Title: Born of Violence
Author: Bernarde
Rating: Mostly T, but will be M in a few chapters (mostly the third one).
Summary: "You see, youngling, Sideswipe used to have a twin. A long time ago, during the war. Many of us believe that this peace was born of something that happened to him. His name was Sunstreaker."

Author's Note: This is mostly G1, with ideas from other lines. This will be my first, and probably only, Tranformer fic. I will warn you now that it is going to be a big one. I have a rough storyline etched out, but I would like to have a general reaction to the premise. As a result, here is the prologue. Please tell me what you think.

Future Trigger Warnings: Rape, forced sparking, violence, death.


When I say that a lot of things have changed, I am telling the truth. Granted, I may not know, firsthand, the extent of such, but I have been reassured over the years by the few survivors. The mechs who raised me, cared for me, even knowing my horrifying origin. Now I speak to the younglings, little sparklings bright with youth, vigor and curiosity. What was it like, they ask. Was Optimus Prime really so regal, so just, so caring? Was Cybertron really desolate, nearly destroyed? They ask about Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, all of the autobots who proudly served, even though they already know all there is to know... Mostly.

What about Earth? Was our race and planet really saved by a race of such inferior beings? How could they have exerted such influence, being simple and frail biological creatures?

And then I get the questions that I despise, the questions that bring tremors to my plating even now. What about Megatron and his Air Commander Starscream? What about the infamous Decepticon intelligence mech, Soundwave? What about the others? Thundercracker and Skywarp? The myriad other Decepticons? Were they really as evil as the data pads record? Couldn't there have been some sort of peace?

Optimistic, naive younglings. I understand their reasons for thinking such things, really I do. But I cannot tell them the full truth, not yet. When they are older, Ratchet says. He is the oldest of our race now, and one of the last dozen survivors of the war. The war that ravaged our home planet and robbed us of a place to call our own. I trust Ratchet more than anyone, I would trust him with my own life. For very sound reason, of course; my logic circuits would not allow otherwise.

But now, youngling, you are of an age and maturity that Ratchet deems sufficient. You will be the first of your generation to know the complete, terrible truth. I hope that Ratchet is right. I hope that this does not dim your spark, but instead fills it with hope. Hope for a new way, full of peace and love for our fellow people.

Shush now, hold your questions until the end. You know how the war began, you have been taught it your entire life. Sideswipe loves to tell the young ones stories, doesn't he? Stories of how Cybertron was. I can't tell you those stories, for I wasn't alive then. But doubtless you know. How Cybertron was so calm and peaceful from the outside... but unjust social stratification tore it apart. I can't blame the lower classes for rising up. You know how they were treated.

Instead, I blame their choice of action. I blame the way the upper classes reacted. Ratchet tells me that it had to happen that way, but I know in my spark that it could have been a peaceful revolution. Not a revolution that destroyed our own planet. Let us hope that such a revolution never occurs again.

Yes, I know that Sideswipe romanticizes his stories. It is his way. He is older than you can begin to comprehend, little one. And now you will know the full story of how peace was again brought to our race... With its own terrible price.

It begins with an autobot that you know nothing about, for we have withheld the information on purpose. Sideswipe used to have a brother, a twin. A long time ago, before I was hatched, while the war still went on. He was a brave, strong mech, and many, including myself, believe that this peace was born of something that happened to him.

I don't know why the Decepticons decided to start using such tactics. They never had before. Torture, yes, they used that. Secrecy and general cowardliness, Primus yes. Excellent strategy in most cases. How could they have known this new tactic would lead to their downfall? They couldn't... no mech could have ever even considered such a thing, especially when the Autobots seemed down and out for good. Regardless, what happened to Sideswipe's twin was horrendous, even in the bowels of war.

The twin's name was Sunstreaker.

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