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Chapter 92: Finally!

"Looks like your knight in shining armor as come just in time," Sanji said coyly, smirking lovely with cigarette between his teeth.

Law blinked up in confusion from his spot on the ground and glanced at the lightning mage to see an equaling confused expression and then looked back at Sanji. "Excuse me?" He drew out slowly, feeling rather uncomfortable.

"I wasn't talking to you," Sanji snapped bitterly, his eyes turning white with rage and his teeth seemed to sharp to the point where they resembled shark fangs. "I was talking to my Ameria-chan~" he swooned at the bone mage, hearts in his eyes as his limbs reduced to the constancy of noodles.

Law scowled; he knew the Straw Hat cook was ultimately harmless, but still: "Choose your words more carefully."

"No thank you," Sanji scoffed rudely and waved Law's comment aside as if it were only a speck of dust on his posh, black suit. "Just let Ameria-chan take you to safety. You need medical attention."

"I'm fine," Law sourly replied, the grip on his nodachi tightening so his tan fingers went pale. "I don't need to go anywhere. I need to finish what I started."

"Like you're in any condition to fight," Sanji countered, his eyes scanning Law's tattered jeans and shirt caused from electric burns. "You can't even stand!"

Law tched in annoyance as his brow began twitching and he used his nodachi as a support to stand. "Just give me a minute…"

"You have a second, actually." Sanji bluntly said as he eyed the lightning mage from the corner of his eyes.

"I'm good then," Law said and stumbled to stand next to Sanji. Then he looked over his shoulder. "Go back to the sub Ameria, get the others to safety."

Ameria looked ready to argue. "But—"

"Go, Ameria," Law repeated sharply.

"As much as I hate to agree with this little shit-" and Law scowled at the choice of words Sanji used to describe him. "-but he's right Ameria-chan," Sanji said as he lit up another cigarette. "Go back and tell the others," then he looked back at Law. "Last chance to leave; you won't last another second with your wounds."

Law glared at the Straw Hat cook. "Shut up. Now I can see why Zoro hates you."

Sanji scowled murderously at the pirate captain, a vein of irritate forming a long his brow. "And I can't see why Ameria-chan would ever be like a shitty bastard like you," he snapped back in return.

"Oh fuck you, at least I have a girlfriend, from what I see you have no one."

"I'm single so all the ladies can have me!"

"Yet none come to you from what I see."

"You shitty, fucking doctor! I'll kick your ass if you don't stuff it!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

"Challenge accepted!"

Justin stood there in silence, watching the two bantered back and forth, slightly confusion. "We are still in battle, you know…" he reminded quietly.

Sanji and Law glanced at the lightning mage, but Sanji was the first to speak up. "Go back Ameria," he sent her a sugary smile. "I'll take care of this."

"No, I will!" Law barked.

Ameria was hesitant to leave, but she ultimately nodded to the orders. Though, before turning on her heel, she released Bas so the spirit could help as well.

"Get lost," Sanji huffed as the shadows around Bas's true form melted away.

"Hmph," Bas grunted, rolling his crimson eyes. "I was ordered to stay and help so—"

"Too bad I got it under control—" Sanji scoffed as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and relaxed out into his leisurely fighting stance.

"Heh," Law chuckled dryly as he stopped using his sword as a cane and got ready for battle. "Both of you aren't needed, because—"

"This battle is mine," all three men said in unison, determined looks in their eyes.

Justin stared in disbelief as a nervous bead of sweat trickled down his cheek. Oh crap.

Ameria sneaked back into town, seeing that Luffy had caused quite the commotion to distract the mages after her. Everyone, minus Luffy and Usopp, were back at the ships, waiting for their captains. "We need to leave, now," Ameria said out of breath as she skidded to a stop before Bepo and Nami.

"But where's Captain?" Bepo asked anxiously.

"He's fighting with Sanji and Bas," Ameria replied. "We need to leave. Bas can get the others back to the ships without being followed."

"Alright," Nami nodded seriously. "I left a den-den mushi with Usopp so he can contact us later," then she turned to the crews and ordered: "Set sail!"

"Aye-aye!" Everyone replied.

Though, the polar bear grumbled: "You can't order the Heart Pirates when Captain isn't here. Only I can."

Law smirked coldly as he held the cube in his hand, the tiny beating of the heart inside. Mes could really work wonders. Applying pressure, the heart's began to race, pounding violently as the cry of the lightning mage rang through the trees. This... Would be a nice slow process for him. So bad, he wanted to do this so bad, like it was second nature to physically squeeze the life out of this man. But the Straw Hat cook grabbed his arm, a firm look in only visible eye. Law glanced at him, an emotionless stare in his grey eyes.

"Don't do it," Sanji advised. "Not like this."

Law frowned deeply the bit his lower lip in thought. For him, death was the only option. But then, he found himself replacing the lightning mage's heart back, and he remembered why.

Sanji then let go of Law's arm. "Now what do we do with him?" He questioned as he peered down at the heavily wounded lightning mage laying sprawled out in the grass, blood trickling down his brow and from the corner of his lips and holding his chest where his heart now was again.

"I want to kill him," Law stated bluntly, pointing the tip of his blade at Justin's neck, making the man under the steel's cold bite shudder violently, a look of fear coming to his emerald eyes. But then Law suddenly sheathed his nodachi quickly. "But I won't," and he turned to walk away. "Bas take us to the harbor."

Sanji, though, didn't let his confusion go unanswered. "Why not?"

Law glanced over his shoulder. "I promised Ameria I wouldn't."

Ameria eagerly stood on the deck of the sub with Luffy sitting on the railing beside her. Just before they left port, Luffy came charging back full speed with a shell shocked Usopp over his shoulder, so the rubber captain was able to depart with everyone else. Now, all they had to do was wait for Law, Sanji, and Bas. But, Ameria couldn't help worrying. Sure, her friends had been in tight situations before, but nothing with the Council. She was scared; terrified that something went wrong. She would never forgive herself if anything happened to her friends, especially Law.

"LOOK!" Luffy then shot up to stand on the railing when he saw the Bas's shadow form dart across the orange skies. "They're back!" and he began waving his hands wildly in the air as Bas slowly came down.

The spirit, when close enough to the deck, instantly went back to his vessel to rest, leaving the pirate captain and cook to land safely by themselves. Once grounded, Sanji was about to leap to the bone mage, ready to proclaim how he stopped the fiend trying to steal her away. But Luffy stopped him, bluntly saying he wanted meat, badly. That, only caused a fight to break out.

Ameria felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of her cheek. "Oh my..." she mumbled with a nervous smile, but then a light frown tugged down on her lips as she looked over seeing Law.

He said nothing and merely grabbed her hand and placed a pulsing grey crystal in her palm.

She gasped at the sight of seeing the crystal used to track her now in her hands and she quickly hugged him, holding him tightly so his hoodie could muffle her relieved crying.

Law groaned as he smothered his face deep into the pillow of his bed, trying to avoid the advances of the kitten Glory. The tiny cat mewled continually in his ear as his tiny paw patted against the exposed skin of his cheek. "Ameria," Law grumbled, annoyed when the kitten beginning to bite his earrings, attempting to pull them out.

Ameria simply giggled with a small smile and she reached over gently wrapping a hand around the kitten's frail body, the warm fur rubbing against her palm as she moved Glory away, making the kitten meow loudly in shock. "Better?" She asked, moving to place the little kitten at the foot of the bed; it would take Glory awhile to reach Law again through all the blankets and pillows.

Law merely grunted and slipped his arms under his pillow, hugging it to his head.

Ameria frowned lightly at his reaction. It had been two days since the fight with Justin, and Law had been so… Silent around her. Yet, he stayed close to her. He had even dragged her off to his room to sleep for the nights and pulled her from her usual place in the galley so she could sit next to him. It was so confusing; so conflicting because she didn't know if he was mad or not. His actions told her no, but his silence told her yes. And after two days with no answers, she decided that now was the best time to speak up before anything got out of hand, again.

"Are you mad at me?"

Law looked up from the pillow, his brows furrowing together. "No?" He answered in confusion. "Why?"

"Well… You've been so quiet for the past couple of days," she replied sheepishly, turning her head to the side in light embarrassment. "I thought you were mad because of the fight and what I wanted you to do, or rather didn't…"

Law sighed, turning on his side then reached out to cradle her chin and turn her head so they were looking each other in the eyes. "I'm not mad at you, but rather upset at the situation. Only at the time though. I've been silent because I have been thinking, and I can see your reasons for things, well, because I talked to Aichki about your relationship with him. You two were friends for a long time before you were considered more."

"Yeah…" Ameria looked away, avoiding eye contact.

"Ameria, look at me," Law ordered gently, and she did so. "I'm not mad, as I told you before. I don't care about your former ties to him since I'm the one that has you not him. And I can't be mad at you for wanting to protect a friend, since that is all you see him as."

Ameria blinked in shock. "Wow, you've matured…" she mumbled.

"Really now?" Law mused with a smirk.

Ameria gasped lightly as what she said and blushed a crimson red then looked away quickly. "I didn't mean it like that," she stuttered, embarrassed. "I meant that you would have probably gotten jealous in the past. So, I'm just surprised…"

Law chuckled as he rested the side of his head against the pillow and stared at her with a small smile. "You're right; I would have gotten jealous in the past. But, I admit I was jealous when I saw you with him again, and what he did, but not now. I've come to learn that our fights last for months and I hate it, with a burning passion, might I add. I want to be like this with you; close to you, without feeling awkward, guilty, or worried, not fighting over stupid misunderstandings or pitiful reasons, such a pointless jealousy." Then he poked her in the cheek, grabbing her full attention as she looked back at him. "So, yeah, I guess I have matured. Too bad you haven't," he added on teasingly. "You're still childish according to Aichki."

Ameria glared at him, her cheeks blooming an even darker red. "That's not true!" she snapped angrily. "I have matured just as much as you in this relationship!"

"Mmm-hmm," Law hummed with a teasing smirk, like she just proved his point. "Can you prove you've matured?"

Ameria hesitated for a mere moment before it struck her hard and she smiled sweetly at him. "Mmm-hmm," she copied, but in a sugary tone and moved closer to him, slipping her hands playfully under his shirt and moved in for a kiss.

But then Law put a hand to her chest. "This isn't a scam where you get me excited and then leave, right?" He asked with a wary look in his grey eyes.

"Now, that's a childish thing, isn't it?" She countered mischievously and she cut off anything coming out of his mouth with a kiss.

Law groaned deeply as her lips moved against his almost wildly and when her finger tips grazed against the bare skin of his chest. Her hands rippled over the tough muscles of lean torso and she felt his heartbeat pound against her palm; he was excited and she was only egging him on. Then he rolled over quickly so he hovered atop of her, but just as quickly, she pulled his shirt up and over his head and tossed it aside, discarding it from sight.

He closed any gap between them, snaking his arms around her tightly as he continued to kiss her with pent up passion that was dying to be released. His teeth clashed against hers, his tongue ran along every inch of her mouth to make her shudder with pleasure. She moaned deeply at the feeling, even when he bit her lip a little too harshly. His fingers began to claw at the back of her shirt, the threads threatening to give way from the pressure.

Then the distinct ripping sound of fabric came to ear as Law tore through her clothing.

Ameria broke away from his deep kiss, but he merely moved his head to the crook of her neck, his teeth sinking into the skin at her pulse. "L—Law..." she stuttered, out of breath as she clung to him desperately, her nails biting into the skin of his bare back as he continue to tear her shirt to pieces to get rid of it's presence. "C—Calm down…"

"No…" He huskily whispered into her ear before taking the lobe between his teeth. "I need you now," and then he tossed away the scraps that were formerly her shirt. He fumbled carelessly to remove her bra, and he growled irately into her neck, like he was ready to just rip that off as well. But there was a tiny click and the article of clothing was thrown to the other side of the room. Law then leaned back on his heels to stare at her exposure.

Ameria instinctively covered her chest with her arms, but Law grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head to the pillow.

He stared at her with wide eyes, eyes that looked to be filled with hunger, and she started to feel insecure about her body. But Law mumbled something that made a smirk cross his lips and his head dipped down between her breasts.

Her cheeks flared red when she felt his tongue slip out and move along the sensitive skin. She trembled with heat that filled her chest, her head tilting back when teeth, tongue and lips along moved along her bosom in such a possessive way. There was more mumbling from him that she didn't pick up on, but his hands unpinned her wrists, yet her body remained limp. His fingers traced along the lines of her body, touching the extremely sensitive skin of her breast and then the curves of her hips all the while he continued to bombard her with feathery kisses with a small nips to her flesh. Then his fingers hooked into the waist-band of her pants, and expertly, he pulled down everything of hers as he wiggled out of his.

She gasped as she felt his bare erection between her legs, but then the feeling was gone as he moved away slightly. "Relax," he murmured softly into her ear. "Just relax…" His voice sounded comforting enough, and his gentle kisses to her cheek and lips. And soon, she did relax, so much in fact that she didn't even notice his hands sneak onto her knees and push her legs far apart.

She noticed that when he grunted, and with a swift thrust, penetrated her.

She let out a scream, and her hand instantly went to cover her mouth as she closed her eyes tightly. She then realized how painful sex could be; the first time was bad, and the sight of blood had made her panic, but it was suppose to happen. She would have thought that the second time wouldn't have the same affect; she thought that the pain would dull. But no, it hurt just as much, but Law was also to blame since he wasn't all too gentle, he surprised her and also… He felt…Bigger.

Law pulled away when he saw what he did, the lust in his eyes vanishing completely, but then he leaned in close again, hands cupping her cheeks. "What's wrong? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

He went to fast without telling her, she felt like her vagina was on fire, so yes, she was hurt. But the pain seemed to be messing with her mind because all she dumbly said was: "B—Big…"

Law stared at her, blinking his eyes at what she said, but then he smirked, an arm wrapping around her back to pull her close as he weaved his fingers through her hair. "Why, thank you," he chuckled as he nuzzled his nose sweetly against her neck.

She didn't comment and just wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and then buried her face in it. She tried to keep her breath steady as he continued with his slow rhythm of thrusts so she was more comfortable, but it barely helped; her body wasn't used to it. Her breath hitched every time he went in again and again, her body trembling at the feeling and her legs shook as they locked around his hips as her toes curled in on themselves.

"A—Ameria," Law grunted heavily into her neck, his fingers digging into the skin of her hips. "R—relax; you're too—stiff," he said with a labored breath and he continued to grind into her.

She was. Every muscle of hers was tight; no wonder she felt so much pain. With a deep breath, she loosened the tense, her muscles going lax, which allowed Law to quicken his pace, and she to feel the true pleasures of sex. Warmth swarmed her core and she moaned as he continued, her back arching and her hips slowly starting to grind against his, heightening the experience. Her breath then grew labored again as she started to feel her peak rising, her walls closing in around him and then she screamed with release.

Worn out, she laid back, allowing Law to continue; his body pushing her exhausted one down further into the sheets. He leaned in and kissed her suavely, but the touch soon turned deep, harsh, making her gasp for what little air she could when get when their lips were apart.

Her eyes then opened wide as she broke away from their heated kiss to let out a cry of ecstasy. The feeling ran through her bones, making her body shake as she let out a long groan and closed her eyes gently.

The sight and sound made Law leap to his peak and he slammed his hands down on either side of her, his fingers curling into the sheets as he arched his back and threw his head back to let out a sultry moan. Then he collapsed on top of her, making her squeal in surprise. He happily rested his head between her bare breasts, but when she placed a hand to the back of his head, he looked up at her half open eyes. His shoulders were sleek with a thin layer of sweat as they slowly rose and fell and a tired smirk came to his lips, and he shimmied up until they were looking each other in the eyes. A small peck came from his lips to hers, and it would have been deeper if it wasn't interrupted by a tiny mewl from the side.

Together, they slowly looked at the edge of the bed and saw little Glory's head tilted to the side as he stared at him with large green eyes that looked like glowing mirrors in the dim lighting.

Ameria's cheeks turned red, even though her kitten was only an animal, but still… "H—he was watching…"

Sal expertly cut his onions with a swift, one, two, three, and then used his knife and hand to scoop up the veggies and then splashed them into his skillet that had other ingredients of peppers, garlic, oil and other spices to add a small kick.

"So, Sal, why are you doing new experiments again?" Shachi questioned from his spot sitting at the island.

"'Cause tat damn Straw Hat cook said me cookin' was bad!" Sal grunted, turning to his boiling stew and swiped a carrot from the side and chopped it quickly over the simmering water.

"I heard he worked at fancy restaurant for years though," Bepo pointed on from beside the ginger mechanic. "And didn't you only work at a bar restaurant? There's a difference."

"Suddup, ya damn bear!" Sal snapped bitterly, threateningly pointing his serving spoon.

"S—sorry—" Bepo stuttered nervously as his ears drooped, and he covered his eyes with his paws to avoid looking at the dangerous looking metal ladle.

"What Bepo means is he likes your food," Nigel sighed, patting the shaking polar bear on the arm. "Personally I don't like that fancy ass crap; it's shit."


Sanji paused in his cooking, looking up blankly from his task of cooking for his precious Nami-swan.

Nami looked up at him, her brows furrowing together in confusion. "What's wrong, Sanji?"

"Hmm…" Sanji hummed thoughtful. "I have the sudden urge to kick the shit out of some shitty fucker because they called my food shit."


"I a'perciate ta kin' words, Nigel," Sal sighed gruffly. "But, 'till I feel like I should make betta food w'en I can."

Nigel shrugged. "Sure, but one question."

"Eh?" Sal looked at him with a bushy white brow raised.

"Why are we here?" Nigel asked, motioning towards the ginger mechanic and polar bear.

"I need taste testas," Sal plainly stated. "Now, let me get back ta work. I need ta add ta fish—" But when he turned to it, he saw that it was missing.

First, the cook looked to Bepo, but he, and the two beside him, shook their heads. Sal then hummed and went to the cabinets under the island, disappearing from view. The three sitting at the island exchanged glances, but when Sal came back up, the two mechanics clung to Bepo and the bear covered his eyes once more in fright.

"Ya damn demon cat!" Sal hissed as he handled an even more dangerous weapon than his serving spoon: a military grade automatic rifle; where the fuck did he get that? "I gots sometin' even betta dan me knifes! Ya gonna gets it fur stealin' my stuff, ag'in!"

Law sat in the bed, a plate of fresh salmon appearing in the palm of his hand, which made the kitten mewl happily at the smell. Law chuckled at the sight of the tiny kitten jumping happily off the bed as the plate was placed on the floor. Glory dug in the salmon with glee, making a complete mess as bits of fish make it off the plate and to the floor.

Law sighed deeply and shook his head, but then a small smile came to his head as he laid down on the bed so he could easily pet the kitten, stroking it so the cat's back arched in response.

Ameria then scooted over to Law, watching her tiny kitten eat away at his meal. "So, he was just hungry, huh?" She said, reaching down to scratching Glory behind the ears.

"After watching that I'm pretty sure he is," Law mused, looking at her deviously.

Ameria looked away, embarrassed, and her cheeks lit up like Christmas lights. "Don't say it like that; it sounds dirty."

"That's because it is dirty," Law elaborated as he placed a small kiss to the side of her forehead.

Ameria grumbled something under her breath and moved away from him, but when she sat up, she flinched. Seemed like being stiff during sex, even for just part of it, didn't help her at all.

Law moved as well when he saw her cringe. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just hurts a bit…" she mumbled, looking up at him, but she noticed his eyes weren't on her, well, they were, but they weren't looking her in the eyes. She blushed and scrambled to grab the blankets and cover her chest. "Don't stare at me like I'm a prime cut of meat…"

"Huh," Law snapped from his daze and looked up at her blankly, like her words went in one ear and out the other since he just answered the last thing he remembered. "What hurts?"

Ameria looked at him in annoyance. "What do you think?" She dryly asked.

Law answered that question with a mischievous smirk. "I can fix that," and his hand slipped under the sheets, and there she felt his fingers brush against her inner thigh.

She gasped, her hands rushing to clasp his from moving any closer to her weak point, completely forgetting about the blankets to cover her chest. "W—W—What are you doing?" She squealed anxiously.

"What do you think?" Law mused teasingly, resisting her hold and forcing his hand to move more.

"I—I don't know!" She panicked, which in return made Law stop and stare at her. "I've only had sex one time besides this; I don't know everything you do!" She finally admitted.

Law held his thoughtful gaze a moment longer before his eyes widened. Then suddenly they turned into two devious little slits and a sly smirk spread along his lips. "So~" he drew out slowly, leaning forward so their noses were touching. "You may not be considered a virgin, but experience-wise, you are…" and when she was distracted by his words, his hand slipped, making her gasp as her back straightened in shock. His smirk grew. "Oh darling~" he purred huskily into her ear. "I'm going to show you the wonderful world of sex."

Beta read by praeses

I've had a few questions about Justice from people submitting to my contest to raffle of Justice's love, so I have been giving people this little blurb about him and how he reacts to ladies. This might help anyone who needs help or confused. Stuff like that. It's just copied and pasted, so don't mind the wording.

Well, he knows how to talk to girls and "flirt" in a sense, like he did with Ameria to annoy Law in the beginning, but is sorta like business. In a casual setting, he'd never flirt with a woman. He was sexually abused by an older man, it's a pride thing that has gotten to him. He was forced as a submissive for so long that he wouldn't know how to be a dominate in the right situation. Plus, Admiral Julian wouldn't let women near Justice (the reason why he is with Abigail because she doesn't like him, and never would). So let's just say when Justice HAD tried to look for a female companion in his early teens, but the idea was nipped in the bud and the girl removed brutally from Justice's life. He knew it was a warning, so in a sense Justice doesn't purposely flirt with women because of what could happen to them as well as him.

Though, when it comes to girls coming at him, it's a different story. He shuts down a bit and tries to brush them off because he will become extremely uncomfortable. But, if the girl is aggressively flirting, like if she was wasted or a stalker (Madeline level stalker) then Justice will freeze up completely because all his sexual encounters were bad ones that hurt him mentally and physically; in a way he would get flashbacks if the girl hits the right buttons. In those situations, Abigail has to save him because she's an amazing actress, which is what makes her a great spy. That's beside the point though.

A relationship is something Justice can't handle because of the sexual abuse he went through since childhood. He can understand the concept of a bad/good relationship though because of Law's..."many" relationships in the past (Law was "technically" with Rose, but he cheated on her all the time and then there's Ameria), but when it comes to Justice himself it's a no show. He becomes a terrified nervous mess in the right situation. The girl would need to take baby steps and be patient with him because Justice wouldn't just tell her what he went through; it'd hurt his pride as a man.

No way in any shape or form are these guidelines to making your character, it's just to better understand Justice so your character isn't too out there. Example, your OC can be a forward type of girl, but she needs to know when to take a small step back when she sees he's uncomfortable.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.