Roxanne sits at her new desk in Megamind's formerly-evil lair. Megamind had finally asked her to move in with him and she'd agreed without hesitation. She spends most of her time here anyway, and sleeps in his bed more often than not. It was time to make it official and save herself the expense of paying rent on her apartment. He'd been thrilled when she agreed, as if he hadn't really believed she'd want to take that step with him. He'd immediately assigned some brainbots to clear some more room in his closet and set up this desk for her in his planning room.

She still has her apartment for another month, so there's no mad rush to get all her things moved over immediately. Instead, she's been swinging by her place on the way home from work each day and bringing a few boxes with her each time. This weekend they planned to take a small army of brainbots over to move all her furniture and her remaining possessions. She feels a little sad watching her home empty out little by little each day, but she's looking forward to getting it over and done with. It feels like she's starting a whole new chapter in her life.

She is unpacking the things she'd brought from her home office today and arranging them neatly in their new places. Her laptop sits in the middle of the desk, closed and powered off for the moment. To her left are a lamp and several books wedged between generic metal bookends. To her right are a pencil cup, framed photographs (one of her family from when she was in high school and one of her, Megamind, and Minion taken at the opening of the Megamind Museum), and a stack of file folders and miscellaneous papers that she still needs to sort through. She removes an item carefully wrapped in newspaper from a box and uncovers it. It's a clear glass vase containing a small, brilliantly green fish. Some colorful pebbles lay on the bottom and a water plant grows out the top. She smiles at her low-maintenance pet, but refrains from tapping the glass or anything else that would get a reaction from it. She doesn't want to frighten it. Instead she just places it on the desk where she can watch it as she works.

"I didn't know you had a fish," says Minion, who had just passed behind her on the way to another part of the lair.

"Yeah. It's just a little betta," she tells him, "I've had him for about two years. I don't know how much longer he'll last. They don't live very long."

The space-fish leans his robot body over the desk for a better look at the tiny earth-fish, "He's pretty," he tells her, "Does he have a name?"

"Mm-hmm," she answers, "This is Evil Minion." She wonders if it was tasteless to name the pet earth-fish after the sentient space-fish. Would Minion be insulted? "You don't mind, do you?"

"No, Miss Ritchi. I'm flattered that you named him after me," he answers good-naturedly. "But what makes him evil?"

"Well, I used to have two. My sister gave them to me and neither of us knew anything about bettas at the time. The other one was blue. Guess what I named him?"


"Yup. But they didn't get along. Bettas are incredibly territorial. Minion killed Megamind."

"And that makes him evil," the fish laughs and moves his fish body like a human would shake his head. "You might not want to tell Megamind that story. I'm not sure he'd appreciate it."

"Yeah. You might be right," she agrees.

"Funny, he doesn't look evil," observes Minion, gazing at the tiny green fish with the impressive tail fan. He shivers slightly.