The Right Thing

The Doctor could see the heartbreak on Rory's face, hear the pain in his voice and see the tears that he was making no effort to hold back. He hated what he was doing to Rory but more than that he hated that despite the devastating image in front of him ever part of him still felt like he was doing the right thing. He hated how detached he had let himself become. He always tried to see the bigger picture while understanding individual feelings. He wasn't sure what had changed but he was sure something had to off. Before now he would never have lied to his best friends in a way that would break their hearts so tragically. He felt so torn, would it have been worse or better to have told the truth. How would the older Amy, the Amy who was moments away from ceasing to exist have reacted then?

He was certain he had done the right thing. Certain that saving the younger Amy and letting the older one go was the right thing for everyone, even for the older Amy. He knew that the older Amy was going to cease to be and in 36 years, a happier Amy Pond would take her place. An Amy who hadn't had so many years of disappointment and broken trust that she became bitter and hated all that she loved. An Amy who had had Rory beside her, to love and love her every step of the way. It was better for the older Amy, once she was gone and the paradox was sorted it would never have happened, all the pain, all the bitterness, all the hatred it would be gone. It was definitely better.

It was easy to think that when looking at the long run, though wasn't it? In the long run things would be better. In the short term it meant the older Amy felt like she was about to die and Rory felt like he was losing his one and only love. In the short term it was causing nothing but pain. The Doctor could see that the gap between Amy and Rory caused by the TARDIS door might as well have been a void, a whole universe because both of them felt so alone.

He wanted to help. Instinct, the need to be helping made him want to help. But that was it. It was a surface thought that ran through him. For the most part he didn't want to do anything because he knew he had done the right thing. Maybe he hadn't done it the right way, but he had definitely done the right thing and changing that would be wrong.

Rory had told him "You're trying to make me like you," and it had been an accusation and it had hurt. So many people had said so much against him over the years and he understood why, most of it he had agreed with. But that from Rory had hurt more than he expected a simple comment like that could. Rory, the most human human he had ever met, thought he was a monster. That just said it all.

But he couldn't help it, he had to do the right thing, he had to look at the bigger picture. Amy was still here, she was alive, she would be fine, more than fine, she would be brilliant and happy. It was the right. But it felt so wrong

A/N: No words can express my happiness to have decent Doctor Who again. I haven't liked series 6 at all but Night Terrors and the Girl Who Waited were amazing. I cried my eyes out at TGWW. And it's the first time I've been inspired to ff about an ep since The Pandorica Opens