Faces from The Past

Ok so this is my first fanfic (ever), it's actually my first piece of writing that is not for school, so I hope you like it, comments and writing tips will be much appreciated! I've rated this story T because alcoholism, self-discovery and dealing with a difficult complex past

With the 3rd season ending off with a climatic, loveable group of knights at around the round table, everything seems like it is starting into place but how much do we actually know about Arthur's "commoner knight" such as how did Gwaine become an alcoholic, did he ever have a love, what happened to him when his king (Carleon) turned his and his mother's plea for help away. I would like to turn this into a series where I can also tell the tales of Elyen, Percival and Lancelot but that is all dependent on your...? REVIEWS! So help my writing develop by commenting please…..

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin and all rights must go to BBC and any other contributing partners. Though all the new characters and plot story belongs to me and was purely my idea.

In this story Gwaine's will get a visit from the past forcing him to remember events he long ago forgot but the question is did he ever truly forget? (dadadadam…..) Ok so let's begin

Gwaine-faces from the past (post season 3)

Chapter 1

Gaius was looking out over the lower town as storm clouds rolled in; he was watching the forest below beyond the gates of Camelot searching for any sign of Arthur, Merlin and the rest of the scouting party that had left Camelot almost two weeks ago. He berated himself for worrying so much about why they were not back yet, Merlin had told him that he scouting trip could possibly take a bit longer than normal as Arthur wished to check on many as of the outlying villages as possible (and certainly with the foul weather they would not be able to transverse much ground quickly). While lost in his turbulent thoughts he had almost forgotten the young delivery girl who had just brought him some of his rarer herbs that were not so easily found in Camelot, the girl could not be much older than fifteen or sixteen but she held the composure of a much older women. Gaius wouldn't usually get his herbs delivered to him but with the react rains his joints had been troubling him making it difficult (and painful) to collect them from the lower town himself and because Merlin had gone with Arthur searching for any sign of Morgana or Morgause he could not send the boy (man he corrected himself, not such a boy anymore). Sighing he turned his attention back to the girl who was waiting patiently for him to finish his reflection-he appreciated that, that the girl could wait while he dealt with his troubled thoughts, not like some of the other delivery boys and girls who were always rushing off hoping to get all their chores finished as early as possible so that they could slack off for the rest of the day. Gaius reached out and took the parcel that the girl was holding out for him and began to check his herbs. Taking out his purse he counted out the correct amount of money for the herbs as well as a tip for the poor delivery girl. Handing the money to the girl he saw that she was about to protest the sum of his tip he quietly told her:

"It is for you my dear, I made no mistake with the sum," I am not that old yet, despite my sore joints he chuckled to himself, "you have been very efficient you deserve it."

"Thank you, sir" she replied in a surprisingly cultivated voice.

"I need another order for tomorrow can you remember the list?"

"Sir… would it be possible if you could right the order down I am afraid my memory has been a bit lax recently"

"Of course but I was under the impression the Hugo could not read?" Gaius immediately regretted the words as he had completely forgotten that this poor girl might actually be able to read even if she was poor and her master couldn't. Looking at the defiant look that passed through the girls eyes as he spoke. Her eyes seemed to spark some long ago memory but then looking at her bare feet and poor rags for clothes that barley covered her starving figure he shook the memory off, "sorry my dear" he quickly added.

"It's alright" she said with a small smile as she took the list Gaius had quickly written out.

Gaius was just about to ask the girl her name when a scowling, a half-drank Gwaine moped into the courtyard. Gwaine -who had been grounded (by Arthur) to stay at the palace for two weeks after broke Sir. Raymond's nose for making a snide comment on nobility (or the lack of noble blood in this case) to some Arthur's newest knights- was in a very bad mood indeed. Gaius decided it was probably best that he not put the girl through an encounter with a half-drank Sir. Gwaine. Quickly dismissing the girl and telling her to tell her master that he wished her to deliver his next batch of herbs. She gave him a faint smile, curtsied and began to leave.

A stumbling Gwaine who had been glaring at the floor furiously as if it was trying to make him trip. Suddenly looking up, a profound look of confusion and worry crossed his face as he saw the young girl scamper off to her next job.

Ok so that was chapter one! I hope you liked it, I am sorry if it was a bit short but it was just the intro. I have to be honest I don't know how long Gwaine's story is going to take to tell (though I do know where I want to go) I am hoping to be able to update about 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately I am a bit busy at the moment but once my holidays start (in about a month's time-for those of you who are wondering I live in the South Africa and so it is just spring here YAY! And so I will be having my ¾ year holiday soon) so it should ease up, so I hoping that I can get a whole lot of writing done then! But please, please, please review in the meantime criticism and comments are the only way I will be able to grow and improve ;)

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