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1. And so the game begins


Harry sat crouched in the garden, trying to pull out weeds with a pincer grip was not an easy thing. He was exhausted; he could almost feel his brain fry in the heat of the sun. The thick ink black hair was as usual messed up to the right side of his head and had formed a natural side bang over his forehead. He wore a pair of washed out jeans that would probably never match him in width. His thin frame was hidden under a grey-like t-shirt. Grey-like because once it had probably been black but had somehow faded considerably, a reminder to why you should not let Uncle Vernon wash clothes.

The Dursleys was one off the worse type of people. Their ways were defiled and disgusted him as he observed them. Day after day he got more and more surprised by the things he heard. How his uncle could do absolutely anything for money, oh he treasured his family of course. Not that Harry was a part of it. He was just living at their home and they so generously took care of him.

You could think that their soon to be twelve year old son was at least somewhat innocent. But no, he learnt directly from his father. The only thing he didn't have that his father had was some of that disgusting mustache and the ability to use his brain. Even if it was just a little.

Harry saw them as lacking and considerably stupid humans. He could easily say that he was disgusted just by being the same race as them. Sighting, he threw himself back so he could lay on the shadowed side of the yard. Not that they had caused something really bad to happen. Yet.

They could still probably get charged, his uncle continuously stole money from the company he was working at. Grunnings it was called. The world was a defiled place that craved justice, but what type of justice? The type of justice that had taken over Japan and nearly America a little more than ten years prior? No, that was wrong. Killing in itself was wrong. But there was a side of him, a side that had a voice that didn't hold a single likeness to his own that told him it was right. Could be, yes.

Harry had trusted the authorities not to be completely useless. But most of the time they were. He also had to agree with that; an honest hard working person who worked for justice in bliss of innocence would most probably end badly. Such a person was an easy prey-for anyone.

The world was like a chess board, sacrifices needed to be made and one mistake could cost you your life.

At seven years old he had contacted the police to make a formal report of his relatives' behavior towards him. The person in question had told him that little kids should know their place or he could go shove it. Yes, a very judicious way to express himself. Apparently they lacked education and ethic too.

He heavily sighted, it all depended on a person's morals after all. And that could for some be easily changed and for others one viewpoint was enough for life. Ah, life was- at the moment- utterly and completely boring.

His dwelling was interrupted by one of the shrillest voices ever to be heard by human kind.

"Get to work, you lazy boy!" he sighted, back to the hell called reality.


"I want to go to the human world. I'm sick of this boring world. I heard the human world is interesting." A young shinigami said. A new shinigami. One which face had still to lose its humanity. This world was already boring for the young one. He had still not become accustomed to an immortality of boredom. The poor, poor thing. Those first years were always the worst. Ryuk was somewhat happy that he could see the human face before it started to crumble, it brought back many memories. How sad that the young ones' memories had been wiped at his death.

"You were not a God. You were just.." Ryuk looked up to find the other nowhere to be seen.

"It's boring; with boring people doing boring things..But the man who tried to change the world was interesting." He had been indeed; maybe he still could do something remarkable. Something to make his boredom go away. Even if just for awhile. Not that it mattered much; after all they had both ceased their boredoms while he had still been alive. It had been fun.

"Gone already?" Ryuk chuckled lightly under his breath. The story must've made an impression. Of course it should have. After all. It was his story

"Anyway. I'm bored now. I'll tell you about it. To pay you back for the unpalatable apple. That's right, this is a story about a man who tried to change the world and become a god."

"You should go take a look. Someone might pick up the notebook if you're lucky. And you get to see something you won't forget for the rest of your life. Isn't that right?" He spoke to himself, his long-gone companion not there anymore. Not that it mattered; they'd already had their fun. Not that the other remembered though.



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