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Chapter 7

Athena peered round the corner and saw a large man with a clawed hand wrapped round the neck of a smaller man.

"I thought I told you to stay away from here." The larger man growled.

"I- had to come…"

The larger man shook the other roughly. "Why? When I specifically told you what would happen if I found you in this state?"

"I have a job to do. This man back in Britain, very powerful, and rich, is paying me a good amount."

"The job, Fletcher. Or I'll kill you slowly."

"I had to report on the inhabitants of a school. That's all I swear! I just had to keep an eye on two inhabitants of this school!"

"I'm going to need more than that."

"Xaviers. That's the school. He wants me to check out two of the teachers- something about making sure they didn't have their daughter back." The second man, Fletcher, said hurriedly.

"The names of the two." The large man demanded.

"Ororo Monroe and Logan Howlett. Those are who Dumbledore wanted me to keep an eye on!" Fletcher said.

Athena couldn't stop the gasp that escaped her lips. The larger of the two looked round quickly, and saw her before she could do anything. His blue eyes narrowed, and he slammed Fletcher into a wall and dropped him. The smaller man fell into an unconscious heap on the floor. The man started heading towards her, and Athena automatically reached for where she would keep her wand, only to realise that she had yet to get a new one to replace the Holly and Phoenix feather that was still somewhere in England.

"Athena?" Rogues voice came, and she and Kitty came sprinting down the corridor towards her. When they saw the man, they both tensed.

"Sabertooth." Rogue all but growled, as she moved to take off her gloves. "Athena, go get Storm."

"No." Athena said. "Not until I know what the hell is going on with that guy." She pointed to Fletcher.

The other man, Sabertooth, had stopped. His head was tilted to one side as he observed Athena. "So, when was Jimmy gonna tell me that he'd found you?"

"What?" Athena asked.

"Didn't your old man tell you that you had an uncle?" Sabertooth asked, grinning, and showing elongated canines.

"That never came up in any conversations, oh shit he's waking up." Athena said, her eyes going to Fletcher.

Sabertooth headed back to him, and kicked him in the head, knocking him out again before turning to the three girls.

"Strange how she deems that guy the bigger threat." Kitty mumbled.

"He's working for someone I don't want finding out about me." Athena said.

"There you three are- oh, Victor." Ororo said, turning up.

"Were you going to tell me my niece had been found?" Sabertooth asked.

"At some point." Ororo said, placing her hand on Athena's shoulder. "But we wanted Athena to settle in before being introduced to more family."

Sabertooth nodded. "This piece of shit was sent to spy on you and Jimmy by a man called Dumbledore. Do you want me to get information from him?"

"I'm sure the Professor can manage." Ororo said. She knew full well what he meant by 'get information'.

"Then I'll just drop him off at the school." He said, grabbing Fletcher, and throwing him over his shoulder. "See you then Storm." He walked down the corridor, and out of sight, probably heading for a back exit.

"Come on, we'll grab our things, and head back." Ororo said. "Anything else can be ordered. If Victor beats us back, Logan will loose it."

Kitty and Rogue nodded, and the four headed back for the lunch area, and grabbed their bags. The trip back to the mansion was quiet, all four of them in thought.

When they got back, Athena immediately noticed a motorbike she'd never seen before.

"Oh well. I should have known he'd get here first anyway." Ororo sighed.

"What do you mean?" Athena asked.

"The bike is Victor's."

"Oh." Was all Athena replied. Then, she groaned. "Dad's going to have a fit, isn't he?"

"Oh yes." Ororo replied.

Just then, the front door opened, and Logan came out. "What the hell happened?"

"Victor didn't tell you?" Ororo asked. "Nothing happened really."

"Nothing happened? What if it was just one of Dumbledore's people, and not Victor and one of them? What then?"
"Calm down dad. It's not as if I'm not good at getting out of bad situations. I've been doing it my entire life." Athena said, grabbing her bags, and heading for the mansion.

She made it to her room, before Logan caught up to her, Ororo right on his heels, trying to get him to calm down.

"Don't tell me to calm down, Athena." He growled. "What if we'd lost you again?"

"You didn't. Look, I'm perfectly safe." Athena said, setting her things down on her bed, before turning to face her dad, who had hints of Feral gold in his eyes. Oh dear. "Dad, I'm fine. Whatever could have happened didn't. I just ended up meeting my Uncle."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Athena…" He growled.

"Logan, Athena's right." Ororo said. "Nothing happened. Now, where's that wizard?"

"Med bay. His wand's been taken, and Hank and Victor are keeping an eye on him."

"Has the Professor found anything out from him?"

"He hasn't looked yet. We were waiting for you two." Logan said.

"I'll go get the rest of my things from the car then?" Athena asked.

"Go ahead." Ororo said, smiling.

She nodded, and left the room.

"Ro," Logan started, but found his mouth covered by her hand.

"Logan, she's not a child. We both know this. And there's no point in treating her like a child. She lost her childhood. Be protective, yes, but don't be over protective. Or you risk pushing her away. She's told us her past, she's been through more danger than most adults have."

"She shouldn't have had to have gone through any of it." Logan growled. "She should have been here, with us."

"I know, but she wasn't. Now, lighten up a little, and don't be so hard on her."

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are. Tell me, what went through your head when Victor told you what happened?"

"Keep her on the mansion grounds, where I can keep an eye on her." He admitted.

"Exactly. That's what I mean." Ororo said. "Just, step back a little. Learn how far we can go when it comes to treating her like the teen she is, and don't automatically jump to keep her wrapped in cotton wool, alright?"

"Fine." He said gruffly.

Ororo smiled, before leaning up, and kissing him. Logan wrapped his arms around her waist, and deepened the kiss. Neither of them heard the door open.

"Eww, can't you do that in your own room?" Athena's agitated voice asked.

The pair broke apart, and looked round to see their daughter standing in the door, her nose scrunched up.

Ororo laughed, and took the bags from her daughter, and set them down. "Let's go down to the Med lab. See what that man knows."

"Kay mum." Athena said.

Logan walked past her, and ruffled her hair, and she followed both her parents, muttering angrily as she tried to come through her messed up hair.

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