Author's Note: I can't believe I'm writing another new story O_o The ideas just keep flowing and flowing! Anyway, this one came to me last evening, when I was playing around with my sisters plastic vampire fangs. Have fun!

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Gabelweihe, a very close friend of mine.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, but I own the plot. Don't steal it. Please?

Stranger In The Night

Michiru Kaioh sighed, put her various things into her handbag and got ready to leave her office. Working as a lawyer was great, but sometimes it annoyed the aqua haired woman that she had to work until the middle of the night, like today. Michiru checked her watch and sighed: ten minutes past midnight. The aqua haired woman left the office, locked the door behind her – as always, she took one moment to awe at the golden letters on the door which read "Michiru Kaioh – Lawyer" – and made her way over to the lift. She drove down to the ground floor, got out and left the office complex. She stepped out on the street, looked around shortly – Tokyo was a dangerous place at that time of the night, especially for a young, beautiful woman like Michiru – found out that no one was around and quickly started to walk towards her home. After a short time of walking, she could hear steps behind her. Michiru quickly glanced over her shoulder, only to see a big, muscular man walking behind her. The aqua haired woman got scared and increased her speed. The man started to walk faster. Michiru felt fear rising inside her, and she started to run. The man started to run, too. All of a sudden, Michiru could feel two strong arms wrapping around her from behind, and a cold hand covered her mouth. She tried to scream, but it came out muffled and unheard. The unknown guy pulled her into a side alley and threw her to the ground so hard that she banged her head on the concrete and saw stars dancing in front of her eyes. Before Michiru could scream, the guy threw herself on her, his weight pressing the air out of her lungs. "Please…" she whimpered when the man suddenly pressed a knife against her throat. "Please, don't…" "Shut up." The man growled, running his free hand under her shirt. He squeezed her breast, and Michiru let out a little gasp of fear. The man chuckled before he pressed his lips on hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Michiru closed her eyes, tears spilling out underneath her lids. That man was about to rape her, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Fifteen minutes later, Michiru had given up on fighting back. Her attacker had slapped her various times, causing her lips to start bleeding and her cheeks to swell. "Please…" she whispered while the man cut off her skirt, leaving her in bra and panties. "No…" "Shut up." The man whispered, tearing off her bra. Michiru closed her eyes when her attacker suddenly made a weird yelping noise. And then, his weight vanished from her body. Michiru dared to open her eyes again, only to see a tall, dark figure, which now grabbed the attacker and smashed him against the wall. Michiru sat upright just in time to see how the person who had saved her looked at her. Underneath a mass of blonde hair, a pair of glowing red eyes stared at her. Michiru let out a shocked gasp when her savior smiled and showed a pair of sharp fangs which were glistening in the moonlight. And then, the blonde turned back to the attacker, and the fangs dug into the man's neck.

Michiru screamed at the sight of her attacker being sucked out by a vampire and crawled backwards until she sat with her back against the wall. Finally, after a seemingly endless time, the blonde vampire seemed to be satisfied, since he let go of his victim and turned around to face Michiru. "Please, don't…" Michiru whispered, staring at the thin line of blood that ran from the corner of the vampires mouth. The blonde smiled again and wiped the blood away. "Don't worry." The vampire spoke with a deep, husky voice. "I won't hurt you. Here, take this." The blonde threw the black cape he had been wearing over to Michiru, and the aqua haired woman's eyes widened when her savior suddenly took off the ground and flew away. Michiru sat on the ground for a few minutes before she finally wrapped the black cape around her and started to go home.

On the roof of a house close to Michirus apartment building, a blonde figure stood, watching how the aqua haired woman finally came home. The blonde smiled, her deadly fangs glistening. "I'll see you again soon, My Lady." Her concentration was torn from the beautiful Michiru when she received a telepathic message from one of her fellow vampire friends. Bowing towards the window of Michirus bedroom, the blonde vampire turned around and jumped off the roof she had been standing on.