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Chapter 15



Sasuke and Naruto hurriedly, if a little unsteadily, made their way through the house.

The door had been slammed shut, and the back room light quickly flipped off. Spurred by raging hormones and newly awakened need, Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the front of his vest and hauled him towards his bedroom, the silence broken only by the sound of their hasty footsteps. The view of the living room and the hallway were a distant blur to Naruto as he followed, the sound of his own heartbeat thudding loudly in his ears, prominent. Perhaps later, he would admonish himself for his own lack of self-control, but now, it was the furthest thing from his mind as a tingle of anxiousness and excitement raced up his spine.

Upon entering the bedroom, Sasuke shoved him against the door, effectively closing it. Neither said anything as both shinobi stared at each other for a heart-stopping moment. The only light within the dark room was the moonlight that slipped through the large window over Sasuke's bed just a ways, but it was enough for Naruto to make out Sasuke's face. The other's dark, obsidian orbs were fixated on him in the most intense look Naruto could ever recall. It was strange, he thought. He'd fought the worst villains in the world, and had partaken in back-breaking training that few people could withstand, yet none of it made him feel as breathless as he felt in this moment. The air practically hummed with the veiled tension and desire that emanated from the both of them.

Deciding to put an end to the heated stare-off, he reached up to pull Sasuke close by the front of the other's thin shirt, his fingers brushing along the warm skin of his friend's chest, just as Sasuke leaned in to meld their mouths. Naruto closed his eyes and parted his lips, shivering slightly as his tongue slid against Sasuke's again, flicking against one another in slick, seductive glides. His insides clenched, his stomach doing funny little flip-flops in response. For someone who'd nearly chewed his mouth off the first time they'd kiss, Sasuke had certainly gotten better at it, Naruto thought. One of his hands raised to cup Sasuke's jaw, tilting it, so that he could delve further into Sasuke's silky mouth.

Sasuke inwardly reveled in gratification, one of his hands gripping Naruto's chūnin vest, as the other lowered to dig his fingers into the other's hip. It seemed that the surge of craving he was feeling was magnified back at him, evident in the enthusiastic way Naruto was kissing him back, pressing his warm body against him. And Sasuke found that he liked that. He liked it a lot. He let his tongue roughly tangle with Naruto's before retreating, his lips sucking on the other's plump lower lip, before nibbling it. He traced that sculpted mouth with the tip of his eager tongue, committing the feel to his memory, before sliding back inside once more.

Soon enough, the lack of solid chest-to chest contact began to annoy Sasuke, and without further delay, he briskly unzipped the other's vest. He was pleased when Naruto shrugged out of it, letting it drop to the floor at their sides. Now, with one less obstruction in the way, Sasuke pressed fully against him, letting their clothed erections rub against one another. The wetness that had accumulated there due to his previous release, along with the slide of material, caused instant pleasure to shoot through Sasuke's groin, making his breath hitch. Naruto tore his mouth away then, moaning as his eyes screwed shut. It was such a tantalizingly husky sound, and Sasuke found that he was ever eager to make it happen again.

Naruto wasn't sure if Sasuke had any experience, but dammit did he seem to know what he was doing, he thought fleetingly. He dipped his face, his tongue sneaking out to lick a wet path alongside the pale column of the other's neck. Spurred by instinct, he nipped at the malleable juncture where it met with the other's smooth shoulder.

At the feel of the other's teeth and tongue against his neck, Sasuke let out the slightest of breathy moans—one that he fought to control—his head tipping back as he unconsciously begged for more of the treatment. He bit his lip, his eyes fluttering closed as Naruto sucked hard on his flesh, soothing each nibble with the sweep of his tongue. Under the rapturous spell of the other's ministrations, Sasuke's hands gravitated to the hem of the other's sweater, where his hands slipped beneath the material to slide against hard abdominal muscles. Sasuke felt them contract deliciously beneath his calloused hands, and was satisfied when he felt the other shudder from his touch.

At the feel of the other's hands on his bare stomach, Naruto felt as if he would go a little crazy. He'd never gone beyond this point with Hinata. He longed to be touched, but he also wanted to touch in return. In a decisive moment, he lifted his face, and once Sasuke's hooded gaze met his again, he let his hands run down the other's front. The deep V of the other's sleeveless shirt already displayed half of the other's pale chest, but that would hardly do. His hands gripped the hem of the shirt and slowly began to tug it upwards, revealing more of the other's pale flesh to his gaze in the shadowy light.

Agreeing to the action, Sasuke helped him remove the material, both men wordlessly letting it drop to the floor. He watched as Naruto's fiery gaze swept over his chest once, before locking with his eyes once more. Then, Naruto's mouth was back on his, his large hands gripping both sides of his face as he kissed him with renewed vigor. Sasuke reciprocated in kind, opening his mouth wide and tracing the soft insides of Naruto's mouth, as he slowly felt himself being led backwards.

When he felt the backs of his knees hit the edge of his bed, Sasuke decided to reclaim control. In a smooth movement, he turned them around so that it was Naruto being pushed onto the bed. The other fell back with a surprised grunt, breathing harshly, as he stared up at Sasuke with a dazed look on his face. With a nearly imperceptible smirk, Sasuke moved in until his body was between Naruto's legs.

Standing there shirtless, in loose pants that hung low on his hips, with a swollen mouth, and a near-smug look, Naruto thought that Sasuke actually looked like every inch the sex god the females of his acquaintance thought him to be.

All further thought flew from his mind as Sasuke leaned down, his mouth reattaching itself swiftly to his. Naruto wrapped an arm around his slim waist in an attempt to pull him closer, forcing the other to brace a knee along his side on the bed. Feeling Sasuke's weight grow heavier on him as they furiously kissed, he let himself fall back, his head bouncing against the soft mattress beneath him.

"Mmph…" He sighed into Sasuke's mouth, vaguely hearing the other hum, as Sasuke's weight settled on top of him, both of Sasuke's hard thighs, straddling his right. They scooted backwards until their limbs were no longer hanging off the edge of the bed. Once they were settled, Naruto's hands immediately roamed the hard plane of Sasuke's back, fingers digging into the silky smooth skin that covered weaving muscle. Naruto pressed down on Sasuke's back, forcing their hips to press ever closer against each other.

Sasuke released his mouth with a wet smack, his breath coming out in quick pants. Encouraged by the look of utter desire on Naruto's face beneath him, he was eager to get things moving along. His instincts screamed at him to remove his pants, the feel of cotton and semen sliding against his hardened flesh, more than a little unpleasant now.

Amidst the haze of lust, Naruto became aware of Sasuke's hand on the waistband of his pants. Naruto's gaze flew to his. Looking into the other nin's dark eyes, Naruto sensed Sasuke waver, the other's hand stilling. Swallowing, Naruto shoved aside any reservations before they threatened to form, and then kissed Sasuke, silently assenting. After a brief second, he felt Sasuke's fingers quickly unzipping and then pushing the material down. Naruto lifted his hips, feeling cool air hit him, and he dimly realized that Sasuke had taken his boxers along with the pants. Trying not to feel self-conscious, he fought the urge to look away, his cheeks positively aflame as Sasuke's sizzling gaze swept over him.

In that moment, Sasuke was surprised by how astonishingly aroused he felt as he stared down at Naruto's impressive frame, bathed in luminescent moonlight. It was faintly bizarre, considering that it was hardly the first time he'd ever seen Naruto naked. Numerous trips to the onsen over the years justified that fact. However, he found that the circumstances certainly changed things. His penetrating gaze quickly skimmed over the other's broad shoulders and the pronounced contour of his clavicle. It lowered, lingering over the firm pectorals, obliques, and abdomen, which were taut with well-defined muscles that were evidence of the other's years of extreme training. He watched with hidden interest as the expanse contracted with every shallow breath Naruto took.

Then his eyes finally settled on the very swollen column of flesh that rose from a patch of curls at the juncture of strong thighs. It rested proudly against the other's lower abdomen. Sasuke swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry.

"Bastard… do something," he growled, his look one of torn sexual frustration. One hand fisted at his side, as he seemed to struggle to maintain his gaze, no doubt from embarrassment.

For some reason that pleased Sasuke. "Che." Simultaneously turned on and annoyed by the command, Sasuke inwardly agreed. They'd already come to the conclusion that they wanted this. Not to mention that despite having a much-needed orgasm only a short while ago, right now, his body felt as if he'd still been holding it in for weeks.

Just as he leaned down, Naruto reached out towards him, reeling him in with a hand around his nape so that their mouths fused once more. Sasuke hissed as his clothed cock press against Naruto's, the urge to assuage the need building in him growing with every passing minute. As Sasuke assaulted the other's mouth, tongue wildly sliding along every crevice, he felt hands push at the waistband of his pants. Unsteadily, Sasuke helped Naruto push it downwards, until he could finally kick free of the offending material.

The relief was instant, despite tensing at the cool air. Breathing harshly against the other's ravenous mouth, Sasuke's hand then gripped Naruto's solid thigh. Shifting his knee, he pushed the limb to the side, the need to be as close as possible, overwhelming. Naruto took the hint, making room for him. As Sasuke's body settled firmly in between, both shinobi inhaled sharply as their naked flesh met. Their velvety members felt hot and hard against each other. Sasuke's hips instantly jerked experimentally, causing immediate pleasure to shoot through their bodies, as their aching lengths rubbed against each other.

Naruto groaned. The feel of Sasuke, the weight of him, was so extraordinarily satisfying that he didn't bother to question their positions or what their ultimate intentions were. The only thing he knew in that moment was that being with Sasuke like this, felt good.

With their connected gazes silently communicating their mutual pleasure, Sasuke gradually began a steady rhythm spurred by his instincts, grinding his hips into Naruto's. He knew he was doing something right as Naruto began to let out small, keening moans beneath him. In turn, Naruto adjusted the rhythm of his own restless hips so that it aided Sasuke's. As their movements grew more confident, the rhythm quickened. Naruto's hands ran down Sasuke's back, pushing down on the small of it, as his legs rose to cradle Sasuke's gyrating hips, wordlessly urging the other to keep up his rough tempo.

Sasuke held himself above Naruto, biting his lip at the sensation of their cocks sliding sinuously against each other, aided by the fluids of their pre-cum. The hair at the base of their erections tickled their scrotums, adding another layer of pleasure they hadn't expected. One particularly hard drag of skin against skin, made Naruto moan thickly. He tore his mouth free from Sasuke's possessive lips, tossing his head to the side.

Sasuke huffed over him, gazing down with hooded eyes at the rapturous expression on Naruto's face. With his blue eyes closed, brows knitted together, and wet mouth agape, his blond friend made a surprisingly provocative sight. Sasuke lowered his face, mouthing the smooth yet solid juncture of the other's neck, tongue swiping over the other's Adam's apple, as he let the pleasure build in burning, rolling increments.

Naruto's back arched as he felt the inexplicable knot of desire draw tighter in his belly. How this could feel so sinfully good, he didn't know, but what he did know was that he wanted more of it. It was like boarding one of those chakra-fueled trains, uncertain of where it was going, but knowing that he didn't want to abandon the ride. He turned his face to gaze up at Sasuke. The other's bangs shadowed most of his delicate features, but Naruto could just make out the expression of pained pleasure on his face. Coupled with the gasps emitting from his mouth, and the dampening of the other's alabaster skin beneath Naruto's finger tips, Naruto knew it was an experience that would forever be engrained in his memory.

Their mouths fused once more, one of his hands rising to card roughly through dark tresses, while the other settled on Sasuke's trim hip, urging him on. As Naruto felt the raging sensations spike, he worked his hips harder, his back sinking into the mattress. He ground his cock wildly against Sasuke's, his movements becoming jerky. His body tightened as he desperately sought his long-denied release, little spots of color beginning to dance beneath his closed eyelids. As Sasuke unexpectedly gave a fierce, downward thrust of his hips, Naruto suddenly arched high into him. He gasped, a sensation of warmth searing through his muscles, as he came blindingly hard, his cock spasming as he released between their stomachs.

"Ahh... ahh," he groaned, fingers digging into Sasuke's shoulders as he rode out the tidal waves of bliss, his body shuddering uncontrollably.

Hazily watching in fascination as Naruto came undone beneath him, Sasuke felt his own desire heighten at the visual. A long minute of haphazard thrusts finally prompted the clenching of his balls. He stiffened, letting out a low grunt as spurts of cum erupted from his engorged member, culminating in his second, and even more satisfying orgasm.

Both males panted heavily, eyes closed as their bodies tingled in the aftermath. Feeling his arms tremble beneath his weight, Sasuke then fell against Naruto's side. With limbs strewn, and faces tilted towards the ceiling, they remained quiet as they struggled to regulate their breathing.

Sasuke felt weightless, his body buzzing from head to toe, and his groin tingling pleasantly. He blinked sluggishly, as his heart beat continued to thump loudly in his ears. He was only half-heartedly aware of the feeling of cloth rubbing against his stomach a minute later, as he fought to keep his eyes open.

Holy… shit, Sasuke thought fuzzily.

It was the last thought he had as he slowly succumbed to the dense, yet welcoming wave of lassitude that snuck over him.

In the middle of the night, after a few hours of dozing, Naruto had awakened to Sasuke at his side. He squinted at the digital clock on the nightstand near the bed that indicated that it was just before midnight. Both still naked and resting atop the sheets, he carefully shifted to face his companion until their bodies almost touched, laying on his side, and resting one hand beneath his face. He could remember Sasuke nodding off before he did. At least Naruto had had the mind to wearily wipe off the evidence of their activities with his shirt before joining the other in the unexpected slumber. He knew Sasuke wouldn't have appreciated waking up to a mess.

Seeing the other's sleep-softened face, Naruto couldn't resist staring at him with half-lidded eyes, a myriad of thoughts passing through his mind. What happened between them was something he could never have predicted. It had almost been like an out-of-body experience of the most sensual kind.

His blue eyes roamed over the sooty lashes that dusted pale cheeks, before sliding down the straight, elegant nose, and onto the sensual dip of the other's philtrum. When his gaze settled on Sasuke's mouth, Naruto inhaled a little rougher than he intended to. Sasuke's mouth was smaller than his own, but his lips were still full, and fitting for him. The younger shinobi couldn't ignore the slight ache of desire in his gut as he studied them, although he didn't think it was so much how they looked that affected him, as much as what he now knew Sasuke could do with those lips.

He bit his own lip then, his brows furrowing. If only… if only this scenario had manifested itself months earlier, before he had gotten involved with Hinata, he found himself lamenting suddenly. Perhaps things could've evolved differently, he found himself thinking. But with Sasuke, things rarely panned out easily. Experience had taught him that. Come daylight, things would undoubtedly be different and reality would be a troublesome foe to manage.

Naruto wasn't sure for how long he'd stared at Sasuke, but some time passed before he finally decided to give in and raise a hand to move an errant tendril of hair from the other's forehead. However, as he did, Sasuke's eyes slid open.

Naruto froze. Within the utter silence of the room, he could hear the thudding beat of his own heart, as fathomless dark eyes gazed into his own. He slowly lowered his hand, ignoring the urge to search for the edge of the sheet to cover himself. He said nothing as Sasuke's eyes then skimmed over his face. What he saw there, Naruto could only wonder, but he found himself unexpectedly wary of saying anything for fear that the tenuous moment would be irrevocably ruined.

With their eyes locking once more, Naruto found it hard to suppress the tremor he felt run up his spine. That invisible, magnetic electricity he felt between them was suddenly sparking once more. It was something that Naruto realized, with no small degree of dismay, he might be very susceptible to.

An achingly long moment passed before their faces were nearing, and eager mouths eventually sought one another again. First tentative, but then confident, their lips merged wetly together, Naruto's mouth opening under the intensity of Sasuke's. The blond nin murmured in approval, his tongue slithering languidly inside the warm orifice. Naruto then felt Sasuke's hand snake up his side, smoothing over the firm flesh there in a rhythmic motion. Naruto sighed, pressing his body up close to Sasuke's as his hand rose to cup the other's jaw, his fingertips entwining in the dark tresses of the other's hair. He scooted closer until they were chest to chest, moaning when Sasuke's arm wrapped fully around him, fingers digging into the muscles of his back.

Sasuke released his mouth to inhale sharply, half-lidded eyes studying his face. Naruto bit his lip, fingers tightening in Sasuke's hair as the other's hand ran down his back until it reached one supple buttock, experimentally squeezing the mound. Naruto approved of the caress, turning his face towards Sasuke when his friend's mouth dove in for his once more. As Naruto sucked furiously on Sasuke's tongue, he felt Sasuke's hand shift until it reached his thigh. Needing to be as close to him as possible, Naruto readily flung the limb over Sasuke's hip. Sasuke gasped quietly as Naruto rocked his revived erection against Sasuke's, feeling a sense of unreserved satisfaction as Sasuke's hand anchored itself on the flexing muscles of his thigh, and ground back.

The frenzy built, and soon enough, both men were rolling across the bed in a tangle of limbs, attached at the mouth. Naruto could feel Sasuke's hands everywhere, nimble and searching, as they skimmed along his body. He panted, feeling flushed from head to toe. Now that he knew of the wild sensations that could be achieved between them, he couldn't ignore the inherent need he felt to seek responses from Sasuke. When on one of those sensual rolls Naruto landed on top, he ravaged Sasuke's neck, licking and nibbling the pale column as Sasuke writhed under him.

Then, moving downwards, a mixture of curiosity and need had his lips covering one of the pink, pale nipples on the other's chest. Blurred passages of some of Ero-sennin's erotic works, briefly passed through his mind as he did this, causing him to recall that some of the novels' characters—of both sexes—delighted in that sort of act. He was pleased when he heard Sasuke's flagrant gasp of surprise, the other's back arching. Naruto teased liberally with the tip of his tongue before biting gently on the nub, groaning when he heard Sasuke finally emit a long-suppressed, throaty moan. The other's hands threaded tightly in Naruto's hair, as Naruto's mouth lathed the taut disk. Naruto then shifted to give the opposite one the same treatment.

He must've worked the Uchiha nin up pretty well, because it wasn't long before Sasuke used his weight to roll on top of him. Sasuke's hands were gripping his wrists, keeping them at the sides of his head, as he began to grind down onto him. Naruto squirmed in unabashed pleasure, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip at the friction. Sasuke continued on for a few moments, until Naruto felt the other release his wrists. He inhaled sharply when Sasuke lowered his head to reciprocate what he'd done to the other's nipples. The sharp tugs and licks were a new and very much welcomed added stimulus, and now Naruto understood why Sasuke had reacted the favorable way he did.

"Ahh… S-Sasuke…" he found himself mewling. The other's teeth and tongue wreaked havoc on the sensitive nerves, sending sparks shooting up his spine. Naruto's hands curled in the hair at Sasuke's nape, and when Sasuke lifted his head, Naruto tugged him forward to kiss him once more.

Amid an impatient shifting of limbs, Sasuke managed to nudge his way in between Naruto's legs, pressing down until his rigid erection was aligned with Naruto's. Naruto could hear his heart pumping through his ears as they simultaneously began to rock ardently into each other. He spread his legs as wide as he could, bending them at the knees to give Sasuke room to move. Sasuke lifted his upper half, bracing on one hand at Naruto's side, while the other held Naruto's knee for balance as he ground his swollen member into Naruto's. Naruto huffed raggedly, watching through hazy eyes as Sasuke looked down at him. His eyes were sensually hooded, his mouth was puffy and slightly open as they released gasp after gasp, and the look he was giving him in return, was enough to make Naruto's abdomen tighten with want.

The two men strained wildly, the friction becoming smoother at the steady leaking of pre-cum dripping from their erections. Naruto's hands curled into the sheets, one arm flinging upwards to curve near his head. As both men continued to grind frantically, Sasuke had to readjust his position several times, as Sasuke's cock would accidentally slip down to slide along Naruto's perineum, but Naruto merely continued rocking.

As the tension built in his loins, Naruto felt like he'd go mad. Unable to resist any longer, he snuck a hand down towards his cock, intent on relieving the pressure faster. His eyes fluttered shut as soon as his fingers wrapped around it. The pleasure was immediate as he gave himself a few pumps, and when he opened his eyes, it was to find that Sasuke was watching him as if transfixed.

Under other circumstances, Naruto might've been embarrassed, but at the moment, he was too far gone to care. Taking a breath, Naruto opened his hand until the tips of his fingers tentatively grazed along Sasuke's erection as well, slowly curling around it. He watched as Sasuke stopped all movement and let out a pleasured hiss.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered, a faint plea in his voice.

The dark-haired nin's heated gaze locked with his. Naruto would've laughed if he hadn't been so turned on, as he practically saw the gears churning in Sasuke's head. The graceful, pale fingers of one hand, joined Naruto's as they curled around each other's lengths, bringing them together. Then, slowly, both men began to rock into them.

Letting out a moan, Naruto's hips arched up at the heady sensations, his skin feeling damp now. He heatedly surveyed the erotic imagery of their fisted hands, his eyes occasionally meeting Sasuke's as the other seemed engrossed in doing the same. Their fingers slid along their slick girths, which at this point were liberally oozing fluid. Naruto's hips bucked desperately along with Sasuke's, the savage desire ultimately rendering him unable to hold his head up as he concentrated on the feelings.

A long, wild minute of this continued, and Naruto felt as if he was ready to burst. Judging by the way Sasuke's chest was heaving, and the frantic movements of his hand and hips, he knew the other was too. Naruto's hand sped up on their cocks, jerking briskly now at the familiar tightening of his body. He felt Sasuke swell in his hand then, his hips jerking erratically against him. The other's head tilted back, features scrunched, as his mouth parted. A moment later, he went rigid, releasing onto their hands with a gasp.

Naruto couldn't have imagined a more stunning sight. A long moment later, while Sasuke was still lost in the lingering throes of his orgasm, Naruto's eyes screwed shut as he felt his sac tighten. His hips jolted uncontrollably as he let their hands launch him into oblivion.

"Ohh… g-god…" His mouth hung open, back going rigid, as he came with a shuddering moan, cum spurting thickly over their moving hands and abdomens.

Naruto remained panting as Sasuke slumped over him, his face hovering in the crook of Naruto's neck as he tried to catch his breath. Naruto's clean hand tiredly shifted to lay against Sasuke's back, feeling the skin slightly moist, yet warm to his touch.

When a minute later Sasuke shakily leaned up to stare down at him, Naruto merely stared back, his face flushed, and eyes bleary in the aftermath. Through their gazes passed innumerable thoughts and feelings that neither dared to voice, and that was fine with Naruto. In that moment, he felt overwhelmingly helpless to coherently express anything. Although there was one thing he knew without a doubt, whether words were spoken aloud or not: from this point on, things would truly never be the same.

And the knowledge was inexplicably bittersweet, just as much as it was frightening.

At nearly six in the morning, Sasuke lay wide awake.

With his hands crossed behind his head, he stared absently at the white ceiling above, trying but failing to avoid the warm presence at his side. He shifted his face within the cradle of his arm to glance at him. Naruto lay on his stomach, his face resting towards him on the pillow, as he slept.

After their second romp, Sasuke had had the foresight to grab a damp hand towel from the bathroom to clean themselves off with, refusing to sleep the entire night in their own bodily fluids. Only then had he deemed it acceptable for them to settle beneath the sheets. They'd fallen asleep instantly. Sasuke was certain that he'd put a bit of space between them too, but when he woke up a short while ago, he found Naruto right at his side, looking cozy, as if he'd always slept there. Sasuke found it irksome… although, if he were honest with himself, it was more due to the fact that he wasn't accustomed to such a prolonged period of contact, much less sharing his bed with anyone.

And the potency of that intimacy was something he could not deny.

The act of being so familiar with Naruto was staggering to his psyche. With newly stimulated sensations assaulting him on all fronts, following his desires had been astonishingly easy to succumb to. With Naruto so receptive and enthusiastic, it had only served to feed his urges. The dizzying, fevered kisses, the hot caresses that were given so generously, and the startling sounds had been beyond anything he'd imagined experiencing with Naruto. Especially those sounds. Sasuke had never considered that the other's obnoxious mouth could emit such… lewd noises. Then again, he himself had pitifully contributed to some of that, hadn't he, Sasuke thought with chagrin.

Nevertheless, what made even more of an impression on him was seeing Naruto, watching him lose control beneath him, stripped of all virtue, and revealing the raw passion he had simmering beneath his easy-going exterior. He'd done that to him. Naruto's surrender had oddly empowered him and it secretly fascinated him in a way he'd never expected. That vivid, sexual ardor was something he found himself all too eager to continue to provoke, to manipulate, to consume.

He wanted him. Against all common sense and logic, he wanted Naruto.

The knowledge was inescapable now. He eyed the other in the shadows, watching as one of his broad shoulders rose and fell quietly with his even breaths. His blond hair was a tousled mess against his pillow, but his face, relaxed in sleep, looked serene. The sheet came up to their waists, and it took every effort for Sasuke's eyes to resist trailing the rugged outline of the other's body.

Tch. Tossing his corner of the sheet aside, he quietly rose out of bed. He refused to lie there ogling his friend like some hormonal teenager.

Heading to the bathroom, he relieved himself before brushing his teeth, the window casting just enough illumination for him to adequately extract enough paste onto his brush. He spit in the sink, absently rinsing his mouth and his brush, before sliding into the shower. After fiddling with the knobs, he stood clear of the rush of cold water that poured out from above, until it was lukewarm. Once it was, his hand located the soap, and he began lathering his body, idly noting how the muscles felt completely lax beneath his ministrations, and how certain areas felt more… sensitive than others.

This thing with Naruto… it didn't have to be viewed a bad thing, he suddenly found himself thinking. He had plenty of awareness of consensual sex between comrades. He'd simply never thought he would be in a position where he'd seriously consider it with the blond shinobi. However, after last night, his mind couldn't help but consider ways to seize the opportunity, which, in seeing it in a new light, possibly had its share of… benefits.

He rinsed off and reached for the shampoo. Squeezing out a liberal amount from the bottle, he lathered his hair thoroughly until it was covered in thick foam.

In thinking on it, Naruto was the only person he'd ever felt actual desire for in his life. As such, he determined it was Naruto himself who affected him, not the entirety of the male gender, which put him somewhat at ease. With that being the case, there truly would be no one else, man or woman, who he'd consider bedding or marrying, and in his clan, both had gone hand in hand for the purpose of reproduction. Perhaps, had things not panned out the unfortunate way that they had, finding a suitable wife would've been a priority at this stage in his life, but even now that he was back in the village, the idea didn't appeal to him. Besides, lack of attraction aside, he didn't think there was any woman alive who was prepared to understand him or his struggles.

In truth, throughout all of these years, he had yet to come across a woman who interested him on any level beyond their powers. In his experience, he'd learned that they all seemed to want one thing from him and demand more than he could ever be willing to give. He'd never truly longed to feel a girl's soft body pressed against his, had never desired to be touched freely by them in return. And the other day… well, his folly with that girl had proven just how fruitless a meaningless meeting of the flesh with the opposite sex could be, no matter how attractive the woman would seem to be. Just thinking about it made him grimace at his own foolishness.

He ducked his head beneath the water, scrubbing harshly. None of them would be able to handle the reality of who he really was. He was not some redeemed knight in shining armor, who would offer his shoulder for them to weep upon when they were distressed, and would kiss away their tears. He would not buy flowers and fall to one knee in a romantic gesture to feed their false notions. Perhaps in another life he could live out that traditional fantasy, but not in this one. He was on his own, and free to live his life as he pleased. He'd forged his own path and had been left alone to find his own measure of pleasure in this unpredictable life. If engaging with Naruto—the one person he confided in the most—gave him what he needed, then he would take it.

Turning off the water, he pushed the curtain back, and reached for his towel on the nearby bar, quickly drying himself off. He stepped out of the tub. Padding on over to the door, he flipped on the light switch, and proceeded to vigorously dry his hair with the towel. When he was done, he turned to look into the large oval mirror above the sink and wiped it clean of the mist, where upon seeing his own reflection revealed, his eyes were instantly riveted to his neck.

Red and purple marks littered the expanse, a particularly large spot marring the curve between his shoulder and neck. They contrasted starkly against his pale flesh. His hand then lifted of its own volition, and before he knew what he was doing, his fingertips smoothed over each bright mark.

He should be pissed, but he found himself instead caught between a combination of annoyance and interest. Only Orochimaru had been able to mark his neck with that dreaded Curse Seal. At least they were relatively easy to hide with the high-collar of his shirts. They were also more tolerable to bear than the lingering marks on his face from his earlier brawl with Naruto. Those were practically gone.

His lids lowered slightly. Naruto's mouth was just as fierce as his fist. Feeling a slight stirring in the pit of his abdomen at the thought, he dropped his hand and shook his head. The last thing he needed was a boner before work, especially with the source of his arousal sleeping only feet away. He found his brush and smoothed his hair over, before making his way back to the room, where he passed a still-slumbering Naruto. At the closet, he deftly donned his uniform. The sun was rising, casting the room in a muted blue hue.

Once his uniform and protective gear were on, he turned, scowling when he saw the pile of his and Naruto's clothing at the foot of the bed. Unable to tolerate the sight, he picked it up, tossing his in the nearby hamper. He then rounded the side of the bed, where he unceremoniously tossed the rest of the wad at Naruto's head. He watched with a hand on his hip as the other stirred, pointedly deciding to ignore the interesting play of muscles of the other's shoulders as he shifted.

Settling onto his side, Naruto's arms moved to grip the clothing against his chest, much like one would a pillow. There was a smacking of lips and then, "Five more minutes, Shikamaru," he mumbled, snuggling deeper into the pillow.

Sasuke's eyes rolled. "Hey. Wake up. It's morning and I'm leaving. Go home before you wind up being late for work later on."

Naruto sighed deeply, face scrunching, even as he seemed to make himself even more comfortable. "Mmkay," he murmured.

Sasuke gave an internal sigh. He didn't have time for this. "Fine, be late. I'm going. You'd better not get caught leaving my house, you better make the bed before you leave, and you'd better not leave drool on my pillow or I'm kicking your ass later when we spar. Got it?"

"Uhuh… no problem," Naruto slurred, never once opening his eyes.

With one last lingering glance at the other, Sasuke turned and left the room. He donned his sandals at the shoe closet in the hallway, deciding he'd pick up something to eat along the way. After slipping on his mask, he stepped out of the house. He took off quietly, the sunrise bathing him in golden light, and the smell of dew teasing his nose, as it did every morning. He tried to clear his mind and focus on the upcoming morning drill, which he looked forward to. Only this time, it proved a bit more difficult to do.

Especially when he couldn't stop reflecting on how, for the first time, his bed was currently being warmed by someone else.

The day had gone by agonizingly slowly.

Naruto had spent most of it running around the Hokage building, doing anything and everything he could to avoid thinking about Sasuke. Not that it did any good. Waking up in Sasuke's bed had been like emerging in a bizarre dream. Seeing white, sterile walls, basic furniture, and realizing that he was wrapped in dark blue sheets rather than the vibrant ones he preferred was… strange. He hadn't been sure whether Sasuke's absence when he'd awoken was a good thing or a bad thing, but he'd ultimately chosen to be grateful for any awkwardness he might've been spared. He'd only vaguely recalled the other's annoyed voice giving him instructions at some point, but couldn't remember much amidst the haze of post-orgasmic sleep.

Once he'd arrived home at around eight—donned in one of Sasuke's t-shirts and after changing the pillow case, because the spot of drool he'd left behind would not be missed my Sasuke's keen eyes—he'd lingered in the shower for a while, his mind replaying the heated events of the night before. He'd had to drag himself away from those thoughts with stout resolve, once his body began to respond to them. He'd turned up the cold water after that. The time between dressing, eating breakfast, and cleaning the mess in the living room had been enough to think about how he'd handle himself. For now, no one could know anything, especially since he had yet to iron out exactly what was going on between him and Sasuke. That much was clear.

When it came to thinking of Hinata, however, the guilt threatened to eat away at him, and he'd been expecting it. Regardless, he'd decided then that he'd just have to manage it bit by bit. As much as thinking of Hinata's feelings distressed him, Hinata was away, and therefore, he was unable to deal with that aspect of it whether he wanted to or not. That made dealing with Sasuke the first priority, either way.

Naruto ran a hand down his face, feeling as if his brain was utter mush. Once again, the memories of ardent kisses and carnal sensations were assailing him for what seemed like the umpteenth time. He absently shifted his hand until his thumb ran against his bottom lip. The sensation of Sasuke's mouth over his was something he would never forget for as long as he lived, just as he would never forget the feel of the other's hands, or the way he looked at him when desire clouded his eyes.

Naruto closed his eyes tightly for a brief moment, feeling his face flush with heat. I'm in deep. Running a hand through his hair, he shook his head, grateful that no one was around. Gotta keep it together, Uzumaki. This is only day one of… whatever the hell this is. Luckily, the end of his day's schedule was approaching.

Now, sitting at his desk in the Hokage's office just after four in the afternoon, he fought to focus on the correspondence letters he was currently reading. Tsunade had left a short while earlier to oversee an issue at the hospital, and he hadn't seen Shikamaru since lunch, leaving him on his own, which was probably for the best.

He sighed. Deciding to put in his best effort for the time he had left, he finished reading the monotonous letter, before sorting through the rest of the pile of correspondence. His eyes then suddenly landed on a scroll with a familiar seal addressed to him. He immediately smiled. He tore the seal and unfurled the scroll, taking in the elegant script before eagerly reading.



I hope you are doing well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your last letter. Tsunade-sama mentioned your progress in my last correspondence with her. It is good to know that you are taking the task of your apprenticeship seriously. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you familiarize yourself with all of the tasks, it will come as naturally to you as breathing.

I am glad to hear that the cactus plant I gave you finally bloomed with flowers. Here in Suna, they bloom all year round. Although, with the unexpected rain, the rate has unquestionably sped up. We have been fortunate that this climate anomaly has fortified our land, which regrettably cannot be said for some of the surrounding territories. However, we are offering assistance and doing what we can in the same way your village is.

My sister has gradually been voicing a possible desire to transfer her position as the liaison between our villages, to function from Konohagakure. Undoubtedly, this is motivated by her relationship with Nara Shikamaru. Although she still seems to be contemplating this prospect, I have already decided to give her my blessing once she is decided. Although I would miss her, her happiness is far more important to me. There is also the added benefit that this would strengthen the ties of our villages even further, which pleases me on both a diplomatic and personal level.

This sort of consideration for others is something I learned from you, Naruto. It is one of the reasons I feel I am forever indebted to you. I know that it flusters you when I tell you so, but it makes it no less true. Keep doing your very best. I have faith in you.



Naruto smiled widely, feeling a flush of happiness wash over him. The hectic schedule of the Chūnin Exams had rendered him unable to spend much time with Gaara when he attended, but they always kept up an active communication. The years since the war had only served to make their friendship stronger, and he was glad to be able to count on him as his friend and ally.

With a smile, he retrieved parchment paper from the drawer and took out his pen. For the next several minutes, he eagerly penned a response to Gaara. When he was done, he folded it and looked at the time, thankful to see that his shift was over. He straightened his desk, organizing everything into neat piles, for fear that he'd chewed out by the old hag. Then, clutching the letter, he made his way out of the office.

He took his time making his way over to the Aviary station, hands behind his head, as he greeted fellow shinobi along the way. Once there, he turned the letter over to one of the various workers who rolled the parchment up into a protective cylinder case, and picked a multi-colored hawk from the flock to secure it around. With the operative guaranteeing that the bird would make it to Sunakagure before tomorrow afternoon, Naruto took his leave.

He headed down the main road leading away from the Hokage building, his pace slowing a bit. Village residents were passing by and the stores were filling up with most of the after-work crowd on the move. However, Naruto wasn't really paying much attention to any of it. His mind was already focused on the fact that he had to meet Sasuke for their sparring session. They hadn't sparred since that eventful day he'd taken Hinata along.

Before he knew it, he was already entering the clearing to the Third Training Ground, which he'd sensed Sasuke's chakra signature heading towards. He was both apprehensive and incredibly anxious. He'd thought of a few things he'd wanted to say along the way, but all of it seemed to evaporate like mist within his mind, once he spotted his friend approaching from the other side of the clearing, dressed in his ANBU attire, and face bared.

Naruto licked his lips, doing his best to remain calm, as they both stopped just short of each other. Sasuke had forgone wearing the plated arm-guards, the late afternoon sun bathing the pale skin of his face and arms in hues of orange and red. Sasuke's gaze was inscrutable, his features revealing absolutely nothing as he stared at Naruto.

Naruto absently flexed his fingers. "Hey, Sasuke," he greeted, sending the other an uncertain smile that felt as strained to him as it undoubtedly looked.

"Hey," he replied steadily.

Naruto fidgeted, struggling against the unexpected sense of awkwardness creeping over him. "Um, so how was your day?" he managed to say.

"Fine. Yours?"

Naruto shrugged a shoulder, letting out a breath. "It was okay… I guess. I ran around the administrative building, sorted through a lot of documents, and Gaara wrote me."

Sasuke gave one of his undecipherable grunts.

Naruto's eyes flicked to the side, before catching the other's dark-eyed gaze once more. "So… did you warm up?"

"We ran drills today. I don't need to warm up," he replied, crossing his arms.

Naruto nodded. "Okay, well, just give me a few minutes then and we can start."

Naruto walked over to the one of the wooden stumps and thoroughly stretched his limbs, one by one. He braced against one of the wooden structures once he got around to his legs, pulling and bending until he felt the muscles ease. When he was done, his eyes slid over to where Sasuke stood off to the side, waiting in silence, their gazes meeting. He walked over to Sasuke, rotating his shoulders one last time.

"Weapons only?" Sasuke said without preamble.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah."

Readying himself, Naruto waited until Sasuke positioned himself a short distance away. Letting out a disquieted breath, he eased into a fighting stance. Seconds later, Sasuke was rushing at him. On instinct, Naruto's hands pulled out the pair of kunai he always kept on his person. The shrill clashing of steel rang through the air as the sharp edge of Naruto's kunai met with the serrated border of Sasuke's Kusanagi.

And so began their ritual.

Naruto pivoted as Sasuke struck at an angle, parrying the blow. Naruto saw as Sasuke nimbly switched his stance before initiating a rapid flurry of swings that Naruto fought to deflect. His hold was a little too shaky, his drive with the kunai, a little too weak. He was so focused on righting this, that Sasuke nearly caught him off guard when the nin suddenly switched tactics and landed a forceful swipe to his legs that nearly knocked Naruto off of his feet.

He barely managed to avoid landing on his back by redirecting his weight and going into a chakra-infused, one-handed backflip. Once he was back on his feet, Sasuke was already charging forward with a succession of powerful strikes, his Kusanagi a virtual blur of gleaming metal.

"You're holding back," he ground out, expression fierce as he dealt concentrated blow after blow.

Naruto grit his teeth. Sasuke was right. He was off, terribly off.

He'd been so intent on fending off Sasuke's advance that he didn't notice that Sasuke had been driving him towards the row of stumps, his back hitting one. Naruto huffed as he barely held off Sasuke's blade with both kunai, the other's body pressing into his with force. Sasuke's determined face was so close to his that could feel the other's warm breath on his face. He could see the way wispy, ebony locks swayed with the force of his ragged breathing, making it brush against his regal face. The weight of the other's body against his brought instant memories of the night before, where there hadn't been any barriers of clothing between them to prevent him from feeling Sasuke's skin against his own.

Naruto skittishly licked his lips, finding it almost difficult to hold Sasuke's gaze. He could feel his cheeks burn with a sudden flush that had nothing to do with their present exertions.

"Quit messing around and fight me," Sasuke gnarled.

"Shut up!" Naruto snarled back, breathing harshly as he fought to focus. He managed to deliver a chakra-infused push, forcing the other back. He attempted to take control of the course with speedy swipes of his kunai, but he just couldn't put his heart into it. Sasuke quickly regained control with his sword, the speed of his swings increasing, and putting Naruto on the defensive once more.

He couldn't do this, Naruto suddenly realized. The closeness of Sasuke in battle, the familiar physicality of him, was not one that was inspiring the rush of exhilarating challenge. Not anymore.

"Sasuke…" he said, an edge of desperation coloring his tone, as Sasuke continued to attack with his sword, driving him backwards for a few feet. His breath suddenly left in a whoosh when his back hit the trunk of a tree, hard. With his focus crumbling to shreds and knowing that the other would expect Naruto to counter-attack, Naruto panicked, eyes widening as he saw Sasuke aiming to swing the blade towards his head.

"Sasuke, stop!" he yelled, crossing his arms in front of him as a last method of defense. His breath hitched in his throat as he caught Sasuke's eyes widen in surprise. Rather than lose all consciousness to a brutal, finishing swipe, Naruto felt an abrupt burning at his neck. Sasuke had shifted his aim at the last moment, and the blade sunk into the bark of the tree next to his neck, nicking him in the process.

The look of surprise that had temporarily claimed Sasuke's face, quickly morphed into one of intense exasperation. His arm shot out, Naruto hearing rather than seeing, Sasuke's palm land somewhere against the tree, alongside Naruto's opposite shoulder.

"Why did you stop? What's the matter with you?" he snapped, his dark brows pinching together.

Naruto blinked, his heart pounding in his chest. Sasuke was right in front of him, breath coming out raggedly, and his dark eyes pinning him with a look of displeasure. He could see the flush in the apples of the other's cheeks and the fine sheen of sweat that coated the pale skin of his face. He was so close that Naruto could smell his scent—something he would've never noticed before.

Naruto let out a long-suffering sigh. "I can't do this," he blurted.

Sasuke's brows furrowed further. "Do what?"

"This," he emphasized, gesturing between them. "I can't… not like this."

Sasuke studied him and took a deep breath. "Explain."

Naruto let out a sound of frustration, trying to regain his breath before replying. "It's not the same. Before… everything was effortless, but now… it's different. I can't concentrate. Not under these conditions."

"What conditions are these?" Sasuke asked with an edge of irritation.

"Last night. What happened last night changed things, Sasuke. At least for me. The one thing I feared the most was things changing and that's exactly what's happening. I don't know how to act around you."

Sasuke blinked, his arm dropping. Then, he scowled, a closed expression crossing his face. "Act as you normally would. It doesn't have to affect anything, if you don't let it. You're taking it way too personally."

Naruto's eye widened in incredulity. "Of course I'm taking it personally, Sasuke!" he cried, arms flinging out. "If this thing between us isn't personal then I don't know what is."

Sasuke glowered at him. "If I'd known you'd be this melodramatic about it, I would've kicked you out before we did anything," he retorted.

Naruto stared at him, mouth opening before closing again. He exhaled softly. "You should've, because now I think I regret it," he replied gruffly. He thought he saw something flash through Sasuke's eyes, but he continued on. "It shouldn't have happened. You shouldn't have kissed me and I shouldn't have stayed with you, and you're only making this situation more miserable for me with your attitude. We'd always been able to talk, fight it out a little bit, and work things out, but now… I don't know, and I wish you'd tell me straight up what you're thinking rather than be an asshole about it."

There was a long moment of silence.

Sasuke gave him a measured look, crossing his arms. "You can say you regret it all you want, but I think it's quite the contrary."

"Really." Naruto said dryly. "Are you going to tell me that load of crap and not look at yourself? You just told me you should've kicked me out, so you obviously have regrets."

Sasuke held his gaze, his expression straight-faced. "I've never had regrets and I still don't," he replied unwaveringly.

Naruto blinked. What the hell was Sasuke trying to say? "So… you don't regret last night then?"

The other shot him a disparaging look. "Are you always this slow on the uptake? Never mind, don't bother answering."

Naruto growled, his fist rising to clench in the protective vest of the other's uniform. "Dammit, Sasuke, this isn't time for your sarcastic jokes! I'm freaking out, okay? This is serious. I need to know what's going to happen here. How do you even feel about this? I don't even know if—"

The rest of the words suddenly caught in his throat when Sasuke leaned in, coming so close that it couldn't be interpreted as anything other than intimate. His arm rose once more, trapping him against the tree, and with his free hand, he removed his sword from where it had been embedded. Then a moment later, to Naruto's shock, he felt soft lips at his neck. A quiver ran through his body when the sensation of what was undoubtedly Sasuke's tongue, traced the cut here. The initial sting was quickly soothed over by a few slow licks. Naruto inhaled deeply, nearly closing his eyes, but instead refocused when Sasuke's dark head lifted to catch his gaze again.

They were practically nose to nose, the Uchiha's enigmatic eyes staring into Naruto's wide ones. "Was that an answer enough for you?" he drawled.

Naruto's tongue moistened his lips, and he felt a pang in his gut when he noticed Sasuke's eyes following the movement. "Um… I g-guess?" he managed to garble out.

Sasuke's eyes skimmed over his face, and for a second, Naruto thought he would kiss him. Instead, Sasuke turned away, sheathing his sword. "Since we're obviously not going to get anything done here, let's call it a day. I'm going home to eat."

Naruto looked around. The sun was setting now, purple and blue hues quickly melding with pink and orange. He redirected his gaze back to Sasuke's retreating form. Was Sasuke just going to leave like that? He took a few tentative steps forward. "... Sasuke?"

The other halted, looking over his shoulder, expression bland. "Are you coming or not?"

Naruto blinked. Feeling a conflicting mixture of eagerness and trepidation—the former overcoming the latter. Before he knew what he was doing, he was moving forward.

He quickly caught up to Sasuke, and as they walked side by side back towards the main road, Naruto's cast a sidelong glance at his friend, admiring the relaxed expression on Sasuke's striking face, those dark eyes, and the soft curve of the other's mouth. He knew that in going back to Sasuke's house, there would likely be a chance for something else after dinner, and despite his bare guilt and reservations, he couldn't help but look so desperately forward to it. Already his hands itched to touch Sasuke again, to see that side of him that no one else got to see. He stuffed his hand in his pockets in reflex, as they headed off in the direction towards Sasuke's house.

He was so royally screwed.


Author's Note: This was quite a lot of fun to write. Sasuke's quite stunted emotionally, especially in matters of the heart, the awakening of sexual desires, experiences, and emotions could be daunting for someone of his psychological background. Of course, knowing Sasuke, he would never make it outwardly apparent even if he felt it. An interesting tidbit is that the cactus plant and their flowers are seen as a symbol of longevity and endurance.

Anyway, thanks as always for the support and any feedback is dearly appreciated. You guys have been wonderful.