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Prologue: Change of Promise.

The curtains were still and lifeless as the sky outside was a pure hue of blue on the other side of the large open window engulfing the wall she was looking through. Ameria sighed deeply, closing her eyes momentarily before continuing to stare out at the endless lengths of horizon and she thought about all that had happened in the past few weeks.

The Straw Hats had made it to Shabondy Archipelago, the last stop before the dangerous seas of the New World. They had made the plan to get the bubble coating for the Thousand Sunny so they could travel to Fishman Island, but sadly their plans were put on hold. As soon as they got there, they found out that the man who put the bubble coating on ships was missing for six months, and also Camie the mermaid had gotten kidnapped by slavers when Luffy and the others went to the amusement park. She was almost sold has a slave to a World Noble, but they saved her just in the knick of time, of course. Though, with the cost of having an Admiral of the Marines come. Luckily, they didn't battle with the Admiral, but they were separated by one of the Shichibukai Pirate Warlords, Kuma.

The cyborg that they had fought at Thriller Bark had used his devil fruit powers and made each of them disappear without a trance before they could even make it back to Sunny. The only reason she was still with Luffy was because he grabbed hold of her screaming he wasn't going to lose the last of his friends, and crew, right before his eyes.

After that, everything was a blur.

The wind rushed passed her, going so fast it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She could feel Luffy's bone crushing grip, holding tightly to the last of his crew before the separation of the others. Then she felt the impact of the earth from under her, even when Luffy had taken most of the blow, but she wasn't like her rubber captain. The sudden impact knocked her out instantly and when she woke up, she was surrounded by women looking at her with curious eyes.

They had asked her questions of the outside world, most of them having to do with men and weather. Before she was overrun, a woman with short, chopped blonde hair and large brown eyes wearing an Amazon outfit shooed them away. The woman introduced herself as Margret and said she would tell Ameria everything that had happened when she was unconscious, but first she had to get out of her ripped up clothes. She had ushered Ameria into a change of clothing and then began to fix her tangled and heavily knotted black hair.

Margret had started her story off by saying Luffy had gotten in trouble because they were on Amazon Lily Island, an island of only women. So when the Snake Princess of the island and Pirate Warlord, Boa Hancock, found out that a man dared set foot on her island, she was furious. She made Luffy battle for his life against her two younger sisters. Though, Margret didn't have all the details on the battle because she was turned to stone for trying to defend him. But in the end, Luffy won the battle, which in truth didn't surprise Ameria one bit. Luffy had a habit of beating the odds, plus winning the friendship of his former enemies; it was a normal thing that happened.

After the battle, the Snake Princess had a meeting in the privacy of her palace with him. Then shortly after, Luffy and Hancock were off to Impel Down because his brother, Ace, was going to be executed. That was all Margret knew at the time and she didn't know anything else, but as the weeks past by, word of Ace's death and his captain's, Whitebeard, traveled the world quickly and the whereabouts of Luffy was still unknown.

Ameria sighed again, rolling over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling to see the ornate design of snakes and jungles gracing the marble around them. She tried to use that to get her mind out of the past, but it didn't help much. She closed her eyes, her mind rushing with emotions of how Luffy and the others were doing and if they were safe and she tired to put the uneasy feelings of worry aside by shaking her head. With her mind somewhat cleared of the tormenting thoughts, she tried to drift off into a peaceful sleep, though it never came in the end.

Ameria woke up to the feeling of a long fingernail poking into the flesh of her cheek. She opened her eyes lazily, looking at the familiar brown eyes of Margret, who always did this when she wanted her to wake up whether it was just to talk or if it was time for a meal. The Amazon Lily warrior hovered over her, a smile on her face that looked rather giddy compared to other days, and confused Ameria. Margret's green snake even looked happy, the reptile that was wrapped scarf-like around her neck shifted its body so its large head was in her face. The snake stuck its tongue out, kissing her nose, making her twitch at the ticklish feeling.

"Luffy's back," was all the native Amazon Lily warrior said with a perky note in her tone.

The words struck her like a hammer. Ameria abruptly sat up, her sleepy eyes snapping open fully awake and the swift, sudden movement gave little time for Margret to avoid it, the blonde barely dodging her head as she took a startled small step back. Ameria ignored the look on Margret's face and hurriedly questioned: "Where is he?"

Margret looked at her with wide eyes, yet she still answered. "He's at the bay, but—" The warrior didn't have time to finish before Ameria was rushing out of the room.

Her bare feet barely made a sound as she sprinted passed the surprised maids of the palace, though she had no idea where she was going since she never left her room without Margret as her guide, but as long as she could find some dust, she could easily find the bay.

"Stop!" Someone yelled from behind, probably another woman warrior, but Ameria didn't listen to the command and she continued on, turning around corner after corner to find some kind of exit, but then she reached an obstacle in her path. The women warriors of the island formed a human blockade in the hallway, yelling at her that the women of the island weren't allowed to go to the bay, only the warrior class.

Ameria ignored their protest, because the rules of the island didn't really apply to her. She shifted her weight back to slide under the blockade's battle stance of open legs. Then with a twist of her body after she was on the other side, she rolled over into a crouch and then did a back flip onto the railing of an open window behind her. The women warriors quickly turned around, coming at her, reaching out hands to grab anything to stop her, but were too late because Ameria pushed her feet against the railing and jumped, gliding down through the air.

The gasps and screams of the women on the ground below were blocked out by the sound of the wind running through her thick black hair and passed her ears. Time around her began to feel slow as she focused her mind and energy around her, closing her eyes to concentrate, allowing a soft eerie grey hue to engulf her hands. Then the ground began to shake, causing more chaos. Dust started to spiral up wildly like a tornado, but then the thin powder started to build up slowly, gaining in weight and size until the images of bones formed. The bones whirled around with the force of the wind, clicking together to create a large skeletal dragon that started to emerge from the circling dust, flying up quickly to meet her fall. Her feet landed graceful on top of the dragon skull, making the slightest tap as they hit the smooth cartilage, like it was the tiny tick on the hour allowing time to return to normal when the undead beast took off.

Ameria didn't know exactly where the bay was, but time was not an object as her dragon circled the small island. Wind passed freely through her Amazon Lily clothing that Margret gave her and also her hair that the blonde warrior worked hard on turned to nothing but a knotted mess once more. What she looked like meant little to her as she scanned her surroundings, and on the far east side of the island, she caught sight of a yellow painted ship with a familiar Jolly Roger on it.

The Heart Pirates; no wonder the women of the island weren't allowed there, but that wasn't going to stop her and with a small twist of her body, the dragon's bone body creaked as it turned in the direction of the bay.

The crew of the Heart Pirates below panicked as the dragon started to land. The magic woven wings forced intense winds upon the crew, knocking men over as others screamed shielding their eyes. The mighty undead dragon's claws dug into the rough solid ground with ease as it landed with its head held high, showing an unspoken law of respect.

Ameria stood tall perched on the dragon's skull head as she looked down upon the men below. "Where's Luffy?" Her demand carried over their heads of the gasping men staring up at her as the dragon's neck creaked with each lifeless breath, dust falling from rubbing joints. She really didn't realize just how intimidating she looked from atop of the skeletal head since she was wearing the Amazon Lily warrior outfit; the men must have known that the women of the island could get violent, extremely violent.

The men just stared wide eyed at her as she jumped down from her post at the dragon's skull, her bare feet touching the ground lightly with a small tap while the bands of gold around her wrists and ankles jingled as she stood up to full height. She walked with her head held high, passing the men staring at her with mixed emotions of shock and fright. Ignoring all the looks, she continued straight ahead of her at the captain of the Heart Pirates.

He was easy to point out from the crowd since all his men wore thick baggie white boiler suits, whereas he wore a black and yellow hoodie with his Jolly Roger on the front; a sneering smiley face that had a 'T' like design sticking out from the edges of the circle. Plus, his hat and jeans had an interesting spotted like design on them that were hard to miss in the crowd. He stood there eyeing her curiously with his arms crossed over his chest, showing off the tribal tattoos on his forearms, hands and the word DEATH on his left hand's fingers as he tapped them against his forearm. He looked about ready to say something smug through his smirking lips, but she didn't allow him the pleasure.

"Where's Luffy?" She questioned in that demanding tone again, standing in front of the pirate captain looking down at her.

The look on the his face changed from a mild interest and curiosity to an angry glare almost in a snap, like she hit a nerve hard, making the shadows under the brim of his signature brown spotted white fuzzy hat grow darker. "Miss, I do not like to be ordered around." He stated coldly, stepping closer to use his height as an advantage.

She was playing with fire here, but she ignore it and stared bitterly into his eyes, not caring at all about what he said, but only for the answer to her question. The coldness in his voice didn't affect her at all; the only thing on her mind was Luffy's wellbeing; he was considered missing not only to the world, but as her, and it was for far too long. So, she repeated the question a third time. "Where is Luffy?"

The pirate captain's scowl hardened, growing deadlier by the minute the more she questioned him with an obvious implied order.

"Captain Law," a new voice came from the side, making her glance that way to see a large fishman coming towards them. He was bandaged heavily along his chest from what she could see from under his long Japanese style robes as he tried to walk calmly—despite the pain from his injures—over to the glaring couple. "It's best we don't upset the women of the island. They are helping us."

"Tell me where Luffy is." Ameria demanded for the fourth time, ignoring the fishman's comment.

Law's jaw locked in anger, and she could see every muscle in his body tense from the tone in her voice. "He's asleep." He gritted through clenched teeth.

"Let me see him." She said, stepping closer, her glare now razor sharp against his steely grey stare.

"No." He stepped closer as well, making her crane her neck back just to look him in the eyes.

"Then I'll stay here and wait from him to wake up." She declared quickly, stepping away from the uncomfortable position and closeness, then she turned on her heel to sit under a nearby tree.

"But aren't the women of the island not suppose to be here." The fishman asked.

"Yes," she confirmed. "But their laws don't apply to me since I'm part of the Straw Hats," and with that said, she sat down and leaned against a tree for support, closing her eyes to shut out the stares the men were giving her.

Law had to admit she was an interesting character. He knew she was interesting when they met informally back at the Auction House when those Marines took an odd interest in her compared to the normal pirate, calling her a mage. He would admit he was fascinated by her powers, but of course he didn't have time to examine them thoroughly back then, but now he did.

As she stayed there at the camp with his crew for the past few days he got a good look at her powers. From the looks of it, she could control and create bones at her very whim. Whenever his crew got a bit of courage to talk—which was more than likely to flirt with her because that was just how his crew was—she would show off her many animal and human like skeletons that would shield her from their approach. Though, just the sight of the undead beings would scare his men away, running with tails in between their legs, so the skeletal creations never got the chance to show their true power and skill, but he was still intrigued and he wanted to see more.

He was surprised she didn't have a higher bounty of 60 million beli when he saw all she could do, but it may have had to do with her fighting style rather than her power, so it must have been just all show.

Throughout her stay at the camp he questioned her many times about her powers, about the soft light gray glow that would come to her hand or what the swirl of dust meant. Was there a special trick, magic words to say, or even if she could make more complex beings, but he failed with getting explanations. She would only gave him simple one word answers of yes and no or maybe a small phrases of I can or I could rather than a full sentence.

Despite her secretiveness, she was a powerful person and to him, seemed like a prefect member to his crew; her powers were beyond belief and if used correctly could get him anything, but her loyalty to Straw Hat was seemingly unbreakable. She would probably die rather than join a different crew; she was only sitting there dealing with the stares and questions because of her captain. If he couldn't break her then he could use the you-owe-me card on Straw Hat, but then her loyalty to him would be nothing. She would try and escape from his crew whenever she had the chance which was something he didn't want; her feeling like she was a prisoner. He had to get her to join on her own, which was testing his patience with her simple one word answers to all his questions.

He decided he had to at least get her wondering about his questions rather than getting her to answer them and with that, he started to walk casually over to her like he would any other day when he wanted to ask her question. "Hello, Miss Bones." He greeted, leaning against the other side of the tree she was sitting at.

"Captain Trafalgar." She acknowledged shortly.

There was silence as Law pondered what to ask her, scratching at the small patch of hair at his chin. Asking her about her powers wouldn't get him anywhere since she refused to speak about it. So, the promise of achieving more power was out, but there was still one question that he hadn't asked her because he was too interested with her abilities and trying to get her to answer his questions in a complete sentence rather than a simple word.

"Why did you join Mister Straw Hat's crew?" He finally asked, looking down at her sitting figure at the base of the tree.

"I have my reasons," was her answer, never looking away from watching his men work on his yellow submarine.

"And what would that be?" He pressed on the subject.

She let on a soft sigh, closing her eyes. "Curiosity killed the cat, Captain Trafalgar."

"But satisfaction brought it back, Miss Bones." He finished the saying with a smug smirk.

She was silent for a moment then she turned her full attention towards him. "You really want to know?"

"Yes." He answered her bluntly.

"I'm looking for something," she replied, but then added. "Now, leave me alone."

Law decided to ignore her demand. "And what is it that you are looking for?" He asked another question.

"None of your business." She snapped at him, turning away to look at the sub again.

Law smirked, she shouldn't let her walls down so easily. Now he knew where to plant the seed. "How are you going to find it if you're stuck on this island?" He questioned further, following her trail of sight to the sub.

"I'm not going to be stuck here that long." She scoffed, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"How do you know?" He inquired, looking at her again, a smirk still present on his lips. "You might be here for years."

"I have animations that can look for me. You have seen what I can make." She retorted, glaring up at him.

"But what if it takes say, a year for your animations to find it. Then it will take a year for the animation to get back, then another year for your animation to take you to it. Over all a waste of three years when it could have taken one." He explained casually, watching her face twist into anger, which made him smirk because she was easily connecting the dots.

"What are you saying, Captain Trafalgar?" She questioned, venom in her voice.

"Join my crew, Miss Bones." He told her bluntly, not trying to beat around the bush anymore. "You can find what you want in a year rather than three with Mister Straw Hat." He proclaimed boldly, sending her a smug smirk.

She shot up from where she was sitting to stand at full height to him; despite the fact she was shorter then him. "I will not abandon Luffy," she seethed, jabbing her finger to his chest to emphasize her point. "Plus Luffy is not the type to stay in one place for long. I'll be on my search again before you know it, Captain Trafalgar." She spat, glaring at him with steady blue eyes before turning on her heel, retreating to a different tree on the other side of the bay.

Law just watched her leave without a word. He didn't need to get a last word on the matter. He knew his words were already racing in her mind. He planted the seed, now he just needed to let it grow.

Ameria sat curled up in a ball of furious anger after her bitter talk with that pirate captain. The thought of that man asking her to join his crew was unbelievable, unthinkable and personally made her sick. Leaving Luffy just like that, she would never do. He watched his brother die right in front of his eyes and also his crew be scattered to places around the world. He needed her more than anything right now and all she wanted to be there when he woke up. True, she was on a mission, but Luffy wouldn't stay here that long, right?

Luffy had a habit, though a bad one at that, of going off even when he was badly injured because that was just how Luffy was. When he wanted to do something or go somewhere he did it at all costs and no matter the obstacle, but there was something that was still nagging at her.

Law's words were digging in her mind like a plow, growing questions and thoughts that shouldn't even come to mind, let alone ponder about them. What if Luffy was going to stay on the island longer than she thought and she would have to wait years. The reason why she joined his crew so long ago was because she was looking for something and Luffy said if she joined he would help her, but Law told her something that twisted and turned in her mind.

He had been right when he talked about her animations travel, and she felt extremely stupid for forgetting about it herself; she blamed misplaced emotions. But anyway, her bones couldn't travel at some inhuman speed; they weren't that special. Then adding on how much energy and power it took to send her animations out long distances, it would be impossible. They were connected to her magically, and it drained her empty when she over used of energy. It weakened her; simple as that.

She couldn't wait, like Law said, three years. Despite the fact some of her animations could fly, no matter the size or shape they took, they used up more energy because she had to weave her magic through the skeletal wings to give them flight. She was in a bind if Luffy decided to stay longer, she needed a plan B, but joining the Heart Pirates was not an option.

...Or was it?

Her train of thought was interrupted by a long piercing scream that echoed through the small camp, and the familiar voice made her jump up, looking towards the water. The sub began to shake, large waves forming in the still water around it. Then sirens and alarms rang from the swaying metal vessel followed by the crew's cries of protest and panic mixed all blended together.

Then she heard the rushed footsteps as Law and the fishman ran to the edge of the bay where the rocking sub was docked and in a loud rumbling roar, the metal at the top of the sub warped violently. Something was trying to pound its way through the sheets of thick metal, and it gave out after only two hits and something shot out into the sky then tumbled to the ground.

It was Luffy and he was covered in bandages from head to toe, breathing heavily on all fours. Then shifting onto his knees, he roared like a feral beast before leaping to his feet, his eyes wide in blank shock as he screamed his brothers name: "ACCCE!" and then darted away, running wildly as he pulled at his short messy black hair while the Heart Pirates yelled at him to stop and calm down or else the worst would happen.

Ameria stood there, her eyes wide and her jaw slightly slack; seeing Luffy in such state of emotional shock was...overwhelming. She never truly thought of how Luffy would be when he woke up. He didn't even seem to remember seeing Ace die or even remember him dying at all. She just continued to watch Luffy run, screaming where Ace was, even after throwing off a dog pile of men that tried to stop him when he tripped to the ground. To get away from the chaos around him, Luffy ran through the large cloth barrier into the thick jungle ahead.

And that is what snapped her from the froze state. "Luffy!" She cried and got her ass into gear to comfort her friend and captain, but strong arms wrapped around her from stomach, stopping her in the attempt.

"Don't. He's unpredictable right now." Law said calmly from behind.

Ameria froze again, staring out at where Luffy had disappeared in the maze of towering tree trucks and snake-like vines, but his screams could still reach her ears, ringing over and over like a record. "But he needs me." She told him in a small voice.

"Mister Jinbe is going after him," Law countered. "Just stay here, there is nothing you can do." He said bluntly, releasing her from his hold.

She slumped to the ground when he let her go, his words cutting deep. She brought her legs up to her chest, hugging herself from under her large Amazon cloak and asked herself: was there really nothing she could do? Luffy was unpredictable; through his wild craze of mindless running, he didn't notice her. He didn't hear her call after maybe there was nothing she could do...

Then she heard Law shift his weight so he was kneeling next to her and he place a hand on her gently, as if to comforter her, but he did no such thing.

He leaned in close to her and whispered: "Do you really think he will be leaving anytime soon like that," and then he stood up and walked away.

She stared at his back as he went over to talk to his men about the damage Luffy had caused. Even after she saw the state of her captain he was still trying to get her to join his crew. Back to her original train of thought: he made her sick.

Luffy's screaming had died down as she waited quietly by herself curled up under a tree, wondering what was going through his head right now. She didn't know how it felt to lose a brother; both of hers were still alive along with her sister; so she wouldn't know what Luffy was going through. If it was one of her brothers that had died right in front of her eyes she would probably be in the same state as Luffy was in. That's why she had made the decision to stay with Luffy. He needed someone close to him in his time of need and she was the last remaining member of his crew that was still with him. Her mission could wait just a bit longer, she hoped.

She looked over to where the Heart Pirates were gathered, apparently a Sea King had been killed by a man, who she remembered from the Auction House in Shabondy Archipelago. His name was Rayleigh, but liked to be called Ray-san, and he started to talk to Law for a minute, but then Law turned away from him and started to bark orders to his men about getting ready to leave.

As his men hurried to meet their captain's orders, Law walked casually over to her again. "Hello, Miss Bones." He greeted her with his smug smile always present on his lips.

She remained silent; she really didn't want to talk, and if she did, it wouldn't be with him.

"My offer still stands. We are leaving now, but if you don't care to join us now then we will wait a few hours after we get out of the Calm Belt." He stated smoothly then turned to leave, but stopped and looked over his shoulder. "I hope to see you again, Miss Bones." He added, his smirk widening as he walked away.

She had to give him credit, even though she made her choice and he knew she did, he was still trying, but she wouldn't budge from her decision. She just watched the Heart Pirates taking crates and barrels of supplies that the Amazon ladies of the island had given to them and in no time at all, they were all on the sub, sinking beneath the waves. Only minutes after Law left, Luffy came back, his old hyper self, which was a relieving sight to see, especially when he demanded meat. And right on time, meat was presented to him by the Snake Princess and her sisters themselves, and in no time at all, Luffy was chowing down on meat to his heart's content.

Though, Hancock didn't let the chance slide to sneak a glare towards Ameria while Luffy talked, while eating still, to Rayleigh about how he should wait before traveling to the New World.

It was easy to tell that the Pirate Warlord was in love with Luffy, the constant blush gave that away even to the blind, and she was obviously jealous and angry at a relationship that didn't exist between her and Luffy. Ameria tried to give Hancock a he's-just-my-captain-and-friend look, but it didn't look like the Pirate Warlord was going to believe it. So, she just sighed and went back to listening in to Luffy and Rayleigh's conversation.

Luffy argued a bit, but after awhile, he decided that it was for the best to wait two years so everyone could get stronger. With his mind made up, the others left, leaving Ameria and Luffy alone. Hancock had to be dragged away by her sisters because she didn't want to be away from Luffy, or him to be alone with Ameria. She just let out a long sigh at the way the Pirate Warlord was reacting to a situation that did not exist; there was nothing like that between her and Luffy.

Once the screeching of Hancock died to nothing but a small buzz, Ameria finally spoke up. "So, how are you feeling?" She asked, hugging her knees to her chest for warmth from the cold night after Luffy had completely finished his last piece of meat.

"Oh, I'm a lot better now, I was really sad Ace died, but I still have my dream and crew to think about." He answered, smiling his large goofy grin as always, but then he frowned. "Darn, I'm out of meat already," he pouted, tossing the bone aside over his shoulder.

She laughed lightly at his comment and the look on his face, but then continued with the former conversation. "I'm glad you're okay, I was really worried about you; everyone was."

The childish pout as his expression quickly changed back to a happier one. "You shouldn't worry about me, I'm a tough guy." He waved her off, but then he asked: "But did anything interesting happen to you when I was out?"

"Yeah…" She started then paused, pressing her lips into a thin line. "Law asked me to join his crew."

"Whoa, really!" He shouted, looking at her with wide eyes. "But, you're apart of my crew! That's against the rules!" He huffed, crossing his arms and pouted once more.

"Don't worry I won't go," She eased him with a reassuring smile, but then she frowned, remembering what Law had told her. "But he even got as low as to say he'll help me."

Luffy perked up at the sudden tone in her voice and he looked over at her curiously. "With what?"

"My mission," was all she said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," he admitted, tapping his chin thoughtfully with a single finger. "What are you looking for anyway? You never told us." Luffy commented, swaying back and forth crossed legged on a small tree stump that was his seat.

She pressed her lips into a thin line of thought, debating whether she should or shouldn't tell him. "It's a mission for my Master, my teacher." She started out, deciding it wouldn't hurt that much to give Luffy the basics of her mission. "You see, he's...sick and I'm on a mission to find his mask, which is supposed to be on one of the islands on the Grand Line, but I have a gut feeling it's in the New World." She looked down sadly at her feet. "He's dying, but I know he is a strong willed man like you and everyone else on the crew and I know he won't go down easily without a fight. So I can wait the two years for everyone." She ended, looking up at Luffy and smiled.

"No," Luffy stated bluntly.

She looked at him bewildered and confused. "What?"

"You need to find Law and go with his crew." Luffy said, staring at her with a serious expression.

"But, I'm part of your crew Luffy..." She trailed off as he started to explain over her.

"I know, but this is a life or death mission Ameria!" He shouted, shooting up from his seat. "You can't wait around here for two years! Your teacher is dying waiting for you and you can't just sit around waiting for me!" He exclaimed, placing his hands on his hips.

"But, Luffy if I go I can't help you with your dream to get to One Piece and become King of the Pirates and I promised I would." She tried to reason with him.

"Well we just have to make a new promise then!" He declared loudly. "If you find the mask before I get to One Piece then you come back and join my crew again or if I become King of the Pirates before you find the mask then you come back and I'll help you find it." He proclaimed, looking at her happily, smiling ear to ear.

She sighed, shaking her head lightly; only Luffy would think up of something like that, and with a smile, she looked back up at him and stood up. "It's a deal, Captain Luffy," she said, holding out a hand.

"Good!" He happily yelled, taking her hand and giving it two firm shakes, but then he twirled her around and shoved her towards the water of the bay.

She chuckled lightly, but didn't say anything, only allowing the grey hue of her magic to come to her hands.

"Now go find Law!" He screamed after her as she summoned her skeletal dragon from the dust below and went off into the night sky, but as he waved goodbye to her, he stared to jump up and down frantically. "Oi, oi! I forgot to tell you not to drown, so don't lose your energy on the way there!"

She laughed at the advice. "And you rest up!" She called back to him.

"You know I won't!"

Ameria just continued laughing as she waved good bye to her captain.

I tried to explain everything and give a reason for everything. Hope it made sense to everyone in the end...and I don't know if Luffy is OoC at the you think he is? I tried to make him blunt and goofy in a smart way like he is sometimes.

Oh and yes, I started the story in a totally random spot. I noticed that other stories started in the auction house with a girl being sold as a slave, somewhere in Shabondy where she is being chased, hiding, or just casing trouble somewhere before Law goes to the Grand Line, or somewhere before Shabondy. So, I thought I would be different and start on the amazing Amazon Lily Island! Though I don't know if Ameria could actually even be there with Luffy. Kuma, I think, could use his power in anyway he wanted right? So he could in a way right? But if you don't like that then I'm sorry, it was how I started the story.