FU – Fucked Up o.0

This is a take on the OG story with all the characters deranged and completely insane.

How does this zany take on our favorite characters change the fate of the OG-verse?

Keep reading and find out!

The year is now Cosmic War 0…

After the Aerogator's Levi Tolar declared total war on humanity, the forces of the White Star, Neviim, have begun to encroach on the planet Earth.

Kobayashi Institute for Psychodrivers…

"Patient 7501?" one of the clerks questioned the army officer in her midst.

"Yes, you heard right, we need him for the SRX project, Dr. Kobayashi has already signed for his release," the blue-haired officer replied.

"But he's…" the clerk searched for the right choice of words.

"Insane? Oh, that's what we need right now, seeing his mother, who happened to be the most powerful Psychodriver ever, and his city die in the first wave of Aerogators has generated sufficient trauma, "the military man headed for the barred door

Identity Please…

"Major Ingram Plisken," the man sternly said to the microphone.

At a long corridor with many people with psychic powers screaming in anguish, blocked by the soundproofed cells, there stood one in particular, apathetic to the world around him, he stared blankly into space.

"Ryusei Date, do you want to take revenge on those that killed your mother?" Ingram extended his hand to the boy, waiting for a response.

"…" the boy looked up at the elder bluenette and nodded apathetically.

Meanwhile at the Earth Cradle

"Wodan Ymir," a sky-blue haired woman spoke to a masked man.

"Yes, Doctor Nate?" the man replied in a gruff voice.

"Have you found your team?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, the EFA and DC have cooperated since the Aerogator's primary attack; we have permission to recruit any members we see fit for our ATX project," the man smirked, "politics is a rather fickle thing."

"When do I meet them?" the woman added as she punched in some commands to a small tablet, revealing a production line of mechs.

"Soon…" Wodan mysteriously said as he looked up at a monitor displaying three profiles.

"Hmph, do they really have what it takes?" the doctor doubted.

"Kyosuke Nanbu, Excellen Browning and Brooklyn Luckfield…They'll do what needs to be done," the man answered, "and we'll equip them for that."

"Do as you will, but the cradle stays out of this conflict, directly anyway," Doctor Nate imposed on Wodan.

"We have different ways of protecting this planet, if you are the ark to carry life through this trial, then I am the sword that shall cleave our enemies." The man replied.

"Then your sword is going to need a substantial upgrade if you want to make that happen," the woman turned her attention to her small tablet and pressed the icon of a particular unit.

The production line descended to storage space and the hangar came into view. The arrangement of units was done based on their specialties: Assault, Support and Sniping. However, one unit was alone in the very back, the only one of its kind, a special unit. The doctor's tablet revealed the mech's armaments: Drill Knuckles, a Chest Blaster, Eye Beams, and Armor Breaker missiles…An extra weapon was labeled as "?" and followed by the outline of a sword. With the press of another icon on the tablet, the unit in question was moved directly in front of the platform the Doctor and Wodan were standing on.

"What did you have in mind?" the masked man uncrossed his arms as he approached the mech.

"This," Sophia opened another folder from the tablet computer and a hologram projected over the special unit.

"It was tough for Doctor Kazahara and Master Rishu to hand us a copy of the Type-3's plans you know?" Wodan mused.

"The Type-2 is still in its testing phase, the Type-3 hasn't been built on THEIR end yet, I had to make modifications to the original plans for this one here," Dr. Nate defended.

"I know that, but wouldn't it have been easier to build it this way instead?" the brooding man asked.

"Upgrading is different from building, looking at it now, the Chest Blaster may be a waste, that I agree on but this *upgrade* requires the original frame, its an improvement for armor and speed and regeneration," the woman smirked at the last note.

"Regeneration? Then that *project* is complete?" Wodan was shaking under his mask.

"Yes, with this, even the Aerogators are going to run with their tails between their legs," Dr. Nate stared proudly at the swordsman, "the Machine Cell will be added later."

"I see," the man stretched his arms, "then the three I chose should be ready as well."