Alright to here is my FOCUSED on Severus and Sirius story. It is slash, some parts are somewhat graphic, it will also contains mentions and insinuations of male pregnancy so if you don't like you shouldn't read further than this. I hope you like it let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

"Gentlemen," Albus said as he stood to welcome the two men who had entered his office. His Potions Master, Severus Snape, stood in the doorway considering the occupants of the room. While Sirius Black stood next to the fireplace that he had just come through. As Sirius took in the Potions Master, he let a mask of hatred fall upon his face.

"Albus," Severus said as he sent the grey eyes a look of loathing. "May I ask what you felt the need to summon me?"

"Certainly Severus," Albus began as he motioned to the two seats in front of his desk while walking to his chair behind the desk. "I asked you and Sirius here because our resident seer has seen fit to make a new prophesy. I was, once again, the fortunate one to receive this prophesy. And I feel that you two needed to be informed since you are the only two alive who knows the entirety of the original."

"It's about Harry," Sirius stated as he sat in the chair. "Doesn't he have enough to deal with?"

"You can't choose who prophesies are made about," Severus told the man. "Albus what does the prophesy say?"

"Well," he began as he put the tips of his fingers together in front of him. "Oddly enough, while it does involve him, it also involves four others."


"Well Sirius, of two… I am sure who they are. The prophesy calls them the Golden Three."

"Granger and Weasley."

"Yes," Albus confirmed with a nod. "The other two I am less sure of. I have suspicions, but I wanted to get your opinion of how to protect them."

"Them, Harry, Ron and Hermione or all five?"

"Both," Albus replied.

"Hiding," Sirius answered adamantly with what he thought was the obvious solution. "The three of them need to go into hiding. We can keep them at my parent's home. You can put us under the fidelous charm. I don't know about the other two; I think we need to figure out who they are first."

"That won't work," Severus said.

"Why not Snivellus," Sirius said hotly. "Because it wasn't your idea?"

"No," he calmly replied. "Potter won't stay locked up; he will find a way out."

"If he knows it's for his pro-"

"No Sirius," Albus interrupted. "I agree with Severus on this. Besides, I feel that Voldemort will figure that one out. We need to hide them in plain sight."

"The Presence charm?"


"I believe so," Albus said. "Severus here created a charm that will with stand any current glamour detection spell. We can," the man paused in thought. "De-age them, but they need to be together so we can train them."

"Make them siblings," Sirius said. "But who do you get to be their parents?"

The three men sat in silence contemplating their options.

"There is a set of parents I believe would work," Albus began slowly. "But it would require another Presence charm. Though I am not sure what you would think of the parents I am thinking of."

Severus sucked in a gasp of breath when he considered whom Albus could be referring.

"Absolutely not," Severus said standing and storming from the room.

"Did I miss something?"

"I believe Severus figured out who I intend to make their 'parents' and he is expressing his objections."

"But Albus… will it keep Harry safe?"

"I believe so," Albus nodded. "No one would expect it and we could keep them in the castle without suspicion."

"We'll if Severus is so upset he must think you mean him," Sirius deducted. "But he's gay and that is well known, you can't have him with a wom-" Sirius locked his grey eyes on blue ones before dropping his tone to one that would make a lesser man shiver. "You can't mean me? Even you aren't that crazy."

"Unfortunately," Albus said with twinkling eyes. "I do mean you and I think this may be our only option. No one would suspect the two of you would be together and no one would ever suspect Severus for hiding a bunch of Gryffindors. It's perfect for our plan."

Sirius looked away from the headmaster and stared out the window watching as an owl flew in the distance. His only concern was what would keep Harry safe.

With Voldemort back, safety would be an issue. And if he pretended to be married to Snape and the father of the golden trio, then Voldemort might want to recruit them.

"How old would you make them?"

"Well to be believable we might need to make them at least nine months apart in age, since male pregnancy is usually only seven to eight months. We could make Hermione and Ron old enough to attend Hogwarts in the fall and Harry would be a year younger than they would be. We would have them sleep in Severus' quarters with you so that they were safe and not in the tower. You and Severus could train them for their endeavor."

Sirius stood before he glanced back at the headmaster.

"I'll go speak with Snape," Sirius turned and left the headmasters office.

He made his way quietly down to the dungeons, it may have been a while since he lived in the castle but he knew his way around.

He wasn't sure where Snape would be so he tried the man's office first.

"Sn-Severus," he called as he knocked on the door. "We need to talk."

"What," Severus exclaimed as he threw open the door. He looked into the face of his childhood enemy. "You let him talk you into this didn't you? I thought you hated me?"

"I love Harry more."


"No," Sirius said. "Not out here. We need to go in your office."

Severus stepped out of the way allowing Sirius to enter his office, closing the door behind him, he took his wand out and set several privacy charms.

"I don't understand how you let that mad man convince you of this."

"I need Harry to be safe," Sirius said, as he looked the onyx eyes straight on. "He's not safe as Harry Potter, last year proved that. To keep him safe, Ron and Hermione need to be safe too. If this prophesy really does involve them then they need to be protected anyway. He is right… No one would ever guess you would house several Gryffindors."

"Yes," Severus conceded as he stepped around his desk and sat down. "I see why you might do this, but why would I?"


"That's low," Severus growled out.

"She was like your sister," Sirius explained. "She would have asked you to be his other godfather if you had not abandoned her. She told me when he was still in the hospital. You can't abandon her child too."

"Son of a bitch," Severus mumbled under his breath.

"I won't argue with that."

"If we do this there have to be some ground rules."

"I agree," Sirius said. "But this has to be believable too. No sex, but people have to think that we love each other when we're in public."

"I don't think anyone would be surprised if I never touch you in public."

"Agreed," Sirius nodded. "But if you look at me like you are now, with extreme disdain, then it will be obvious. And you can't hate Harry anymore, nor Ron or Hermione."

"But we can't call them that and they won't look like themselves either."

"True," Sirius considered that statement a moment. "We need to make sure they look like us."

"We have to put the Presence charm on you, and change your name as well as theirs."

"Are we doing this," Severus asked after they were both silent for a moment.

"Yeah," Sirius looked at him. "We need to do it soon too, let's go tell Albus."

The two men made their way through the castle back to the headmaster's office in silence, neither believing what they were agreeing to do.

"Severus," Sirius said as they reached the gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office. "Thank you."

"I'm not doing this for you Black," Severus said. "I'm doing it for Lily. Cockroach Clusters."

"Thanks anyway."

Severus gave a swift nod of his head.

"Gentlemen," Albus said as they entered his office. "Have we reached an agreement?"

"Yes," Sirius said. "We believe that this needs to be done… soon too."

"I agree," Albus stood and came around his desk picking a couple of objects that lay on his desk. "Severus, this will take you to the Granger's front door. I fear you should obliviate them, we can restore their memories when their daughter is safe. Sirius, this will take you to the Dursley's, let them think he has been kidnapped or escaped. Though, I fear they won't report it to anyone. I will retrieve Mr. Weasley. 'Heart' will bring you back here. If I am not back yet, please, just wait."

"You knew I would change his mind," Sirius asked.

"I hoped. Now let us be off so we can return and get this taken care of. 'Hope,'" Albus said and the three of them disappeared from his office.