Part I. Chapter 4

- ?¿? -

The fallen are not forever gone

Even those who have been forgotten

Fade to the darkness

Lost to all till they rise anew

In the distance I saw them, Jake and that girl he had taken a liking to, hide within the cave. I decided to hide in the mountains above the cave and wait for him alone to surface. I waited for a time, listening to their talks about the 4ZN. All their facts were correct, but they were missing some very important details, for instance the fact that the taller leader didn't die and there weren't just two leaders of the 4ZN there were three.

As the sun reached its peak he poked his head out from the cave. I dropped down beside him, out of sight from within the cave.

"Don't be afraid," I whispered in his ear "I'm not here to hurt either of you."

"I know that," He replied "Aren't you..."

"Don't speak my name; there are those who would kill you if They heard it spoken."

"What are you here for? Are you here to tell me who I was?"

"That is one of the purposes of why I am here, the other is to take something from you."

"That is?"

"All in due time... I'll be back tonight to answer three questions for you, think carefully and remember unlike you... she can be harmed."

"What? Oh... that's fine I can and will take care of her."

"Just remember that your soul is more important than her life."

"I'm sure you would know, after all it was cause of you and the other two of the 4ZN that They are here today."

"Of course it was, things just went a bit wrong with my planning that's all. It's still as much your fault as it is mine and the other one."

"How is it my fault?"

"Are you sure you want me to answer that? It'll count as one of the three questions."

"Whatever, just tell me"

"I'm not sure you're ready just yet" I replied as I turned around and started walking away from where he stood "But here it is anyways... You were one of them, you are the one that fell down within the rift and ripped to pieces by Them and then transported to that field by me"

"Wh... Wh... What?"

"To put it plainly, you're also known as Risor:Zantis to the rest of 4ZN. One of three Risor's or leaders, the other two being me, Risor:Xyenthri and the one who has fallen to the shadows as part of our plan Risor:Forsytho, you were as much at fault as were we." And with that I disappeared from sight at least till night came.

- Jake -

To feel that all has been lost, that there is nothing left to live for

But there always is something... or someone, the one that you find

Of whom you think means everything to you, another thing to live for

Until the time comes when even they leave you, then there is truly nothing

"You were as much at fault as were we"

Those words basically destroyed everything that I had been holding on to till now. To continue believing... That would've been hypocritical, I looked back towards Lydia within the cave... And it looked like she had heard everything. She said one word to me:


Part 1 End.

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