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-Chapter 1-
Sick and Captured

"But while they prate of economic laws, men and women are starving. We must lay hold of the fact that economic laws are not made by nature. They are made by human beings."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

December 1st, 2007
5 Days before the Recession Hits Hard

Alfred sat up and looked out the window next to his bed it was raining of course.

"Huh, just another typical day in London," he sighed.

He was here for the world meeting and of course England was the host country. The world meetings happened every six months and lasted usually about a week. They used to be longer due to the conflict from WWII but the length had gradually gotten shorter over the years. Alfred looked up, now out of his thoughts, his clock it read 5:16 am.

"Better get up… If I'm late again I'll never hear the end of it from England," Alfred grumbled as he got made his way to his suitcase.

The young nation had soon picked out is cloths and was heading over to the bathroom when he saw Tony stir in his sleep. His alien buddy was resting on the other side of the king bed in the big hotel suite. Alfred watched as Tony turned over but never woke up. The was silently grateful as he went into the bathroom and shut the door. Fifteen minutes later America came out of the bathroom clean, dressed, and ready to go.

He grabbed his key card and was about to leave when, "guuuuurgle gruuuuuumble." His stomach had a mind of it's own as it told him how hungry it was. Tony lifted his head to look at America as he rubbed his eyes. "What time is it," his alien friend asked with a tired voice but harsh voice.

Alfred nervously replied, "Sorry for waking you up Tony. My stomach just had a mind of its own there for a second. Its 5:36 AM so I have to go or I'll be late to the meeting."

Alfred was not one to be scared of anything, after all he was a hero, but Tony was not one to be messed with in the morning. Alfred had learned that lesson the hard way and he did not want to repeat it. Ever. Tony looked Alfred in the eyes and yawned. "I'm going back to bed," he grumbled and dropped his head on the pillow, immediately falling he wouldn't get any of Tony's wrath, Alfred waited till he was sure Tony was asleep again before he left his room. Quickly, he made his way out of the hotel with his umbrella. He needed to make it to the meeting on time. As America stepped out of the hotel and onto the wet side walk in London he noticed it was still raining lightly. He really didn't need an umbrella but Alfred didn't want to get his suit the slightest bit wet or England would have an excuse to yell at him. He tended to do that a lot over the littlest things.

Alfred looked up at the sky that was almost always grey here. Alfred heard some other country's talking once about how not only could the country effect its personification, but that it could also work the other way around. Maybe that's why London was always raining. Maybe England had too much sadness surrounding his heart. Maybe it was due to the Revolutionary War... Alfred shook those thoughts out of his head and reprimanded himself.

"No, it had to be done. I was suffocating in taxes… What's complete is complete. There is no going back, not that I would want to anyway…," he scolded mentally.

"Achooooo!" Alfred sneezed and pulled out a tissue before blowing his nose. He hadn't been feeling well lately but he new if he didn't come to the meeting he would never hear the end of it from the older English nation.

"Maybe I'm catching a cold from all this rain," Alfred thought. He laughed though, as it wasn't possible for him to get sick unless his nation was sick. The laughing didn't last long as it soon turning into a coughing fit. The young nation quickly stopped walking and covered his mouth. Soon the coughs died and America began walking again but not without feeling a little drained. Alfred could see the meeting building only a block away.

"I have to pull myself together. I can't let anyone, especially that commie bastard, know that I'm sick. I'm the hero after all and heroes are immune to getting sick," Alfred thought as he coughed again to clear his throat.

He slowly walked into the hotel that was holding the world meeting. Today was the first day to a whole week of day-to-day country chaos. Alfred walked over to a long open desk with a sign above it reading, "Coat and Umbrella Storage."

He gave his umbrella and coat to the storage desk and they gave him a ticket to use in order to get his stuff back. Placing it in his pocket, he rushed to a desk in the back of the hotel lobby where women sat and drank tea as she typed away on her computer. Alfred cleared his throat to get the women's attention. It seemed to work because she smiled and looked up at him.

"Your name and the name of the meeting you are attending," She asked still smiling.

America smiled back as he answered, "My name is Alfred F. Jones and I'm attending the World Rep. Meeting."

The women nodded and turned to one of the desk drawers. She unlocked it and pulled out a fancy looking key card. She then turned back to Alfred and handed the item to the waiting nation. Alfred took it happily and thanked her as he left to go to the meeting room. Checking his watch, he noticed there was still two minutes before the meeting started so he decided to stop at a vending machine to grab a coke. After receiving his beverage from the machine he found the meeting room quickly. Opening the doors to the giant room, he looked around before taking seat just as the clock read 6:00 am. England was sitting next to him along with Japan on the other side. Alfred looked over at England and flashed him a smile before turning back to his notes that he had pulled out. He didn't feel too well but England didn't need to know that.

"You were finally on time for once. That's not like you Alfred." America jumped a little at England's sudden comment.

"Oh, so you talk finally talk old man," Alfred replied trying to sound as happy as he could.

England continued to stare as he looked him over trying to find the reason for the odd behavior. He seemed to be looking at every little detail.

"Oh great he's catching on. I knew that he was going to. He always seems to see right through me," Alfred thought a little panicked.

Just then Germany stood up from his seat at the head of the table and clapped his hands together for every one to be quite. Of coarse no one listened in fact, no one even turned to look at the now very angry German.

"Achtung alle," Germany barked so loudly that the people sitting near him had to cover their ears.

Alfred noticed that the sudden bark from Ludwig had made Feliciano dive under the table from fright. at this the room burst into to chatter again. America could hear Hungary trying to get Italy out from under the table. Austria was complaining to Hungary about how Feliciano was such a child sometimes. Switzerland was seen threatening Austria with his peace prize. China had begun to bother Japan as Russia stood creepily in the corner. All in all, the meeting room had erupted into chaos. Suddenly, Germany cleared his throat and calmly took the mic sitting nearby on the desk. Holding it in his hand, he walked over to a speaker placed on the floor and held the mic next to it. A shrill screech resounded from the speaker into the meeting room. Everyone had to cover their ears because of the horrible sound. It also made everyone shut up. After he had everyone holding their ears quietly he removed the mic from the speaker and set in it's holder on the table. He cleared his throat and then began to speak. A couple seconds later Alfred started to feel a coughing fit coming on. The young nation slowly began to panic as the need to cough got worse and worse.

"Oh no! Not know! I can't! Not while everyone is quite," Alfred thought.

Alfred looked at Japan who was taking detailed notes on what the German was saying. He then looked at England. The older Nation immediately looked up from his notes as soon as Alfred's head moved to see him. England studied Alfred for a couple second before his face softened.

"Oh, no…" Alfred thought. England was giving him THE look. England knew he was sick now. There was no use in hiding it but he still couldn't start coughing int the meeting room. Holding down his coughing was becoming unbearable to the point it almost hurt. He needed to get out of here.

Alfred stood up quickly, most the countries turned to look at him expecting him to say something. Instead much to their surprise he grabbed his brief case that he brought with him and sprinted out the door quickly. Once he was out he made his way to the bathroom. Several times he looked behind himself to make sure no one was following. As soon as he entered the bathroom he went into a stall and locked the door. Leaning against it, he released his coughs. Alfred didn't know how long he had been coughing because every time he stopped a new wave of coughs came. He had also gotten dizzy after the first couple minutes and sometime during it he had slid down the stall door and was know seated on the floor. As soon as he got his coughing under control and stopped he checked his clock. The meetings usually lasted for two hours, today's had started at 6:00 AM. He had sat through about 10 minutes of the meeting before coughing in the bathroom for about 20 minutes.

"All the countries are still in the meeting and probably think I've left by now," Alfred thought as he got up. He had to lean on the side of the stall for a couple minutes to keep from falling down. He still felt very dizzy.

Once he was fully recovered from his dizzy spell, Alfred unlocked the stall door and grabbed his brief case that was leaned against the wall. He looked in the mirror as he washed his hands. He had to admit he looked horrible. His skin was pale, his nose was red, and his eyes where not the normal bright blue that everyone admired. Instead, they were dull with bags underneath them. Alfred sighed and splashed some cold water on his face, hoping to get some of the color back.

"Not like it's going to help anyway," he thought as he wiped his face off with paper towel and threw it away. Alfred took one last look at himself before letting out a sigh of disgust and leaving. The whole time, not knowing he was being spied on and that the meeting had been let out early due to his abrupt exit.

England was hiding behind the fake tree in the men's restroom. He was a great spy who was far better than any country. It was probably due to his height. He could hide very well due his short stature and that was one good thing about it.

England watched Alfred leave before he walked over to the door and opened it just enough that he could see Alfred walking away. England pulled out his hand-held radio and whispered into it, "Target is approaching you Cuddle Panda. Do you copy?"

"Why do I have to be Cuddle Panda, aru? I like Pandas but why the cuddle part," China quietly whined.

England then hissed back "Cuddle Panda, do you copy? Target is 2 ½ meters away!" China grumbled on his end of the radio.

"Cuddle Panda copies…," he said sounding defeated and slightly angry. France snickered on his end.

"Shut up frog I wouldn't be laughing with your code-name if I were you," England said with acid in his tone. France immediately shut up.

"Does every one remember the plan," England asked just to make sure the gits wouldn't mess this up.

Every one except for France answered. "Closet-Creeper do you copy?" England asked to make fun of France and also make sure he remembered the plan. China was the one who snickered this time. France nervously laughed at his end.

"Heh heh heh... Well… No… I forgot...," he said hesitantly. England checked on Alfred he had stopped at the storage desk at and was talking to the person there. Thank goodness they had time.

"Okay so I'm watching the whole operation telling people what to do and when to do it. It all starts when Chi- I mean Cuddle Panda walks up to the target and distracts him by making conversation. They will walk to the spot where, you, Closet-Creeper are waiting behind a pillar to grab the target. You, Closet-Creeper have to hold onto him just long enough that Big Nose can come out from behind his pillar and knock the target out. Everybody got it?"




"Uhhhh… Ing- I mean Sparkly Unicorn, Why are we doing this again," France asked before England could speak again.

"We are doing this because America is sick and I think he might have You Know What but isn't telling us," England replied trying to be ask calm as possible.

"Ohhhh, were doing it because of You Know What. Now I see why you were worried and needed help," France said.

England looked back to were America last was. The young nation now had his coat and umbrella and was making his way towards China.

"Cuddle Panda! I repeat, Cuddle Panda! Target is ½ meter away. Start distracting… Now."

England saw China quickly and swiftly turn off his radio and put it in his pants pocket. "Big Nose and Closet-Creeper, target and Cuddle Panda are headed your way. I repeat, target and Cuddle Panda are headed your way. They are now 1 meter away. Closet-Creeper grab him in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Go!"

Right when the English nation said 'go' France jumped out and grab onto America. He was stunned just long enough for Russia jump out and whack him on the head. Alfred immediately fell limp. England then came rushing over, right away, with his medical supplies.

When England saw the limp form of Alfred he nearly lost it but he held himself together.

"Awww… I wanted to fight a bit more I wish he had put up more of a struggle," Russia said a little too happily.

Every one including England looked up at Russia. They all saw that creepy smile that was so familiar but never lost it chill. England quickly snapped out of Russia's gaze and grabbed America's umbrella and coat that were lying on the floor. He then looked up at Russia.

"Ummmm… Can you help me bring him to my room?" England asked Russia.

"Da but you'll owe me after!" Russia replied with an evil smile while picking up America.

England just nodded. He didn't even want to know what Russia meant by that statement. He gathered all his strength and got up to lead Russia to his own room, leaving France and China to have nothing to do but follow.

December 4th, 2007
2 Days before the Recession Hits Hard

America woke up finding himself in a bed that wasn't his. He lifted his head to get a better view of whose room it was but found out it hurt too much. He lifted his hand to where the pain was on his head. When he did his hand met some gauze that was slightly looked at himself and found he had two IV's hooked into him. The one on his left arm was pumping something into him. The other IV that was hooked into him didn't seem to be flowing anything into his body at the tried to remember what happen. He remembered going to the meeting and then leaving early. Then he went into the bathroom and coughed a lot. After that he walked out and talked to China… he thought for awhile but he couldn't remember anything after that.

America looked around, deciding he wanted to get up and walk around. He always thought better standing up or pacing. America barely noticed the prick in his arm where the IV was when he decided to get up. Suddenly a huge wave of dizziness hit him. He felt really tired and his eyes were getting turned towards the second IV and tried to keep his head up with all his strength. It was working now, flowing a clear liquid into his body. Alfred sniffed trying to get rid of his stuffy nose. When he inhaled a sickly sweet smell invaded his nostrils. He new that smell anywhere. You would have to if you were apart of any government.

"Must keep… my… head… up…" America thought before he couldn't do it any more. He let his head drop onto the pillow which was a mistake because now he became even sleepier.

England had put a spell on that IV so that when America thought about getting up that it would start flowing sleeping drugs into him. It seemed to be working as Alfred got more and more was falling asleep now unaware of the three nations watching and listening to him. Alfred was also unaware of the very worried British man watching and listening with them.

"I'll just take a… small… nap…," America mumbled as he finally fell asleep.