Stereo Hearts: Teen Wolf Challenge

By StarFireWicked

Let me just say, TenWolf is one of my very guilty pleasures and I could never pull off writing a fanfiction for it. So I'm appealing to the dedicated, talented few to uptake the challenge: A Teen Wolf...SONGFICTION!


Song: Stereo Hearts~Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine

Ships: Stiles+Derek, Danny+Stiles, Stiles+Derek and Stiles+Danny, Chris A.+Peter H., and/or Jackson+Danny

Genre: Romance, Angst, Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural, Horror, Tragedy, or any desired combination of the aforementioned.

Language:English, I beg, but if you"re going to write in foreign language GOOGLE TRANSLATE IT AND POST AGAIN IN ENGLISH!

Rating: any rating from K-T but if it's going to be M, do try and keep the lemon to a minimum.

Reminders:Do remember to include your word count, chapters, and disclaimers, and if you decide to compete in the challenge, review that you will and your story specifics as soon as inhumanly possible or PM if you'd prefer. Thank you so much for bothering to even click on this 'story' and advance thanks to anyone who will take up arms and join the Stereo Hearts challenge!

Stand out entries will recieve plugs on my FanFiction, LiveJournal, FanPop, and every other appropriate domain including my spot on this new site still in its beta testing session, Archive of Our Own. My screennames are respectively as follows: StarFireWicked{obviously}, TheFameWhore, Dr_Torchwood, and JezebelLilithCaine.

Happy Fanfiction!