Of Magic and Dragon Scales

Explanations and Second Chances (Part 1)

Muffled voices and soft tapping against the bridge of his nose slowly stirred Kurt from sleep. His face scrunched up slightly when something warm and rough swiped a small, wet path across his his cheek. He groaned softly as his eyes fluttered open, confused when large, bright blue-gray eyes stared back at him. A soft mew from the bright yellow tabby cat in front of him finally forced him to sit up on his arm, tilting his head to one side as he took the fluffy creature in front of his face.

Pavarotti's ears flicked every few moments, no doubt in response to whoever was talking downstairs. The cat mewed once more whenever Kurt laid back down, his back against the mattress as he stared up at the ceiling of his bedroom. Slowly things from the previous day stated to come back to him causing him to suck in a startled breath and bite his bottom lip as his cheeks flushed from embarrassment. He had completely lost it and he didn't know what kind of damage he had caused. The last few things he actually remembered were the three dragons putting him to bed and…

Kurt shot up, his whole face red, the soft pink hue even reaching the tips of his ears as he fumbled with the blankets wrapped around his waist. The young sorcerer ignored the playful swat that Pavarotti gave his arm, finally calming down once he had pulled the front of his boxers down slightly, the bright lilac mark on his hip glowing faintly as he stared down at it. Kurt's brows knitted together as he watched the mark glow and fade slowly, wondering what it could mean as Pavarotti eventually managed to wiggle his way into the teen's lap.

"What happened…how did it happen?" Kurt whispered, well more like croaked since the back of his throat felt like sandpaper scraping together. He gently threaded his fingers through Pavarotti's surprisingly soft fur, tugging at it gently when the cat purred and pawed at his leg in content.

Kurt's eyes slowly took in their surroundings, stopping on the large fourposter bed shoved against the opposite wall. Thankfully the three dragons who normally shared the fluffy mattress seemed to be absent from it at the moment meaning that he was alone, well save from the miniature motor-boat parked in his lap. His gaze slowly rolled over to the other side of the room where the bathroom door was slightly ajar. Kurt strained for a few moments trying to hear if anyone was in the other room, a soft sigh of relief leaving his lips when he didn't hear the clink of a toothbrush against the sink or the shower running in the other room.

Kurt was thankful, but honestly surprised that not one of the over protective, no personal space, overactive dragons were not by his side. A strange pang of what he could only describe as disappointment washed over him quickly before it was replaced with a scoff and a mental chide of himself for even wanting one of them in the first place.

Finally deciding he could let his guard down he leaned back against his headboard, eyes fluttering shut once more as he began to think, the cat in his lap continuously purring and kneading the material of his sweat pants as his fingers continued to scratch behind it's ears. Every aspect of his life seemed to be in shambles at the moment and the thoughts that rushed to the forefront of his mind made his head swirl slightly, another little sigh leaving his lips as his long fingers stilled in Pavarotti's fur.

His father had lied to him about his mother who he had thought had died in a car crash when he was eight. Turns out that his mother was actually a Sorceress who not only was bound to three dragons herself but the daughter of a king from a kingdom that he had only ever read about. Three dragons suddenly pop up out of no where to kickstart this whole mess and he is slowly starting to actually like them…all three of them. Now his grandfather was here, demanding that he leave with him and leave his father, the only parent he has ever really known. Not to mention he brought his own dragons where one of them painfully reminds him of the mother he had lost so long ago. Kurt lifted his hand to press it against the left side of his chest where his heart thudded against his chest.

An impatient yowl and a gentle swipe from a furry paw to his hand caused Kurt to to let the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding go. He smiled slightly when Pavarotti blinked up at him, the long fluffy tail resting against his stomach twitching slightly as they stared at one another. Right, he had a familiar now who was apparently respondent to his own emotions. Great. "This is a mess." he mumbled, fingers running through the fur on Pavarotti's back. "I don't even really have real friends."

Mercedes face and previous conversation raced to the forefront of his mind, head drooping slightly as he thought about the girls…/woman's/ story. It's strange that so many people can be connected to him without him even knowing it or aware that half of them even existed. Remembering that Santana and Rachel somehow had a part in…well whatever you would call this made him groan softly. He had just gotten to the point where he got along with Rachel but Santana was a completely different story. To be honest the girl sort of intimidated him but of course he had never let that show in front of the out spoken Cherrio. Something thumping against the floor downstairs pulled him from his thoughts, voices once against echoing up the stairs and slipping through the tiny crack of his bedroom door where someone had left it open slightly. He wondered for a moment if everyone was still here and if everything downstairs was still intact from his mental breakdown from earlier.

Should he go downstairs and face what he knew he had to eventually head-on? Kurt's brows rose when a voice from downstairs seemed to raise, the picture frames on his bedroom walls rattling in response. Funnily enough he still couldn't understand the muffled words causing him to tilt his head towards the door slightly in a failed effort to hear it more clearly. After a few minutes of leaning forwards with nothing more a few more muffled conversations he sighed and gave up before gently pushing Pavarotti from his lap who made a weird growl-chirp noise he had never heard before.

"I guess I better go down?" Kurt mumbled, more to the empty room than himself. With a small grunt he managed to push himself up from the edge of the bed he had scooted to. It took him a moment to regain his balance, his head swimming slightly from the sudden movement. Once he regained control of his bearings he padded towards the restroom, quickly shutting the door before the yellow tabby cat could slink his way in behind him. Kurt smiled slightly at the annoyed growl Pavarotti gave in response as he walked across the cold tile of his bathroom, blinking at his reflection as it stared back at him.

He looked normal enough, at least to himself. Of course his hair was a complete mess but he couldn't really help that, he tended to toss and turn in his sleep often so it always looked like a pack of animals had trampled across it through the night. He noticed however that the slight dark circles he had under his eyes for the past few days seemed to be gone and a few pimples that had formed under his chin that he had been actively fighting against with all sorts of products and skin care creams had vanished as well.

A yawn escaped the back of his throat causing him to lean forward against the counter and brace himself with his hands against the edge of the sink. He looked down, using his other hand to rub the sleep from his eyes, noticing a flash of red that had never been on his sink before. Kurt's left brow lifted as he took in the small, glass cylinder jar resting towards the back of the counter against the mirror. After staring at it for another few moments curiosity got the better of him and Kurt couldn't help but pick the little jar up to inspect it smiling slightly as he realized what it was after a few seconds.

"Must be Blaine's." Kurt mumbled, turning the red glass jar in his hand before unscrewing the lid. He wasn't sure what possessed him but once he had finally gotten the sticky lid separated from the top of the jar he brought the gel like substance up to his nose and took a sniff, his eyes fluttering shut and a soft growl like noise leaving the back of his throat as the smell of sandalwood and something else he couldn't identify flooded his senses. It almost smelled exactly like Blaine, but something was missing that he couldn't place. He opened his eyes, paling slightly when he noticed the stupid grin on his face and his flushed cheeks reflected back to him in the mirror.

"Oh god." Kurt groaned, quickly shoving the lid back on the jar and placing it back where he found it on the counter up against the back mirror. He stared at the little jar for a few more minutes before he quickly shook his head and dragged his gaze away. What was wrong with him? He quickly realized that there were quite a few other things on his bathroom counter that didn't belong to him, toothbrushes, hair brushes even a razor. The corner of his mouth lifted slightly as he ran his fingers across the items briefly, trying to imagine what dragon used what item.

Another thump from downstairs caused him to jump slightly, cheeks coloring once more once he realized what he was trying to do. He shook his head slightly before walking over to the toilet to relieve himself before coming back to the counter to do his normal morning routine, trying his hardest to ignore the little red jar in the corner and the other things that weren't his scattered across the counter.

About half an hour later Kurt finally lost the battle with his hair, deciding to just style it in an easy 'bed head' look before walking out of the bathroom, mouth still tingling from the mouthwash he had spit out earlier. He was amused when Pavarotti meowed excitedly, running a few quick circles around his feet before pressing his furry face into his calf. "You silly thing." Kurt said softly before bending over and picking the ball of fluff up in his arms. "What do you think they are doing down there?" he whispered to the cat, rolling his eyes when the only response he got was a rough lick to his chin. He walked over to the bed and plopped the cat down on the edge of it before walking towards his closet, frowning when he realized some of his things had been pushed to the other side of the large walk-in area so that the three dragons could have space for their own things.

Jackets, blazers and nice looking dress shirts and pants were what seemed to dominate the space the dragons had stole, but a few well-worn jeans and hoodies were also squeezed in, standing out amongst the dark colored fabric. A few boxes were shoved against the wall beneath the hanging clothes and Kurt, upon a few hesitant footsteps towards that side of his closest, realized it was clothes that resembled what they had been wearing to school. Not able to help himself Kurt knelt down in front of the boxes grinning when he realized there were three separate boxes, tidy handwriting marking each respective dragons' box with their name.

Jeff's box seemed to be in the middle and Kurt couldn't help the eye-roll he gave whenever he realized almost all the shirts there were in it were name brand mall stores like Abercrombie or the Gap. He had to give the blond kudos though, he seemed to like a lot of color and Kurt was sure that the blond dragon could probably pull them all off with that stupid grin and those bright blue eyes.

Nick's box was next and Kurt frowned slightly as he looked through the mostly black attire. There were a few shades of dark blue mixed in as well, but not enough to give the shortest dragon enough variety. He remembered seeing the dragon in a dark blue plaid shirt a few days before and had to admit that Nick did look good in darker shades but he would love to see him in something that made those bright green eyes pop even more. Kurt quickly dropped the dark gray sweater he was holding when he realized he had actually wanted to see Nicks eyes.

"Oh lord, what has come over me." he mumbled, eyeing Blaine's box next. "Might as well." he mumbled, sliding across the floor to situate himself in front of the cardboard box that had Blaine's name scrawled across it. His box also contained a lot of color, the pants seeming to have a tighter fit in the leg compared to the other two. A few brightly colored cardigans and a handful of bowties were shoved towards the bottom, one of the brightly colored bows causing Kurt to smile as he ran his long fingers across the silky fabric.

It was interesting to Kurt how they seemed so different even though they always acted as one. Then again he hadn't really given them the chance to show them who they were now did he? Kurt shook his head stubbornly dropping the bow tie he had been holding onto the top of the pile in the box before standing up and facing what was now his side of the closet. He shouldn't be thinking about things like that…and really it was none of his business what they wore or what they did. He didn't care.

His stomach fluttered slightly as he begrudgingly admitted to himself a few seconds afterwards that maybe, just maybe he did care /slightly/. Kurt groaned and pressed his face against one of his winter jackets. Why did this have to happen to him of all people? He was fine with his little boring, mundane existence where he didn't have to worry about crazy dragons, pushy grandparents or magic that seemed to want to make everything explode.

Pavarotti swatting at the back of his leg snapped him back into focus, eyes quickly rolling over his clothes as he thought of what to wear. He honestly didn't have the energy for his more complicated outfits but he also didn't want to walk downstairs in the white t-shirt and baggy sweat pants he had woken up in either. Come to think of it…exactly how did he end up in these clothes? He knew by the size in the waist band they couldn't have been his and the pants were super long on him as well with the extra material pooling at his ankles. Kurt's face flushed once more at the realization that someone must have changed his clothes and that someone would have had to have been one of the dragons. Great.

The sound of soft cracking and popping caused Kurt to turn around, jaw sightly dropping as he watched Pavarotti's body twist around itself a few times, fur receding as the now blob like form slowly formed into a human like shape. Kurt's stomach twisted uncomfortably when the body hunched forward and a soft groan came from the familiar. The blond righted himself a few seconds later, a grin taking over his face when he caught Kurt staring at him.

"Kurt!" Pavarotti called out happily, quickly walking towards the young sorcerer with a bounce in his step.

"Pavarotti!" Kurt practically squeaked, quickly whirling around to face the other direction when the realization that the blond was completely naked…again. "Can't you like, magic clothes on or something when you do that?" he asked, shielding his eyes when Pavarotti sidestepped around him to face him once more.

"I could, but this is way more fun." Pavarotti said, his voice basically a purr as if he were still somewhat of a cat. The blonds fingers quickly found their way to Kurt's shoulders, resting there as the taller teen continued to hide behind his hands. "I'm just glad you are finally awake."

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked shrugging his shoulders so the shorter blond would remove his hands, quickly turning the opposite direction. He briefly opened his eyes finding a pair of jeans and a random t-shirt before throwing them over his shoulder. He heard Pavarotti sigh behind before the rustle of clothes as the familiar stepped into the jeans he had thrown at him.

"You can turn around now." Pavarotti said, smiling at Kurt once the Sorcerer finally turned towards him with open eyes. He held out his hands, grinning when Kurt reluctantly took them after a few moments of awkward silence. "You've been out for days." he continued when the taller teen gave him a searching look.

"What?" Kurt asked, blinking in surprise as the smaller hands around his squeezed gently. "But how-"

"Well, you know, you kind of exploded and all." Pavarotti said with a little shrug, tilting his head to the side when Kurt's head drooped slightly in response. "Aw, don't look like that." Pavarotti said softly, his own shoulders slumping as a feeling of shame suddenly welled up in the pit of his stomach in response to his sorcerers emotions.

"I…no one is hurt or anything, right?" Kurt asked through a whisper, a little wave of relief washing over him as Pavarotti nodded.

"Yeah everything is okay, except for a few pictures that were on the wall. Blaine, Nick and Jeff managed to calm you down before anything too crazy happened." Pavarotti explained watching Kurt's face as the taller teen processed the information.

"How long exactly have I been sleeping?" Kurt asked, frowning when Pavarotti laughed. "Well?"

"Maybe three or four days?" Pavarotti said, grinning once more when Kurt gave him a skeptical look. "I couldn't really keep count that well, the dragons kept most of the light from coming into the room so I lost track really." Pavarotti explained, holding back a laugh when a surprised look flitted across the young sorcerer's face.

"You can't be serious." Kurt whispered, looking up at the ceiling as he tried to process the information. How could he have been asleep for three whole days? It didn't seem humanly possible. He paused, looking back at Pavarotti and licking his dry lips as the realization that he wasn't quite human crossed his mind. "No one thought to wake me up?" he asked, head tilting to the side whenever Pavarotti snorted in laughter.

"Well the dragons managed to wake you every so often to get you to drink water or some of the potion Wes and David made you, but you pretty much passed out once you had swallowed it." Pavarotti said, frowning when Kurt's hands pulled away from his own. "Your dad tried coming up here a few times but…well the dragons didn't like that very much so he barely got past the bottom of the staircase.

"Oh." was all Kurt had to say to that, frowning agains when he thought of the way the dragons and his father had acted towards another the past few days. "They didn-"

"No," Pavarotti said quickly with a shake of his head. "They know how much he means to you and even though they are dragons they aren't that stupid." the familiar quipped, smiling when Kurt seemed to let out a soft sigh of relief.

"Do familiars and dragons not like each other?" Kurt asked after he had processed that his father hadn't been burnt to a crisp or anything. He smiled slightly when a dramatic groan came from the blond.

"Not really, they are nothing but a nuisance." Pavarotti said with a roll of his eyes. "They always get in the way."

"Of what?" Kurt asked as he looked through his clothes once more finally deciding on a pair of fitted jeans and a dark, burgundy colored sweater. He was going to go for a sort sleeved shirt but for some reason felt the need to cover as much skin as he could considering the dragons had seen enough of it, thank you very much.

"You." Pavarotti answered, smiling when Kurt turned around with a quirked brow.

"I don't understand." Kurt said before walking out of the closet and into the bathroom. He shut the door behind him before pulling the sweater over his head, careful to not mess up his hair as he did so. He then pulled on the jeans before opening the door again, not surprised when Pavarotti was waiting just outside of it.

"You'll see." Pavarotti said, shrugging and laughing lightly when Kurt sent him a scowl in return. "It's hard to explain until you experience it yourself." he continued watching as Kurt sat on the edge of his bed to pull on his socks.

"The other three dragon and Markus…" Kurt trailed off for a moment, biting the bottom of his lip slightly before continuing. "Are they still here?" he asked softly, raising his gaze to meet Pavarotti's.

"Where else would they go?" Pavarotti asked, frowning when Kurt looked back to the floor. "You didn't really expect them to just leave after they found you, did you?" he asked, sighing when Kurt slowly shook his head. "Hey…they really aren't that bad you know." he tried, placing his hand over his chest as he felt it accelerate in response to Kurt's.

"So you say." Kurt said, feeling his heart thud quickly against his ribcage. "They want to take me away, Pavarotti," the sorcerer whispered. "I can't leave my dad, I just can't. He's all I have."

"Well, technically thats not true. At least not anymore." Pavarotti said quickly before walking over to where Kurt sat. He dropped to his knees in front of him, looking up into sad blue-grey eyes. "You have me now," he stated. "and I guess the overgrown lizards." he added a few moments later through a soft huff. "But your grandparents…well they really miss you Kurt. It nearly killed them when they lost you and your mother. They may seem like jerks now but they really aren't that bad once you get to know them."

Kurt smiled slightly as the blond perched his chin upon his knee, resisting the urge to run his fingers through the familiars hair. "I hope you are right Pavarotti. If they really do try to take me away from my dad…" Kurt trailed off before closing his eyes and shaking his head when he was unable to finish his sentence.

"Just give them a chance." Pavarotti urged, reaching up to grab Kurt's long fingered hand. "Might as well give those dragons one too I guess."

Kurt smiled, nodding slightly before slowly standing up and turning towards his bedroom door. "Should we go downstairs now?" Kurt asked, his hands shaking at his sides slightly. What would he really do if his grandfather tried to take him away from his father?

"May as well." Pavarotti said before standing. He quickly stripped off the clothes he had just pulled on and leaned forward before springing up through the air, quickly shapeshifting back into the large yellow tabby cat he had been before. He landed at Kurt's feet and stood back on his hind legs to paw at the teens knees, purring contentedly when Kurt picked him up to carry him in his arms.

"I think you just like the free rides." Kurt murmured before shoving his face into the soft bundle of fur in his arms. He smiled when Pavarotti mewed softly in return, purring loudly as Kurt held him close. "This is going to be…interesting." Kurt whispered as he slowly made his way to the door.

Kurt took a few more minutes before he worked up the nerve to push his door all the way open, his steps hesitant as he stepped through the doorway and into the carpeted hall. A soft pop sound in his ears startled him for a moment almost causing him to almost drop the large cat in his arms who growled slightly in response. Keeping Pavarotti up right with one arm he used his free hand to press against his right ear as another soft pop made itself known.

"Weird." he muttered before replacing his arm underneath Pavarotti and walking towards the edge of the staircase. Kurt slowly descended the steps, expertly skipping the squeaky step at the bottom that would have announced his arrival before walking through the entry way and into the living room.

Kurt looked around the room, frowning slightly as he noticed not one of his dragons leaning against the back wall or lazing about on the furniture. Surprisingly the only person in the tiny living space was his father who, much to Kurt's worry, was hunched over himself slightly with his elbows resting on his knees and face pressed into the palms of his hands. The disappointed feeling in his gut from not seeing Blaine, Jeff, or Nick was quickly replaced by a feeling of guilt.

"Dad?" he asked softly, smiling slightly when his father jumped at the sound of his voice. He watched as the man quickly stood up, a look of relief flashing across his face as he looked over the teen.

"Hey kiddo." Burt said, wasting no time as he walked forward to wrap his arms around his son. "You had me worried there for a few days." the man admitted, his grip tightening even more when Kurt's shoulders tensed slightly.

"Dad, I didn't mean…I'm sorry." Kurt said softly, voice muffled as he spoke into his fathers shoulder. Pavarotti managed to wiggle himself free from between the two with an irritated meow, landing at Kurt's feet as the sorcerer now used his free arms to wrap them around the middle aged man.

"Don't- Kurt it wasn't your fault." Burt muttered, words stumbling slightly as he patted the teens back. "You can't really control it."

"But-" Kurt began, stopping when he felt his fathers hand press against the back of his head slightly. He closed his eyes, enjoying the slight weight pressing his forehead further into his fathers shoulder. The smell of the older man's cologne and a slight whiff of engine grease comforted him as they both continued to stand in silence for a few minutes more.

"Oh." Burt laughed once Kurt's stomach finally made itself known with a loud growl. "Sorry, here," he said as he reluctantly pulled away. "They made you something to eat earlier." He said, gesturing towards the coffee table where a large silver dome covered a white porcelain plate underneath it.

"They?" Kurt asked, licking his lips slightly as he followed his father towards the middle of the room where the coffee table stood between the sofa and love seat. His cheeks were still slightly flushed from the embarrassing growl his stomach had given moments before as he sat down on the large pillow-like cushion that was situated on the floor in front of the dome.

"Those dragons of yours-" Burt answered gruffly, not missing the smile that lit up Kurt's pale face in response. "Carole wanted to, but they beat her to it."

"Oh." Kurt said fingers halted in midair at the thought of his stepmother. Suddenly memory of flying furniture came to mind. "Is she ok?" he asked quickly, biting his bottom lip slightly as he glanced up at his father.

"She's fine Kurt." Burt reassured his son, smiling when the teen's shoulders relaxed slightly. "Just a little shaken up."


"Kurt, stop. It's ok." Burt interrupted another apology, nodding towards the covered plate. "Eat something will you," he pleaded. "You haven't had anything but that potion thing Wes and David gave your dragons to force down your throat."

"Potion?" Kurt asked, remembering that Pavarotti had said something about that earlier. He looked up at his father for more of an explanation and sighed whenever his father pointedly glanced at the dome in return. The sorcerer took this to mean that his father wasn't going to give him anything else until he took a few bites at least.

Slowly Kurt removed the silver dome from the plate, the smell of eggs and sausage making him lick his lips eagerly as he sat the dome to the side. Fluffy eggs, bacon, toast, sausage and even hash browns filled the plate in front of him, the food almost spilling from the sides of the plate and still letting off steam as if it had just been brought out to him. Kurt picked up the fork that had been sat to the right of his plate, pushing the prongs into the fluffy pile of eggs and lifting it towards his mouth and pushing the bite past his lips. The moan that escaped him as the flavor exploded across his tongue was embarrassing but Kurt found that he could care less as he continued to shovel more bites into his mouth, not realizing how hungry he had been.

"Geeze kid, slow down." Burt mumbled, brows lifted in amusement and slight awe as Kurt continued shoving forkful after forkful of eggs and hash-browns into his mouth. "It's not running anywhere and they cooked enough to feed an army so there is more from where that came from." Kurt surprised him once again when the teen managed to gulp down a whole glass of orange juice and then half a glass of milk in one go.

Kurt paused for a moment after another mouthful of eggs as the mental image of Blaine, Jeff and Nick cooking came to mind. Somehow the image of the three dragons crowding each other in the kitchen to use the small stove and limited counter space made him smile around another bite of food. The fact that they had cooked for him in first place made his stomach flutter excitedly, but hopefully they weren't expecting him to be able to eat all of it considering he was almost to his stopping point and he had only finished off about half of the plate.

"Where did they go?" Kurt blurted after a few more bites. He looked away, feeling his cheeks heat up when his father grumbled something underneath his breath for a moment in response. He couldn't believe he had just asked for them as if he wanted to see them…out loud of all things. Maybe it was good thing they weren't here because Kurt really didn't know what was wrong with him. Did they drug the food?

"They sort of stepped out for a bit," Burt said gruffly, looking away when Kurt gave him a confused look. "I need to talk to you for a bit." he explained further, running a hand over his bald head, another exasperated sigh leaving him as he did so. Burt watched as the large yellow cat expertly slipped his way into Kurt's lap, a loud purr coming from the familiar when Kurt automatically scratched behind its ears.

Kurt rested his fork on the empty side of his plate before looking up to his farther, frowning at the look on the older mans face. Normally Kurt could read his father like an open book but the amount of emotions that continuously flitted across the bald mans face made it difficult for the sorcerer to pinpoint what the man was going to talk about.

"Look Kurt, I know I've messed up." Burt finally spoke, his voice soft as he looked at his hands instead of his son.

"What are you talking about?" Kurt asked, tilting his head slightly as he waited for the man to continue. Apparently what he wanted to say was difficult for the other man because a few more moments of awkward silence passed before he continued.

"All these years…I should have told you," Burt began, finally looking at Kurt's face and lifting his hand when his son opened his mouth to argue. "No Kurt, please listen." But said quickly, relieved when Kurt closed his mouth and gave him a slight nod in return. "Your mother, as amazing and wonderful as she was, had her own secrets that she took to the grave." Burt continued looking away from his son's face. "She made me promise not to tell you anything…and like an idiot I did what she told me to do and now we are in this mess." he said, scrubbing at his face with hands as he tried to concentrate. "I love you Kurt, I would do anything in the world for you, you know that right?" he asked, giving his son a hopeful look.

"Of course I do, Dad." Kurt said softly, brows pulled together in confusion. "I don't understand why you are blaming yourself." Kurt muttered, a few of their earlier conversations coming to mind. "I-I know I was angry before for you not telling me, and I'm not not upset by it still, but that doesn't mean I hate you or anything." he admitted, giving his father a sad smile when the man in front of him let out a relieved breath of air.

"Just…remember that ok?" Burt said, shaking his head when Kurt sent him a questioning look. "Your grandparents…well Markus," Burt said the other's sorcerers name through clenched teeth, having to take a few moments to straighten his thoughts once more. "They are going to tell you things about how you were brought into this world and how your mother was taken from it." the man continued. "I'm not sure what they are going to say about what went down on their end but Kurt, I loved your mother with all my heart and when you came along I swear to god you were the one thing I could love more than her."

Kurt felt tears prick the back of his eyes as he listened to the man, his heart aching as he thought of his mother. Of course he only had a few memories left of her, being so young when everything happened not helping him keep grasp of all the moments they had spent together. "Dad I-"

"When everything is said and done, I just want you to know that I will always be here. It doesn't matter if you change your mind and decide to hate me after they tell you what they want." Burt continued, effectively cutting off whatever Kurt was going to say. "Elizabeth loved you too." the older man continued briefly looking away from his son, blinking multiple times as if her were fighting back his own tears. "You were her everything."

"What really happened to her, Dad?" Kurt whispered before pushing the reluctant cat in his lap off and standing up. He quietly walked around the coffee table to take a seat next to his father who was hunched over slightly, staring at the floor. "I can handle it." the young sorcerer murmured after his fathers shoulders tensed at the question. A few minutes passed as Kurt patiently waited for the older man to speak, the teen worried that the man had shut down completely when a gruff voice finally left him.

"We were coming back from a picnic," Burt began, refusing to look at his son as he continued, shoulders still tensed and staring at the ground at his feet. "El-…" Burt took a stuttering breath and closed his eyes before continuing. "Your mother hadn't wanted to go, she said she was uneasy about the trip but you had been cooped up all day in the house because it had been raining non-stop."

Kurt frowned when his father took another long pause. He glanced at the man for a moment, heart aching as he watched the other man struggle to find his words. He had seen his father cry before, but that had only been at his mothers funeral. His father had never looked so….broken before. Looking away from the man's face he lifted his hand and found the older man's, resting his smooth palm onto of Burt's rough calloused hand.

"You were so excited." Burt continued using his free hand to place it on top of Kurt's, still not moving his gaze from the hardwood floor beneath them. "You even went and put on the little suit you had worn for easter the year before and a little blue bowtie Elizabeth had made for you. She couldn't refuse you when you came at her with that and that little picnic basket on your arm and those bright yellow rubber rain boots." Burt choked out a sad laugh. "She could never really tell you no though, I remember getting so upset because I came home one evening and half of your head was covered in this green goop. She said you wanted green hair because you had declared it would compliment some kind of shirt you had gotten…" Burt trailed off again, another weak laugh spilling from him for a few moments.

"Her dragons tried to tell her." Burt mumbled, getting back on track. "They tried, they really did but they couldn't tell her no. So we went. We should have listened to them…but I was young, stupid and so much in love with your mother that I couldn't tell her no either." the man admitted shaking his head for a moment before he continued once more.

"We were driving back home, well me and you and your mother. The dragons were following in the air, probably irritated with your mom because she had told them off earlier that day and they had barely spoken to one another afterwards." Burt stilled himself for a moment, taking in a deep breath of air. "I was driving, but then the next thing I remember is Elizabeth screaming for them…and then the car started to spin on the road and the wheels couldn't get enough traction because the roads were still so wet. Your mom was fast though and had managed to stop the car from skidding off the side of the road with some sort of magic." Burt stopped talking, his hand squeezing Kurt's beneath his.

"To be honest Kurt, I have shaky memories of the whole thing myself." Burt admitted, shaking his head slightly. "I'm not sure what had forced the car to spin like that and all of the sudden you were screaming and magic and blinding lights were flashing all around us. A dragon fell from the sky then, I can't remember if it was Trent or Kieth…their dragon forms were so alike…"

Kurt closed his eyes for a moment, trying to imagine the scene his father was describing, earnestly searching for a flicker of memory but shook his head slightly when of course nothing surfaced. Then the thought of one of his own dragons falling from the sky caused a nervous and uneasy feeling to roll across his own shoulders.

"He was dead." Burt finally bit out. "And your mom…she just lost it. I had never seen that kind of…rage before. Not just from her, but anyone really." Burt said after a pause, as if he had to think of the right word to describe what he had seen. "Allison was hit next and she didn't last long once she was blasted by something…and then the last one…well they speared him right through the chest right in front of us."

"Dad," Kurt whispered, worried he had asked too much from his father as tears began to roll down the man's cheeks. "You can stop, it-"

"No. You're right you deserve to know what really happened." Burt said gruffly, taking in another deep breath before he began to speak again. "I don't know how, or really remember, how she managed to kill them but she did. All I remember is bright light and screaming and then being blown back. You…You were in her arms when I finally got my bearings. She sort of slumped over once she realized I was ok."

Kurt shook his head slightly, trying his hardest to be strong for his dad, but the story he was telling was beginning to tear him up and he could barely swallow lump in his throat as he waited for his dad to finish.

"She made me promise then, that I wouldn't tell you and told me that your dragons wouldn't find you until you turned eighteen. Then she…she died in my arms, Kurt. Just like that."

"I'm so sorry, Dad." Kurt whispered, feeling his own hot tears trail down his cheeks. He sniffled when he felt his fathers arms suddenly wrap around him and finally slumped into his fathers embrace. He was supposed to be the strong one, he knew that but the thought of Blaine, Jeff, or even Nick being taken away from him like that was overwhelming him even more than the truth about his own mothers death. The amount of guilt that pooled in the pit of his belly at that realization caused him to whimper slightly but also yearn for the other three to show up and just show their stupid faces so that he could see that they were ok. He was somewhat aware of a slight burning where he knew his mark was but he didn't have the energy to reach down and look at it, instead he nestled his head in his fathers shoulder and let his own tears fall silently.

"Hey it's not your fault, kiddo." Burt said, his own voice cracking as he held his son in his arms. "You understand that right?" he asked, reaching up to ruffle the back of Kurt's soft hair.

"Who were they…the people who murdered her?" Kurt hiccuped slightly and sniffled once more before slowly leaning away from his father. He scrubbed at his face before he took a deep breath to calm himself. "Why did they do it?"

"I don't know, Kurt." Burt murmured sadly, wiping his own face free of tears. "Your mother and her dragons had talked about poachers sometimes when they thought I wasn't paying attention. They said that they targeted young sorcerers and dragons but I never thought they would find you with the way that your mother hid you from almost everything." Burt trailed off before shaking his head slightly. "Even your own grandparents weren't to come near you."


Kurt's head snapped up at the sound of a familiar voice. He quickly turned in his seat, relief seeming to wash over him as he looked over the three faces he had been yearning to see just a few moments ago. There they were, standing in front of the kitchen door and staring back at him alive and in one piece. Blaine's hazel eyes had locked on to his for a brief moment before the dragon did a once over of the rest of the sorcerer. Nick seemed to be doing the same but Jeff, to Kurt's surprise, was looking at him with a set jaw and focused eyes which was completely different from his normal easy going grin.

"I…" he began, standing up before he realized he was doing so. He didn't know why but he felt the immediate need to be closer to them and had to fight the urge to jump over the back of the couch to do just that.

"It's ok, bud." Burt mumbled quietly before he too stood up.

"What?" Kurt asked, finally peeling his eyes away from the other three. He frowned when his father nodded towards the dragons he was now stubbornly refusing to look at.

"Go ahead, go to them." Burt said, smiling slightly when Kurt shook his head hesitantly.

"What- no I mean you-"

"Look." Burt began before sighing and running his hand over the top of his bald head. "Just because I don't like them…doesn't mean you have to too." the older man admitted reluctantly, quickly cutting Kurt off when the teen opened his mouth. "I'm not so ignorant to not know that you need them."

"But you…" Kurt mumbled, glancing back towards the kitchen door when Carole entered, having to walk around the three dragons that were still standing in their original spot, moving as they continued to stare at Kurt.

"Don't worry about your Dad, Kurt." Carole said sweetly, walking up to the other side of Burt before wrapping her arms around the man. "I've got him."

Kurt stared at them for a moment, biting his lip slightly as he thought over his options and current situation. His father had basically just bared his soul to him and had even broken down in front of him which he had never done before, not even when they had watched his mothers casket be lowered into the ground. The way his mother died had finally been explained…well kind of, his father had done the best with the information he had and the details he could actually remember. Finally, three very intense dragons were staring at him from the other side of the room and the sorcerer was fighting every instinct to run to them because he couldn't get over the fact that he seemed to be more concerned about being near them instead of his own father. He needed to be there for him but…Kurt's gaze slowly traveled across the room once more, shoulders slumping when Jeff sent him a small, hesitant smile and Blaine and Nick both held out their hands in his direction.

"Dad I…have too." Kurt whimpered, glancing back to the man. "I don't know why but I just do." he mumbled, his hands shaky as he tried to stay still.

"I know." Burt said, wrapping one arm around Carole's waist before using his free hand to grip Kurt's shoulder slightly. "I'll be here when you can pull away." the man reassured him, smiling sadly as Kurt nodded.

Kurt took in a stuttering breath before slowly moving across the living room floor, somehow managing to keep his steps at an even pace with effort, his body itching to run towards the three. He felt his heart beat faster as he got closer to them, his face flushed as he slowly took both Blaine's and Nick's hand in his. He didn't fuss when Jeff pressed a kiss to the top of his head, following the taller blond as he led him and the other two dragons back upstairs to his room.

Kurt wasn't really sure how they had gotten up the stairs so fast or how he had been convinced so easily to let the dragons effortlessly lift him up and place him in the center of their large bed instead of his own. Very quickly he found that he didn't quite care when warmth suddenly surround him, limbs tangling around his as the bed dipped slightly as the other three curled in around him.

Blaine's hazel eyes stared into his as the the tip of the curly headed dragon's nose pressed against his slightly. His arms were wrapped around his waist, resting above Nick's whose warm arms were also looped around his midsection. While Kurt's back was pressed against Nick's slightly toned chest he felt Jeff's hands slip just underneath his shirt to rest on his stomach, his large hands warm as he pressed his palms against his skin. Kurt found it slightly miraculous that all three of them had managed to find a way to wrap around him but he wasn't going to complain about it, a small smile tugging against the corner of his mouth as he felt Jeff's legs tangle with his, somehow slipping underneath Nick's shorter legs to do so.

"Hey." Blaine whispered softly after a while, Kurt's eyes half-lidded as he focused on Nick's chest rising and falling against his back. "We are ok. You are ok." the dragon whispered, slowly adjusting his position so that Kurt could press his forehead against his shoulder.

"Kurt took a deep breath, the familiar scent of sandalwood calming him even more as he pressed his nose against the soft material of Blaine's shirt. He felt fingers run through his hair and wasn't quite sure who they belonged to but the gentle tugging motion finally allowed the last bit of tension that had been stored in his shoulders dissipate, his eyes fluttering closed as he mumbled in return.

"What is wrong with me?" Kurt whispered against Blaine's shoulder. The fingers in his hair stilled for a moment and a pair of arms that was wrapped around him tightened slightly. He felt what he assumed were Jeff's feet press against his own for a moment, the blonds hands pressing against his stomach with slightly more pressure.

"Nothing." Nick mumbled from behind him, Kurt shivered when he felt the shortest dragon's warm lips kiss the back of his neck, a string of soft open mouthed kisses slowly making their way from the back of his neck and across his shoulder when the sorcerer made no protest.

"There has to be something." Kurt mumbled, smiling as Nick continued to press kiss after kiss against his skin. He felt the material of his sweater across his shoulder shift slightly, his toes curling in delight when he felt Nick's lips against the newly exposed skin. "I should be with my dad…I shouldn't like this…"

"Why?" Blaine asked, his brows furrowing for a moment. "Should we stop?" he asked, smiling slightly when a soft noise of protest escaped the back of the sorcerers throat when he went to pull away.

"No." Kurt mumbled, shaking his head against Blaine's shoulder. "I just…this isn't normal. My dad just told /me/ how my mother died and all I can think about is the three of you being hurt and it like…hurts me to think about it."

"It may not seem so but it is normal for you to be feeling this way," Nick said softly, his gentle kisses pausing for a moment before Kurt felt the dragon's lips press against the sensitive skin behind his ear causing him to shiver slightly. "When Sorcerers, especially young and unbounded ones, are under stress or panicked or really any heightened emotion your body craves our presence and touch."

"That's why we came in from the kitchen." Jeff said quietly from behind Nick. "We felt your pull, and we were going to let it be but it felt so desperate that we couldn't ignore our own instinct."

Kurt frowned before gently pushing back against Nick's chest and scooting away from Blaine's shoulder before managing to roll on to his back to look up at the ceiling. He was slightly amused when all three dragons shifted around him to allow him to do so, a part of them still constantly in contact with his skin. "I didn't mean to pull you…or whatever I did. I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Blaine said softly, propping his chin on Kurt's shoulder and pressing his own lips against the side of Kurt's neck, grinning when he felt the sorcerer shiver once more. "We will never be angry for you needing us…in any capacity."

"We will always come when you call." Jeff said, propping himself up on his arm to be able to look over Nick's shoulder and stare down at Kurt who had turned his face toward him at the sudden movement. "Whether you want it or not, you're kind of the center of our entire universe so…" he trailed off and wiggled his eyebrows up and down, grinning when Kurt let out a snort like laugh in response.

"If that's so then all three of you are going to be severely disappointed. I'm not what everyone thinks I am. I don't know anything about magic…I don't know how to control these crazy outbursts and I REALLY don't know how to be the person you want." Kurt said sadly, closing his eyes when a soft growl left one of the dragons.

"Kurt, why do you think like this?" Jeff murmured softly. "You are amazing."

"Don't you have to automatically say that because of our…bond or something? I mean it's completely not true so it must be written into your program or something." Kurt mumbled, frowning when he felt Jeff's hand press against his stomach with more pressure as if the dragon was trying to push him further into the mattress. Kurt would never admit it out-loud but the slight pressure being pressed against his belly seemed to ease a little uneasiness that was now building.

"Kurt-" Blaine began, frowning when Kurt shook his head mutely.

"Don't" Kurt said softly. "I'm just a normal human from a small town whose only trait that is remotely different from the rest of the boring people here is the fact that I'm gay and I'm not afraid of other people knowing." Kurt murmured. "I'm nothing special. I'm not a sorcerer and I'm really not anything like a prince."

"Oh Kurt." Blaine said through a soft sigh. "You are so much more than what you think you are. If you could just see it."

Kurt shook his head again, lifting his right hand and pressing it against Jeff's when he felt the other's warm hand shift on his stomach slightly. "Where did the others go?" he asked quietly, desperately needing a change of subject knowing that if he didn't steer the conversation away from himself they would end up arguing and he didn't want to disrupt whatever weird peace like atmosphere he had with the three of them.

"They are still here." Blaine said, lifting a brow when Kurt nodded quickly.

"Don't think we won't revisit this…self image you've created." Nick said softly from beside Kurt. Jeff grumbled something underneath his breath before he spoke up as well, rubbing his toes against Kurt's ankles.

"We figured you needed a bit of time with your dad when you finally woke up." Jeff said, pressing a kiss to Nick's shoulder when Kurt hummed softly in response.

"I see." Kurt mumbled, smiling slightly as he tried to picture his three dragons, his grandfather and his own dragons all cramped into the kitchen. It wasn't the smallest space in the house but he could only imagine how cramped it must have been. "They aren't going to leave are they?" he asked after a few moments of comfortable silence.

"I'm afraid not." Blaine said quietly, shaking his head slightly before pressing another kiss against Kurt's skin, this time just beneath his chin. "Markus isn't going to leave anytime soon, no matter what anyone does. His dragons are just as determined as well and even if they weren't its not like they could convince him otherwise."

Kurt frowned, closing his eyes as the earlier conversation with his father came to mind once more. He had mentioned that his mother had been stubborn and had refused to listen to her dragons on what seemed like everything which eventually led to their deaths and even her own. Would his dragons really do anything he said to that point? Would they passively step aside and let him choose their own fate like that without a second thought? "Hey…" he whispered, biting his bottom lip slightly.

"Hm?" Blaine hummed, gently rubbing his nose against the crook of the sorcerers neck.

"Since I seem to have no choice but have the three of you around, promise me that if I'm doing something that will hurt you, you'll let me know." Kurt said quietly, turning his head slightly and burying his nose in Blaine's soft curls atop of the dragon's head. "I don't…" Kurt stopped, noticing how shaky his voice was now. He couldn't let his dragons end up like his mothers, he just couldn't.

"Hey," Jeff said softly, turning his hand to where his and Kurt's fingers were now intertwined where they rested against Kurt's stomach. "That's not going to happen…You aren't like your mother."

"Besides, we aren't ever going to let you get in that situation." Nick reassured Kurt, pressing more comforting kisses against the Sorcerers shoulder. "So you don't even have to worry about it."

Kurt smiled slightly, a yawn suddenly escaping him as the warmth around him began to impact his ability to stay awake. "Just to humor me, please." Kurt mumbled through another yawn, wondering how on earth he could be tired considering he had been asleep for days.

"If we do, will you sleep?" Nick asked, laughing softly when Kurt turned his in his direction, eyes cracked open slightly.

"How can I be so tired…didn't I seep for like three days?" Kurt mumbled, blinking a few times as he continued to fight the sleep that was aggressively trying to pull him down.

"Four actually." Jeff quipped, chuckling when Kurt groaned in response.

"Your body is trying to recover since you used so much magic." Blaine explained when Kurt turned his head back to look at him. "We are surprised you weren't out for longer when we felt you wake up."

"How did you…you can feel when I'm awake or asleep?" Kurt asked, frowning slightly. "How-"

"Shh." Nick whispered , using a hand to smooth through Kurt's hair. "We can explain it later, please stop being so stubborn and let your body rest." the dragon pleaded, a soft growl coming from his chest when Kurt only shook his head in return.

"N-Not until you all promise me not to do anything stupid to benefit me." Kurt said, fighting another yawn as he waited for them to respond.

"You stubborn thing…" Jeff mumbled, hand leaving Kurt's fingers to slide up his shirt and rest in the center of his chest. The warmth pressing against him once again almost allowing Kurt's body to succumb to the sleep that he was so desperately fighting.

"Kurt." Blaine said, pressing a gentle kiss against the tip of the teen's nose before continuing through a soft sigh. "We promise that we will not die." Blaine said, relieved when Kurt's eyes shut once more. He watched as the sorcerer frowned, eyelashes fluttering slightly as he tried to open them again.

"That's not what I meant…and you know it." Kurt mumbled, not having the energy to argue further. "Don't…leave." he managed to say before he finally slipped into sleep, the three dragons curling as close as they could to their sorcerer as he slept on.

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