**** Don't forget:

Julien = Sirius

Alex = Harry

Sofia = Hermione

Brian = Ron

Chapter 14

"Dragon," Severus called to the teen as he came through his potions lab and into his apartment and found the blonde curled up on his couch. "Are you alright?"

"Yes sir," Draco said softly, not moving from his position. "My stomach is cramping."

"Is there something I can do," Severus asked as he sat next to his godson.

Draco shook his head.

"Papa," Alex whispered from where he stood behind the couch. "I don't think Dad feels well either."

"What do you mean," Severus asked.

"He's in my bathroom," Alex said before adding in a whisper, "Throwing up."

"Merlin," Severus jumped up and ran to his husband's side. "You are going to Poppy," Severus told his husband as he ran a hand soothingly down his back.

"Alright," Julien said after he sat back on his knees. "I have no idea what's wrong but twice in one day is not enjoyable."

"Dragon," Severus called as he and Julien slowly made their way out of the bathroom, through Alex's bedroom and into the living room. "I need to take Julien to Madame Pomfrey; I am trusting you to take the kids upstairs for dinner. Keep their feet on the ground," Severus said as Julien opened the door to their chambers. "I mean it Draco."

"I promise," Draco hollered as the door shut. He turned to look at the three Snape children. "Okay you heard him," Draco said as he went to the door. "We should go upstairs."

"Is Dad going to be alright," Alex asked.

"Papa will take care of him," Sofia told him as they exited their chambers and headed for the Great Hall.

The four solemnly made their way up to dinner.

"Mr. Malfoy," Professor McGonagall greeted. "Where is your dad and papa," she asked the Snape children.

"Dad wasn't feeling well and Papa took him to see Madame Pomfrey," Alex told her. "I want to go see what's wrong," he told Sofia.

"They'll come here when they're done," Draco said as he patted the little boy on his shoulder. "If you go looking for them you may miss them."

Alex nodded his head as he sat at the table with Draco on one side and two empty chairs on the other, he didn't let anyone sit there as he sat waiting for his parents.


"Severus," Poppy said with surprise. "What are you doing back here so soon?"

"Julien hasn't been feeling well," Severus said as he guided his husband to a bed to sit on.

"I'm sure it's nothing love," Julien told his husband. "I'm just a little nauseous."

"A little," Severus said with a raised brow. "You have thrown up twice today. I just want Poppy to make sure that it is not because of yesterday."

"Well," Poppy said interrupting the couple. "Why don't I run some scans and see, first question though, could you be pregnant?"

Julien looked up at Severus at the question.

"Yes," Severus answered for him.

"Alright," Poppy waved her wand over Julien, from head to toe, twice before stepping back to wait a moment. The three saw the pale pink glow over Julien's abdomen before she spoke again. "Well, it seems that the Snape family will be growing by one," she told them before weaving another test over Julien. "I would say shortly after St. Valentine's Day."

Poppy looked back and forth between the two men, beginning to get uncomfortable with the lack of response.

"Don-" Severus cleared his throat before trying again. "Don't tell anyone yet Poppy. We need to figure out how to tell the children."

Julien had not taken his eyes off his husband, he was in shock. A baby? What were they going to do with a baby? The last baby he had been around was Harry and that was 15 years ago and he was just the fun loving godfather but now… now he would be the Dad.

"Of course not," Poppy said. "Alright, well I am going to go down to dinner now."

"Thanks Poppy," Julien said with a soft raspy voice.

Poppy quietly left the two men alone as she gently shut the doors to the hospital wing.

"A baby," Julien whispered.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, are you?"

Severus thought over the question before a smile began to spread on his face.

"I love you," Severus kissed his husband enthusiastically.

"Really," Julien asked as he leaned back. "You don't mind having a child with me," Julien caressed his husband's smooth cheek.

"We already have three, dear," Severus said with a rarely seen twinkle in his eyes.

Julien stood and wrapped his arms around his husband.

"I love you Sirius and any children we may have," Severus whispered into Julien's ear.

Julien leaned back and kissed the rosy red lips.

"Do we tell the kids or wait?"

"Well you will probably start showing soon so we will have to have something to tell everyone," Severus wrapped an arm around his husband and led him out of the hospital wing and down to dinner. "Come on, I am sure that your son is worried about you."


"DAD," Alex yelped before he jumped up and ran to his fathers. "I was so worried."

"I'm okay pet," Julien reassured his son as he wrapped his arms around him.

Severus led his husband and son over to the table.

"What did Madame Pomfrey say, she won't tell us," Sofia asked her Dad.

"Not much," Julien said as he exchanged a glance with his husband.


"Night," Julien called as the door shut behind the blond.

"Come on," Severus said. "I need a little love."

Julien smiled as they shut and warded their bedroom door.

Severus slid his arms around his husband's body and began to undo the button, letting the pants slide off his husband's hips, they hit the floor just before he lifted him bridal style and laid him on the bed.

After shucking his own pants and boxers he climbed on the bed, pulling his shirt over his head.

"Severus," Julien purred. "I think I have on too many clothes for what you have planed."

"I think so," Severus said as he reached down and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons flying.

"Sev," Julien complained.

"I'll buy you a new one dear," Severus said as he attached himself to the curve of his husband's neck.

"I can't wait very long," Julien informed his husband. "You are going to have to refrain from the foreplay for now."

Severus growled at the thought. He quickly divested the remaining pieces of clothing his husband had before lifting one leg to his shoulder and letting the other settle in the crook of his arm before remembering the lubricant.

After slathering his fingers in the oil, he prepared his husband as quickly and efficiently as he could.

"EEnoouughhhh," Julien careened. "I need you, love. I'm ready."

Severus quickly lubricated himself before leaning forward to kiss his husband as he slid into the tight heat.

Julien gripped the thigh that had been braced next to his hip and squeezed, encouraging his husband's pace. He felt so close to Severus at that moment and it was because of the piece of the man that was inside his own body, growing. It was because he was staring into the deep onyx depth and into his soul. At that moment he knew that this was meant to be. He had been meant for this man he loved. That thought is what sent him screaming over the edge of sanity, throwing his head back and causing his toes to curl. Severus followed right behind.


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