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Will and Emma walked out of the hospital, hand in hand. They were both smiling as they just had the best experience ever. He smiled happily at the woman leaning in to his arm, as they walked over to her car. Neither of them talked as they got in the car and Emma drove away from the hospital. Will looked at her as he saw her turn off for a different road.

"Em, where are we going?" Will asked.

Emma looked at him, still smiling. "We're going to my condo,"

"Well can you drop me off home, cause I don't want to go," Will told her.

"There's no reason to be afraid Will, we're only going to call the police and get him arrested," Emma reassured.

"Okay..." Will nodded, sighing.

"Anyway, as long as I'm with you he won't lay a finger on you," Emma smiled.

"That's what I'm meant to say to you," Will pointed out.

Emma laughed at him slightly and parked the car outside her condo. They shared a glance for a moment before they looked at the house. Will swallowed the lump in his throat and put on a brave face. Emma took his hand and kissed him on his cheek. He smiled at the beautiful doe eyed, red head next to him.

"Okay... lets do this," Will said.

Emma picked up her cell, as Will got out of the car. He looked at the condo and went to shut the car door, but Emma stopped him.

"Where are you going Will?" Emma asked.

Will looked her straight in the eye and turned serious.

"I'm going to get my revenge," He replied.

He shut the car door and walked up to the front door. He looked back at Emma who was on the phone and looking at him. Then without hesitation, he knocked three times on the door. He waited and after a few seconds the handle turned and the door opened. Carl stood there staring at Will, and Will felt his fists clench by his sides.

"What the fuck are you doing here Schuester?" Carl spat.

Will didn't say anything; he just clenched his right fist and brought it up to Carl's face, with all the strength he could find. Carl staggered backwards in to the wall as Will stepped inside the condo. Carl threw a punch at Will, but Will ducked and punched Carl in the stomach.

Carl doubled over winded as Will got ready to take another shot. Carl stood up straight again and before Will could strike him again, Carl elbowed him in the nose. Will felt something warm trickling down his face, and run down his lips. He wiped at his nose and looked at his hand that was now covered in blood.

Will smirked at Carl who looked pleased with himself. Will kicked Carl in his shin and then punched him square in the face. Carl stood still for a moment before falling to the floor in a heap. Will looked down at the man on the floor, who seemed unconscious. He turned to walk upstairs to go get some tissues for his aching nose, when a hand grabbed his ankle. Carl pulled as hard as he could pulling Will on to the floor with him.

Will struggled to get up and from the dentists grasp. Will punched Carl in the face once more, and the grip on his leg loosened. Carl was dazed for a moment before he got up to his feet, dodging a punch Will had threw at him.

When Will realised his punch had missed he went to throw another, but was pushed backwards in to the living room. Will stumbled and grabbed on to the couch for support. Carl walked closer to Will and lashed out with his fists.

Will managed to avoid the first punch, but the second one hit him right in the mouth. He tasted blood, when he licked his lips and this sent him over the edge. Will grabbed Carl by his neck with one hand and pushed him up against the nearest wall.

Will wrapped both hands around the dentists throat in his rage. He looked in to Carl's eyes to see pure fear, and Will then realised what he was doing. Carl was spluttering and scratching at Will's hands. Will hands fell from Carl's neck and Carl doubled over gasping.

Will put a hand through his hair, took a step back and tried to calm down. Carl looked at Will backing away, and took the chance to dive on him. Will and Carl fell to the floor and began wrestling with eachother again. Carl straddled Will and punched him in the face, over and over, which made Will think about that time when Finn was beating up Puck.

Will was getting dizzy, and it seemed like Carl wasn't going to stop. Carl threw another punch at Will, only to have Will grab his fist and punch him. Will threw him to the side and Will tried to get to his feet. Carl was on his back, looking up at the injured teacher standing before him.

Will wiped his nose on his sleeve, and looked down at Carl. Carl stood up slowly, moving towards Will, who wasn't backing down. Will moved forward towards Carl, so there was only 30 cm between them. Will and Carl were thinking the same thing at that moment. They both lashed out with their fists and Will managed to duck and punch Carl in his nose.

At that moment the front door was opened and two police officers ran in. They grabbed Carl by his arms and arrested him. Carl was led out the house with one of the officers telling him why he'd been arrested. Will sat down on the couch and Emma walked in.

"Will are you okay?" She panicked.

"Y-yeah... I'm fine," He nodded.

"You're bleeding... here," Emma said.

Will moved forward and Emma handed him a tissue, which he held to his nose. He tilted his head forward and pinched the bridge of his nose to stop the bleeding.

"Thanks," Will smiled.

"It's okay. Carl's been arrested and the police told me he's looking at 2 years in prison," She stated.

"Well he deserves it,"

Will looked at the tissue and his nose had stopped bleeding. He stood up slowly with Emma holding on to his arm just in case. Will smiled at the woman in front of him and leaned down. He kissed her slowly, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in to a tight embrace.

"I love you Em," Will smiled, while looking in to her eyes.

"I love you too Will," Emma giggled.

"Come on... I'm taking you somewhere nice," He announced, taking her hand and leading her out the door.

Emma locked the door quickly and they went to her car. Will got in the drivers side and Emma got in the other side. Will started the car and drove towards the destination. He drove for 10 minutes until he reached the place. They both got out of the car and walked hand in hand, side by side down towards the park.

They sat down on a bench and Will put an arm around Emma, who looked up at him curious why they were here. It was like he could read her mind and he smiled.

"We are here because I thought it would be romantic," He told her.

"Well it's perfect Will," Emma smiled sweetly.

"Good," He replied, leaning down to kiss her.

As their lips met, Emma smiled and kissed him roughly taking him off guard. He felt her tongue sliding in to his mouth and even though he was surprised at her actions, he responded to the kiss. Will and Emma broke apart after a long make out session, and put their foreheads together. They finally found their happy ending and there was no one that couldn't ruin it.

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