As promised I'm replacing 'What I Would Do For You' with another Uchihacest fic. Because I love Sasuke and Itachi, even if both of them are really starting to piss me off in the manga. So much anger they make me feel…Anyway, that has nothing to do with this. So everyone, please enjoy the first chapter of…THE HUMAN CONTRACT. Regular PV

You're an obsession
You're my obsession
Who do you want me to be
To make you sleep with me?


Itachi stared blankly as the meeting seemed to drag on and on. It was actually becoming a difficult task to keep himself awake which was why his body guard, Kisame, was doing an excellent job of it by stabbing him in the thigh with a safety pin whenever his eyelids drooped. And no one seemed to notice what was going on underneath the table, partially due to the fact that Itachi was able to contain the reaction of when the pointed metal dug through his pants and into his skin; he had yet to jump or jerk. And the other reason why was because everyone was trying their best to stay awake as well.

The man giving the presentation in front of him was quite possibly the biggest blow hard he had ever had the misfortune of meeting, Orochimaru. He was the CEO of Otogakure Corporation; an up and coming computer company. Itachi would have been far more obliged to keep himself awake if this man wasn't so horribly boring; his presentation was packed with useless information and his voice was so raspy and weird that it reminded him of a snake. Earning him the nickname Snake Bastard around the office. Itachi's eye twitched in annoyance when he felt the man's gaze taking him in. Orochimaru was trying too hard to impress him and failing to do so. It was actually putting him off and making him not want to merge with Oto Corps more and more with each passing second.

Being the current CEO of Akatsuki Corps, Itachi had to be at every meeting, listening, watching, deciding. It was a real snore, but he knew it was what he had signed up for when he came work at his uncle's company. Speaking of his uncle, Itachi was currently very angry at him. Madara was the Chairman of the Board and should have been attending this meeting as well, but had shirked it, yet again. It always seem to be like this. As long as Itachi was there Madara almost found that he didn't need to show up. It irked Itachi to no end; he would actually like to go through a day where he didn't have to go to a meeting; have his uncle cover it for once.

The door swung open suddenly and loudly smacked into the wall next to it. Everyone was completely silent as Madara stuck his head in sheepishly and apologized to Orochimaru before sneaking to the back of the table where Itachi sat and took a seat next to his nephew. The younger Uchiha tilted his gaze toward Madara who was sitting quietly. He leaned in closer to Itachi with a slight frown on his face. "Been suffering through this the last half hour, huh?" Madara asked when he knew Orochimaru wasn't looking over at them. Even though Orochimaru was so boring it made them all want to die, they still had to pretend that he was interesting.

"Suffer is not a strong enough verb, Uncle." Itachi replied with a slight glare pointed towards Orochimaru; he didn't seem to notice it. "OW!" The Uchiha muffled his pain by biting his lower lip. Itachi gave Kisame a quick side glance because of the particularly rough poke he had just received. He noticed that his body guard wasn't really paying attention; he was looking off to the side waiting about a minute before poking Itachi again. The Uchiha grabbed his wrist and the black man(1) stopped, looking over at his employer with a nervous grin. He retracted his arm and kept it at his side.

"So bad you're in pain eh?" Madara said biting back a laugh. He received a slight glare from Itachi as the older looked down at his watch. "Well, we only have to suffer through this ordeal for another fifteen minutes. Hn, I should have got here with five minutes left." They watched, blinking with boredom and within two minutes, Madara had already yawned six times. "This is terrible, Itachi. I had no idea…"

"Hn. You get used to it eventually. It's only made worse because I didn't get any sleep last night; I even took my medication and nothing happened." Itachi muttered as he covered his mouth with his hand so Orochimaru wouldn't see him chatting with his uncle. Though, he actually wanted to be caught. It would show that snake bastard that he wasn't as great as he thought he was.

"Did you have that dream again?" Itachi couldn't help but turn towards his uncle with a raised eyebrow and the older took that as a 'yes'. The younger turned back towards Orochimaru, shaking his head a little. He would have thought by now his uncle would have learned his sleeping habits. The dream he had would never go away; it had been plaguing him for twenty five years. "Maybe your birthday present can take your mind off of it. You have yet to get it from me…"

"Hn, don't you think I'm a little old to get birthday presents?"

Madara smirked then and patted Itachi on the shoulder. "You'll never be too old for anything Itachi. Besides, I insist you at least see what I have to offer you. You can always reject it if you really don't want it. It's called choices and unlike most of the family, I'm completely willing to give them to you."

Itachi shrugged in defeat. It wouldn't kill him to see what his uncle's present was; it may actually even be interesting or at least far better than last year's birthday when he bought Itachi a male stripper that popped out of cake. That was just annoying.

That was what Itachi found most interesting about Madara; the fact that he never acted as serious about anything, even though he was an Uchiha and a man of nearly fifty. His father, Fugaku, was the picture of stern seriousness, but Madara and Izuna, both Fugaku's brothers, seemed completely different. Tending to be more carefree; well Izuna was more carefree…

Itachi shook himself out of his thoughts; now was not the time to think of his family. He looked at the clock on the wall behind Orochimaru and saw that the presentation would be over in a matter of seconds; thirty-six to be exact. Itachi clenched his fists as he waited for the second hand to tick past the twelve and make the meeting over. It was much like waiting for school to end, slow, torturous, and almost painful.

Orochimaru ended his presentation a few seconds after the hand past twelve on the clock, making both Madara and Itachi sigh with relief as they got up from the table. They headed towards the door but were unceremoniously cut off by Orochimaru; Itachi mentally sighed, almost wanting to shove the man out of his way so he could exit.

"So Itachi, what did you think?" The Uchiha resisted the urge to roll his eyes and completely ram this bastard for wasting his time, but instead he kept his face blank, emotionless, and looked Orochimaru dead in the face.

"You've given me much to consider; we'll be in touch." Itachi said as he coolly slipped past Orochimaru and out into the hallway, Kisame and Madara following after him, trying not to laugh until they were out of earshot.

"Cold as usual my lovely nephew." Madara said trying to conceal another round of laughter. "Ah, that was a good laugh. I almost thought he was going to cry; that would have been great. We haven't had anyone cry because of Itachi since his last secretary spilled coffee on him. That was such a long time ago…"

"It was last week…" Kisame interjected and Itachi chuckled a little at the flush threatening to creep up his uncle's face. He punched Kisame in the shoulder and the black man started to scowl a little bit, folding his arms across his chest. Itachi stretched a little but felt a slight pain in his thigh and looked down, touching the area where Kisame had religiously poked him. He pulled back and found that he was bleeding; he tilted his gaze back towards Kisame who was whistling nonchalantly and looking away. The glare of his employer was too strong for Kisame and he actually felt himself start to sweat as he looked back at Itachi. "I'm sorry, I may have gotten a bit carried away…"

"Hn…A bit my ass…" Itachi muttered shaking his head. Madara chuckled a little before slinging his arm over Itachi's shoulder and steering him towards the entrance of the building. "Um, where are we going? Work is not over."

"Eh, all that we were supposed to do today was that meeting. Now is time for you and I to spend some quality uncle-nephew time together." Madara said as he pushed the door open, ushering Itachi out. Kisame followed behind them but was cut off by the older Uchiha who was smirking threateningly at him. "Sorry, Uchihas only." He turned away from the man and smiled at Itachi. "Follow me in your car, okay? We're heading back to my place!"

There was something about Madara's mansion that always seemed to bug Itachi; there was such a vast hollowness about it. His uncle lived alone, except for his maids and butlers and most of them left for the night and came back in the morning. So after six in the evening, half the staff was gone. At eight another half dispersed, leaving only a fourth of the original staff, which consisted of twenty people.

But that wasn't why it seemed so empty. Madara had stopped decorating the rooms, leaving them mostly blank; a good portion of them were painted black and filled with nothing more than a couple pieces of furniture and books. But Itachi couldn't exactly condemn his uncle for it; not after the accident. Madara had never been the same after that.

Madara whistled a little bringing Itachi's attention to focus on his uncle who was handing him a drink. He took it and followed his uncle into the study; one of the only rooms that seemed as though someone used it. The fire was roaring, giving the room a more romantic glow as they entered. Itachi sat down on the loveseat across from Madara's favorite recliner; this had been one of Itachi's favorite rooms growing up. He had sat in that exact spot reading countless books by fire and lamp light, almost making them far more interesting to read. Now this room seemed dead to him, filled with memories of a much simpler time; a time where his thoughts were so clouded with guilt.

"So…What happened in your dream this time?" Madara asked as he looked into his drink, sipping at it a little before turning his attention back up to his nephew. "They seem to always change, don't you agree?"

Itachi stayed silent for a moment, taking a swig of whatever alcoholic beverage Madara had given him. He wasn't a big fan of drinking but it would do well to numb his thoughts, even if it was for just a little bit. He glanced over at his uncle, watching how Madara took him in with his gaze, analyzing him like he was nothing more than a poem in a literature class. "You seem to be the only one who cares about my dreams anymore, Madara."

"Oh boy, you're annoyed with me. You only call me Madara when you're upset with me…Why are you so sensitive about telling me? I've been there for you for so long now Itachi, come on, have a little trust will ya? Your obsession is consuming you and if you don't let it out, you'll probably go crazy."

The younger raised a skeptical eyebrow before rolling his eyes at his uncle. "It's not that I don't trust you, Madara, but this dream is one you don't want to hear." Itachi muttered as he took another sip, holding back the cringe that accompanied the flavor.

"Oh come now Itachi, just tell me already! I'm really not getting any younger."

Itachi had never been one to give in easily but the dream really had been bothering him all day; and it was dreams like the one he had last night that made him never want to sleep, ever again. If there was a way to keep himself awake without it killing him, he would do it. But, he really didn't want to tell Madara though, one aspect of the dream might set him off on his depression spiral. But it would be Madara's fault, right? He was the one who was practically begging for it. Itachi opened his mouth only to shut it again, deciding not to tell him. "Some other time, Uncle. I am not in the mood for it; I would actually much rather talk about something else or maybe see whatever it is that you wanted to give me for my birthday."

And just like that Madara dropped the subject and started smirking wickedly. There was almost a cruel look about his countenance as he stood up and ushered Itachi out of the room. They were half way to the front door before Itachi spoke. "Where exactly are we going?"

"The kind of present I got you, I can't keep at my house. But I assure you, it is something you will never forget; whether you love it or hate it." Madara muttered as he practically shoved Itachi out the door and into his car.

The younger Uchiha hated to be stuck in someone else's car; if he wanted to leave, he would have to wait for the other person to be ready. And his fuddy-duddy(2) uncle took his time with everything, even shopping for clothes, which took Itachi maybe an hour, would take Madara three or more. It was infuriatingly dull and made Itachi wish he had protested a little more but it was too late as soon as Madara got into the driver's seat.

Itachi leaned back, letting his uncle do as he pleased. It beat going back to his own house, he supposed. There was nothing there waiting for him besides his cat, Sharingan, but he had a feeling his cat was having one of his moody days where he didn't want to love Itachi, just scratch him and attack his feet as he passed by the bed. So Itachi figured that whatever Madara was doing was a good way to kill time.

The city passed in Madara's car quickly since he loved to speed, going ten to twenty miles over the speed limit was his national pass time. The glass and structures bled together into a shining mess of shapes that seemed to be smudged across the darkening skyline. The gray of the sky made the sun that shone through the clouds stand out even more, as if the area where the rays were shining down were being blessed by some invisible force. Unfortunately, that was not Madara's car. Itachi sighed a little to himself as he continued to stare out the window; they had come into the city now and the more sophisticated looking buildings were starting to mix into the classic charm of the brick buildings, some still having the old logos and advertisements from when they first opened painted on the side facing traffic flow.(3)

Itachi loved this part of the city; it reminded him of simplicity, something that he wished for in his own life but seemed to never have. He leaned his temple against the window and continued to look out at the city, noticing the instant change of scenery. His eyebrows knitted in confusion as Madara continued forward, heading towards what could only be called, 'the ghetto'. (3 cont.)

People from all walks of life seemed to be separated here. Anyone who looked like they had some kind of higher up job avoided the people on the street as though they were walking disease and filth. The lower people on the food chain seemed to have nothing more than contempt for the richer, upper class citizens, glaring at them as they passed or harassing them as they walked by. Though, some of the desperate hounded them, asking for a meager piece of something that they could more than easily spare yet spend it all frivolously and make themselves spiral deeper into a darker, desolate place within their own lives. A place Itachi could only label a Hell on Earth.

Three prostitutes lined the street corners, one leaning into a car, her make up and clothes in a complete and utter mess as she tried to talk the person in the car up to a higher price for her 'services'. She got into the car as a black truck came around, a man leaning out the window yelling at the other two girls. They both hesitantly went up to the truck and got in; Itachi shuddered to himself.

Madara locked the car doors as they came to a stoplight and Itachi pulled himself back into his seat, trying to avoid his window as much as possible. He didn't want random people coming up to his uncle's car and banging on the glass; it had happened before, it wasn't a pleasant experience then, and it certainly wouldn't be now. He thanked his lucky stars when the light turned green and they kept heading down the street, still having no clue to where his uncle was taking him.

"Uncle?" Itachi looked over and Madara glanced back at him with a smirk as they turned down an alley way. The roofs of buildings encased the top, cutting off whatever little sun light was sinking through the clouds and making the path completely black. Itachi wasn't frightened though; he was more like annoyed that Madara was ignoring him. If his gift was supposed to be a surprise, he almost wished he wasn't going to receive it if it meant going through all this. He was about to lay into Madara and give him a piece of his mind when the car stopped suddenly.

"We're here…Get out of the car Itachi." There was something in Madara's tone that actually made the hair on Itachi's arm stand on end, but he complied with his uncle's wishes as soon as he saw he was also getting out of the car. Madara walked next to Itachi, leading him yet letting him do as he pleased. The building they had stopped at looked like an abandoned warehouse but from the slow, lengthy notes filling the air around them with such beautiful music Itachi questioned that they were still in the ghetto. He hadn't heard such wonderful playing of string instruments since he was a teenager. Itachi walked up to the door, his curiosity peaked but Madara grabbed his hand, looking at him with a wonderfully evil glint in his eye. "Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast Itachi, you can't just barge in." Madara knocked on the door and a metal bar slid open; a pair of eyes glancing back at them.

"Oh? Finally deciding to come back, eh Madara?" The man said unlocking the door and opening it for the two Uchihas. "And you brought a friend, a very sexy one at that. Well, I hope you two enjoy your time here…It is truly unforgettable."

The door opened wide and Madara stepped inside first, letting Itachi follow his lead. His senses were overwhelmed as soon as he set foot into the building. It was dark inside and seeming to have no windows and only strings of lights draped down the walls, dotted with the occasional frosted glass lamp. The walls were painted black but had bright curtains of crimson hanging in front of sections of the wall; covering what Itachi could only think were doors or some kind of passage ways. The air was heavy with smoke as the men situated about enjoyed their pipes, cigarettes, or cigars with much enthusiasm. Itachi found it almost hard to breathe but ignored it as Madara led him down a small staircase. It led to a small lobby where a stage sat in the middle of the room; a dark blue was pulled back showing a string quartet, all male, all wearing almost nothing.

That shocked Itachi slightly as the men started to cheer and snicker darkly; the men onstage seemed to ignore it and play more, not letting their hidden annoyance play into the deep, beautiful tones of the music. This place made Itachi feel completely on edge, especially when he heard the throaty, lust filled whispers as he passed by a group of men; they were all staring at him like he was nothing more than a piece of meat. Itachi held in a shiver of disgust and started to increase his pace, coming to walk next to Madara instead of behind him.

"Don't worry Itachi," He said with a smirk on his face, "I won't let anyone harm or touch you…Unless, of course, you want them to." There was a huge amount of amusement in his tone as he pulled back a heavy crimson curtain, holding it open for them. Itachi walked in to the room and almost gasped with disgust and amazement.

The room itself was beautiful; carvings of gold and jade dragons lined the walls, their snarling lips curved up in a sadistic smile as they leaned their faces back towards the entrance. But that wasn't the most striking about the room; there were countless men, all looking successful or at least with some money to their names. They had boys, ranging from age sixteen to twenty five, it seemed, on their laps or in cages. The men seemed extremely excited by them; they cooed and purred at the boys, making them giggle or playfully push them away, teasing them and seducing them with expertise.

"What kind of place have you taken me to?" Itachi asked eyeing his uncle suspiciously.

Madara smirked a little as he the waves of younger men smiled at him, a vicious animalistic quality about their faces, they were predators and the older men, nothing more than prey. They turned away from them as a man came through the curtain. Madara turned, avoiding Itachi's gaze, as he waved the man over to him, an aggressively pleased look about his face.

This man was a curious one, bandages covered the right side of his face, giving him a more mysterious appearance. He walked with a cane but other than that seemed like any typical old man, but there was something about him, something so sinister than Itachi could only label it as sheer malevolence. The younger men tried to ignore his presence as much as they possibly could but out of the corner of Itachi's eye, he could see more than a few of them shuddering with fear, obviously with memories of things they dared not speak. Their plastic smiles and giggles acting as their only emotional shields.

"It's good to see you Danzo. It has been a long time, don't you agree?" He said with a slightly demented affection.

"Yes, a very long time. Almost a year if I do recall correctly." He replied and his gaze slanted over to Itachi, who was standing silently next to his uncle. "And who is this?"

"Uchiha Itachi, I'm Madara's nephew." The youngest man stated in a deathly calm tone. Danzo felt himself being drawn towards the younger Uchiha, smiling slightly at him. His calm, majestic beauty was something to be admired. His gorgeous face reminded Danzo very much of China Dolls, so stoic, so perfectly crafted, so fragile, yet so breathtakingly stunning. Itachi's cold eyes took him in and Danzo could almost feel the contempt and disgust rolling off the younger man. It was absolutely marvelous in his opinion.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself; I'm the owner of this establishment, Shimura Danzo." Itachi and Danzo shook hands; and the Uchiha found that the older man's hand lingered too long in his own, making his skin crawl, not that he would show it on his face. The less this man knew about him, the better. "So Madara, why is it you've decided to come back after all this time?"

"Ah, I've come to give my nephew a birthday present." Itachi gave a tilted glance towards his uncle but hide the shock on his face at the admittance of what was actually going on. This was the last place he would have ever expected to get a present from. "Since he's twenty five, a quarter of a century old, I decided his present needs to be momentous. So I found myself thinking that one of your trained pets would do well to please him…And if not then, well, I may find something to suit my own tastes."

Cruelty spread across Danzo's face as he smiled; Itachi found himself being more and more aware of how much his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He should have demanded that Madara taken him back as soon as they got to this building. But at the same time, Itachi found himself being drawn in; wanting to see what 'pets' were going to be offered to him. The old man nodded as he walked through the room, giving pointed glances towards some of the boys, making them straighten up and push themselves closer to the men they were atop. It was obvious that this was a 'sell it or be punished' kind of existence.

They walked to the back of the room where Danzo pushed back a painting and pulled out a ring of keys. He unlocked something, making a handle pop up from the wall. He grasped it and pulled it open, revealing a secret staircase. It was lit with lights had the appearance of candles, giving it more romantic feel, but Itachi knew better; this was not, in any sense of the word, romantic. It was tempting yet sinister and evil in every sense of the word.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs Itachi felt his heart race with shock. Men and boys lined the walls, all locked up by a collar with chains on their necks. They all looked up, dead eyes staring into the air, as if there was nothing but noise that disrupted them. "These all are untrained so please forgive them for being so out there; we generally like to get them when they're young so they can be trained from the get-go, but we make do with what we got. We haven't been receiving many young children lately." Danzo muttered, all of the men shivered or whimpered as he passed, shrinking back into themselves. "But the trained ones are through this door…" He opened a door and let Itachi and Madara pass him as he shut the door behind him.

The room was filled with men, compared to the earlier men, it was almost a surprise to see that they were fully clothed. They all sat together in small groups but as soon as they heard Madara clearing his throat, they all moved slowly, getting into a line that spanned the entire room. Some of them planted fake, plastic smiles on their lips while others kept their faces completely blank.

"Madara…" Itachi turned towards his uncle but the man just spun him back around, making him take in the individual beauty of each of the men. One of them stood out instantly to Itachi and it made his heart thump madly in his chest.

"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."(4) Madara muttered into his nephew's ear. Itachi was completely silent as he felt the smirk on his uncle's face start to send out waves of sick amusement. "Well then, you're in a good situation. Pick one of them Itachi; they will be anyone you want them to be without question. The one you pick will be completely loyal to you, Itachi, and you can live out any sick and twisted fantasy you wish with them. It's the reason why I brought you here, you know. I know that some kinks are better left in the hands of those you can trust."

Itachi was stunned but didn't allow it to show on his face when he looked over all of the men, scanning their faces for anything he could pick up. He looked over at Danzo. "Are they all virgins?"

"No." He replied. "Do you want me to weed out the ones who've had sex?" Itachi found himself nodding and Madara had an even more wicked smirk on his face as Danzo snapped his fingers making a little more than half the group disperse around the room; they were still deathly silent though.

Itachi was surprised to see the one who had caught his attention still up there. "I don't want anyone under the age of eighteen." Danzo snapped again and a few others left the line. Itachi's eyes gazed hungrily at the man who was standing right in front of him. He was beautiful; dark raven locks that seemed to have a blue tint to it stuck up in delicate spikes on the back of his head. His skin was porcelain smooth, creamily unmarred. But his eyes, they were so cold, so dead. He was like a living mannequin; perfectly beautiful yet seemingly lifeless and cold. Itachi felt himself being more and more drawn to him. He was perfect. "What's his name?" Itachi asked with a pointed glance. Danzo followed his gaze and his eyes landed on the raven haired boy who stood their silently.

"His name is whatever you want it to be." Danzo said as he beckoned the boy from the line. He came forward, walking confidently as he looked at Itachi and then back at Danzo. He had yet to say anything but those eyes never seemed to leave Itachi's form. The Uchiha almost wanted to laugh; it was more than obvious that this boy found him attractive as well, though he may not show it on his face.

"Is he the one you want?" Madara asked, a sudden hint of anxiousness to his tone. Itachi raised an eyebrow at his uncle but chose to ignore his uncle's sudden concern. The Uchiha thought about questioning his uncle but when he looked back at the boy standing in front of him, his beauty so very close to him, intoxicating him, all of the words that lingered on his tongue instantly died down and were swallowed.

Itachi reached out and caressed his face; he leaned into his hand, seeming to enjoy the very soft, gentle touch. He glanced up into Itachi's eyes and they locked for a moment; the boy seemed to be pulling him in, trying to draw him in with the sheer intensity of his loveliness.

Madara felt himself wanting more and more to push that boy away from Itachi, he had suspected Itachi would pick him, out of all the potential pets Danzo had. But Madara refused to let the anger and annoyance show on his face, even if Danzo was smirking at him. "Is he the one you want, Itachi?" Madara's question came again and Itachi turned towards his uncle, the spell over him seeming to be broken. Itachi pulled his hand back and the boy stood there, an almost disappointed look coming over his features.

"Yes…He is." The boy smirked a little at that but let the happiness on his face die slightly when Danzo glanced over at him. He remained silent as Itachi leaned in, brushing a strand of hair from his face. He spoke so only the beautiful boy could hear him and he seemed to enjoy Itachi's presence so close to him. "Hmm, but what shall I call you? Danzo says your name is whatever I want it to be but…Do you even have a name?"

"Daisuke." He replied and Itachi almost thought that someone else had answered. He hadn't really expected the boy to answer himself but when he did, something blossomed in his chest, and it brought a small bit of lust into his veins. His voice was cold, yet strangely alluring. There was a playfulness to it, as though something about this situation was amusing him. Itachi couldn't help but think that Daisuke, if he showed more emotion, would almost be a second version of Madara.

"Daisuke, eh?" Madara said looking the boy over. "I approve. Alright Danzo, we'll take him."

"Ah yes, very good. I've been trying to get Daisuke out of here since he was sixteen; many people have complained that his cold demeanor detours from his beauty but I'm glad that someone was able to see that it actually adds to it." Danzo said as he patted Itachi on the shoulder and headed back towards the door that lead out of the room. Daisuke stuck to Itachi's side like glue when they passed through the dark room filled with chained up boys, all of their eyes glanced up towards Daisuke; desperation filled their eyes as some of them attempted to reach up to touch him. Danzo would slap their hands with his cane and every time he did, Itachi noticed, Daisuke would bite him lip to prevent himself from flinching.

Itachi put his arm around Daisuke's shoulder and pulled him closer into his body; even though this boy was supposed to be loyal to him no matter what, there had to be an established level of trust and comfort. He didn't want Daisuke to shudder in fear of him, he wanted the boy to be happy whenever he entered the room or touched him.

Daisuke looked up at Itachi, who was holding him so closely, so gently. It was nothing he had ever experience before; he was so used to the sting and burn of human coldness that he had never felt the warm embrace of kindness. It was strange to him, alien. But not unwelcome, at all. Daisuke wondered though if this was an act; to get him to trust Itachi and then have the man do wicked things to him. But Daisuke couldn't tell, there was such a stoic, coldness about Itachi that mirrored his own that he couldn't tell what he was thinking, much like others couldn't tell what Daisuke was thinking. It was like they were made for each other.

And Daisuke couldn't help but thank his lucky stars that Itachi was attractive. He had feared for a while that he would end up with an old, aging, man who reminded him of Danzo. But Itachi was, in a sense, complete majesty. Daisuke had never seen someone who looked so wonderfully splendid in his entire life. His long raven hair complimented his pale, lovely skin in such a way, it almost seemed like it was glowing. And his eyes they were something to be admired, so black and deep with emotions Daisuke wished to feel and know.

He heard something nagging in the back of his head and couldn't help but think about the training Danzo had put him through. He was getting ahead of himself, he didn't know a thing about Itachi besides his name, and it wasn't even his full name. Plus, his character must not have been that great since he was in a place like this, surprising as it was to Daisuke. Surely a man like Itachi could have anything or anyone he wanted. But that wasn't the point, he was here, in his Hell hole, and buying one of Danzo's 'pets'.

"Daisuke." Both of them paused as Danzo looked back at the boy, his eyes glancing over him with a lusty stare but there was also much contempt. "Go find Sai and tell him we're going to need him to finish the contract."

Daisuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes but nodded, heading off towards the front of the building to find this mysterious man. Itachi watched as Daisuke left and followed Madara into an office looking room. Danzo looked through a cabinet full of files and seemed to find the one he was looking for and slapped it on his desk. He looked through it all before pulling out a specific piece of paper.

"Madara since you're technically making the purchase, you're going to need to fill out the sheet. Which is good since you've bought pets from us previously." He nodded grabbing the paper and looking over it. "After that we just have to finish with the Human Contract."

"Human Contract?" Itachi inquired.

"Yes, Daisuke is required to get a symbol of your ownership over him." Danzo said as he handed Madara a pen so he could fill out the paperwork. "That's why he's retrieving Sai. He's an artist but more specifically, a tattoo artist. I would suggest you pick a symbol for Daisuke to have on him now to save time for Sai, he's a very busy man."

There was a knock on the door and Daisuke walked in with another, slightly taller raven haired boy behind him. Itachi was almost taken off guard by his youth; he had been expecting a much older man, for some reason. Sai smiled, Itachi could tell that it was plastic, and glanced towards Danzo.

"You summoned me Master?" He said walking over to the desk and smiling down at him.

"Daisuke needs a tattoo, he's being purchased."

"Oh?" He glanced back at Daisuke, his smile had changed to a sinisterly dark smirk but when he turned back to Danzo he was smiling once again. "That's wonderful news." He walked back towards Daisuke and put an arm around his shoulder. Daisuke was actually frowning but made no attempt to shake Sai off. "Come along Daisuke, we'll get you all set up."

"Go with him Itachi." Madara said, patting Itachi on the shoulder. "All I have to do is paperwork and that's boring. Besides you have to pick a design anyway." Itachi nodded, getting up from his seat. Sai smiled at him lustfully and led the two of them out of the room, leaving Madara and Danzo alone.

The two of them were silent as they sat across from each other; Danzo could tell Madara was not pleased. He tapped the pen angrily on the stack of papers as he glared down Danzo. "Don't turn this around on me, Madara. How was I supposed to know that out of every single pet I had Itachi would pick him?"

"I hadn't expected him to still be here Danzo!" Madara said in loudly spoken tones. He wanted very much to reach across the desk and grab the man by the throat but swallowed the urge. He needed to keep his cool just incase he ever needed Danzo again. "How is it that someone of his beauty was still here after twenty years?"

"He…Well…" Danzo seemed to be thinking of the correct words to explain to Madara but the longer the pause was, the more irate Madara got. He was almost like a volcano; an explosion waiting to happen. "He did have a previous owner but it seems that he wasn't so cooperative with him. The training only seemed to get him through the first week or so before his owner decided to try and take him to his bed. It didn't turn out well…He lashed out at his owner and refused his advances, even going so far as to kick him in the balls."

"Really?" Madara seemed genuinely surprised; Danzo's training rarely ever failed, so this actually came as a shock to him since Daisuke's demeanor seemed to be one of a completely tame house pet. "Who was this poor bastard?"

"You know I'm not allowed to disclose that information." Danzo said and Madara shrugged.

"Whatever, I forgot how boring you are." Madara said as he pulled out his credit card. "How much for the kid anyway?"

"Fifty million yen.(5)" Danzo said as he took Madara's credit card and sliding it through a machine at his desk. The Uchiha was glad he had such good control over his emotions otherwise he thought his jaw would have fallen off his face. That was a steep deal of money.

"How can you charge that much for used goods?"

"He's still a virgin. We confirmed it with Daisuke, his previous owner, and of course with one of our medical staff."

"Hn. If I didn't know you better I'd say you were trying to cheat me out of my money." Madara said as he took his credit card back from Danzo. The Uchiha stood up and started to head for the door when Danzo cleared his throat. He turned his attention towards the older man.

"You need to watch both of them carefully, especially Itachi…" Danzo said as he eyed Madara fully. The Uchiha scoffed a little as he opened the door.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself Danzo. He doesn't remember anything about him; it works very well for the moment. And if something is to happen, well, I'll make sure to nip it in the bud. But until then, I'll make sure to keep my dearest nephew unaware and completely happy. It is my job as an Uncle, is it not?" Madara left the room with a smirk on his face.

"Eventually I want you to rename me." Daisuke said as he looked up at Itachi. They were walking side by side behind Sai who was leading them to some secluded back room. Itachi glanced over at the boy who was still as stoic as he was earlier. Their eyes met but Itachi couldn't really see any emotion in them. "Daisuke is the name they gave me, I don't want it. If I am to belong to you, I want you to name me."

Itachi couldn't help but feel that Daisuke wanted to escape this place, escape his past and start anew with him. Itachi liked the idea but he wasn't sure about how much he could make Daisuke forget. Some things were just too painful and terrible to forget. "If that is what you request of me," Itachi said as he looked down at Daisuke, "I'll think of something to call you…"

Daisuke looked grateful as Sai opened a door, turning on a light, the room filled with sickly white florescence and the three of them stepped into the room. "Daisuke, you know what to do."

He nodded and pulled the black fabric off his torso and laid down on a tattooing table. Itachi was only able to recognize something like it because of his own experiences in tattoo parlors. He pulled up a chair next to Daisuke as Sai started to prepare needles and ink for whatever design Itachi decided. He actually thought about making Daisuke get the Uchiha family symbol on his shoulder. It was a simple design that actually said a lot, the Uchihas were powerful, they were well respected, surely if someone saw the insignia of Uchiha on Daisuke, people would instantly assume he was a member of the family and leave him alone.

Itachi pulled out his business card and handed it to Sai. "My family crest is a well known symbol. I think it would look well on Daisuke's shoulder."

"How simple…Yet I love it." Sai said with a smile as he grabbed tracing paper and started to get to work. It only took him about ten minutes to finish up the design and stick it on Sasuke's shoulder in the perfect position. Sai dipped his needle in the red and started to get to work, filling the top portion of the insignia. The buzzing on the needle made Daisuke flinch, just a tiny bit before the needle was pressed into his skin.

Daisuke bit back a cry of pain and started to breathe deeply, trying to calm his body down. It was much larger than his previous tattoo but the design was easily and not in an extremely painful location. His hand twitched but when Itachi's hand brushed his own and interlaced their fingers, relief seemed to flood Daisuke. Itachi's touch was just so soothing, so calming that it seemed to almost completely erase the pain of the needle continuously stabbing into his flesh.

Nearly two hours later(6) and the tattoo had been completed. Sai wiped it down and put an antibacterial cream on it before placing a larger gauze bandage on it. "In a few hours, at least two, you can remove the bandage. And when you do, I would suggest washing the tattoo with lukewarm water and some kind of anti-bacterial soap. Don't use a washcloth on it, it will sting. If your tattoo feels slimy, Daisuke, that means you've been leaking plasma, wash as much of it as you can off. It'll form scabs on your tattoo. After you've washed it, PAT it dry with a CLEAN towel." Sai stood up then and looked around the room before grabbing a small bottle and handed it to Itachi. "This is oil enriched with vitamin A and D, it is wonderful for the skin, use it after Daisuke's tattoo has dried."

"Thank you." Itachi said as he placed the small bottle in his pocket. "Come along Daisuke, Madara has surely been waiting for us for a long time."

Daisuke nodded and put his tank top back on, cringing a little when it brushed slightly against his newly tattooed shoulder. Sai waved and smiled to him as they walked out of the room but then the smile instantly dropped from his face, he looked down at the business card still on the tattooing table where the ink lay and smirked a little to himself. Daisuke's previous owner would very much like to know of his pet's new owner, wouldn't he?

Itachi had his arm wrapped around Daisuke's waist as they passed through the glorious smoke filled lobby and towards the exit where the man by the door seemed mildly amused by the two of them as they passed. He opened the door for them and when they stepped out of the dimly lit warehouse and onto the moderately dark streets, Itachi had to blink a few times to get his eyes to adjust. He spotted Madara sitting on the hood of his car, smoking a cigarette, and staring up into the sky.

"Took the two of you long enough." Madara said as he tossed the cigarette on the ground, stamping it out with his heel. "Next time, I'll make you take your car."

Itachi rolled his eyes as he directed Daisuke over to the car. He got into the back with him and continued to hold him, feeling extremely drawn to the boy. He wasn't even sure why, but they seemed as though they were perfect for each other.

"Sasuke." Itachi said as he looked at Daisuke. The boy seemed to perk up a little and glanced over at Itachi.

"Excuse me?"

"Your new name is Sasuke." He replied kissing him on the temple very gently. Daisuke felt a flush creep up his cheeks and thanked his luck for it being dark. But, Daisuke decided, Sasuke was a much better name than the one given to him by Danzo. He knew that eventually he would forget that old name completely and become whatever Sasuke Itachi wanted him to be.

Madara glanced back at them, frowning a little bit as he turned on the car. This had not turned out according to plan but it seemed like destiny almost. It was like they said; only kindred souls gathered in the gale. But these kindred souls needed to just keep ignorant, especially Itachi. If his nephew sensed anything, picked up on anything, then it would all be over for him. He glared at 'Sasuke' through the rear view mirror but the boy didn't seem to notice, he was far too enchanted by Itachi. As long as that boy stayed enchanted by Itachi, and Itachi by him, it would be a simple relationship, one that would work well and not cause Madara so much stress, but Madara knew, nothing in life was that simple.

He pulled out into the street and did a U-turn, heading back towards his home. It was getting late now and he knew Itachi still had some kind of work to do. His tires screeched on the pavement in the city where evil never seemed to sleep.

1. That's right! Kisame is black. And do you know why? Because if he was blue in real life he would be so scary looking. And more than likely have genetic disorder involving his veins and the constriction of blood, which actually turns you more purple so this is just a better alternative. He's still shark lookin' though.

2. Fuddy-duddy: A term for an older person who is dull or boring.

3. The city I'm writing about is a mix of a city I used to live in with one I like visiting; Tacoma and Seattle, both in Washington State. Tacoma has old beautiful brick buildings and other things like the glass museum, but then it turns hella ghetto when you pass all that stuff. Seattle has the beautiful glass buildings and sky scrapers but is also extremely ghetto in certain parts xD

4. That was for all my Oscar Wilde fans. It is an actual quote from the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and I thought it fit perfectly in this situation so I decided to put it in there.

5. Fifty million yen sounds like a lot, but in actuality it's only about five hundred thousand dollars. Which is pretty good considering Daisuke is a person and completely 'trained'…Kinda.

6. Why Daisuke's tattoo took the time it did- because the Uchiha clan insignia is only two colors, there is no shading required, and the design is relatively simple. Well, I imagine it would only been that long, I really have no idea how long it would take. All I know is you're not supposed to have a tattoo session that's more than six hours because of how exhausting it is.

Me: Oh thank god, I finished.
Itachi: Yeah it only took you about a week.
Me: Shut up...You write this much with all the homework I had and see how much you get done.
Itachi: I'd get more done.
Itachi: No. Unlike you, I do not suck or fail at anything.
Madara: He's right you know.
Me: Go away Madara nobody likes you!
Madara: That's not what your mom said!
Me:...REALLY? GET OUTTA HERE! -hits Madara with my HUGE Calculus book-
Itachi: This was Hitoko-Sama.