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-Chapter 2-
Encouragement Through McDonalds

"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together."
- Woodrow T. Wilson

December 5th, 2007
1 Day before the Recession Hits Hard

England sat on his bed reading Shakespeare's Hamlet. He could remember when this book first came out. Back then it was considered pure brilliance but now no one read the marvelous book unless made to in school. Even then it was hard to get the youthful to read it.

Being the old and wise nation he was, he new it was nearly impossible to do. He would know, he had tried to make Alfred read it several times.

The missions usually ended in failure though, after he had tried to duct-tape the younger nation to a chair, trying to make Alfred read Romeo & Juliet.

England looked over at the bed on the other side of the hotel's nightstand. There peacefully sleeping was Alfred. He looked rather pale but was still oozing his heroic pride, even in his sleep.

Upon studying Alfred England realized that Alfred was still wearing his suit from the world meeting he had left so suddenly.

"I guess I'll have to go get his stuff from his hotel," England mumbled to himself. Getting up the old nation made his way over to a table where all Alfred's stuff was.

After sifting through the random items on the table, England found the younger nations wallet. Opening it he discovered the former colony's keycard for his hotel room.

It was not to far away he could walk there and get back before America woke up he possibly had time to get some lunch and another book to read since he was already almost done with Hamlet.

Sighing, England grabbed a duffel bag, so that he could carry Alfred's stuff back, and his own wallet, and his own keycard.

With a soft click of a door, England was out in the hotel hallway and soon on the side walk heading to America's hotel.

England slammed Alfred's Hotel door loudly as he left the room annoyed and very angry. He hated that Alien Alfred called his friend. The thing was rude, stubborn, and irritating.

"Just like America," England thought as he re adjusted the heavy duffel bag on his shoulder, "the only differences between them are that Tony isn't human and it has a VERY foul mouth."

"I'm better then it, aren't I," England asked himself angrily. England looked around noticing it was brighter, he was outside again.

As he kept walking he couldn't help but let his mind wander away from Tony and back to America.

America was a stubborn nation. He didn't like taking help from anyone. Most of the time, not even his brother Canada. Maybe that's why he hadn't told anyone about anyone of the growing severity of his economy.

England himself had noticed Greece looking a little pale and China a little out of it at the meetings. He, himself had not been fully spared from the younger nations growing economy crisis.

England was brought back to reality by the smell of grease. England new the smell very well thanks to a certain American. Turning to his left England confirmed that indeed, it was a dreaded McDonalds.

Suddenly England's stomach had a mind of its own. "Gurggle grumble." Realizing how hungry he was England made a 360 looking for a café or restaurant. Anything was better than the fast food place to his left. Of course though, there was only that yellow arched building in sight.

Sighing, England walked over to the McDonalds and opened the doors, entering. He was waiting in line when he realized he should probably get some food for Alfred. He searched the board above the counter finding Alfred's favorite meal. He soon stepped up to the counter and ordered.

As soon as England got his food he exited the food place quickly and headed to his hotel. The whole way, wondering how the heck America liked this food.

England walked back into the hotel room he had reserved for America with a fast-food bag in hand. A McDonalds Big Mac and large fries were inside it. In the other hand England was holding a large Coke. He quietly made his way to America's night stand by his bed and set the tray down softly.

England then walked over to the bed placed on the other side of the nightstand. He sat down and took off his shoes. Once he was done he brought his feet up and leaned back onto the backboard of the bed.

Looking around he spotted his book he was reading on the nightstand. He slowly picked it up and grabbed his book light. He turned it on and opened the book to the page he had last read.

"Smells… So good…" England heard America mumble. England rolled his eyes, anybody who didn't know America would probably think he was a little kid in disguise upon meeting him. In fact all of the countries probably would too if it wasn't for the fact you could catch America saying wise things that seemed out of character for him.

It was strange when you heard him say wise or smart things like someone intelligent took over his mind and made him say what they thought. Anyone would think that wasn't America unless you knew him as a child. As a child America was curious about everything.

He eyed every tree like it was nothing he had ever seen before. He so in tune with nature always watchful and wanting to help it. He often would sit down in a middle of a field just to stare up at the sky for hours on end. He was bright, he was courageous, he was America.

Sometimes when you came up to him he would say the most wondrous things that you wouldn't think a three and a half foot tall little child would say. England closed his eyes remembering clearly one of the things he said while sitting there gazing at the sky.

"'I'm jealous,' America simply said while gazing at a bird in the sky. England took a seat next to his small colony, 'Oh? Why's that?'

America looked up at him with his blue eyes. Those endless pools of blue, just like the sky, stared at him pondering something. England waited for his colony to give his answer. Finally America sighed then looked back up to the sky, watching the birds again.

'I'm jealous of birds,' he continued. 'They can fly. They can go where ever they want with nothing to hold them back. They have endless miles of sky to spread their wings and be free. I want to be able to fly someday,' the younger colony said, the whole time still watching the birds.

England was lost for words. He didn't know what to say. Had this young boy just said something like that? He would have expected it from some poet or famous writer but not this three and a half foot tall boy"

"You accomplished your dream," England whispered silently before he was pulled out of the memory. He had been pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a certain someone wake up with a groan.

"Iggy, is that you?" he heard a familiar voice ask from beside him. England opened his eyes only to glare at America.

"Yes, and don't call me Iggy," England answered his question while at the same time scolding America for calling him his much hated nickname.

"Awww, but it's cute and I love the way you turn red when I say it," America replied in a teasing manner.

England turned red with embarrassment, or anger, it didn't really matter, at this comment.

"I don't have time for your games," England snapped at America after regaining his composure again.

"I'm very busy. I have things to do and they don't all involve you," the older nation said standing up. It was true, there was another longer meeting being held today due to the other one being cut short.

England was starting to leave when a hand grabbed his arm with a firm grip. The older nation new if he tried he would not be able to break free of that recognizable iron hold.

"Please stay," quietly said the person holding on to his arm. England's face softened when he saw the face of the nation holding onto him. Alfred's head was half buried the beds covers and his eyes showed sadness but there was something else hidden in the younger nation's stare. England gave a sigh of defeat.

"Fine, I'll stay but only because you said please," England said in defeat with a little teasing at the end. Americas face didn't change much at this. Happiness flashed in his eyes quickly before disappearing to the unidentified emotion from before.

"Can you let go of me for a few minutes," England asked America who was still holding on to him. America eyes showed wonderment and sadness which had gotten stronger. The other emotion had gotten stronger too. England looked down at America. The nation clearly didn't want his former caretaker to leave.

"I have to make a couple calls explaining I'll be here with you," England tried explaining to keep America at ease. Of course it didn't work, it in fact got worse. England stared into America's eyes.

There was so much you find out about a man just by watching his eyes. You could tell if they were lying, happy, sad, worried… That was it! England looked deeper into America's eyes and identified the mystery emotion, America was worried.

England had forgotten what that looked like on his former colony. He hadn't seen the emotion since right before the Revolutionary War. America was simply worried.

America hated his depression. It drove the America insane from what he was told from Canada. Canada being the only one to able to see his brother after America was isolated from the world to fix the ever growing problems in the nation.

America was worried that he would have to isolate again. He was worried that he wouldn't be able to see all the countries he had made friends with over the years.

England immediately softened and sat on the edge of America's bed. He sat his hand on America's head making him look up at the older nation.

England looked firmly into Americas face ready to ask his question, "America… Are you worried?"

America's face went cherry red from embarrassment. England could tell he was right. At this he went into parent mode.

"What is it that is bothering you," England asked America in a soft and calm manner.

America looked down embarrassed. "My debt sucks, my economy sucks, all my problems suck, and therefore my life sucks," He replied to England's question.

"What is your name," England asked America with a serious tone.

"Alfred F. Jo-," America started but was quickly cut off.

"No, your nation name," England elaborated a little bit more.

"A-america," America asked confuse to why he was say his name.

"Your full nation," England stated determined to make his point.

"Uh, the United States of America," America said now very confused.

"Yes, that's right. You are the United States of America. You obey no nation, you help all countries in need, you have faced many wars, some even on your own land, and you have been in and survived a Great Depression. So what is this recession to make you worried? If this does turn into a depression, I'm going to be there and so is Canada. Together we'll kick all the way to the Pacific Ocean. You're a Hero so get up and act like it you bloody git!"

England was soon done with his speech. He hoped America would realize he wasn't alone on this matter. He had countries to help him the whole way.

America's stomach growled suddenly making the older nation jump a foot out og his seat on the edge of the bed. England swore the way the stomach growled could surely be mistaken for a bears roar. It probably had at one point, too.

"America are you hungry," England asked. America's face lit he nodded wanting food but then his expression got dark.

"Are you cooking it," his former colony asked with a dark, serious 'no questions' face. England opened his mouth to retort but decided to let it slide.

"No I'm not cooking. I got some Mcdonalds for you while you were asleep," England replied as calmly as he could. America's face lit up again.

"Really? Where is it," America asked clearly excited he would get something to eat especially since it was from his favorite fast-food place.

England pointed to a bag and drink sitting on America's nightstand. The very hungry nation sat up right away, reaching into the bag so he could dig in.

At this England face palmed.

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