A/N: This is for fun, so read and giggle but don't press your brain too hard to think of inaccuracies XD I'm just having a ridiculous amount of fun in Pelleas!Vision. Poor naive dear would be hilarious in a happier game. Also, each chapter is a different day, to keep it easy. Read, review, enjoy!

Day One of the Reign of Pelleas Rajaion Daein, 14th King of Daein

Dear Diary,

Today was my coronation and I am officially a king! All my friends were there – my mother, Micaiah, Sothe, Micaiah and Sothe's friends, Izuka, Tauroneo and Zombie Black Knight. I'm going to be the best king ever. Even Izuka said so.

But before I talk about my epic crowning, it's time for some history! This is going to be a long first entry, but I have to give you context. Besides, I love history. Really! Most people say that and don't mean it.

So here's an Official History of the Kings of Daein :)

The line began with Senator Steve Daein, who was the senator (as you probably guessed) of the people of the easternmost region of Begnion. He led the people in a peaceful secession from the Empire. Steve was a very nice ruler but had little power because he'd been elected. His son, Dan, consolidated power and emphasized his Divine Rights as the Chosen of Ashera. This was a smart move – his son Bill was a good king but Ashera was clearly drunk for his son, Fred. Hooey! That crazy guy and his donkey.

Anyhow, Bill's son (of questionable patronage) was Ted, who began the reign of the Kings of Mediocrity. It went Ted, Jim, Bob, Don, Joe, John, Steve II, and then my grandfather Stan. Stan wasn't a bad king, but he's really only famous for having more kids than practical (he had 26 – I'm sure if I thought about it I could name all of them, but why bother?). That being said, he ended up with the last laugh because then a massive plague hit and they all died except the youngest son. That would be Ashnard, my father.

Now, Ashnard's probably going to be the most famous leader of Daein forever unless I turn out really awesomely. He decided that he wanted to conquer the world, and did a pretty decent job of it too. My father gets a bad reputation because he ultimately tried to kill everyone (worldicide?) but rather than focus on the negatives, let's focus on the positive! For example, without his establishment of a meritocracy, I couldn't have gotten those scholarships and gone to university (summa cum laude and valedictorian!). I would definitely reinstate that except I'd be undermining my own authority, ha ha.

Okay, Mother is telling me it's bedtime, and I really am tired anyway, so I'll finish this tomorrow.

- Pelleas Daein