I walked in a war torn county. I am staring unblinking at the ground. While the lamia's fly about me in the sky. Ice had come through and formed deadly glaciers. The county is not how I remember it. The green valleys lie desolate and buildings are falling apart around me.

I feel a deep sense of failure. The spook had died during a raid to fight water witches up in the north of the county. The fiend was in the mist of the raid and killed poor Gregory. I couldn't find Jack, Ellie nor James I hope deep down that they got away safely and out of the battle.

The only person I had was Alice who was holding my hand and was gripping it. I looked at her hair it was white as snow and her eyes were still haunted from when the fiend dragged into the realm of darkness. She looked smile at me warily. She had a time hard time uniting the three witch clans. But she prevailed and all clans where united to defeat the fiend forever.

As I walk up the highest fell in the county I released my grip from Alice's hand. I turn to Alice she looked weak from battle.

Alice, I said sadly. I wanted to say something to you ever since we left Ireland.
I love you.

Alice had tears welling in her eyes. Then she fastened her lips against mine.
I released my hand from Alice and advanced up the fell.

"Duty above all". Is what my master believed in. vivid thoughts flashed in my mind of what mam had once said.

"You're my gift to the county".

"You and Alice are the future of the county".

Even as I walk this path up to the fell to confront the fiend. I feel resignment.
I walked to the clearing, where the Fiend sat defiantly on his thrown.

He sat there in his fearsome majesty and got up and the fiend was ready for an attack. I took out my blade of destiny that was given to me by Chuculain the Irish hero . And one thought went through my mind.

"one shall stand, one shall fall".