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Chapter 127: The End

The waves rolled up onto the beach, kissing the skin of the three sets of bare feet digging into the sand. Ameria weakly smiled as she sat beside Mini, the enchantress telling her account of the battle, though the tall tale was constantly brought to reality by the lightning mage at her side. The memories of their childhood started to resurface, and the moment suddenly became more precious, like all their problems and worries had vanished from mind. It was as if they were kids again; when life was blissfully simple.

"When was the last time we hung out like this, huh?" Mini chirped happily, cheerful grin reaching from ear to ear.

"A very long time ago…" Ameria smiled feebly as she curled her legs up against her chest and then rested her head upon her knees.

"It's nice to be together again." Mini hummed nostalgically, resting back on her hands and looked up at the sky. "It's just like all the times back at home!"

"Does that mean you're coming back, Ameria?" Justin asked and he leaned forward to eye the bone mage curiously. "Since everything's said and done, you have no reason to stay here, right?"

The bone mage chewed the inside of her cheek thoughtfully. "Maybe," Ameria then replied gently and shrugged; the lightning mage held a good point. The whole reason she left home was completed, but... "But just for a visit to see the rest of my family."

"Just…for a visit?" Justin repeated slowly with a frown and sad gleam in his eyes.

"Yup," Ameria confirmed with a nod a tiny smirk on her lips as she turned to the lightning mage. "I have my crew and Law to get back to 'n all."

"…Oh." Justin mumbled and glance away.

Mini looked between the two, feeling the tension suddenly rise. "Well," the enchantress huffed. "This just got awkward." she blurted out bluntly. "I think you two still have a lot of talking to do," then she stood up quickly, brushing her violet robes for sand. "So I'll let you guys do that," and with a smile, she turned on her heel to leave.

"Wait! Mini!" Ameria yelped, twisting around where she sat to try and grab the enchantress by the ankle, but it was too late.

Mini was well on her way out of the area and there was an uneasy silence between the bone and lightning mages. It wasn't as if she was still mad at him or anything; she had come to the conclusion that Justin was still her friend, and it was something Law understood and accepted. So why the awkwardness? Well, it's easy to say something, but when it the situation it can become awkward, especially since she wasn't too sure if Justin had moved on like she had yet.

"So…" Justin drew out slowly, breaking the silence and he fixed his gaze to the sand where he was digging a hole with his fingers. "You and that captain."

"Me and Law." Ameria clarified, moving her toes in the sand.

"Yeah…him." Justin mumbled begrudgingly, but then he faced her with a concerned expression etched into his features. "So, um, he hasn't hurt you or anything? Like something bad, or unforgivable…" he then paused, his eyes wide and he waved his hands wildly in front of him when he saw the look on the bone mage's face. "D—don't get the wrong idea! I—I'm asking as a concerned friend."

"No. He hasn't done anything like that," Ameria replied with a raised brow. "We got into fights, that I won't deny, but nothing that hasn't been worked out."

Justin was silent for a moment, biting his lower lip in thought as he stared out at the sea. "What about me?" he asked, looking back at her. Then quickly went on to explain himself when he saw her expression distort into confusion. "I mean, what does he think about our relationship, I mean, friendship?"

Ameria shrugged. "Nothing."

"Nothing?" Justin repeated.

"He can't control who is my friend or not, only I can." Ameria explained with a sigh. "I've known you forever and I know you aren't a bad guy, so I'm gonna make sure he doesn't hurt you. As long as you don't do something stupid," and then she glared at him in mild annoyance.

"Hey," Justin put his hands up in defense, a bead of sweat running down his cheek. "That kiss doesn't count. You know I'm not the type to steal, things or people for that matter."

"I know, I trust you on that…but," Ameria added. "I have my doubts."

Justin's eyes shifted back and forth. "Err…why's that?" he inquired nervously.

Ameria stared at him, her eyes clearly saying, really?

"Okay, okay," Justin sighed and then he admitted it. "I haven't moved on…yet. But can you blame me?" He tried to defend himself. "I mean, finding out the girl you love and want to get back together with has already moved on it a bit of a…shock."

"When you put it like that, it's understandable." Ameria nodded. "But still, don't do anything stupid," she repeated with another glare.

"I—I won't!" Justin stuttered in offense. "I wouldn't be much of a friend if I did something like that. Hell, I wouldn't be a friend at all if I did that!" and then he sighed, grimacing deeply. "Friends…don't ruin another friend's happiness," and he glanced at Daniella from the corner of his eye.

Ameria looked over, frowning lightly. "You two got in a fight?"

"Yeah," Justin sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "After the beat down I got from your friends, Daniella tried to convince me to give up on you. I guess I was just emotional about everything and I started to scream at her, blaming her for everything. She may not be the one to blame completely, but she still isn't a friend."

Ameria nodded in agreement. "I think everyone involved shares a part of the blame. Daniella for trying to be sly, you for listening, and me for doing something stupid…" then the bone mage sighed, placing a hand to the metal choker around her neck. "And we are all paying with some sort of punishment."

Justin frowned. "How long do you have to wear it?" he asked softly.

"A year," the bone mage answered sadly. "I feel like an empty shell, but you reap what you sow…"

"D—don't worry!" Justin tried to lighten the mood with a smile and cheerful glint in his emerald eyes. "I'll be there to protect you if you need me to! 'Cause that's what friends do."

Ameria smiled softly, repeating with a small chuckle: "That's what friends do."

Pale moonlight illuminated the port as the two necromancers landed upon the dock after their long journey over the sea. The soles of the boots made the tiniest tap against the wood with Lavender hovered over the bay, the large skeletal dragon causing waves to fan out along the bay. Then in a flash of purple light, Lavender shrank down to her normal tiny size then floated down into her master's arms. Hiding his familiar in his robes, he turned to Ameria and smiled faintly towards his student, ushering her to follow.

Ameria sighed deeply, adjusting the strap of her satchel over her shoulder and then she shuffled forwards. The stormy clouds of depression handing over her head continued to rain down on her head and she cast her gaze to the ground, her hand subconsciously rubbing the cold metal choker around her neck.

The action made the grandmaster frown and he placed his hand upon her shoulder, but the bone mage remained silent, just like the voyage had been a silent one. It was just the two of them since Sane didn't return. He had given the grandmaster the coordinates on where the crew was, thanks to Loki being on the sub. The minor deity wouldn't be join them since he had something to do with his sister. What was that going on, they wouldn't say, only that is was Mortalitas related and he would come back once everything was sorted out.

Another pat on shoulder due her from thought and she snapped back to reality. She could ponder over the deities' secrets later. Right now she wanted to get back to the crew, but when they entered the inn the Heart Pirates were staying, they were welcomed with a pitiful sight.

The men she was used to seeing in such high spirits were in just a gloomy mood as she was, the only exception was Petunia, but she still look stricken with slight pain at the sight. Though there was plenty of light from candles and lanterns within the room, there was a dark atmosphere bouncing off the walls. The crew clad in ebony boilersuits sat at circular tables with their noses deep in mugs of mead and it was so quiet that you could hear a feather drop.

The creaking of the entrance door didn't stir their souls, and the two necromancers were left at the door with not a single greeting.

Aichki scanned the area, his brow furrowed in confusion and quietly he mumbled: "What's…up with the mood?"

Though the grandmaster's voice was merely a whisper, Shachi—the closest to the door—turned in his seat, resting his arm atop the back of the chair. Then he a grimace on his lips, he countered with his own question: "Didn't you see the paper?"

The two necromancers exchanged looks, then looked back to the ginger, shaking their heads. They hadn't see a newspaper in over two weeks. There talk about one and the news back at the outpost, but they never got a chance to see it.

The expression on his features twisted into a mild scowl, and then looking away slightly, he scoffed: "Straw Hat's the new King of Pirates."

Aichki clicked his tongue. "Oh, I see now… I'm sorry to hear that," and then he nodded apologetically towards the head mechanic.

Ameria shifted to and fro on her heels while biting her lip and fiddling with the hem of her dress. This was a conflicting situation. She didn't know how to react because she was really happy for Luffy, but Law… He was never one to express his dream of becoming King, and she wondered if that was even true. He seemed more concerned with destroying Doflamingo until the man's name was nothing by ash burned from the flames of hatred. Though, that didn't change the fact that Law fought a Raftel for the title of King. And he lost it…to one of her good friends.

Nigel rolled his eyes, scoffing when he noticed her inner struggle plainly on her face.

"Don't hide it, brat." The blonde mechanic huffed. "You were a Straw Hat at one point."

"It's okay to be happy with your friend," Brodie replied with meek smile.

"We don't mind, really." Penguin added simply.

"It's just…" Shachi sighed, scratching the side of his cheek with his finger. "It's just Captain we're worried about."

So Law was taking it hard; best not to bring up the sour topic until he was ready. And speaking of Law… "Where is he, anyway?" the bone mage asked and she looked over the heads of her crew and didn't see the white-brown spotted cap that belonged to her captain; all that stood out was Bepo's furry head and Bart's overly massive body in general.

"He's outside," Penguin jerked a thumb over his shoulder. "There's a little courtyard behind the inn."

Ameria was quick on her heels and she swiftly maneuvered around the tables to the backdoor of the inn, the musty glass framing a garden.

Healthy trees and plants were a vivid shade of green, and the colorful flowers swayed softly in the wind. The bone mage was able to pick out Law easily, her captain lying in the grass on his back under the shade of a tiny tree's leaves. Upon shuffling closer, she saw he was in sleeping peacefully, despite all the wounds he bore on his skin.

He was mumbling in his sleep, his brows furrowed from restlessly dreams and his hands resting atop his abdomen gripped the black fabric of his hoodie. "…meri…" was the only thing she could pick up on what he said, but it was obvious who was on his mind

Softly, she got down on her knees at his side and then sat back on her heels so she could gently stroke his cheek. Leaning forward with her nose brushing against his, she whispered: "I'm here."

Law's breath suddenly became heavy and his brows knitted together more tightly as he continued to mutter things to her subconsciously.

She had no idea what he was saying, and the only way to figure out what exactly he was dreaming about was to wake him up. Like sleeping beauty in reverse, she placed a tiny kiss to his lips.

A faint moan escaped his lips when soft skin brushed against soft skin. When she pulled, she saw his eyes flutter open slowly, a groggy gleam in his grey eyes. He smiled softly, like he thought he was still asleep and he closed his eyes once more.

Then his eyes shot wide open and he sat up like lightning, yelping her name. "Ameria!" and then he wrapped his arms around her, but the action brought negative side effects. His injuries didn't approve of the sudden movement and cried out it pain, making Law cringe in agony and he pulled away sharp in hopes to dull burning sting. "Ouch…" he hissed.

"S—sorry." Ameria sheepishly apologized, looking down at her lap and fiddling with the hem of her dress.

"Don't be," Law countered gently, his hand cradling her chin just as softly. Then he looked away slightly as he rubbed the exposed bandages on his shoulder with his free hand then he grumbled: "It was my fault after all."

Ameria frowned, reaching out her hand and placing it atop of his. "…How bad are they?" she asked in deep concern.

"My injuries?" Law eyed her curiously. "Well, I've had worse," he shrugged it off nonchalantly. "They'll heal soon," and then he looked to her, cradling her wrist wrapped tightly with bandages. "But what about you?"

"Both my wrists were broken," Ameria answered. "But they were healed a bit so the bone was at lease mended. There's still a lot of bruises, but we only had one healer present, and Robert is far from being a grandmaster…"

"At least you got treatment." Law sighed, lightly pressing his lips to the back of her hand.

"…It might be weird, but I'm kinda glad that they weren't completely healed." Ameria laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of her head nervously.

"Hmm?" Law hummed, blinking his eyes in confusion. "Why's that?"

"Because this is proof that he's dead." Ameria sighed in relief. "He's finally dead."

Law chuckled with a smirk. "That's right, darlin'. It's over."

"The adventure is finally over." Ameria sighed again, but with a sadder tone in her voice.

But Law disagreed with the comment, and he shook his head. "…Not quite."

"What?" Ameria murmured, cocking her head to the side. "But Copy Cat's dead…and the race for One Piece is over…"

"There's still plenty of more adventures out there, darlin'," Law stated boldly with an eager grin, hand cradling her chin again and he forced her to look him in the eye. "They will never end. But, on the verge of this one's end is a new one. An adventure conducted by Mortalitas himself."

Coming soon…

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