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1. Yeah, Plus & Minus may seem cheesy, but I lack inspiration for other ideas! Feel free to give me suggestions, but until I get a better one, Plus and Minus are the two codenames.

2. I know that Lelouch vi Britannia has an overwhelming advantage over Lelouch Lamperouge. If you think about it, the guy with mind control and all those ridiculous geasses is almost always going to start off with more firepower & manpower.

No, I do NOT intend to balance this out with more, different Lelouch Lamperouge powers because, as I mentioned earlier, I believe that doing that will degrade the story content.

IMPORTANT: This is an "Angels vs. Demons" story. This means that since there are Angels, there will be Demons. As Angels are the core of aegis, so will Demons be the core of geass.

Of course, this means geass will change (though the effects of geass will stay pretty similar to the canon). This may not make sense yet, but hopefully it will clear up after a few chapters.

Anyways, enjoy!

" " for dialogue

Italics for thought (or stress when just a word or two)

Demon or Angel 4: Loss at Shinjuku

"But you promised me!"

The green-haired woman's earnest voice pierced the otherwise silent land.

And such a strange land it was indeed. Despite the clear presence of light, there was no sun to be seen above. Instead, the world was illuminated by a stiff blanket of blood-red, cloudless sky. Also, the land itself was not truly land as humans know it, but rather, it was composed of a multitude of floating islands, connected by bridges, ascending towards the empty sky.

The combination of all these islands, floating on air, resembled a mountain, and at its peak was a single island, which was bound by no bridges.

It was on that island that a certain green-haired woman stood. And facing her was a masked man.

Or, at least, one would be led to assume it was a man. There was no way to tell, as the figure's features were hidden by a swirl of solid black and eerie red. The man wore a black and red mask that enveloped his entire head, rising to form four bent spikes at the top. Slim yet tall and well-built, the man looked like a corrupted form of the joker found in a deck of cards.

Although the figure's mouth was not visible, it seemed like he was grinning from ear to ear. "But you promised me!" he mocked. His voice sounded innocently high-pitched, but it was also backed by darker, lower undertones. The slight dissonance made his voice unmistakable, so that it left an unforgettable imprint on those who heard it.

Quickly, mocking tone faded, and the figure grew serious. "You know perfectly well what our 'promise' was C.C. Give me a proper human to be my host, and I will lift my curse on you."

C.C. was persistent. "But I did! That human is the perfect vessel for yo-"

"We cannot be sure of that, C.C." The mysterious figure interrupted. "You will have to wait until his geass matures so we can know for sure. After all, every geass bearer has a-"

"Has a limit. I know, Loki." C.C. sighed. "But I'm trying to tell you-"

"That this one has no limit?" Loki, god of chaos, fire, and deception, scoffed, "And I am telling you that that's impossible."

Raising his arm, Loki now commanded, "Be gone, C.C.! If you are correct, you will have your freedom." His invisible grin seemed to return. "Until then, have fun with Lelouch vi Britannia."

"You seem to match the description."

Wearily, C.C. opened her eyes. It took a while, but soon her eyes adjusted to the dim light.

The sun was setting.

Then the golden-eyed witch noticed who was next to her. It was a grey-haired woman dressed like a Britannian Knight, and, in C.C.'s eyes, the Knight was bathed in a red glow.

A faint glow that was barely visible even to C.C., who was one of the few humans who could see such phenomena.

Demons. Geass.

C.C. made a rare smile. Could she really call herself human after such close contact with Demons?

Normally, Margrave Jeremiah would have been elated to be at the frontlines, leading an attack against those who dared fight against glorious Britannian Empire.

But Jeremiah wasn't exactly his usual self at the moment.

Oh, physically he was fine. He could pilot his new knightmare well enough. If anything, Jeremiah's reflexes felt sharpened, every fiber of his body orientated towards better serving his new lord.

However, there was a small part of his mind which was all but dead.

The ability for independent thought was gone. Instead, it was rewired by a single command:

"Obey Lelouch vi Britannia."

Thus, that was the only thought going through the Britannian Knight's head as Jeremiah drover further into Shinjuku ghetto, backed by two dozen Sutherlands. His knightmare, the ASEEC Special Weapon, the Z-01 Lancelot, was like the white and gold tip of a purple arrow of death.

Normally, Jeremiah would have reveled at the fine-tuned instrument of destruction he had the honor of piloting. But, then again, Jeremiah wasn't exactly his usual self at the moment.

Instead, he kept his eyes peeled, looking for the first sight of his new lord's enemies.

"That's quite a beauty you've got there," remarked one of Jeremiah's Pure-blood comrades, Kewell Soresi.

Jeremiah replied emotionlessly. "Indeed."

"…say, Jerry. Do you know what's up with our new commander? Like why'd that "Minus" guy give you a prototype knightmare?"

Normally, Jeremiah would have made a retort. He disliked the nickname Jerry, and Kewell always managed to aggravate the green-haired Knight. Then again, Jeremiah wasn't exactly "normal" at the moment.

"Minus is an amazing tactician, who understands that every advantage should be used."

"An 'amazing tactician'? How would you know, Jerry?" Kewell scoffed.

Jeremiah didn't reply. A dark, hidden part of his mind knew that it was pointless to argue with a man who hadn't met the New Lord face to face, even though Jeremiah had no idea what had produced the foreign notion.

Besides, Jeremiah was too focused on what lay in front of him to answer.

In front, perhaps 100 meters away, lay the edge of a large pit. The remains of the earthquake-like terrorist attack earlier, the pit was more than a kilometer in diameter. Moreover, it was incredibly deep. It would probably take three Sutherlands stacked on top of one another to cover the depth of the hole.

Suddenly, Jeremiah's Lancelot noticed a blur of purple motion. A Sutherland had been hiding behind a large rock in the pit. Before Jeremiah could react, the unidentified Sutherland had jumped with human-like dexterity out of the pit, landing right in front of the Lancelot.

Normally, Jeremiah might have been too surprised to react. But, once again, Jeremiah wasn't exactly his usual self at the moment.

Wearing a clear blue costume, Lelouch Lamperouge gripped his pilot seat for dear life as his Sutherland, seemingly with a will of its own, jumped out of the pit it was hiding in.

Coming face to face with a certain white Knightmare.

Lelouch Lamperouge, also known by the new codename Plus, barely had time to think.

A white knightmare? A prototype weapon? This had not been a part of his plan.

Regardless, a single new weapon could never overcome solid strategy… "Armand!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Lelouch's Sutherland charged forward towards the unknown knightmare…

"Now, Kallen!"

Of the 25-odd Britannian Knights, every single one had aimed all their weaponry at the sudden "surprise attack". Almost simultaneously, the Britannian task force fired. After all, it is an instinctive reaction for every single soldier to eliminate the most apparent threat. Thus, all their focus became pointed towards the single enemy.

They then witnessed something that, according to their knowledge, was impossible. What looked like a normal Sutherland had moved at twice the speed and with three the times the maneuverability that a Sutherland should be capable of, in prime conditions. It shouldn't have been even possible for a knightmare to move that fast.

Nonetheless, the Sutherland in front of them was doing exactly that; the impossible. It weaved through the shower of bullets with ease.

Unfortunately, they had no time to report or even wonder about this spectacle. This was because, even as the enigmatic enemy charged forward, even more bullets began to fly.

Bullets fired, not by Britannian Knights, but Japanese pilots. As the sole, visible terrorist knightmare weaved its way forward, dodging the shower of Britannian bullets, a matching spray of bullets appeared from the right.

The Britannian Knights that managed to turn soon found the seemingly-solid wall of buildings punctured by bullets.

Within moments, twenty-four Britannian machines lay on the streets, broken to pieces. No Sutherland could have hoped to survive the ambush.

Unfortunately for Lelouch Lamperouge, the enemy was not composed of solely Sutherlands.

Normally, Jeremiah would have initially been too surprised by the ambush to react. However, as has been stressed numerous times, Margrave Jeremiah Gottwald was not exactly in a "normal" state.

Not fazed the slightest bit by his defeated comrades, Jeremiah had activated the Lancelot's shields and casually deflected the shower of bullets that mercilessly destroyed his supporting forces.

Without disengaging his shields, Jeremiah strode forth to eliminate the only visible enemy.

"What the hell? There's one left?"

Lelouch Lamperouge watched as the white-and-gold machine charged towards him, emerald light emanating from its arms.

It has a shield? Lelouch bit his lip. He'd intended on having Armand capturing the lead knightmare, but apparently this enemy was not going to go down easily.

Lelouch had little time to think, as the mysterious knightmare was closing in rapidly.

"All forces, surround the unknown knightmare!"

Their morale bolstered by their mostly-successful ambush,the Japanese terrorists eagerly responded to their leader's call. A dozen Sutherlands ran out of hiding, surrounding the white knightmare.

Meanwhile, the knightmare in question had reached Lelouch. The Britannian teenager quickly made his decision. "Armand, grab his arms."

Lelouch's Sutherland complied, but the white robot, unfazed, fired its slash harkens, breaking the terrorist war machine at the shoulders.

Lelouch Lamperouge just smiled as he pulled on the ejection lever.


Jeremiah was not, in any sense of the word, an idiot. A loyal zealot, possibly, but not an idiot. He was fully aware that he was being surrounded by terrorists, even as he attacked the knightmare in front of him.

That's why, the moment his opponent ejected, he spun around and raised both of his shields once again. Without wasting a moment, he charged towards another nearby terrorist.

"…My lo- Lelouch."

Lelouch Lamperouge felt a jolt as the parachutes for his cockpit ejected. "What is it, Armand?" he muttered.

"…Did you notice anything… odd about the pilot of the white knightmare?"

Lelouch pondered. "Anything odd?" he muttered, "Well he didn't seem fazed by the ambush. Whoever that pilot was, he isn't surprised easily. Why do you ask?"

Armand grew quiet. I could have sworn that I felt…

It must have been my imagination. "Nevermind."

"Plus! That white monster's unstoppable! We need hel-"

Lelouch cursed. Now that he was ejected, he couldn't see anything around him. Quickly he tapped the radio that had been duct-taped inside his cockpit. "What's happening? Report!"

Lelouch felt his cockpit bounce a few times as it finally landed on solid ground. At that moment, he heard the now-familiar voice of Tamaki. "Plus! The white knightmare's tearing us apart! What the hell should we do?"

Without hesitation, Lelouch ripped the radio off its place on the cockpit and ejected. Standing up on his seat, he saw that he was now back inside the pit he had created through Q-1's earthquake-like attack. Not far away were the remains of his small army.

Of the dozen Sutherlands, eight were already gone.

Lelouch Lamperouge had played enough chess to know that some matches were unsalvageable. Though, this was his first time being on the receiving end of such "matches". Quickly, he raised his radio to his mouth.

"All units! Retreat to evac point F-13. This includes ALL forces, regardless of current status! Get ready to escape and make sure to lose all pursuit before reaching the rally point."

Inside her Sutherland, Kallen grit her teeth. No matter the case, the redhead hated admitting defeat.

First among her friends to engage the Lancelot in close combat, she'd thus been the first to be taken out.

As she heard the order for retreat, she slammed the side of her cockpit.

"Damn it!"

Lelouch Lamperouge sighed as he jumped down from his cockpit.

There was no going around it.

He'd lost. He'd literally been beaten by himself.

Minus simply has too large an army. If Lelouch planned to eventually beat his alter ego, he would first need to raise a reasonable army.

As Lelouch took a few steps, he almost fell over. His body was still worn out from fighting, not to mention the inertial forces from riding a Sutherland that moved much rapidly than it was designed for. Supporting himself on a nearby rock, Lelouch grew aware of his outfit.

Clear blue didn't exactly blend well with the shadows.

With a sigh, Lelouch let himself be consumed by a faint blue light. After a moment, he was back to wearing his black school uniform. Normally he'd have found something to hide his identity with, but at the moment he was too exhausted.

Unfortunately, he to tired to notice that he was being watched.

From a distant ledge, a certain prince was looking towards Lelouch Lamperouge through binoculars.

"Interesting. So you are the source of today's annoyances."

Lelouch vi Britannia then turned to his companions. "Come on then. Do as I have commanded."

"Jeremiah, fall back."

A slight part of Jeremiah's mind rebelled at the order, but that part was soon brought under control. Although he'd love to chase the now-fleeing rebels, orders were orders.

Especially when they came from his new lord.

"Someone's coming, Lelouch"

Lelouch Lamperouge sighed. "Thank you, Armand." For a moment, blue light once again enveloped the Angel Contractor's body. Soon, the now-familiar blue costume covered Lelouch's features.

It had taken a wearying amount of effort, but Lelouch had found that Armand could be transferred from host to host. This time the Angel had taken possession of Lelouch's bluetooth earpiece.

Soon, footsteps could be heard outside Lelouch's assigned rendezvous, an old, abandoned warehouse. Within moments, Kallen Kozuki slid in through the front door, handgun raised as a precaution.

The gun was quickly lowered once Kallen realized who she was pointing it at. "Sorry." she muttered.

Plus waved the apology away with one hand. "It's alright. It's good for you to be cautious."

Kallen said nothing in response. This was because a number of footsteps began to come within hearing range. She quickly raised her handgun to point at the door and moved to the side of the building. She carefully watched as the door reopened, and...

Once again, she lowered her gun.


The brown-haired man smiled. "Yeah, it's me." As he spoke, ten of his comrades filed in behind him. "Even though our Sutherlands were destroyed, we somehow managed to escape from those damn Brits."

Then the terrorist turned to Lelouch Lamperouge. "Which reminds me…"

As one, the eleven Eleven terrorists raised their guns toward the Angel Contractor.

Their eyes were all glowing a faint red.

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