We walked from the corpse of the Fiend. After a few paces Alice fell to her knee's she started growing a red. About as red as blood. Then she started to sweat a black sandy substance.

Alice! I ran to her. Look like her hair was going back to normal. It was going back to the black that I remembered. And she got up and her eyes were not haunted.

Tom, she wept with joy. The darkness it is gone. I was relieved to hear her say that.
She clean the tears from her eyes. So how do we get out of here? I asked Alice.

Don't know replied Alice. Help me out you did with the help of Pan. You remember?
Yeah, I said

We walked for miles until in that darkness until we met a Light. The light was very bracing it was warm like meeting an old friend that you haven't met in a long time. Me and Alice was welcomed by the warmth. The first people I seen was Dad and Mam . Then we seen Mr. Gregory with Meg, Then I seen Mr. Arkwright. Then finally I have seen Mab.

Alice walked over to Mab. So how you end up in light Mouldheel? Alice asked.
Don't know replied Mab. Did good as all she said sarcastically but friendly.

I ran over to Mam. You did well, Mam and your Dad is very proud of you. I hugged them both.

Then I walked over to the Spook , Meg and .

You did well Lad said the Spook. Very well commented . Then meg gave A look .oh I almost forgot. Then the spook turn his attention to Alice. I am sorry said the spook to Alice.
I judge you far to harshly for my own good.

Then finally the spook told Alice one last thing. This made my heart leap with joy. It's your Duty to watch over Tom for now on. do you accept this task?
Alice shook her head obediently.

Tom, Mam called out.
I've one more gift for you. It's from me and your Father.

It was two rings. What are these? I knew that they were Mam and Dad's wedding bands
Use them well, said Mam.
You might need them.

Giving Alice a knowing smile.

Then the light started to fade.