this is pleasure island.
at first, i couldn't believe my eyes. There was an amusement park, a rough house,and many other things too!

As Tim and I walked around, we noticed some kids drinking a yellowish liquid. It looked like apple juice with foam on top.
I asked, "Hey, what are you guys drinkng?"

A boy named Terrence replied,"Taste it! you'll love it!"
I tried it. I almost jumped.
My mouth and throut felt like they were on fire!
"Wh...what is is it?"I asked weakly.

"Beer." Terrence replied.

"I think i'm ready to go home now, Frank." Tim replied. Looking a bit uncomfterble.

"Then let's go!"

We walked a little bit, then we found a little room by the gate of the enterence.
I knocked on the door.
The door opened.
It was the coachman!

Tim started."Um.. mister. I want to go home. I have homework, and I don't want to be late for dinner. And..."

The coachman cut in. "Well, what's your name?"


"Well Tim, the boat brocke down, but it will be fixed by morning, so I guess you will just have to stay for the night."

"Okay mister, bye!"

"Well," I said as we walked away, "I guess we will have to stay for the night."

"Let's try a cigar!"