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CHAPTER TWO: The Help, of Love?

Three weeks had passed and Bugs haven't ate, drank, or talked ever since that incident. Until now. Bugs Bunny walked out of his room to see Daffy Duck eating breakfast and drinking his morning brew of coffee.

"'Bout time you've got out of there. It's been three weeks!" Exclaimed Daffy.

"I know." Bugs sat on a chair in the living room. "You know, I always thought that if I told Lola off, I would celebrate in my victory. But now I don't feel much like celebrating."

Daffy sighed. The door bell rang. "I got it!" Said Daffy. Daffy opened the door. "Lola? What are you doing here?" Asked Daffy.

Lola suddenly sobbed in Daffy's shoulder. "I don't know what to do. Bugs used to mean everything to me. Now colors seem to have faded, pictures seem dull. I need help."

Daffy glanced back at Bugs who looked like he was on a hangover. Daffy looked back at Lola. "Okay, I'll help you, not to get back at or with Bugs, but I'll help you get over this pain you're feeling right now." Said Daffy.

"Thanks, Daff! You're the best!" Lola hugged him.

"Alright. Alright. Meet me in the Warner Bros. Parking Lot in the next fifteen minutes. Okay?" Asked Daffy.

"Okay! Thanks, again!" Said Lola. Lola headed back to her car and drove off to Warner Bros. Studio.

Bugs snapped back into reality discovering that he was drooling and covered with five o'clock shadow. He looked behind him and saw Daffy grabbing Bugs keys. "Eh... What are you doing with my keys?" Asked Bugs.

"I'm uh..." Daffy didn't want Bugs to know where he was going. Or even dare say he's going to see Lola. "I'm uh... Going to see a movie." Lied Daffy.

"Really? What kind?" Asked Bugs.

"You know the one that has that thing, and the person who goes to find that thing, it's a long production, gotta go!" Daffy zoomed out of the house faster than Speedy Gonzales. Now Daffy arrived at Warner Bros. Studio Parking Lot to see Lola waiting there by the doors.

"Hey Daffy!" Said Lola with a hint of enthusiasm in the tip of her voice.

"Hey Lo! Okay, first: Is forget about him. Don't even think about him. He's despicable! Then spit on him!" Explained Daffy while doing his 'Spit Demonstration'.

"Spit?" Asked Lola.

"Yeah, spit." Said Daffy.

"Uh... Here's the thing: I can't spit." Modest Lola said.

"It's okay. I'll teach you!" Said Daffy.

"Okay." Daffy maneuvered Lola's lips. And that's when, his and Lola's eyes met. After a few minutes of dazing and diving into each others eyes. Lola broke the sweet, sweet silence. "Wow. You have beautiful eyes." Said Lola.

"Yeah. You too. You have the most cherishing, thoughtful, kind, and extravagant eyes. Your eyes are like whirlpools of endless space." Said Daffy. Their eyes sparkled as the time passed.

"I think I forgot all about Bugs Bunny." Said Lola. It was currently: 6:33 P.M. And Daffy and Lola parked in Bugs drive way and walked on the side walk walking hand-in-hand. Now: 11:04. Lola and Daffy just got done making out behind Bugs' house. Lola and Daffy went inside Bugs' house to find Bugs sleeping on the couch. They made their way to the living room to Daffy's room. And slept. And that was the end of their day... The next day. The rabbit yawned and made his way to the kitchen, then he just realized that Daffy didn't come home last night, so he thought.

"Daffy? Daffy?" Said Bugs as he went into Daffy's room to find Lola and Daffy in bed. Together? "What the heck just happened?" Asked Bugs mentally to his self. He quietly tip-toed out of the room. Bewildered. "So, I told Daffy what happened, he didn't respond, so he has Lola all to his self." Bugs scoffed. "What am I, jealous?"

Daffy yawned, so did Lola. "Good morning, Lola."

"Good morning, Daff." They had their eyes wide open.

"What?" They both said in unison.

"I don't remember what had happened last night!"

"Me neither! Bugs could have found out about us last night. And I slept with his girlfriend?" Exclaimed Daffy.

"EX, girlfriend." Corrected Lola.

"Quick! Sneak out of the window!" Said the duck.

"Okay." Lola said. Lola headed out of the window and hopped off.

"Now. I have to convince Bugs I didn't sleep with her she slept with me. No, that's-" Daffy opened his door to see Bugs at the door with his arms crossed.

"Who was that you were talking to?" Asked Bugs.

"Nobody." Lied Daffy.

"Was it, oh let me guess, Lola?" Asked Bugs.

"Uh... Yes, I'm sorry Bugs! I won't see her ever again!" Said Daffy putting his head down in shame. "What are you talking about?" Asked Bugs.

"You don't want me to see her again. Right?" Asked Daffy.

"Daffy. I'm glad that you're with her. Keeps her mind off things, and by things, I mean 'me'." Explained Bugs.

"Great. Great. Thanks, Bugs!" Said Daffy.

"Did you do anything with her last night, you know, because that's my spare bed and I clean the sheets every Monday, which is today." It took Daffy about a minute to get what he just said.

"No, of course not. Before marriage is a no, no." Daffy chuckled.


"Yes, thanks for understanding." Said Daffy.

"No problem!" Exclaimed Bugs as he walked away. Bugs Bunny was sweating, hot, and had a very high temperature. "Whew! I'm glad they didn't have- Wait! Am I glad they didn't have sex? I know it's my bed and all, but still, what am I feeling right now?" Questioned Bugs. Bugs felt something in his stomach, like a cinder block dropping down in the pit of his stomach.

"It's called 'Jealousy', my friend." Said Speedy Gonzales popping out from the shadowy corner.


"Jealousy. You know 'jealous'. Okay, when a boy likes a girl and you don't know if she likes you back, and now she has a boyfriend, then you become 'jealous'." Explained Speedy.

"Oh, that kind of jealousy." Said the bunny.

"Yep! So who's the lucky girl? Huh? Heh, heh, heh." Chuckled Speedy.


"Whoa! She talks too much." Complained Speed.

"I know. And she thought I was her boyfriend, then I finally gotta word in, then, I blew it." Said Bugs. "Who's the guy now?" Asked Speedy.

"Daffy." Replied Bugs.

"Oh, the one who has that speech impediment?" Asked Speedy.

"Yeah. Man, now I'm just a girl-less dead beat. Well, the story of how I met Lola, it all started in high school. In my junior year, her sophomore year, we met by our lockers, our lockers were next to each other. Lola was new to the school. So I decided to show her around. All she said was, nothing, all her answers were either a nod for a 'yes' or a 'no' by the shake of her head. I told her that if she needs help with anything, that she needs to speak up or no one will ever hear her or listen to her. Now she talks nonstop. But now she tells everybody that were boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn't mind it, only if she didn't talk to much." Said Bugs.

"Well, I think you should apologize." Said the mouse.

"For what?" Asked Bugs.

"For hurting her, and for telling her to shut up. Remember, it's not her fault that she talks a lot, it's yours." Said Speedy. He finally hopped off to the mouse hole in which he lives in. Bugs let out a long depressing sigh.

Meanwhile... At Lola's house...

She removed pictures of Bugs and her or just plain old Bugs. She had put new frames filled with a charming duck (to her prospective) and Lola Bunny. She kissed Daffy Duck on the frames image. She let out a dreamily sigh. Next thing you know, door bell dinged. It was Daffy. She opened the door to find Daffy kissing her. After a minute of Daffy and Lola locking lips passionately, Lola unlocked their lips (She has to breathe right?).

"What are you doing here Daff?" Asked Lola.

"To tell you something. May I come in?" Asked Daffy.

"Sure, I don't mind." Said Lola as she let him through the door. "What's up?" Asked Lola.

"Well, I told Bugs about us. And he didn't mind it. It's like he didn't even care." Explained Daffy. "Good." She sat on his lap. "So what do you want to do today?" Asked Lola seductively.

"Wanna go to the amusement park?" Asked Daffy.

"Sure, just let me get my keys." Lola reached for her keys.

"Come on! They just put on an extra three loops on the Looney Rolla Coasta!" Exclaimed Daffy with enthusiasm. They finally got into the car and drove off. "And they say that if you ride it, it's like you're going on the Coasta Beach. And you really are!" Explained Daffy. Bugs walked out of his house to water his plants, then he saw Lola and Daffy drive by him, paying him no attention whatsoever. Bugs stammered, tempting to follow them.

"Should I? No. Yes. No. Anyway if I did, their long gone by now." Complained Bugs. Bugs sighed. "Hmm... Wait a minute! Speedy!" Commanded Bugs wanting Speedy's presence. Suddenly, Speedy came out the door of the house and stood in front of Bugs. "Follow the car Daffy and Lola's in."

"Bugs! I can't believe you would think that I would go into spying again! That's absolutely outrageous, and not in the funny-way either! Sorry, but I'm retired of spying. But if I did, I would need some sort of bribery from a local friend trying to get a somewhat small mouse to spy on his Ex and his so called best friend." Bugs sighed impatiently.

"Okay. Here's some money." Bugs handed him an American one-hundred dollar bill.

"Nuh uh uh! I need a Mexico-type one-hundred dollar bill. Bugs once again sighed impatiently. "Okay...!" Complained Bugs. He reached in his wallet and peered out a Mexico-type one-hundred dollar bill.

"Thank you... And by the way, why do you carry those type of bills with you?" Asked Speedy.

"I told you already. I'm part karreterian which is a type of Mexican who likes carrots. I'm 3/4ths."

"So 3/4ths of the time you like carrots?" Asked Speedy.

"Ye- Will you get out of here?" Yelled Bugs. Speedy Gonzales chuckled to his self then he was off.





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