Adoption notices.

This fic has been adopted by two different authors. Both stories will probably be almost completely rewritten and the plots will change.


One of the authors is called ManniaOnna11OtakuHpFan. The story is renamed 'You lose when you die but try not to'. The genre of the story has also changed, mine being more serious, this one will has been marked Romance/humor.

Link: www. fanfiction s/ 8263064/1/ You_lose_when_you_die_but_try_not_to


The second one is being posted by taidanapanda, this one being called 'One note can change the world'.

Link: www. fanfiction s/ 8317470/1/ One_note_can_change_the_world

Cheers, the story is finally continuing!


I am currently working on two other Harry Potter fics. They both have quite messy but interesting plots that I'm trying to make sense of at the moment. If you're interested just author alert.