyes narrowing. Her eyes narrowed right back at him.

"I'm just trying to work out a way to get us all out of here that does not consist of being carted out in fucking body bags." Billy nodded still not believing her but he turned towards his bedroom regardless with Bodie in tow.

She sighed in relief and as quietly as she could, she unlocked the door and slid out...

Bones Darley plodded his overweight self to his car and pulled the door open. Heaving himself into the front seat he started the ignition before backing out of his lot. "Fucking pricks." He mumbled to himself as he began driving in the direction of Billy Darley's apartment building. "If they forget to bring me my money one more fucking time we'll see how hard they can work without any fucking limbs." His eyes were narrowed behind the thick, taped together glasses as he continued through the dark roads. He saw some of Billy's boys standing on street corners and noticed they immediately stood up and made it look as if they were hard at work as he drove past. "Pussy's." In the distance he could just make out the last of today's sun as it set over the large, dank buildings that adjourned his territory. The car trudged on, occasionally slowing down so he could get a good look at some of the whores standing on his streets. He licked his lips in excitement; after scaring the crap out of Billy boy he'd stop off on the way back to pick one up, and he wouldn't have to pay one single thing for the slut. Just as the car rounded another corner he saw what appeared to be a fight. "What the...?" Bones pulled the car onto the path and pushed the door open. He hauled himself out of the driver's seat and began walking over to the commotion.

"Fuck you think you're doing on my fucking streets!" he bellowed, stopping a few short feet away from the group. The group turned open mouthed, hearts thumping in their chests as they realised who had caught them. No one said a word. "I won't ask you again." The men separated like the red sea and Bones could clearly see the leader of the group, Tommy and a girl curled up on the floor.

Bones walked forward just as the girl looked up at him. "Sorry Darley just had one tiny thing to take care of."

"On my turf?" Bones questioned, realisation dawning on his face as he finally worked out who the girl was.

"'Fraid so, she spends a fair amount of time on these parts." Tommy smirked knowing he no longer had to kill her; Bones would definitely do that for him. Conscience cleared.

"That right?" He wasn't expecting an answer as he knelt down in front of the girl, he used two of his fat fingers to raise her chin and force her green eyes to look at his magnified ones. "Thought I told the Nazi to get rid of you..." he mumbled quietly so no one else could hear.

"I'm obviously that much better than he is." Bones laughed at her statement. She was gutsy; she didn't even appear to be afraid of him. Bones breathed deeply as he stood back on his feet and turned back to Tommy.

"You beatin' on this girl?" he queried.

Tommy's eyes narrowed to slits. "Slut deserves all she gets." Bones clicked his tongue and raised his eyebrows.

"That so? Well y'see boy, this girl here is on my turf, know what that means? She's fucking my responsibility." Tommy's chest heaved with angered breaths. "So you and your little boys run off home or I'll put a bullet in each of yous skulls." No one moved. Bones pulled his gun out and immediately pulled the trigger at one of Tommy's men. He fell flat to the floor, a small pool of blood spilling from the hole in his forehead. "Anyone else?"

The men scarpered. Tommy stayed behind for one second longer. "This ain't over." He pointed to the girl. Bones raised his arm and placed the barrel of his still steaming gun to Tommy's head.

"Boy, it's more than over if you don't take your little pussy arse outta here!"

Billy was fuming. She'd tricked them to escape. He paced back and forth in his apartment as Bodie sat calmly on the couch. "Dawg, she's a clever girl."

"She's fucking dead if I ever see her again." Bodie laughed causing Billy to halt his pacing. "What?"

"If Tommy or Bones finds her she's dead anyway. That's why she left, to save your arse."

"I should be saving hers!" Billy barked just as the door opened.

"And why would you do that Billy boy?" Billy spun on his biker booted heel. Bones was stood at the door...his arm wrapped tightly around Chris' neck. Billy's eyes turned to ice and his chest heaved deeply. Bodie quickly stood and made his way to the scene. "Hm?"

Bones' laugh cut through the silence of the room. "Found this one," he jolted his arm causing Chris to squirm in his grasp. "Getting her arse whipped by Tommy's lot." Again Billy took a deep breath, his fists locking at his sides. "Thought I'd bring her home after scaring those pussy's away because this really is something," Chris could see Billy turning into the menacing monster. "Apparently, she spends a lot of time around here. Ain't that something Billy?" she could finally see where Billy got his insaneness from because Bones face was Billy's mirror image, just that bit more rounded and with hair. "Now explain to me why that is?" Chris squirmed again as Bones grip tightened.

Billy remained silent, simply shrugging for his answer. His hands had turned white at the pressure of his nails into his palms.

"Told you to fucking waste her." Bones sarcastic tone was gone and its place was his intimidating seriousness. "And the only reason I can think of as to why you did not do the simple, little task that I asked you to do was because of her pretty face. Am I right?" Again Billy remained silent. "Or maybe it was more than that...maybe it was this tight little arse of hers?" Billy flinched as Bones hand slapped her arse roughly. "Or was her tight little pussy?" Billy's nostrils flared this time as Bones moved his hand to rub against her jean clad crotch.

"Get your fucking hands off her." Billy warned.

Bones laughed manically. "And so it was..." he pushed Chris to the floor harshly and reached to grab his gun. He walked over to Billy and forced the metal into Billy's hands and pushed the gun to aim in the direction of Chris...Billy's Chris...his Chris. "Do it Billy and I won't have to waste the rest of yas."

One life for his gang. One life for his brothers. One life for his.

"Time to get her done."

But it wasn't just one life. It was Chris's life. His loves life.

"Time's running out Billy boy."

Chris's life for his gang. Chris's life for his brothers.

"Fucking kill the whore Billy!"

Chris's life...for his.

Fuck that.

In one swift motion Billy spun on his heel, aimed the gun at his own father's head and pulled the trigger. No hesitation. No fear. No regret.

Bones Darley fell to the floor with a thud. His glasses were smashed and his eye was oozing blood from the bloody great hole where his eye should have actually been.

It was over.

Bones was dead.

Chris was saved.

"Slaughter them." Billy breathed. Bodie nodded and rushed from the room, gathering the boys in order to end Tommy.

Billy turned back to Chris, a small splattering of blood on his face. "You okay?" he questioned throwing the gun aside. He knelt down in front of her as she nodded.

"You could have just let him kill me..." she said not understanding why he did what he did.

"Baby, I can't fuck him." She smiled slightly and shook her head. "He's always been a bastard and you...well I love you."

They sat together on the floor for a while when Bodie finally rang. "It's done."

Tommy was dead. Bones was dead. Tommy's men were dead. But he'd kept her alive.

It was a Romeo and Juliet type situation between the two and the outcome would end bloody.

And boy did it.

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