This is set before the new series; so Amy hasn't had Melody yet; and they don't know that River is Melody/Amy and Rory's daughter. She's just some mystery woman that loves the Doctor; and he loves her. Kinda. XD But set after Idris was created and died, or whatever she did. :D

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Ashes to Ashes; TARDIS to IDRIS

The Doctor stood crying, with River Song supporting him, as the love of all his eleven lives; his TARDIS; burned before him.

Flames licked her outer shell, and smoke poured out of her open doors.

It wasn't an accidental fire, oh no.

The Supreme High Council had been very careful about how they set it.

Amy shook her head angrily, as a tear ran down her face.

"This isn't right." She quietly protested. "This isn't fair!"

Rory tugged on Amy's waist, bringing her closer to him and enveloping her in half a hug.

"I know." His voice was chocked with tears. "I know."

Both Amy and the Doctor jumped as the windows in the TARDIS violently exploded from the heat. Fires burned viscously through the holes in the TARDIS.

Rory kissed the top of Amy's head and she turned away from the cremation; unable to watch.

Rory; like River, was hypnotised- unable to look away.

Rassilon brought forth one of the flaming logs from the base of the TARDIS, and using telekinesis, brought it smashing down the TARDIS light, caving in the roof of the TARDIS.

"NOOOO!" The Doctor yelled, feeling every ounce of pain his friend was going through.

River looked down at her feet; her somewhat appropriate black dress blowing in the breeze.

She sighed, knowing now History would be altered for the worse; and she might never have got to meet the Doctor at all.

The Doctor's knees buckled, and he collapsed to the floor.

River softened his fall somewhat, catching him, but he was still going to have some bruises later. They both sat on the floor; which was heated by the searing fire.

"No..." The Doctor shook his head, mouth and throat full of tears. "No this isn't fair."

He lay down on his side; resting his head against the earth, and curled up in a ball.

Another section of the TARDIS caught flames, encasing the Doctor and River in a surge of heat.

The Doctor pounded his fist weakly on the floor; no anger left, only sorrow.

He sat up, and looked up at River, face red from crying, and tears mingling with sweat from the heat of the fire.

She squeezed his shoulder, unsure of what else to do. "I know, Sweetie. I know." She whispered.

She brought her legs round to the side, and put an arm around the Doctor which he snuggled into.

Before their very eyes, the last part of the TARDIS was claimed by fire, and she moaned and wheezed, but under the cold eye of Rassilon and his followers was unable to escape.

River's hair blew about her face, disguising her tears as she saw her home collapse.

The gust of wind grew, and River held her skirt down.

A member of the high council approached Rassilon, but was turned away.

"Doctor!" The Lord President's voice boomed. "Even in death your TARDIS does harm- for see how her fires rage our forests!"

The Doctor slowly raised his head, and followed Rassilon's outstretched arm.

The forest they were near had indeed caught fire;, and it was spreading fast.

Amy walked around to River, trying to see past the burning TARDIS to to forests.

"Well can't they put it out?" She murmured out of the side of her mouth.

"Yes, of course they can. But to spite the Doctor, they're going to let the forests burn." River told her, tears in her eyes.

Rassilon smiled as he saw the pain in the Doctor's eyes.

The Doctor had always loved the forests as a child, and was always reading in them when he was a teenager.

"You can really begin to dislike people." Amy commented, as Rory joined her.

Rory nodded, staring at the council of Time Lords.

"Be grateful we are not punishing you also, humans." A member of the council warned them.

Amy involuntarily took a step back.

They all stood in relative silence for what seemed like an age, with just the crackling of fire being a noise in the background.

The Doctor and a 'shy' member of the council watched the TARDIS, whilst everyone else watched the burning forests.


The forest fire died down with the ravaging flames in (and outside) the TARDIS as the sun began to set.

The orangy skies grew dark, and with it the Doctor's hope of ever rebuilding, or even saving- his TARDIS.

"So Doctor. Do you now feel sorry for your crimes?" Asked Rassilon, standing over the Doctor.

"He felt sorry to begin with!" Yelled Amy, from the clutches of Rory's protective arms.

"Oh really? So all this-" He gestured to the TARDIS "was all for nothing?" He asked mockingly.

River scowled at Rassilon, and shifted a little closer to the Doctor.

"Why Doctor, you should have said something! We could have saved-"

The Doctor looked up, hopeful.

"The Forest." Rassilon sneered.

The Doctor frowned, and hung his head once more.

He snuggled his head into the crook between River's head and neck, and wrapped his arms around her; unable to accept what his action had caused. He had only wanted to save the world, not destroy it.

As the TARDIS was reduced to glowing embers, the members of the high council walked away; some smug, others expressionless.

Amy and Rory, who had been silently encased in each others arms for most of the time, walked to the edge of the softly burning pyre.

The Doctor meagrely lifted his head, watching with sad, mournful doe eyes.

"Well?" Said Rory, taking a deep breath in, "What do we do now?"

River and Amy turned to him.

River put her head to one side, a protective arm still around her Doctor.

"Well, I mean, we can't stay here. I mean here, here." Rory gestured to the burnt forest around them. "We have to find somewhere to stay the night. Back to there-" He pointed to the towers of the city on the horizon, "Or make a camp?"

The Doctor was unresponsive- so River decided to take charge.

"I say we make a camp. I doubt we would be welcome in the city."

"Mmm." Rory agreed. He looked around the clearing. "Should we camp here? Or find somewhere more sheltered?"

River looked to the sky, then around the current clearing. "What do you think?" She shrugged her shoulder on which the Doctor was resting, trying to get his opinion.

He sat up, as if electrocuted, eyes still closed. "TARDIS." He whispered.

"Oh, Doctor." River whispered, and ran her fingers through his hair, then traced a line down his jaw, before lifting up his chin with her fingers and placing a sympathy kiss on his lips. "TARDIS is gone." She whispered simply.

The Doctor smiled, not listening, and opened his pained eyes before closing them again and hiding himself within River's arms once more.

"We should go." River mouthed to Rory.