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Sasuke was sitting on the couch with Itachi, who was looking at the smaller raven's arm. There were indents of finger prints bruised into the pale skin. Itachi's blood boiled. His father had no right to anything in his house, he had no right to come into his house and lay a single fingertip on anything Itachi owned; Sasuke included. The older Uchiha gently stroked the skin as Naruto, leaned over Sasuke the other way, seemingly comforting him by softly cupping his hand. Itachi wished he could do that. If Naruto wasn't here he could. He could fully comfort his property.

Madara's eyes may have been old but they flickered with an untold sparkle of life. He could see the anger eating away at Itachi, the jealousy Naruto created inside of him, not to mention the sheer possessive anger his father, Fugaku, bred into him. The fires of Itachi soul were burning brightly in his posture, in the hidden wells of his eyes, in the unspoken gentleness of his face.

Itachi was furious.

Madara smirked secretly to himself but then frowned when he heard the door open behind him. "I'M HERE! THERE'S NO NEED TO PANIC! WHERE IS HE?!" Everyone turned to see Kyuubi entering the room. The Uchiha and Uzumaki briefly locked eyes before Kyuubi bravely broke contact, standing near his brother who sat on the couch.

"Gone, left far before your heroics could save us." Itachi muttered. "But we did have a casualty…" He nodded towards the mark which seemed to be getting more and more pronounced as time passed. Kyuubi frowned.

"I just don't get it. Why would your father be so aggressive with Sasuke? I mean, he's Madara's son. Not his." Naruto muttered as he rubbed his thumb gently across the back of Sasuke's hand. Sasuke briefly smiled but looked over to Itachi for the comfort he desired. Later, he had to tell himself, later.

"I don't even think you were born yet." Kyuubi commented. "You wouldn't know why this is happening."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto asked, looking slightly skeptically.

"I had a brother." Itachi spoke and Madara seemed almost shocked to hear Itachi talk about it. His nephew was very private about matters like this, especially since Itachi blamed himself for everything. "He was kidnapped and we never found him. Fugaku thinks that Sasuke is my brother, even though we've had all the appropriate tests done. And I understand why he's obsessed about it. His pride made him everything he was when I was growing up."

"And it wasn't just that…" Kyuubi muttered, giving a slightly sideways glance at Itachi. "We both know that."

"What else is there?" Naruto questioned looking towards his brother, who was staring at Itachi. The Uchiha's mouth seemed sealed though and Madara sighed.

"Itachi's mother killed herself because of it." Madara said with in a sullen, almost brooding kind of way. "Fugaku never forgave himself for it. He blamed himself for his family falling apart and became obsessed with finding his son but we never could. And that caused an even larger divide. Itachi ran from Fugaku as soon as he could, straight to me. He never forgave Izuna or me for that."

"All of us." Itachi corrected.

"Hn, right. Yes, all of us. He never forgave us. Which was fine by me, really. I was never particularly close to Fugaku, nor did I see the rhyme or reason for any of his madness. I wanted to shelter Itachi, of course."

"Still didn't stop him from leaving you too, Madara." Kyuubi quipped sharply and Madara's face soured, eyes pointedly glaring into the red head's form.

Madara forced a sarcastic smile on his as he looked at Kyuubi. "Yes, well, I'm pretty sure if you just watched your uncle commit suicide in front of you, you wouldn't want to live in that house either, huh?"

Itachi shook his head. "Can we just not talk about this anymore?"

Madara and Kyuubi traded glances before answering together. "Yeah."

The red head put his hand in Naruto's hair and tugged on the back of the blond's head lightly. "Come on, Mom's waiting for us. She wants to talk to you."

"Oh come on, you didn't tell her, did you?"

Kyuubi shook his head. "No, let's go. We need to talk too."

Naruto huffed and nodded. He kissed Sasuke gently on the cheek and soft color passed right through the pretend Uchiha's face. "I'll see ya later." Naruto got up and Kyuubi put his arm around his little brother's shoulders, ushering him out.

When the Uzumaki brothers had disappeared, Sasuke immediately stood up and started to head for the stairs. Itachi grabbed onto his wrist gently but the boy shook him off and left without saying a word. Itachi sighed and Madara came up behind his nephew, rubbing his shoulders.

"Young people, am I right? Such a pain."

"Madara, we need to do something about this, right away." Itachi turned towards his uncle and the man nodded. "Father will not give up this venture so easily."

"I'm aware." Madara muttered. "I'd suggest you call Kisame. Kisame might be able to find someone on short notice in the realm of body guards that aren't inherently suspicious. That merger with Orochimaru just went through and if Sasuke has a hulking, huge ass body guard following him around, it's going to look a little strange."

"Yeah, you're right." Itachi said, rubbing the space between his eyes. "I'll call Kisame and hopefully he'll find something by tomorrow morning."

"Fugaku didn't hurt you, right?" Madara's brow was slightly wrinkled as he gently pushed the hair from Itachi's face, looking for bruises. He noticed a handprint on Itachi's forearm and he instantly frowned. Itachi leaned forward and he laid his head onto Madara's shoulder. Itachi sighed as Madara pulled his nephew in closer, hugging him gently. "My poor baby, Itachi. I didn't get here in time."

Itachi thought back to when he was a child. Nearly every single day Itachi had to call Madara or Izuna to ask for them to save him from his father. And they'd always come, no matter what. And Madara especially would always hold him and say 'my poor baby, Itachi' while gently rubbing his back and checking him for bruises. That was how Madara had won custody of Itachi when he was eleven and he never once regretted having Madara take care of him.

"Nothing's going to harm you, not while I'm around. I'm staying here tonight, I know you handled your father but I just don't trust the atmosphere tonight; its overbearingly stressful."

Itachi nodded. "Yeah; the guest room is more than likely going to be occupied tonight by Sasuke so just, uh, couch fort it."

Madara waved his nephew off. "Yeah, yeah. I won't be sleeping much anyway. Go to bed, Itachi. We have a long day tomorrow."

Sasuke felt strangely hurt by what had transpired tonight. He couldn't exactly name the feeling welling up in his gut but if it could even begin to be named, he would say it was guilt. He made everyone worry about him. He got Itachi hurt by his father, and not to mention probably broke a very strained relationship. The anger in Itachi's eyes may have been muted for Sasuke's sake, but Sasuke could see it. It was welling up in the dark pools and starting to overwhelm their usual calmed storm of emotion.

And all of this commotion just kept reminding Sasuke that he was just a replacement. He was Itachi's replacement for a brother, Fugaku, or whatever his name was, replacement for a son, and even Naruto, his best friend, he was Naruto's replacement for a boyfriend. If he could even label their relationship that...

This was all spiraling out of control too quickly for Sasuke to full grasp. He thought he just had to worry about being sent back to Danzo when in actuality he had to worry about the people who seemed the least threatening. The people around him. Though Sasuke believed Naruto and Itachi incapable of danger, Madara's inner circle, Madara himself, and Itachi's father were definitely capable of violent or criminal mischief.

Sasuke rubbed his hands through his hair as he stared up at the ceiling. Maybe he should convince Itachi that he needed to be house bound for a while. Tell everyone that he 'had an accident' and couldn't be up and about for the next couple weeks until the heat died down. He doubted Itachi would go for it, not to mention they'd have to forge even more false documents, or what have you, to even make the media believe them in the first place.

Sasuke's phone on the table started to go off, vibrating loudly. Thinking it was Naruto, Sasuke didn't even hesitate to answer. "Dobe, I just saw you, you don't need to check up on me."

"That's a cute pet name for him, you know?"Sasuke's blood turned to ice in his veins when that voice hissed with sadistic pleasure through the line. The pretend Uchiha's hands shook as he continued to hold the phone to his ear, too terrified to even consider hanging up.

"How did you get this number?" Sasuke heard the chuckle and knew his question was about to be ignored.

"So well trained, such a perfect little pet. I'm proud to have called you once mine. But you're slipping Daisuke. Your composure is cracking; your training is slowly failing you. It hasn't taught you how to deal with the shit storm you're in right now. Watch your back, beautiful, cause I know I will be."

The line went dead and Sasuke just dropped the phone and stared at it on the bed next to him. How could…? Who gave…? A deathly cold chill made its way up the raven's spine as he curled up in a small ball, lying on his side in Itachi's bed. He had come into the Uchiha's room hoping he and his master could talk a little, but he realized now that this was a mistake and he should just go. Sasuke didn't even know if he could form words.

Slowly Sasuke moved from the silken sheets that usually housed the object of his desire and to the door, coming to it in time for Itachi to almost hit him with it.

"Oh, Sasuke, I didn't expect you to be in here." Itachi closed the door behind him. "I thought you'd still be angry with me about earlier and I'd have to coax you into talking to me, but I guess now that you're here we can proper-"

Itachi was cut off by Sasuke practically collapsing into sobs, curling himself into the tall raven's chest as he cried. Fists were knotted into the Uchiha's shirt as Sasuke wailed into Itachi's. The Uchiha was secretly smirking because this was probably the most honest Sasuke was going to be with him emotionally until they got to know each other better. Itachi softly caressed the black spikes of his pet, cooing and purring at him to calm the boy.

Sasuke didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to tell Itachi about the call but every time he thought about it, it made him want to throw up. He was in grave danger now. Itachi and Madara too. How could this be happening to him? Danzo promised something like this would never happen, so why was it? Sasuke buried his face even deeper into Itachi's chest and the Uchiha couldn't help but smile.

"It's okay Sasuke, I'll protect you." Itachi muttered as he kissed the top of the boy's head.

Sasuke knew Itachi didn't know why he was crying. He probably thought it was because of the incident downstairs but that wasn't the case at all. If Itachi knew the truth…

The raven decided to keep this one to himself for the time being.

Itachi sat at his desk, pensively staring at his office door. Last night had been a real eye opener about how unsafe and volatile their little secret really was. Though, of course, Itachi never thought that it could be because of his own father. He always thought that in this little web of lies, Madara would have been the one to slip up. Itachi sighed, rubbing his eyes. At least he always had one person he could constantly rely on. Kisame, his wonderful bodyguard.

He had met the man in a bar his uncle insisted on dragging him too. At the time, Kisame was a bouncer. And as far as obnoxious drunk people and bars go, Itachi wasn't particularly enjoying himself that night. He especially did not enjoy when a drink was spilled on him, the man blamed him for the spilt drink, and challenged him to a fist fight. Of course, Itachi, at the time, was just drunk enough and annoyed enough to engage in such a barbaric method of problem-solving. And just as Itachi planned on smashing a bar stool over the man's head, Kisame grabbed the guy, threw him physically out of the bar and just smiled at Itachi. Itachi knew as soon as he saw that shark-tooth grin; this was going to be the beginnings of a phenomenal friendship.

Kisame walked into the room, holding the door open for a much shorter counterpart. Kisame himself was a giant of a man so the person who slipped under his arm and into the room was probably a little less than average height. He was remarkably lanky for someone Itachi assumed Kisame was going to suggest as a bodyguard for his pet. He had a cocky smirk which revealed jagged rows of sharpened teeth, just like Kisame's. Maybe Kisame knew more about the boy in front of him than Itachi could imagine.

"Good morning, boss!" Cheery as usual, Kisame took a seat next to the boy and threw an arm around his shoulder. The kid didn't seem to like that, huffing with annoyance. Itachi couldn't help but feel that he and Sasuke would get along fine. "You know, your request was a little difficult to fill but I managed to find something. This is Suigetsu, we worked for the same organization before it broke up."

"How old is he? He can't be as old as you." Itachi muttered, sitting back in his chair slightly.

"Hey, are you calling me old?!" Kisame seemed genuinely hurt by the comment and Itachi smirked.

"Oh calm down, you're a spry chicken compared to Madara."

"Yeah, that's true, how old is he? Like a thousand?"

"No, sorry, I'm one thousand three hundred and four." Madara said as he entered the room. "Thanks for playing." The man came to stand behind Itachi, ruffling his nephew's well-kept mane. Madara looked at the kid sitting next to Kisame and gave a soft chuckle. "Wow Kisame, this kid the best you could do? How old is he, sixteen? Maybe?"

"I'm twenty one, ass-bang!" Suigetsu said as he stood up abruptly. "And I'm not a kid!"

"Sure, sure." Madara said in a teasing tone. "Compared to me, everyone's a kid, okay? So sit down and calm yourself."

Kisame laughed as he forced Suigetsu back into his set with a mighty thrust of his hand. "As you can see, Suigetsu is a little hot tempered. He hasn't been in the business very long so you'll have to forgive him if he's a little rude." He put the emphasis on 'rude' as he ruffled Suigetsu's hair.

"It's fine. His hot temper and Sasuke's cold personality will probably complement each other and create a good dynamic. Don't you think so, Itachi?"

"Hn. What are his qualifications? He looks positively scrawny." Suigetsu flushed indignantly at the comment and huffed childishly.

"Ah and therein lies Suigetsu's secret success as a bodyguard. You told me to find the most normal looking person I could, around Sasuke's age so no one would get suspicious when they were seen together in public. So, I did just that. Suigetsu is quite an accomplished marksman (1) not to mention his muscles are very lean, so he doesn't look intimidating like me. He can probably bench a little less than I can. He's not someone to be taken lightly, however."

"So he'll be useful in shoot-outs and fist fights, good to know." Madara said. "How is he with planning security detailing?"

"Not necessary." Itachi muttered. "Sasuke is highly suspicious on his own accord, besides, we already know who will be targeting him."

"Speaking of which…Itachi I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you last night." Kisame said as he looked at the Uchiha. He smiled at his bodyguard.

"It is my fault really. I should have called you to patrol my house as soon as Madara told me he had been harassed by him earlier. Don't fret about my wellbeing when it cannot be helped. But back to the matter at hand." Itachi turned his attention towards Suigetsu. The white haired man suddenly felt a good amount of pressure on himself as the Uchiha's eyes scanned him; look at his face, his body and then smirking. "How are you with keeping secrets? The last thing we need is for good ol' Madara to throw you out a window because you're a rat."

"Everyone has their secrets and there's a reason they're called secrets. They ain't mine, I ain't gunna share 'em. Besides, it probably won't even be that bad anyway. I got plenty of secrets."

"Sasuke isn't Madara's real son."

Suigetsu felt like he just got slapped in the face by Kisame and just dead-stared at Itachi. He was looking pensively at the man across the desk from him and Madara was smirking too. Suigetsu knew if he reacted the wrong way, gave them any reason to suspect that he'd betray them, not only would he not get the job, he wouldn't be walking out of this room. Suigetsu nodded. "I thought that whole story was a little fishy. Oh well, not like I care about the intricate lives of rich people and what they do to spice up their lives."

"Glad to hear it." Madara said with a smirk. "Now how much do we gotta pay you to make sure those lips stay sealed? I'd say we'd pay you as much as we pay Kisame, but he's loyal to Itachi completely. Unlike you, you might not like Sasuke and therefore want to get back at him for anything he does. So, how much fish-kid?"

"How much do you pay, Kisame?"

"I gross about one to three million a year. I pick up Madara 'bonuses' from time to time. I live comfortably."

"I want five million."

"Four." Madara instantly fired back. "Four is more than enough."

Suigetsu got so nervous from Madara yelling an answer right back at him that all he could do was nod. "Yeah, four is fine."

"Oh and just to get everything super clear." Madara said with a smirk. "Anything happens to Sasuke, whether it him be physically attacked, sexually assaulted, and the like…Not only will you not get paid, I'll make sure for the rest of your life that every day is a waking torment of pain and misery that you'll never be able to escape. No matter where you go, or who you become. I'll find you."

Suigetsu felt a bead a sweat drip down his neck as Kisame filled the room with a hearty chuckle. He slapped Suigetsu on the back and nearly made his eyes fly out of his head. "Ah this is great huh, kid?"

"Oh yeah, super."

"I'll have you start tomorrow. Sasuke will no doubt be willing to be up and about then. But in the meantime, Suigetsu, you'll be finishing the fine details of your contract with Kisame and me." Itachi said as he unfolded his hands and stood up. "Uncle, do you want to break the news to Sasuke, or should I?"

"That brat hates me since I nailed his precious little boyfriend. You break it to him." Madara countered, waving off his nephew.

"Of course. Shall we go gentlemen?"

"But Sasuke, isn't it a little dangerous to go it alone?" Naruto muttered as he clung to Sasuke's arm for dear life. After the incident the other night, Naruto had been sticking to him like glue. Sasuke knew it was partially because Sasuke had been so upset about what happened and Naruto wanted to comfort him, and the other part came from Naruto's seemingly endless desire to love Sasuke with all of his heart, especially after sleeping with his 'father'.

"Naruto, the business I need to attend to doesn't have anything to do with you. Listen, I just need to do this for myself."

"You aren't even going to tell me what you're doing?"

"Naruto, please don't be like this. I just need some very important information."

"Sasuke, you got attacked last night by Itachi's crazy father! It isn't safe for you to roam around without someone going with you."

Sasuke was beginning to get annoyed and he shook his arm free of the blond's hold, making Naruto huff indignantly. The raven folded his arms across his chest and stared at Naruto, who looked so concerned that tears were starting to well up in his eyes. Sasuke's anger started to soften, if not ever so slightly, and he opened his arms. Naruto was in them within a moment.

"Sasuke, please be reasonable. I wouldn't be able to stand it if you were hurt."

"I need to find out some things about Madara and the whole Uchiha family, alright? This is my family too you know and I want to know what makes us tick. I found somewhere with a lot of old family records that I'm going to go through. Does that make you feel any better?"

"No." Naruto replied bluntly.

"Hn. You're so stubborn."

"Take me with you!"

"No. Do you really want to sit in an old, dusty library all afternoon and learn more about the family whose head patriarch fucked you raw?"

Naruto's face heated up and he pushed Sasuke's chest. "Are you ever going to let that go?"

"When it stops being funny, I will." Sasuke was smirking and Naruto sighed.

"Fine, fine. But you text me every few minutes to let me know what's going on, just in case I have to panic call Itachi and Madara, alright?"


Sasuke felt bad about lying to Naruto but there was no way he could tell the blond the truth about what he was going to be doing downtown. He walked through a dank alley and strutted down the all too familiar streets in front of his former home. He needed to see Sai and this was the only place he knew for sure he would be. That brat must have called that man, given him Sasuke's number, and just sat back and laughed about. How cruel Sai could be when he felt like it. Sasuke frowned as he knocked on the door of the club.

The small plate slid back and a pair of dark eyes peered out at Sasuke. The man behind the slot chuckled as he closed the slot again. "Well, well, I never expected to see you back here of your own accord."

Sasuke heard the heavy mechanisms of the door spring open. It was only a matter of seconds before Sasuke was walking inside, greeted by the familiar smell of cigarettes and bad cologne of old men. He watched his fellow pets doing the trade tricks, their eyes hollow as he passed them. Some of them had their eyes glued on him even as he walked into the backroom. He could feel the stabbing of jealousy in those glances.

Danzo wasn't particularly hard to find. He was sitting in his office, Sai atop him, petting through the hair the old man had left. The extremely pale raven was completely blank as he took one of the old man's fingers into his mouth and gave it a gentle bite. Sasuke knocked on the door frame, more than annoyed that his former owner didn't even bother to keep the door closed during his private matters.

The older man's eyes were clouded with lust and anger until he saw Sasuke was the one in the door way, face a mask of porcelain beauty. He smiled as Sai got off his lap, glaring at the other raven.

"Daisuke, my porcelain doll, what do I owe for the pleasure of your visit? Itachi isn't returning you, is he?" It was always money with Danzo. Sasuke rolled his eyes as Sai passed by him in the doorway, smiling.

"Itachi probably knows that used good don't have as much value." Sasuke licked his lips and grabbed onto Sai's arm, causing the other raven to growl with annoyance.

"As much as I'd love to catch up with you master, I've actually come for the pleasure of Sai's company." Sasuke's said, his voice was clearly sweet and seductive. It was the way Danzo had told him to talk to the customers, not that he had ever been used out on the floor. Danzo smirked as he waved the duo of ravens away.

Sai didn't seem particularly pleased with Sasuke's visit but he was sporting a strangely grateful body language. "As much as I'd like to thank you for saving me from Danzo's grabby paws, I know I'd immediately regret it as soon as you tell me why you're really here. Spill it, Daisuke, I don't have all day."

Sasuke smiled as he shoved Sai into one of the walls. His fists were knotted in the black cloth as he leaned in, glaring, eyes full of rage. "You know Sai, I got the strangest call yesterday." Sai's brows narrowed as Sasuke got right in his face. "Do you know who it was from? My favorite snake in the grass owner, Orochimaru. Now doesn't that seem a little strange?"

Sai swatted Sasuke's hands away, causing him to back away to avoid getting slapped in the face. "My, my, how presumptuous. What makes you think it was me?"

Sasuke smirked. "Because you were the one who gave Orochimaru the information about how we faked the tests in the first place. If you don't think Madara has his ways about finding out information, you're dead wrong. If you thought Danzo was a threat, you've never had the distinct pleasure of Madara's company. And I suggest, beautiful doll, that if you want to keep yourself beautiful and out of the training room, that you stop while you're ahead."

"Don't say that!" Sai seemed suddenly very tense and held onto himself as he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke forgot just how terrified Sai was of that particular training room. Sasuke knew it too, of course, but he had never had the displeasure of serving out punishment inside of it. Not like Sai. Sai was very good at getting caught up in his own lies, even when they were younger.

Sasuke felt a little bad when he looked at Sai like that. He remembered Sai coming back after spending three days in that room. He was naked from the chest up and there were cherry welts all over his back and chest, some of them had burst into blood. Not to mention Sai could barely walk afterwards. He knew Danzo had whipped him but he didn't know what else had happened. All Sasuke could speculate was it was the reason why Sai was never offered up as a virgin.

"Fine, I'm sorry." Sasuke said softly. "Just keep your mouth shut and your head down. I told Madara I'd take care of this and if you make me look foolish by sticking your neck out again, I won't be able to protect you."

Sai seemed to relax slightly as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and shook his head. "He blabbed to Madara as soon as he got the info, didn't he?"

"You met Orochimaru, he's a fool. A self-absorbed fool. He couldn't keep his loose lips together for very long, as soon as he thought he had something over Madara, he tried to use it."

Sai shook his head. "The bastard could have got me killed. I just thought he'd torture you a little, I never thought he was stupid enough to challenge Madara…Although, that recent bankruptcy he had makes way more sense now."


"And now to Sasaki Kurosawa with late and breaking news from Akatsuki Corp."

"Thank you Mika. We've just received news from Uchiha Madara himself that Akatsuki Corps will be joining together with Konoha Enterprises to create a better, more efficient company. Madara was quoted saying that 'the rivalry between Namikaze Minato and I are over, this is a time, not for competition, but for customer satisfaction. Minato, himself, is the king of that.'"

"Such uplifting words from Uchiha Madara. We had hoped for a brief statement from Uchiha Itachi as well, but he couldn't be contacted in time…Coming up in other news Oto Corps, a smaller software company has gone bankrupt and has officially shut its doors as of last night…"

Madara smirked with satisfaction as he turned the television off, getting up to make himself a drink. Four fingers of whiskey later, Madara sat back down, still feeling very satisfied with everything. Of course any news about his company would be good news to everyone, especially this. He was a little hesitant about releasing the details early but it was bound to be leaked by someone other than himself eventually. Madara just hoped that brat Kyuubi could keep his mouth closed around his father long enough for everything to be finalized in paperwork. He couldn't imagine the damage control Itachi would have to do if Minato found out Madara had slept with Naruto.

In fact, Madara wasn't sure how he was going to handle the media's insistence on a certain blond, raven couple who seemed to be popping up more and more. It seems that Sasuke and Naruto weren't just captured kissing that one time and that the paparazzi had been secretly stalking Sasuke around when he had been at school or out on the town with Naruto. Madara shook his head, vultures.

It wasn't that Madara particularly protested against Sasuke and Naruto being together in the media. He thought they were cute and if Sasuke really was his son, he wouldn't care if Sasuke decided to pursue the blond. The problem lied in what the media was twisting that relationship to mean. When the media caught wind of Madara's and Kyuubi's tryst; they had a field day. Everything that happened after the break up was used to make Madara look like a bad guy. No one highlighted the fact that Kyuubi was a little brat about the whole ordeal. He just didn't want anyone to think Sasuke and Naruto were playing lovey-dovey as a means to get the companies together on speaking terms. If the media could even begin to pretend like they knew the deep social connection Itachi had to Minato, their heads would spin. But of course, no one really spoke much about the past around the Uchiha clan…

The house was dead silent as the distant ticking of the grandfather clock could be heard in the background. Most of the servants Madara had were home with their families…Madara was alone, in his study.

Madara picked up his silver cigarette case and pulled one out, slipping it between his lips before lighting it. The smoke was sighed out as the Uchiha took a sip of his drink. "Happy anniversary, love."

"?" (Hello?)

"你好,这是我. "(Hey, it's me.)

"阿,您好,您要做什么呢?" (ah, hey, what do you want?)

"好像我们得倒垃圾。" (seems like we have to take out the trash.)

"现在吗?"(right now?)

"对,平常的地方. 我们在这儿到的时候再说吧。再见。" (Right, the usual place. When we're both there, we'll speak again. Goodbye)


1. If you don't know what a marksman is, it is someone who is really good with hitting targets. Implying Suigetsu is quite good with a gun.

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