Epilogue: Together Forever

When Michiru awoke again, it was still dark outside. Surprised that she had been sleeping for such a short period of time, the aqua haired lawyer sat up in her bed. "Finally awake?" a gentle, husky voice suddenly came from her left. Michiru turned her head and saw Haruka sitting next to the bed, smiling. "Finally?" Michiru repeated, frowning. "Yes, finally. You slept the whole night and day, Michiru." Haruka informed her. Michiru blushed heavily. "Really? I thought I only slept for a few hours." She then mumbled. Before she looked up at Haruka again. "Am I a vampire now?" Haruka nodded. "Just try it." She then said. Michiru didn't really know what to do, but all of a sudden, she felt how the vampire fangs slid out of her jaw, and her eyesight increased. Haruka let out a low growl, causing Michiru to look at her. "You know, love...you look damn sexy when you vamp out." Haruka whispered, lust in her voice. Michiru gave her a cocky smile. "Well, thank you, love. You look sexy, too, when you do that." Haruka smiled at her before she stood up. "Well, My Lady, I think it's time for our first hunt. You need to feed." Michiru nodded and climbed out of the bed, quickly dressing herself. "I'm ready to go." She then said. Haruka smiled, nodded, and they left the apartment. Forever.

~~ 200 Years Later ~~

"Happy 200th anniversary, Love." Haruka smiled while she carried a breakfast tray over to the coffin Michiru laid in. The aqua haired vampire sat up and smiled at her lover. "You didn't forget." She then said. "How could I?" Haruka repeated, smiling. "Well, 200 years is a long time." Michiru answered while she climbed out of the coffin. "But not long enough for us to be with each other." Haruka grinned while she put the tray down. Michiru grinned back before the couple shared a short kiss. "On to the next 200 years." Haruka whispered afterwards. "200 years and forever." Michiru replied. Haruka nodded. "Together forever, Love. Together forever."