Without warning he rushed forward and embraced Idris, who seemed quite frankly alarmed, and pushed him away.

"We are separate components. Pushing us together will not change that."

"Idris" He smiled, and drew a line with his finger along her jaw.

"My thief." She smiled, before frowning, "Why are you leaking, are you broken?"

"I thought I was."

"Uuhh, can someone explain what's happening?" Amy interrupted, looking mightily confused.

"We are currently upon Gallifrey, orbiting the first sun at a rate of-"

"No, no, no- I mean.. the TARDIS burnt..."

"Burnt?" Idris looked scandalised.

River stepped forward next to Amy, "Completely." She added. "How are you still alive?" Curiosity burnt brightly in her eyes.

Idris had turned quite pale, "Am I not to return to my form again?"

The Doctor held her, and helped her to the floor, where her eyebrows knotted and her own eyes started to leak.

The Doctor too, looked concerned.

"I was scared, I wanted to see you.." She murmured. "I do not wish to returned to the museum." She announced, proudly after several moments of deliberation.

"I don't think they take living exhibits." Amy muttered. "So- what happened? How're you-" She gestured up and down to Idris's body.

The Doctor sshed Amy, and began pacing back and forth, his fingers strumming against his chin.

"We need a plan.." He thought aloud.

"Run, you clever boy." Idris offered.

He smiled, clapped once then bounced to kneel in front of Idris, "Can you still wheeze?" He asked, hands on her knees.

In response, she blew gently, her lips pursed, making the sounds of a disgruntled, braking TARDIS.

"Beautiful." He kissed on the cheek, flushing when she simultaneously bit his ear.

He then bounced back up, turning to the Humans in his care.

River smiled at the life that had returned to his eyes.

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