My name is Frank.
Well, I used to be, but now people call me:
"Dumb ass!"
They call me that because I am a donkey.
A donkey in human clothing.

It all started about a year ago.
When I was human.
At school.
The teacher asked a piticular question:
"What is the difference between a civilized human, and a total animal?"
I answered,
"The behavior, sir. A civilized human is neat, has manners, and is obedeint. And an animal is..."
"A rude, destructive beast!"
I swivled my head around to see who interupted me.
It was the horrible, slimy, wretched Polly Jenkins!
OOHH! How I hate that girl!
Keep your temper Frank, you know the rule, you know the rule.
"And I know because I am a girl, and girls know everything!"
Keep your temper down...
"Did you hear that too Frank? I might as well rub it in a few more times!"
Three strikes and your out!
The entire class gasped.